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  1. - Add more blood keys, different chests around the wildy different colors with more reward for certain
  2. colors. Using these keys gives you points towards a bigger reward when you get to a certain number for each color.
  3. - occult needs to be added to drop table
  4. -spawn pots and food automaticly after u win match on tournaments
  5. -Make Jad give Tokkul as well (would have to either add more waves or limit the amount given)
  6. -rebuff arma pkp (10% bonus PKP increase).
  7. -add inferno boss (all waves or the last couple?)
  8. -Trading Post
  9. -Well of Goodwill
  10. -you can not pick up pkp whilst doing slayer
  11. -adding anglerfish fishing spots to donator zone.
  12. -When Craw's bow is charged with revenant ether, an additional 50% ranged accuracy and damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness, consuming 1 ether per attack whether the player hits or not. (we only have the normal hits on each item not the added accuracy etc)
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