No more Beta wipes

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  1. Hey all,
  3. For those of you who were with us in the earlier phases of Closed Beta (Before the summer black out), you might notice that we didn't wipe when we released our milestone patch last week. This was not an accident. We are no longer going to wipe your characters between each phase of Beta. In fact, if you completely forget about "phases of beta" the more the merrier as far as we are concerned. This is just closed beta! We patch frequently (at least when the holiday's don't slow us down), and being worried that your characters might be wiped should not be a cause for concern.
  5. We want you to level up and test the higher levels of content. When we run metrics and see how many of you are hitting the beta level cap, we want to see your characters name on that list. Our PVP'ers want you to keep leveling up so they have new blood to fight. Wiping your characters runs pretty counter intuitive to those goals. We also figured that we should probably tell you that this was done on purpose, because... we were silly not to tell you that before hand?  :D
  7. Before we get all too excited (or worried), yes we will wipe all characters between the conclusion of Beta and the beginning of any head start program we might have going into launch. (What MMO recently hasn't had a head start?  :ph34r: )
  9. As always, thank you for being out there testing (even if today is Beta Feedback Monday and you can't play today). We are thrilled to be sharing this world with you guys and gals, and we are extremely thankful that you are spending your gaming time helping us make Nexus even better for everyone come launch.
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