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  1.  - Competent menu
  2.  - Music gets me pumped
  3.  - Noticing VSync becoming mandatory. Really hard to do without
  4.  - Collectibles need a bigger pickup range. Even standing directly in front of them and pushing against the table, there is only a small window where I can pick them up. Grinding myself along the table edge along its complete length I actually didn't pick up a soda can. Had to jump on the table to get it
  5.  - Can't shoot out glass panes. Little sad about this
  6.  - Keep hearing the bots with a volume that suggests they are standing directly next to me while on the street. They are not
  7.  - Can't make out what the bots are actually saying
  8.  - Reloading is alright, but the sound design on smg and shotty need work. SMG sounds like a tinny peashooter and the shotgun lacks visual and aural feedback. It lacks the bass to convey the power in it and the kickback is barely there. The shotty sounds like someone bashed an empty metal trashbin, which is alright for an impact noise, but definitely not for firing
  9.  - Movement feels pretty good. The bobbing is decent enough, it's not annoying and adds to the experience. I found myself disappointed at the lack of a double-jump. I don't know why, but your game feels like it has double-jumps
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