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  1. [table border="0"][tr][td][quote][i]“I have no family name, but I am content with that. I was named Clever by masters whose arts have delved deep into the bones of Mundus. Those whose arts trace paths amidst ancient stone, deep into the mind, and out to the stars beyond. If Knut the Clever is not a name I can be proud of, among peers or strangers, then may the gods spurn me as Knut the Vain.”[/i][/quote]
  3. [color=#239edd][b]Character Name:[/b][/color] Knut the Clever
  4. [color=#239edd][b]Gender:[/b][/color] Male
  5. [color=#239edd][b]Race:[/b][/color] Nord
  6. [color=#239edd][b]Age:[/b][/color] 23
  7. [color=#239edd][b]Date of Birth:[/b][/color] 1st of Morning Star, 2E 564
  8. [color=#239edd][b]Birth Region:[/b][/color] Eastmarch Hold, Skyrim
  9. [color=#239edd][b]Birth Sign:[/b][/color] The Shadow
  10. [color=#239edd][b]Alignment:[/b][/color] True Neutral
  11. [color=#239edd][b]Affiliation:[/b][/color] The Conclave of Aetherius, Clan Frostfire, the College of Winterhold, Nords of Skyrim.
  12. [color=#239edd][b]In-Character Class:[/b][/color] Nightblade / Mystic
  13. [color=#239edd][b]TESO Class:[/b][/color] Nightblade (Hybrid Stamblade)
  14. [color=#239edd][b]TESO Focus:[/b][/color] RP > PvP > PvE
  15. [color=#239edd][b]Philosophy:[/b][/color] Ancient Nordic, and Cult-of-Magnus.[/td][td].[/td][/tr][/table]
  18. [center][rule][/center]
  20. [center][img][/img][/center]
  22. [center][size=5]Character name: [color=#239edd]Knut the Clever[/color][/size]
  23. Concept: Mystical Nord Shadowcaster
  24. Player: Dominator046[/center]
  27. [rule]
  29. [b]Noteworthy items, contacts and details:[/b]
  30. None.
  33. [rule]
  35. [b]Other notes:[/b]
  36. None.
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  42. [spoiler=Themesongs]
  44. Rúnfell - By: Scynheim
  46. [youtube]hKU7NgYAqDo[/youtube]
  49. Conan Exiles: River Exiles - By: Knut Avenstroup Haugen
  51. [youtube]1jrlRQlYARw[/youtube]
  55. Wolf Blood - By: Adrian von Ziegler
  57. [youtube]06H_6oI4EK4[/youtube]
  61.  [/spoiler]
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  67. [columns][center][size=5][color=#239edd][b][u]Characteristics[/u][/b][/color][/size][/center]
  69. [color=#239edd][b]Living Shadow:[/b][/color]
  70. -Knut is a fit, lean young man, and when paired with his magic, he can often gain access to places most people cannot. Knut is also, almost to the point of uncanniness, naturally easy to not notice. When paired with his sorcery, Knut can become almost imperceptable to all but the most keen of senses.
  71. [color=#239edd][b]High Intellect:[/b][/color]
  72. -Throughout his years as a young man, Knut has been educated by powerful minds, and been given the tools to learn on his own. The rigor of such studies, practice, and progress have secured a powerful mind in the clever mage.
  73. [color=#239edd][b]Adept Mage:[/b][/color]
  74. -Magic is an odd thing. Some display a natural talent, or a raw power in the stuff, and some do not. And while Knut showed some initial promise, it pales in comparison to what his dedication has forged it into.
  75. [color=#239edd][b]Mundus Insight:[/b][/color]
  76. -Most mortals probably do not extend their knowledge, especially of the practical, beyond their mundane lives, and out into the cosmic breadth of Mundus itself. Knut is not one of them, both aware of, and in rudimentary command of, the workings of the Mundus.
  77. [color=#8A0808][b]Near-Sighted:[/b][/color]
  78. -Knut’s eyes were born lesser than most men, making any hopes of his using ranged weapons a tragic opus, or even spying far off entities a labored action.
  79. [color=#8A0808][b]Without Social Grace:[/b][/color]
  80. -Knut the Clever is many things. A social butterfly is not one of them. In fact, the exact opposite is perhaps almost true. Freezing up, misspeaking, or thinking that he's misspeaking, and just a general lack of verbal eloquence are all common.
  81. [color=#8A0808][b]Lure of the Arcane:[/b][/color]
  82. -The ineffable mysteries of the mundus have drawn many eager, ambitious, young men to their dooms. Big surprise that, Knut, being one of those, has to resist the urge to dive in, and maintain an interest in the mundane world.
  83. [color=#8A0808][b]Protective:[/b][/color]
  84. -Knut doesn't have many friends. And he only reveres those truly worthy of admiration. Once a line is crossed against a friend, or against a master, Knut acts perhaps uncharacteristically cross.
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  89. [columns][center][size=5][color=#239edd][b][u]Physical Description[/u][/b][/color][/size][/center]
  91. [justify]Knut the Clever is a strapping young man coming well into his twenties. He stands at a height of about six feet and three inches tall, with a body wrapped in lean muscle. Knut's shoulders are normally paced apart from each other, and he probably runs on the thinner side with regard to most Nords. That being said, there is an athleticism there that has fostered itself as Knut has spent several years traveling, and learning to take care of himself. And while it's not a warrior's strength, or something terribly impressive, it's functional and visible. Knut's face is mostly straight, with somewhat small eyes eyes, hawklike, predatory nose that looks like at one point it might've been reset. Knut's head is adorned with wavy hair, in a brown so dark as to effectively be black in all but the most brilliant of lights, when a warm hue might be seen upon it. His eyes lurk under a moderate brow, a bright blue color, pale and brilliant like Pale Hold ice. Time spent under the sun, whether a cold sun in Skyrim or a hot sun in Hammerfell, has darkened Knut's complexion slightly. No major scars mar Knut's appearance save perhaps a few dots where once a particularly troublesome blemishes once were, or some knuckles have left small spots. Knut's facial hair grows well now, regulated to a beard about his chins, and a shaved shadow about his mouth; the jaw is shaved clean, as Knut is still young, and it doesn't grow in fully yet. The Nords being a hygenic peoples, Knut is not so different; his teeth are all still there, and maintain an almost-white color, all of which are sized reasonably well. Knut often paints himself in woad paint for symbolic purposes, and may at times wear a blindfold - for ritual, meditative, or practice.[/justify]
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  95. [table border="0"][tr][td][center][img][/img][/center][/td]
  96. [td]"I followed the boy's story before he was Knut the Clever. Before he was 'just Knut' even. I wonder if the knowledge of his first name will become a great secret of his, as he treads the Clever path of the Nords, in the same skein of glory as many ancient Nord heroes, and Shalidor himself." "
  97. [url=]Let's see, where to begin...[/url]"[/td][/tr][/table]
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  102. [center][img][/img][/center]
  103. [rule][i]"I know it's a bit disappointing, but I have not mastered - or even really tried to master - the most fawned over spells. The big fireballs, the lightning storms, and so on. I can do simple ones. Sad as it is, such were perhaps the greatest specialty of my foremost master. Instead... well, my arts are... subtler. And more innately tied to mystery."[/i][rule]
  106. [center][size=5][color=#239edd][b][u]General Information[/u][/b][/color][/size][/center]
  107. [columns][list]
  108. [*] Knut is not the biggest fan of the Mages' Guild's typology of magical schools.
  109. [*] Windhelm is a vibrant place, and a home for many Nords. Knut only visits briefly. If at all.
  110. [*] Besides being Blood-Kin to Clan Frostfire, Knut has no known family.
  111. [*] Knut studied under the Askelde Ravens in Shor's Stone, before they merged with the Hammer of Atmora.
  112. [/list][nextcol][list]
  113. [*] Some of Knut's lecture materials have made it as far as the Summerset Isles.
  114. [*] While not very judgemental at all, Knut despises both the Dark Brotherhood and the Worm Cult.
  115. [*] Knut's choice of equipment changes regularly, as he tries new things.
  116. [*] Despite not knowing much alchemy, Knut carries many eccentric and questionable substances.
  117. [/list][/columns]
  120. [center][size=5][color=#239edd][b][u]Character Personality[/u][/b][/color][/size][/center]
  122. [justify]Knut the Clever has responsibilities to both the Conclave of Aetherius, and Clan Frostfire, despite his young age. This is a testament to his devotion to the study of magecraft, and the clever arts. Knut is distinguished in such, having pried himself up from squallor through little else. A worthy mage in his own right, Knut is still soft spoken, thoughtful, and not particularly haughty as an individual. A rough early life, and a few stark reminders of how far he's come, and how much further he has to go tempers many of those urges it seems. Still, the eager impulses of youth and ambition flare in the young man, often inspiring journeys, research, and tests. Almost all done safely, but... well, a few boyish mistakes can often be forgiven. Moreover, he's developed more of a pride in those he has a respect for, and the institutions which have wrought such great discovery and understanding into our world. Knut's immersion into the culture of the ancient Nords stems from such, and has helped shape his identity there-after.[/justify]
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  125. [center][img][/img]
  126. [rule][i]“I don't just read books, you know! I've written a couple lectures, and been recorded in some... And that's not all, I do use weapons, when I have to! That's better than some, err... at least, I think so."[/i][rule]
  130. [size=5][color=#239edd][b][u]Knut's Equipment:[/u][/b][/color][/center]
  132. [spoiler=]
  134. [left][b][color=#239edd]Personal Primary Weapon:[/color][/b]
  135. A dwemeri brass sword, fashioned from a large Dwemer Sphere, and as such has the characteristic central grove. While such does not make it the best sword for typical combat, its high quality material, effective design, and convenience in carry makes it a go-to item for Knut to carry.
  137. [b][color=#239edd]Personal Secondary Weapon:[/color][/b]
  138. A pair of daggers, one fashioned as a typical quillon dagger, and the other fashioned as a kukri, with blades both fashioned from scavenged Dwemer Brass. While not as inherently high quality as the Dwemer Sphere blade, both are quite effective, and serve as quite apt tools in many circumstances.
  140.  [b][color=#239edd]Staff:[/color][/b]
  141. Knut's staff is an item of significant work. No longer an apprentice's bauble. Now a thing worthy of a true mage. Done in Dwemer Brass, and cyan colored volcanic glass, the staff emblazons a dragon, with a well-cut and brilliant Varla Stone slotted at the base of the bust.
  143.  [b][color=#239edd]Battlefield Weaponry:[/color][/b]
  144. Knut rarely has a need to call upon heavy weaponry, but when he does, he again turns to his staff. With the use of simple magic, Knut can disassemble the staff into constituent parts. In one way, the glass of the Dragon can be divided in half, along with the half, and produce twin glass maces. In another configuration, Knut can adjust the bust of the axe to form a vicious glass battleaxe. While neither are quite as robust, or as potent as a properly forged weapon of volcanic glass, their formidable nature should not be underestimated - especially when revealed as a surprise.
  146. [b][color=#239edd]Gauntlets:[/color][/b]
  147. Knut wears a pair of well forged gauntlets, seemingly by someone who understood both spellcraft and armor-smithing. Inset into each gauntlet are five different Welkynd stones, four being smaller and one being larger. These can serve as a supplement to Knut's magical capacity for spells, or items. Additionally, the steel of the gauntlets is not for show, and can protect rather well from many common threats.
  151. [b][color=#239edd]Common Clothing /Attire:[/color][/b]
  152. Knut wears a wide array of clothing. Often full tunics, kaftans, and arming coats in dark blue and black - the colors of the Conclave of Aetherius.
  155. [b][color=#239edd]Knut's Light Armor:[/color][/b]
  156. Knut's light armor is truly minimalistic, and takes its queues from the ancient Nords - with some of his own inspiration thrown in. Wearing a steel chestguard, Knut retains full mobility, and makes little to no noise as he moves. A baldric over his chest, with in-built spaulders for the shoulder it's draped over, supports his trousers, books, pelt bouches, weapons,a nd other things. And aside from his sturdy steel boots, and his gauntlets... Knut wears nothing else. Largely bare from the shoulder down, and from his abdomen down. Knut can wear this with a common helmet and padded hood, or his special helmet, mentioned below. The latter interfaces with the chest guard flawlessly, as an armet does. Allowing great mobility with effectively no gaps to speak of.
  159. [b][color=#239edd]Knut's Medium Armor:[/color][/b]
  160. Fashioned from Dwemer Brass components hunted from beasts, the highly protective and low-friction armor is quite protective - despite being a bit minimalistic. Knut's torso is protected by a full cuirass, with mail voiders that descend past the shoulder; tightly fitted to avoid the sounds of rustling. Knut's torso is covered by an arming coat, which flitters down and matches witht he trousers. A more robust baldirc is used, with an integrated protection for the shoulder when worn. Knut can wear this with a common helmet and padded hood, or his special helmet, mentioned below. The latter interfaces with the chest guard flawlessly, as an armet does. Allowing great mobility with effectively no gaps to speak of.
  163. [b][color=#239edd]Knut's Helmet:[/color][/b]
  164. Knut often wears a simple skull-cap helmet, worn atop a padded hood. But that is trivial, and not his specific helmet. May wear a special helmet of his own design, and one that features impressive armorsmithing, and Knut's own unique magic. It's a variation of an armet helmet, which can integrate with a chest protector to eliminate gaps at the neck. It either takes more than one person to put on, or magic - of which, Knut can do the latter himself. The helmet does have a visor, but it can only be opened from the inside - such as an act that only a mage can do, knowing where the release is. Additionally, when the visor is down, there are only breaths in the helmet. There are no actual oculars from which to see through, being as a completely enclosed (but perforated) steel skull. Once again, Knut can deal witht his, through the use of his magic to instead see without the conventional use of his eyes - granting incredible protection, at the cost of increased magicka use, and the usual detriments of wearing an armet helmet.
  167. [b][color=#239edd]Aedelric's Pack:[/color][/b]
  168. [list][*] A set of warm furs to go over his clothing, namely a full-cloak, foot-wraps, and furred mittens.
  169. [*] Extra clothes.
  170. [*] A dagger of blackened steel, which Knut carries for sentimental reasons; he never uses it.
  171. [*] A simple knife used for general utility.
  172. [*] A backpack with room for the books he wished to take with him, food, his clothing, and tinder.
  173. [*] A torch.
  174. [*] Two gourd-bottles for drink, and a Satchel for ingredients.
  175. [*] A Bedroll and Blanket
  178. [/spoiler][/left][/list]
  181. [rule]
  184. [center][size=5][color=#239edd][b][u]Plot Hooks:[/u][/b][/color][/size][/center]
  186. [spoiler=]
  187. [justify][list][*] [i]As a student of magic in Skyrim, or perhaps elsewhere in the world, the Conclave of Aetherius might be a name you hear in relation to those who study magic. While much smaller than Vanus Galerion's Mages' Guild, it is an assortment of knowledgeable, apolitical, and venerate scholars. Their standards are high, but they are welcoming, and patient. One of the long-standing members, who assists in running the Rift chapter, as well as maintaining the guild's transportation network, is Knut the Clever.[/i][/list]
  190. [list][*] [i]Winterhold has been a seat for the Kings of Winter in ages past, and it is a revered, sacred place - even today. Some who live on its hills practice sorcery just as powerful as that in the Hold's great college. Moreover, Winterhold's proud warriors and hunters have many places to call their own. One group that brings all of these together is Clan Frostfire, helmed by white-haired sons of Skyrim since most-ancient days. Knut the Clever, a blood-kin, is the clan's appointed expert on mystical matters.[/i][/list]
  193. [list][*] [i]Cross-political mage symposiums tend to be all the rage, if for how rare they are in these times of war. And often, publications from such circulate, even if they are rather minor. And one such publication, which was spoken on Summerset Isle at such an occassion, discussed wild possibilities for spellcraft involving the mind, and one's perception of reality. Such was given by Knut the Clever, and given with such prestigious attendants as Asgautr Greywind, Sleeps-in-Shadow, Archmage Varlynd, and others.[/i][/list]
  196. [list][*] [i]Archmage Varlynd's final pursuit. His magnum opus. A deep glance into the heart of Padomaic sorcery. In a series of events that brought many from different walks of life together, whether in fellowship or conflict, at the edge of great mystery. Knut was there when Varlynd disappeared from the world, and to this day regularly visits and attends the location where he studied under the great master, before the end. Many others who have lived through such, or even heard of it, might be able to find Knut more easily than not.[/i][/list]
  197. [/justify][/spoiler]
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  202. [center][img][/img][/center]
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