Peek 132

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  1. Peek 132 sum by Viveldis
  3. Fmc and sister thoughts
  5. Fmc says she is relieved that oldman find a woman and won't go after her anymore. Sister asks if she is done with oldman for all and she starts masturbating saying that its even hotter because she can only hear the sounds.
  7. Day after
  9. wife and oldman aproacches fmc and asks her if she can buy a new bed because wife can't afford sleeping on the floor and fmc says she will do it. Fmc makes a call and says she will. Fmc calls boss saying that she will get the job and asks for a bed as an employee( if you guys don't remember fmc worked at bed sales) then boss asks when she will work there and she says in a week. Then fmc starts thinking that now oldman got a woman and he will not touch her body anymore and says she very relieved and completes saying that now she will work and save money and this way she will feel safe no matter what.
  11. Fmc X husband and whore
  13. Fmc says to workman that he have to go upstairs and then the husband appears asking what's going on and why that wife is there and fmc answers saying that both of them will be living there from now on and husband says " father… WhatWhat are you doing with other man wife?" and he fishish saying to whore to get a dinner together.
  14. Fmc starts thinking "the lady downstairs… What the hell is going on?" and continued saying that she fucked oldman and even lost her husband( this part its not clear if she means that she fucked with oldman and lost her husband or whore fucked oldman and even took husband away from her… I believe in second option)and fmc finish her thoughts saying poor guy(husband) he don't know anything and asks what happened to both of them.
  16. Fmc goes to the job
  18. Fmc take the train and says "God.. This train… long time no see" ( referring to Mc). Fmc arrives the office and boss presents her saying that people already know her from store and fmc show gratitude to people she will work there and boss ends asking if the dinner is confirmed.
  20. End
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