Kain't Get This Kinky

May 8th, 2013
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  1. [09:08:23] <@Noah> Noah's room is quiet. The librarian and Ammy have drifted off to sleep on his bed (fully clothed, mind you, and likely not even under the covers). sweetly in each other's arms. A candle has burned itself out, and a discarded grimoire lays next to the bother of them. Noah's glasses are slightly askew on his face.
  2. [09:12:38] <Natbuncle> Anyway, the Natcat is still overcautious enough to invisify herself first, tiptoeing into the room and getting a good position next to Ammy's ear.
  3. [09:12:44] <Natbuncle> ...
  4. [09:12:48] <Natbuncle> 2d6+9 fine preemptive stealth
  5. [09:12:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, fine preemptive stealth: 14 [2d6=1,4]
  6. [09:13:04] <Natbuncle> One...
  7. [09:13:07] <Natbuncle> Two...
  8. [09:13:14] * Natbuncle whispers, "Boo."
  9. [09:14:11] * Amaryllis scrunches her face but isn't quite fully awake yet. She's comfortable just where she is now, thank you very much, and she squirms a bit further into Noah's arms.
  10. [09:14:42] <@Noah> Yaaaawn.
  11. [09:14:55] <@Noah> He shifts, cuddling her further.
  12. [09:14:58] <Natbuncle> "... Ooh. Why'd I spend all that time practicing if it wouldn't even work?" Thin air grumbles to itself!
  13. [09:15:33] * Amaryllis smiles to herself in her half-sleep.
  14. [09:15:36] * Natbuncle bends over the two of them, closer to Ammy's face without dispelling her invisibility.
  15. [09:15:41] <Natbuncle> Closer... Closer...
  16. [09:15:51] * Natbuncle BLASTS THE FLASHLIGHT ON
  17. [09:16:25] * Amaryllis jolts awake this time, instinctively trying to throw the source of light off the bed.
  18. [09:16:39] <Natbuncle> "Gwaaahf!"
  19. [09:17:32] <@Noah> "Ah?!" Noah jolts awake, fumbling and flailing.
  20. [09:17:41] * Natbuncle probably goes flying like a ragdoll! Or at the very least leaps backward sending her spiraling into a wall or something.
  21. [09:17:59] * Amaryllis rubs her eyes and squints in the darkness.
  22. [09:18:12] <Natbuncle> "Owww ow ow, that really DIDN'T work... shoulda stuck to pinching."
  23. [09:18:51] <Natbuncle> "..."
  24. [09:18:54] * Natbuncle looks left.
  25. [09:18:57] * Natbuncle looks right.
  26. [09:19:00] <Natbuncle> "Surprise!"
  27. [09:19:17] <@Noah> "Buh? Izzah ship on fire?" he groans and adjusts his glasses, opening and closing his eyes several times, blinking in the darkness.
  28. [09:19:50] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell Nat," Ammy's still rubbing her eyes, "we were sleeping. What is it?"
  29. [09:20:09] <@Noah> blinkblinkblink. Noah groans and takes off his glasses, rubbing his eyes, too.
  30. [09:20:10] * Natbuncle turns the foreheadlight on dim. "Eheh... my bad. I um well."
  31. [09:20:55] <Natbuncle> "I wanted to snag Ammy to ask something, but we got totally caught up... uh, I didn't pay attention to what time it was. It's not TOO late, right?"
  32. [09:21:05] * @Noah scowls a bit. "Cait probably put her up to it." His expression is sour for a moment, then he just starts chuckling to himself for some reason.
  33. [09:21:34] * Amaryllis sighs and sweeps her hand over the nightstand, calling up her lantern and letting its dim golden glow illuminate the clock.
  34. [09:21:52] * Natbuncle folds her arms. "Nuh-uh! All me! Besides, you two look..."
  35. [09:22:00] * Natbuncle ponders a bit and then decides not to finish that sentence.
  36. [09:22:03] <@Noah> It's only like 1AM, but who knows when the two of you fell asleep.
  38. [09:22:31] <Natbuncle> ... sorry
  39. [09:22:45] <@Noah> Well, it's still rather late. Normal people -aren't- awake at one in the morning.
  40. [09:23:23] <@Noah> "You lost track of the time...? What were you and Cait..."
  41. [09:23:35] <Natbuncle> "Oh, nothing~"
  42. [09:23:38] * @Noah sits up, reluctantly.
  43. [09:23:52] <Amaryllis> "Cripes, I am not quite sure how I shall get back to sleep now." Ammy grumbles.
  44. [09:24:27] <@Noah> He grumbles a bit. "I think I may have to check and see what sort of prank they've set up now... "
  45. [09:24:32] <Natbuncle> "Ahah... whoops~" Nat rubs the back of her head then plops down on the floor, sitting cross-legged.
  46. [09:24:50] <Natbuncle> "But... no, I'm serious. I wanted to ask about something that's not really all that silly, Ammy."
  47. [09:25:12] <@Noah> "...I think I'll get on that, actually. I'll leave you to for now. If you still can't sleep afterward, Amaryllis, might you join me on the deck?"
  48. [09:25:28] <@Noah> *you two
  49. [09:25:46] * Amaryllis nods. "Very well." She stands up with a cringe. Despite Noah's healing and other efforts, she's still a bit sore from the overexertion earlier today. "I was thinking of heading up to deck anyhow if it is for a little chat."
  50. [09:25:49] <Natbuncle> "Ooh, the deck was where I wanted to talk at." :<
  51. [09:26:08] <Natbuncle> Maximum deckmind! Synchro!
  52. [09:26:29] <Amaryllis> She yawns and stretches, shuffling over to grab her robe to throw over her nightwear. Shorts and an oversized shirt probably won't do for the chilly Madain Sari nights up there.
  53. [09:26:44] <Amaryllis> "Shall I prepare a snack as we wake up?"
  54. [09:26:46] * @Noah waves you onward. "I'm not going there immediately." he slips around and puts on his slippers, getting out of bed, and heading out of his room with a sleepy smile at Ammy.
  55. [09:27:05] <@Noah> "That sounds lovely."
  56. [09:27:10] <Natbuncle> Nat's wearing pretty much exactly that but with a mantle too. Capelet? Whatever that thing's called. Fucks given: NONE FUCK YOU I'M AN EIDOLON.
  57. [09:27:40] * Natbuncle just looks to the side and rubs her ruby, a bit nervously.
  58. [09:27:51] <@Noah> Noah heads out and begins systematically combing the ship for traps as he's practiced many times.
  59. [09:28:09] <Amaryllis> "I'll meet you up top, Nat." Ammy shuffles off to the kitchen with another stretch and yawn as she goes.
  60. [09:28:30] <Natbuncle> Little does he know she helped Cait with his masterful planning and used rubymagic bullshit to hide the traps! Nyeh heh... heh heh... heh.
  61. [09:28:31] <Natbuncle> Heh.
  62. [09:29:14] <Natbuncle> "Nnnkay." Nat slinks out of the room and heads up to the deck, legs dangling off the edge much like a typical JRPG heroine.
  63. [09:31:57] * Amaryllis looks over the remains of dinner. A bit of the large rich crab dish remains, though what really has leftovers is the fatty roasted flatfish Ammy had prepared mainly for Nat. She cuts off a bit of that and sets it to reheat on the stove as she begins scooping the remainder of the crab meat into a bowl.
  64. [09:33:13] <Amaryllis> In short order, she has the fish reheated, some anchovy toast with a parmesan custard dip, and more plain toast to go with the remainder of the crab, now half-submerged in a buttery sauce in a bowl.
  65. [09:33:35] * Amaryllis heads up to deck carrying this food, a bucket of ice with a bottle of white wine dangling from her wrist.
  66. [09:34:15] <Amaryllis> And a blanket wrapped around her. Chilly up here at night.
  67. [09:34:49] * Natbuncle bends over backwards, still sitting on the... railing of there's any of that. She smiles a little smile and hops backward, spinning aorund and waving. "Hi."
  68. [09:35:00] <@Noah> The deck of the Athenaeum Stray is a small one for an airship, but sufficient for a few people to have a bit of room exercising of training. It's shaped like a U, on the top of the dragonfly ship's 'back', with a railing all around. There's also a table and chairs out here, bolted to the flooring.
  69. [09:35:22] <Natbuncle> ~
  70. [09:36:17] * Amaryllis murmurs under her breath as she approaches Nat, and wine glasses and silverware appear on the table, along with a tablecloth. She sets down everything and looks to the lazy green reflect girl with a concerned sigh. "Is something worrying you late at night? You do not normally wake me so late."
  71. [09:37:02] <Natbuncle> Nat seems comfy with the ribbon-being-used-like-a-scarf-even-though-it-isn't, not really dressed wintery besides that. "Well... yup."
  72. [09:37:17] <Natbuncle> "I mean, just kinda, er..."
  73. [09:37:46] * Natbuncle rubs the back of her head and sniffs the air a bit. The smell of fish can never escape her.
  74. [09:38:06] <Natbuncle> "Um... yeah, a little."
  75. [09:38:08] <Amaryllis> (just to rustle your jimmies tree I'm listening to Xenogears instead)
  76. [09:38:16] <Natbuncle> (that's actually plenty acceptable)
  77. [09:38:26] <Natbuncle> (you'd be rustling my jimmies of you listened to Linkin Park)
  78. [09:38:30] <Amaryllis> "Sit down, have the dinner I prepared earlier for you." Ammy smiles tiredly.
  79. [09:38:42] <Amaryllis> ( )
  80. [09:39:19] <Natbuncle> "Ah-!" Nat salivates a little, looking like she wants to refuse but her body says 'fuck that' and plops down. "Whoa, we really DID spend a long time..."
  81. [09:39:59] * Amaryllis herself takes a bit of the plain toast and spreads a bit of the crab mixture on it before taking a bite. She pushes the flatfish and anchovy toast at Nat.
  82. [09:40:21] <Natbuncle> "Ahuh... right." She takes a goooood whiff of the food but barely resists swallowing it all whole, turning to Ammy with a slight frown. Every few seconds she glances back at the toast.
  83. [09:40:30] <Natbuncle> "It was about... the..."
  84. [09:40:32] <Natbuncle> "..."
  85. [09:40:34] <Natbuncle> CHOMP.
  86. [09:40:34] <Amaryllis> "What's wrong?"
  87. [09:40:49] <Natbuncle> "Oooh, that feels WAY better."
  88. [09:41:01] * Natbuncle finishes scarfing it down before continuing.
  89. [09:41:18] <Amaryllis> "You must have been hungry if you skipped dinner and forgot until now."
  90. [09:41:26] <Natbuncle> "Aah! Nnnn... I just wanted to ask."
  91. [09:41:54] <Natbuncle> "Earlier..." She shuffles around a bit. "When we found out about me... you said something about, uh, some teck-neek, right?"
  92. [09:42:07] <Amaryllis> "Technique."
  93. [09:42:19] <Natbuncle> "Right. Something about the Dork Sword." Maybe she's doing it on purpose.
  94. [09:42:34] <Amaryllis> "Dark."
  95. [09:43:01] * Natbuncle 'mhm's and takes another bite. "I was out of it then so I couldn't really ask."
  96. [09:43:13] <Natbuncle> "But tell me more about it!"
  97. [09:43:40] <Amaryllis> "What -did- you spend so much time doing with Cait?" Ammy takes a glance back at the entrance to the ship. Poor Noah dealing with those traps.
  98. [09:43:50] <Natbuncle> "Hmm?"
  99. [09:43:53] <Natbuncle> "Oh, we did it."
  100. [09:43:57] * Natbuncle chomp.
  101. [09:45:02] <Amaryllis> "" Just as Ammy finishes asking, recognition clicks across her face, and she stares at Nat, almost choking on her toast. "...R-really? Well, you certainly waste no time."
  102. [09:45:41] <@Noah> ( btw )
  103. [09:46:08] <Natbuncle> "Why would we?" Nat gives a blank stare while taking another big toast-chomp. She doesn't look embarrassed in the least, just really happy.
  104. [09:46:19] <Natbuncle> "♥"
  105. [09:47:24] <Natbuncle> "But enough about that." She demolishes another chunk and sets the slice down, waggling an index finger. "No changing the subject!"
  106. [09:48:16] <Natbuncle> "I mean if I were you I wouldn't wanna tell me stuff either... especially if I REALLY forget that much. But I wanna know."
  107. [09:48:25] * Amaryllis frowns, not at catlove, but at Nat's insistence on this topic. "You may not remember, but you rather dislike the art of the Dark Sword."
  108. [09:49:12] <Natbuncle> "Only a little... it's something bad for you, right?"
  109. [09:49:27] <Amaryllis> "At its core, it is a dangerous technique, one that skirts with the fire of an inner darkness to draw forth greater power. And its users usually get burned."
  110. [09:50:31] <Amaryllis> "Not bad for me no." Ammy shakes her head. "If I had not learned to -control- the power, that may have been bad. I first began learning it when it manifested uncontrollably. Which I now know is due to the Tonberries' invention of the art."
  111. [09:50:35] <Natbuncle> (Oh cool Kainy, I was actually too timid to ask if nat even HAD a room)
  112. [09:50:51] <Amaryllis> (Cait needs no room. The whole ship is his room.)
  113. [09:51:07] <@Noah> (^)
  114. [09:51:49] <Natbuncle> "So 'getting burned' isn't bad...?" Nat tilts her head a little but shakes it off. "Nevermind, I'm listening. Since if this stuff is connected to whatever's happening to me..."
  115. [09:53:39] <Amaryllis> "Is it so bad if it gives you the power to protect yourself? And those you care about. We certainly would not have made it through those bloody mountains the time we had to jump off an airship if I had not learned the technique." Ammy rolls up her sleeve. "You are right though, it does have its costs. But they are costs I am willing to pay."
  116. [09:54:35] <Natbuncle> "Uh-huh..." Nat sits up straight. "I think I can trust you with a power like that. After all, using it's a part of what makes you you, yeah?"
  117. [09:54:48] * Natbuncle looks up and ponders about mountains with blood on them. Huh.
  118. [09:54:59] * Amaryllis nods.
  119. [09:56:18] <Natbuncle> "Then who cares if I like it or not!" She folds her arms and gives a sage nod, then goes back to munching on the toast. "You're you. Telling you not to do it'd be like someone telling me to stop using my Ruby."
  120. [09:56:36] * Natbuncle turns the flashlight on dim, just letting the gem glow.
  121. [09:57:03] <Amaryllis> "In fact, developing a technique of the art all my own is part of my strategy to exert who I am and my tales so I may emerge as a full Eidolon sooner. That is what Noah spent today helping me to do." Ammy rubs her legs and winces a bit more. "You're quite right Nat, but that isn't what you are interested in, I suppose."
  122. [09:57:11] <Amaryllis> "You want to know about the Dark Eidolon?"
  123. [09:57:20] <Natbuncle> "Y... Yeah."
  124. [09:58:24] <Amaryllis> "Now, keep in mind, this is but one technique within the realm of the Dark Sword, and I personally have no intention of learning it. It is a forbidden one, as far as the Tonberries are concerned. They were Summoners too, you see."
  125. [09:58:28] * Natbuncle worries a little but says nothing, just shuffling in place.
  126. [09:59:39] <Amaryllis> "Calm down, Nat. What's happening to you is fully reversible, and I shall do all I can to see that it is indeed undone." Ammy smiles comfortingly.
  127. [10:01:20] <Natbuncle> "Keep going!" She :<s a bit. "It's not me I'm worried about... well maybe a little. But I just wanna know more about this."
  128. [10:01:20] <Amaryllis> "Inside of me, and inside of every Tonberry, is a presence. An inner beast. Not a separate entity, not like you and Mary or even like Kalissa and me. In fact, Kalissa and I seem to share an inner beast that is composed of both our beings."
  129. [10:02:06] <Amaryllis> "A Tonberry's inner beast is what drives them to murder, and it is a constant struggle for them to work with the beast and keep it quelled, yet healthy. A place of balance."
  130. [10:02:08] <Natbuncle> "So it's like a..." She leans back and looks up for a moment. "Okay... I think I get what you mean. It's just like feelings, right?"
  131. [10:02:37] <Natbuncle> "Just, really strong ones."
  132. [10:02:38] <Amaryllis> "It is a bit more complicated than that. It seems to have its own thoughts and motives, but at the same time they are still your own at a deeper level."
  133. [10:03:13] <Amaryllis> "The technique of the Dark Eidolon corrupts an Eidolon and awakens within them such an inner beast."
  134. [10:03:18] <Natbuncle> "Okay..." She nods slowly. "I'm pretty sure I get it."
  135. [10:03:36] <Natbuncle> "That beast... is... pretty much something like the one we fought, right?"
  136. [10:03:52] <Amaryllis> "In exchange it magnifies their power exponentially."
  137. [10:04:15] <Amaryllis> (Kain, would Ammy think the shadowbuncle is about what is meant there?)
  138. [10:04:17] * Natbuncle looks down and stops shuffling for a while.
  139. [10:05:56] <@Noah> (One sec)(
  140. [10:08:15] <@Noah> (The nightmare buncs aren't quite the same thing, Until the dark eidolon is formed, they're just a manifestation of the influence attempting to awaken the beast. The actual inner beast of an eidolon is far more substantial and terrifying than that creature)
  141. [10:09:11] <@Noah> (It's like comparing a corrupted elemental spirit to a chaos fiend)
  142. [10:09:49] <Amaryllis> "That creature we fought is but a pale reflection of an actual inner beast. It represents for now the influence corrupting you, but it would grow many times more powerful and fearsome if your inner beast were to fully awaken."
  143. [10:10:34] <Natbuncle> "... Thought so." She looks side-to-side, then back up to Ammy. "So um..."
  144. [10:11:13] <Natbuncle> "If they were already corrupted... and you used something like that... what would happen?"
  145. [10:12:14] <@Noah> Hell if you know.
  146. [10:13:31] * Amaryllis thinks for a minute. "I do not know if you could corrupt them again or what would happen. If it were the case of someone like me, who already has an inner beast even without corruption, then..." She pauses for breath before continuing. "I suppose the next would be that I would no longer retain dominant control. That the beast would take the reins, and it is I and not it that shall be that presence pushing through from the ba
  147. [10:13:40] <Amaryllis> *next step
  148. [10:13:53] <Natbuncle> (from the ba)
  149. [10:14:01] <Amaryllis> *ck of the mind."
  150. [10:15:06] <Natbuncle> "Eee." Nat shrinks back down for a minute and digs through some of the food if there's any left. Still pretty starving. "... Guess that's a silly thing to be thinking about, then."
  151. [10:15:29] <Amaryllis> "What is?"
  152. [10:15:40] <@Noah> A black paw swipes a piece of fish as you go for another piece of toast.
  153. [10:16:22] <Natbuncle> "Oh, nothing." She chomps sadly. "I was just uh.... well this isn't all that me-like, but I was thinking about what'd happen if that ritual screwed up."
  154. [10:17:03] <Natbuncle> "Or if it didn't even happen." Nonawarenessalie wonders why this piece doesn't have fish on it! Weren't they all supposed to?
  155. [10:17:11] <Natbuncle> WEIRD.
  156. [10:17:13] * Natbuncle sniffs it.
  157. [10:17:28] <Amaryllis> "There shall be no mistakes with the purification ritual, Nat."
  158. [10:17:36] <Natbuncle> "Y'think so?"
  159. [10:17:39] * Natbuncle chomps anyway.
  160. [10:18:00] <Amaryllis> "I do."
  161. [10:18:16] <Natbuncle> "'Kay! See, what'd I say? It's silly!"
  162. [10:18:51] * Natbuncle takes a few more bites.
  163. [10:18:57] <Amaryllis> "Was there anything else you wished to know? I admit, much of this I am just now learning myself..."
  164. [10:19:38] <Natbuncle> "I guess I was just freakin' out a little. Sorry, Ammy."
  165. [10:20:11] * Natbuncle finishes the fishless piece off. "There was uh... a totally different thing I was gonna ask though."
  166. [10:20:16] <Amaryllis> "Completely normal. Do not be afraid to seek us out to talk when you need it."
  167. [10:20:28] <Amaryllis> "...Though do try to keep it to normal waking hours in the future." Ammy smiles.
  168. [10:20:35] <Natbuncle> "Oops~"
  169. [10:21:00] * Amaryllis wraps the blanket around herself a bit more tightly, missing the warmth of the bed.
  170. [10:21:16] <Natbuncle> Nat tugs at the green/gold ribbon she's wearing, still making a bit of a face. Man that toast tasted weird. "But uh... where'd I get this from?"
  171. [10:22:38] * Natbuncle begins to go for another piece of toast.
  172. [10:22:40] <Amaryllis> "Someone who traveled with us until very recently." Do Tantarians sleep? Well, just in case they do, Ammy very carefully grabs Valerian's tome and opens up to the page with drawings of Celina and a brief description.
  173. [10:23:38] <@Noah> A soft snoring comes out of the pages.
  174. [10:23:46] * Natbuncle :Os - no really this is probably the first time she's used this face, or maybe it's just because the player hates it - and gives the pages a lookover, then pulls her own diary out and flips through it. "Ohh, my silly nicknaming."
  175. [10:24:05] * Amaryllis puts a finger to her mouth in the shhh way.
  176. [10:24:20] <@Noah> This time, a white-and-black paw snatches crabmeat while she's in her journal.
  177. [10:24:25] <Natbuncle> "So that's who that was..." Nat gives a nod, surprisingly enough, and actually lowers her volume a bit. Just a bit.
  178. [10:24:56] * Natbuncle doesn't notice and goes for another bite, pulling back and giving the food a weird look again.
  179. [10:24:57] <@Noah> Cait lounges on the underside of the table, giving no fucks about gravity. Chompchompchomp.
  180. [10:25:44] <Natbuncle> "Nnnn, it feels so weird. With the tiara and all I really feel like I remember a whole bunch of ADVENTURE... but then I forgot so much stuff like this." :<
  181. [10:26:32] * Amaryllis nods understandingly. "It's hard, isn't it? You've made so much progress, but there's still so far to go."
  182. [10:27:05] <@Noah> 3d6
  183. [10:27:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Noah, 3d6: 12 [3d6=2,5,5]
  184. [10:27:10] <@Noah> 1d6 reroll 2
  185. [10:27:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Noah, reroll 2: 6 [1d6=6]
  186. [10:27:29] <Natbuncle> "Celina.... Lina lina... Leena... I called her 'Leeny,' right?" She tugs at the ribbon a bit more. "This thing is really comfy... I guess whoever she was, she musta been a good friend if I never took this off, huh?"
  187. [10:28:01] <Amaryllis> "I suppose your diary would say best, for you."
  188. [10:28:56] <Natbuncle> "Dangerous..." She spends a moment flipping through and then gives an 'uh-huh.' "Yeah, I guess so. But since it wasn't that long ago... she's probably still alive, right?"
  189. [10:28:59] <@Noah> A platter of fresh salmon topped with butter and lemon seems to have made its away among the food, and there's a bowl of seasoned oglops with a cheese dip nearby. Though, as Cait listens to this, he actually decides to knock off the shenanigans and slip away.
  190. [10:29:20] * Natbuncle still doesn't notice. Ignorance moe~
  191. [10:29:32] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 awareness to see it was Cait?
  192. [10:29:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, awareness to see it was Cait?: 9 [2d6=3,3]
  193. [10:29:41] <Natbuncle> 2d6 I want to do awareness too just for the hilarious crit
  194. [10:29:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, I want to do awareness too just for the hilarious crit: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  195. [10:29:45] <Natbuncle> ok that's nattier
  196. [10:29:55] <@Noah> He's not trying too hard He knows Nat couldn't see through a glass pane at noon.
  197. [10:30:03] <Natbuncle> ;_;
  198. [10:30:59] <Amaryllis> "Thank you, Cait." Ammy calls out and takes a bite of the salmon. "And I will make you know fear if this is trapped." She mutters more quietly.
  199. [10:31:12] <Natbuncle> "I'm feelin' pretty good about my memories now." She grins, looking a lot less upset about the whole shadow thing. "So I kind of want to try that 'letter' stuff..."
  200. [10:31:24] * Natbuncle cuts herself off to look around.
  201. [10:31:59] <Natbuncle> "... Huh."
  202. [10:32:30] <Natbuncle> "What was I even saying?"
  203. [10:33:05] <Amaryllis> "You want to write letters?"
  204. [10:33:17] <Natbuncle> "Oh write!" ... "I mean, oh right!"
  205. [10:33:22] <Natbuncle> HOW DO YOU EVEN TELL THE DIFFERENCE
  206. [10:33:45] <Amaryllis> (Nat could go omega derp and pronounce it "rit ee")
  207. [10:35:08] <Natbuncle> "Yeah. I think it'd be a little weird, but after that thing I just did with my blessing I guess there are some people I miss, sorta." She rubs her Ruby. "So I want to write at least one, I just might need help actually sending it maybe."
  208. [10:35:38] <Amaryllis> "Just find a Moogle. There are a few in town, from what you've shown me in your diary."
  209. [10:36:00] <Natbuncle> (You know she totally teleported them all to see Eiko when we went shopping)
  210. [10:36:28] <Natbuncle> "Oh yeah, that is what moogles do, huh..."
  211. [10:36:29] <Amaryllis> (>implying they didn't fly back afterwards with fucking moogle powers)
  212. [10:36:38] <Natbuncle> (ok that's true fucking moogle powers are a thing, carry on)
  213. [10:37:15] <Amaryllis> "So that is simple enough at least."
  214. [10:37:23] <Amaryllis> "Do you need any help with the actual writing?"
  215. [10:37:25] <Natbuncle> "I guess that's a pretty silly thing to ask about too." Nat leans back a bit. "... Sorry, guess I woke you up for a bunch of silly stuff."
  216. [10:37:41] <Natbuncle> "I THINK I know how to do most of it..."
  217. [10:37:45] <Natbuncle> "Maybe."
  218. [10:37:47] <Natbuncle> "Probably."
  219. [10:38:26] <Amaryllis> "Don't worry about it, Nat. Hmm, maybe I can make something more of this evening yet. I shall be right back." And she shuffles back into the ship again.
  220. [10:38:41] <Natbuncle> "Uh-"
  221. [10:38:45] * Natbuncle pulls back and sits still.
  222. [10:38:47] <Natbuncle> "... Huh."
  223. [10:38:58] <@Noah> (So, which one of you first...)
  224. [10:39:06] <Natbuncle> (1,1up to you)
  225. [10:39:33] <Amaryllis> She returns with, of course, more food. Shrimp in cocktail glasses, warm mugs of cocoa with marshmallows, and some cured meats and cheese on a platter.
  226. [10:39:39] <@Noah> (Ohh)
  227. [10:39:56] <Amaryllis> (but feel free to have Noah show up now)
  228. [10:39:57] * Natbuncle drools a bunch.
  229. [10:40:33] * Amaryllis eats a shrimp. "So long as we do not need to be awake early in the morning, I suppose..."
  230. [10:40:50] <Natbuncle> "Geez, what'a sll thsi for, anyway?" Not that she cares, she's already scarfing it all.
  231. [10:40:58] <Natbuncle> ... WOW WHAT HAPPENED THERE
  232. [10:41:06] <Natbuncle> "Gees, what's all this for, anyway?"*
  233. [10:41:09] <Natbuncle> ...
  234. [10:41:10] <Natbuncle> I GIVE UP
  235. [10:41:11] <Amaryllis> "You missed dinner, Nat."
  236. [10:41:18] <Amaryllis> "Eat up."
  237. [10:41:36] * Natbuncle sniffles a bit, then MUNCHMUNCHCHOMP
  238. [10:41:39] <@Noah> (tongue n feets)
  239. [10:41:59] <Amaryllis> "I wonder if Noah's alright." Ammy glances around a bit worriedly, thinking about Cait's usual traps.
  240. [10:42:07] <Natbuncle> "Nnnnng~ I dunno HOW I could stand to miss your dinner, Ammy."
  241. [10:42:17] <Natbuncle> "... Okay so I actually do know."
  242. [10:42:19] <@Noah> Cait does.
  243. [10:42:21] <Natbuncle> "(♥)"
  244. [10:42:23] <@Noah> ...hah
  245. [10:42:34] <Amaryllis> The bottle of wine is still untouched, presumably waiting on Noah's presence.
  246. [10:42:51] <Amaryllis> Since Nat haet booze.
  247. [10:42:54] <Natbuncle> "So were you two... like I found you the ENTIRE time?"
  248. [10:43:03] <Natbuncle> What, Nat loves booze, where did you EVER get that impression
  249. [10:43:18] <Amaryllis> (she hated it earlier)
  250. [10:43:21] <Amaryllis> (okay fine whatever)
  251. [10:43:28] <Natbuncle> (she doesn't remember whether she hates it or no- OH WAIT)
  252. [10:43:36] <Natbuncle> (it's whiskey specifically she doesn't like yeah)
  253. [10:43:59] <Natbuncle> (but she'd still gulp a fucking cactuar)
  254. [10:44:08] <@Noah> (*squint*)
  255. [10:44:50] * Natbuncle leans forward with a grin.
  256. [10:46:00] * Amaryllis glares at Nat and sighs, rolling her eyes. "Not all bloody day, no. As I said, he helped me train, and of course there was dinner and other things." She waves a hand dismissively.
  257. [10:46:13] <@Noah> After a minute, Noah does come out onto the deck. His hair's a bit wet, and he's wearing a different set of clothes.
  258. [10:46:19] <Natbuncle> "Oh, that's so boring."
  259. [10:46:48] * Amaryllis leaves out the massage and anything else that is low hanging fruit for teasing.
  260. [10:46:48] * Natbuncle still waves to him anyway. "Hi!"
  261. [10:47:33] <@Noah> "Well, if I wasn't awake before, I certainly am now..." he murmurs as he approaches. "Good... morning, I suppose, Natalie. ...What's all this? You call this a -snack-?" he asks, increduously.
  262. [10:47:39] <Amaryllis> "Oh, Noah..." Ammy springs up and goes to dry his hair some with a big of magic, then wraps him up in the blanket with her as she leads the both of them to the table.
  263. [10:47:49] <Natbuncle> "Yup." Scarf.
  264. [10:47:57] <Amaryllis> "Nat missed dinner, so I prepared a little more." She explains.
  265. [10:48:16] <@Noah> "Thank you, Amaryllis." he says as he approaches the table. "Cait filled a balloon with gravy, and... well."
  266. [10:48:16] * Natbuncle stands up and stretches, having probably finished most - if not all - of it off by this point. Or at least whatever she was offered.
  267. [10:48:26] <@Noah> "I had to clean up a bit." He grimaces.
  268. [10:48:29] * Natbuncle snickers a little.
  269. [10:49:24] <Natbuncle> "I guess there's a thing I gotta go do... ooh, I can't believe I wore out all my stories already."
  270. [10:49:29] <@Noah> He puts his arm around Ammy as they walk over. "Nice night, isn't it? The air's cold and crisp... the stars are so visible here... Not like the skies of Lindblum at all."
  271. [10:49:45] * Amaryllis sighs. "Sounds like Cait." Ammy murmurs and calls up a slightly bigger chair than the ones bolted to the deck, big enough to comfortably seat both herself and Noah all wrapped up in the blanket together like they are.
  272. [10:50:13] <@Noah> Thump. That's the sound of a Noah sitting down with an Ammy in his lap. Or side by side. Something.
  273. [10:50:30] * Natbuncle finishes stretching and hops to the side, eyeing the door. "So um... good luck!"
  274. [10:50:36] <@Noah> "Well, if that's the case, sleep well, Natalie."
  275. [10:50:48] <Natbuncle> "I'm cheering for you, Ammy! Don't go without at least one more kiss~!"
  276. [10:50:51] * Natbuncle winks and hops off.
  277. [10:50:54] <Amaryllis> Side by side. She pours out some cups of wine. "Eaten your fill? Good night, Nat."
  278. [10:51:05] * Amaryllis frowns at the retreating Nat.
  279. [10:51:20] <Natbuncle> 2d6+1 ESCAPE CHECK
  280. [10:51:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, ESCAPE CHECK: 8 [2d6=4,3]
  281. [10:51:29] <@Noah> Got away safely!
  282. [10:51:39] <@Noah> Noah just shakes his head, actually amused by the teasing for once. "It'll never end, will it."
  283. [10:51:45] * Natbuncle considers staying in place and spying the entire time... NAAAAAAAAH.
  284. [10:52:48] <Amaryllis> "Probably not." Ammy leans against Noah with a contented sigh, staring up at the stars. "Go ahead and eat, there's still plenty left."
  285. [10:53:52] <@Noah> He reaches to his chest, you notice now that without his scarf and jacket, you can clearly see the locket hanging around his neck. He gives the photograph of you inside a look for a moment, smiling, before clicking it closed again and reaches out for the cup of wine. "Thank you, Amaryllis." he says.
  286. [10:56:21] <@Noah> He takes a sip, before setting it back down and helping himself to a bit of the shrimp, and washes it all down with a bit of cocoa.
  287. [10:56:25] * Amaryllis grins and reaches for it. "You've been wearing this underneath your jacket all this time? That's so sweet. We really have been such bloody fools these past years..." She lets go and then shifts herself to lay her head on his chest, though out of the way enough to let him eat.
  288. [10:58:11] <@Noah> "I'd gladly wait another ten years if it meant being together with you, my dear." he says with a soft smile.
  289. [11:01:09] <@Noah> He runs his fingers through your hair a moment, once he's free of the food and drink.
  290. [11:02:44] * Amaryllis draws the blanket tighter around the two of them. "I don't -know- how I waited so long now." She murmurs, snuggling closer. "But..." She glances up at the stars.
  291. [11:04:04] <@Noah> He looks up, too.
  292. [11:04:51] <Amaryllis> "I suppose that is much like how the stars must feel if they could think. To burn with so much effort, to shine with a radiant light, knowing that none shall see their light until years and years later due to their distance from the planets."
  293. [11:07:20] <Amaryllis> "You must have known, deep down, in spite of all the insecurities, the fears, the doubts, that someday you would be with me. And you showed me so much love for it from the day I reawakened so that years later I could look back and see it, just as the light from the stars." Ammy then drops out of the sappy serious talk for a second and puts a finger to Noah's lips with a joking smile. "...and if you weren't thinking quite that far
  294. [11:07:21] <Amaryllis> ahead at the time, don't spoil it for me either. A girl must have her dreams."
  295. [11:11:40] <@Noah> He chuckles a bit. "But you're right. Love is patient. Never hasty. A flame that burns constant and low, conserving itself until the time is right to flare up with brightest passion. I say again to you, Amaryllis, I would have gladly waited all of this a second, or a third time, because there is no one else in this world I love more than you."
  296. [11:13:31] <Amaryllis> "And I the same, but I am glad all the same we did not wait longer than we did."
  297. [11:13:49] <@Noah> Noah does not bring up the fact that his love will keep shining for Ammy like the light from those distant stars, even after his star has flickered out. ;-;
  298. [11:14:18] <Amaryllis> "Have you thought about what we shall do after this? When the matter of the Crystal is settled, when Nat's demons have been excised, the Gates secured, and my apotheosis complete?" Ammy doesn't bring that up either. ;_;
  299. [11:14:52] <Amaryllis> "Jungles recently rose all across the Forgotten Continent. You may have seen them on your way over."
  300. [11:14:57] <@Noah> He smiles a bit, considering. "A few thoughts..."
  301. [11:15:14] <Amaryllis> "There may be a whole new world to chart and explore, perhaps new Eidolons waiting to be brought forth."
  302. [11:15:20] <@Noah> "A jungle? No, no I did not see such a thing." he sits up a bit.
  303. [11:15:48] <@Noah> "A whole new world... I'd love to start my travels again anew, with you by my side, when that time comes..."
  304. [11:17:14] <Amaryllis> "Do you think there would be new plants and other ingredients to be found? We could start a diner aboard this ship, serving the delicacies of the new world as we travel."
  305. [11:17:50] <Amaryllis> "After all, I imagine when this is all over, 12GIL work will return to a more natural and languid pace, not the frantic race to survive it is now."
  306. [11:18:24] <@Noah> He entertains the thought. "A diner... We may have to expand the ship a bit." he laughs. "But... yes. I could see that."
  307. [11:20:02] <@Noah> He takes another sip of wine, and goes back to eating for a moment.
  308. [11:20:25] * Amaryllis lifts her head to take a sip of wine, then lowers it again. "It is thinking a bit far into the future," she admits. "After all, there is still so much work to be done..."
  309. [11:21:34] <@Noah> "I wish I could go with you." he admits. "Fight beside you..."
  310. [11:22:09] * StalwartBlueTankingBird (Anise@inimitable.irreplaceable.incredible) Quit (Quit: )
  311. [11:23:05] * Amaryllis leans up and kisses him. "You have done so much to help me already. You are always beside me, no matter our distance apart."
  312. [11:23:23] <@Noah> He returns the smooch, and nods.
  313. [11:23:35] <@Noah> "Still, I cannot help but worry at times, you must understand..."
  314. [11:24:02] * Amaryllis nods. "Let's just promise to make time for each other, no matter how what tasks lie ahead of us in the coming days."
  315. [11:24:20] <@Noah> He nods. "Of course I promise that. In fact..."
  316. [11:24:21] <Amaryllis> "I worry for you as well, but that is why I shall help you train too, is it not?"
  317. [11:25:20] <Amaryllis> *-how (whoops)
  318. [11:25:56] <Amaryllis> "It is such a nice night out. Are you done eating?" Ammy shifts a bit as if readying herself to stand up.
  319. [11:26:23] <@Noah> He sips his wine and puts it down, then stands up, offering his hand to you. "Of course... but that isn't the only thing we should make time for.. and I see no reason why we shouldn't start right here... may I have this dance?"
  320. [11:26:54] <Amaryllis> "You read my mind, Noah."
  321. [11:27:15] <@Noah> "That's -your- job isn't it?" he laughs.
  322. [11:29:53] * Amaryllis just smiles in response, stepping up. As she does, the plates and silverware disappear, to be replaced by a phonograph on the table. Opus! Where she steps, the deck of the ship begins to take on the appearance of an exquisite marble tiled floor. The phonograph begins to play:
  323. [11:30:15] <Amaryllis> Advanced Illusion for the tiled floor~
  324. [11:31:41] <@Noah> He seems a bit surprised at your skill at illusionplay already. He takes you into his arms and holds you close, his right arm about your waist, his left hand holding your right. And a smile plastered across his face.
  325. [11:32:26] * Amaryllis smiles nervously and whispers. "I apologize for how many times I am about to step on your feet."
  326. [11:32:32] <Amaryllis> 2d6+1 finesse
  327. [11:32:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, finesse: 6 [2d6=4,1]
  328. [11:32:47] <@Noah> 2d6+5
  329. [11:32:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Noah, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  330. [11:33:01] <@Noah> (They got the same roll, cute)
  331. [11:33:30] <@Noah> You're both a bit awkward to start with, but Noah is surprisingly agile, leading you into it and gently correcting your mistakes.
  332. [11:34:59] <Amaryllis> "When did you learn how to dance so?" Ammy narrowly misses stepping on Noah's toes again and stumbles a little. "Been practicing for this all this time alone on the airship?" She lightly teases.
  333. [11:37:28] <@Noah> "Maybe I have." he answers with a grin. "I've had quite a bit of time to myself aboard the ship, and Cait's company gets... wearing sometimes." He quickens his pace as the music steps up.
  334. [11:37:33] <@Noah> 2d6+6 Perform
  335. [11:37:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Noah, Perform: 16 [2d6=4,6]
  336. [11:39:26] <Amaryllis> "I almost asked why we did not travel together and leave him and Nat to be the other traveling pair, but we both know that would have been disastrous." Ammy is swept up in Noah's pace and tries to keep up, glancing down at her feet more and more often now.
  337. [11:40:21] <Amaryllis> "Really, leaping up on bar counters with a mug of ale in hand does not prepare you for this type of dancing as much as I thought it would." She says nervously.
  338. [11:40:40] <@Noah> He does seem to be quite adept at this, you're rather surprised. "Oh, don't even entertain that thought."
  339. [11:40:54] <@Noah> He says to the Cait/Nat comment.
  340. [11:42:02] <@Noah> "Maybe not, but that's another aspect of your story I adore. Your passion. Your zeal."
  341. [11:42:36] <@Noah> "I have always been perhaps a bit too timid, even with a few glasses of wine in me."
  342. [11:43:21] * Amaryllis laughs. "In times like this, your grace and finesse are perhaps more handy. Whoops!" She stumbles a bit as she desperately avoids stepping on toes.
  343. [11:43:50] <@Noah> "Something, that perhaps, I can re-pen about myself." he turns your stumble into a spin, leaning you over his arm and kissing you passionately.
  344. [11:44:48] <Amaryllis> "Tell me about it. How many times have we sampled your drink cabinet to the point of passing out together at the table without even an affectionate touch shared between ourselves?" Ammy says to the wine comment with a bit of an embarrassed flush.
  345. [11:45:27] * Amaryllis is taken off guard by the spin but recovers and leans into the kiss, closing her eyes.
  346. [11:47:24] <@Noah> He holds you there a moment, then smiles and brings you back up. "We let our fears control our actions... when in truth, there really nothing was to fear. Still... I'm also glad that it had to take this long. It just proves how true that bond between us is."
  347. [11:48:17] <Amaryllis> "It does make a better story this way, does it not? -And- we got to frustrate and infuriate Cait. That is a bonus if ever I have heard of one."
  348. [11:48:35] <@Noah> "Indeed..."
  349. [11:49:07] <@Noah> He backs up a moment, considering.
  350. [11:49:28] <Amaryllis> "Hm?"
  351. [11:56:26] <@Noah> He seems to be building up his courage to say something, and finally starts, after looking to make sure Cait isn't spying. "Amaryllis, today is possibly one of the happiest days of my life so far. I've waited for this day for so long... and it may just be the wine, but right now I feel as if nothing could possibly go wrong. Let me show you the depths of my passion. I want to share a moment
  352. [11:56:26] <@Noah> with you, a chapter in our story that neither of us will ever forget... I wish to make love to you, with you,Amaryllis, if you feel you're ready. And if you're not, I understand."
  353. [12:00:36] * Amaryllis blinks, turning quite red and a bit flustered. "You know, to be honest, I really did not expect you to ask so soon, as shy as you have always been." She admits, starting to smile as she recovers her composure. "But if you are ready," she takes a breath, "then I suppose there is no more fitting time than the day we proclaimed our love for each other, after so many years..."
  354. [12:01:24] <Amaryllis> "Just, um...allow me to get changed and make some preparations first." Ammy tugs at her hair. "...Your room or mine?"
  355. [12:01:51] <@Noah> He just smiles, and nods. "Wherever you're more comfortable."
  356. [12:03:15] * Amaryllis takes another deep breath. "...My chamber then, when you're ready." The illusion fades, and the phonograph zips out of existence as well.
  357. [12:06:11] <@Noah> He nods again. "I'll wait in the study, then... Take as long as you feel you need. I want this to be perfect for us..." he smiles and pecks you on the lips, before starting to head back in.
  358. [12:06:45] <Amaryllis> And with that parting kiss, Ammy starts shuffling off to her room as well, actually a good deal more nervous than she's letting on. It takes her a whiiiiile to get candles set up in just the right places, flower petals scattered just right, and she Opuses up a record player that she keeps swapping the record for until it's something she finds just right.
  359. [12:07:20] <Amaryllis> Oh and there's changing into that dress she bought as well. It's a simple black dress, just a smidge too short and a bit clingy. All in all, this probably takes -fucking forever-. How is Noah's patience?
  360. [12:07:36] <@Noah> He's waited ten years. What's another hour or two?
  361. [12:08:49] <@Noah> He does go and get changed in something a bit more appropriate himself, though.
  362. [12:09:54] <Amaryllis> It probably actually -is- an hour or so, and Ammy doesn't really realize it until she's done. She shuffles off to Noah's study, pauses, takes a breath, pauses again, then knocks. She shivers a little, not out of nervousness now, but from the cold now that she's changed.
  363. [12:15:59] <@Noah> The door opens, and there he is, standing with that same serene smile as always. He's wearing a loose button-up dress shirt, only slightly buttoned, and simple brown trousers.
  364. [12:17:41] * Amaryllis reaches up, her confidence returning, and rests her hands on his shoulders, just underneath the shirt. "Quite handsome, Noah." She says with a smile. "Let's go." And her hand slips down into his, and he starts to pull him toward her room, walking backwards.
  365. [12:18:06] <@Noah> He takes your hand, following you towards your door...
  366. [12:20:54] <Amaryllis> "Do you like the dress?" Ammy grins as the sound of...does jazz exist yet? Well if it does, there's jazzy lounge music coming from the door as they approach. It looks like the camera fixes its angle outside the door and doesn't follow them inside.
  367. [12:21:57] <@Noah> Saxophones probably do, at least. "I love it." he grins. "Let's have a closer look..."
  368. [12:24:36] <Amaryllis> "Mmmm, let's." Ammy pushes the door back after they enter, and it slowly closes in front of the camera as the scene fades?
  369. [12:24:42] <@Noah> Fade to black, etc.
  370. [12:24:52] <@Noah> MEANWHILE
  371. [12:25:24] <@Noah> As Nat heads back inside the ship, a little over an hour earlier, Cait is waiting for her, lounging around on the dining room table.
  372. [12:25:27] * Noah is now known as Cait
  373. [12:25:51] * Amaryllis is now known as castfromhp
  374. [12:26:04] <castfromhp> (thanks Kain for the adorbs)
  375. [12:26:12] * Natbuncle marches back inside with a satisfied smirk on her face of course, humming the chorus of to herself and stopping abruptly.
  376. [12:26:24] <Natbuncle> "Oh. Hi!"
  377. [12:28:26] <@Cait> (Is good cast)
  378. [12:29:07] <@Cait> "Hey." the cat yaaaawns, and sits up, taking his crown off and scratching his back with it. With a bit of a grin, he flips it back onto his head and hops over to you.
  379. [12:30:36] * Natbuncle pokes at her tiara but realizes mimicing that is a stupid idea, though she definitely does do the yawning part. "Nnnnn. So they're at it again."
  380. [12:31:23] <@Cait> "Cute. Think they'll get anywhere? Ah, I doubt it. That lad's always been too bleeding shy."
  381. [12:32:06] <Natbuncle> "Yeah, no way! Guess they're at least having fun though. Y'know, in their own weird way."
  382. [12:33:30] <Natbuncle> "And I mean, REALLY weird. It's like Ammy's the total opposite of the way she always is." Rubyrub. "Guess it's a thing to get used to..."
  383. [12:33:38] <@Cait> The cat decides your head is a good place to curl up. "World'd be a better place if they could just have fun like we do."
  384. [12:34:33] <Natbuncle> "Really?" Nat walks around trying to balance with him on. "I dunno, if everyone did the same thing wouldn't it get boring? ... By the way, got any paper?"
  385. [12:36:41] <@Cait> "Nah, I jus' mean not worryin' bout things so much." He rolls off and skitters over to a drawer, throwing it open and tossing loose papers everywhere. "We got paper in spades. Lad can't be separate for too long from a quill or he gets tae shakes."
  386. [12:37:38] <@Cait> 3d6
  387. [12:37:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, 3d6: 11 [3d6=2,6,3]
  388. [12:37:44] <@Cait> 1d6 3
  389. [12:37:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, 3: 3 [1d6=3]
  390. [12:37:47] <@Cait> 1d6 2
  391. [12:37:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Cait, 2: 6 [1d6=6]
  392. [12:38:17] <Natbuncle> "Oh right," She snatches one out of midair, not even giving enough of a shit to pick up the rest. "Still! Fun's fun because there're boring people to compare it to, yeah? Something something... ohhh I forgot how it went, whatever."
  393. [12:38:20] <@Cait> Some of the sheets of paper fold themselves in midair and land as paper cranes and carbuncles and shit on the table.
  394. [12:38:26] <Natbuncle> hnng
  395. [12:39:18] * Natbuncle plops down on a... chair or couch or something to sit on? She probably has a pen on her person thanks to the diary being a thing at all, whipping it out and just staring at the sheet.
  396. [12:39:34] <Natbuncle> "Hnn.... nnnnah maybe I should just do it later."
  397. [12:39:43] * StalwartBlueTankingBird is now known as Anise
  398. [12:40:10] <@Cait> He hops up on the surface you're writing on to have a look, tail flicking. "Aw, that's na fun. What is it?"
  399. [12:41:07] <Natbuncle> "Ooooh, I wanted to try that letter-writing thing! Only, I don't really remember the person I'm writing to." :<
  400. [12:42:24] <Natbuncle> "So I'm kinda just making it up."
  401. [12:44:42] <@Cait> "Well, don't let me stop ye, lass. Get tae it!" He slides down into your lap.
  402. [12:45:01] <Natbuncle> "Nnnnokay! Let's see..."
  403. [12:45:14] * Natbuncle holds the pen to the paper.
  404. [12:45:21] <Natbuncle> ...
  405. [12:45:26] <Natbuncle> ....
  406. [12:45:33] <Natbuncle> .....
  407. [12:45:43] * Natbuncle slumps. "I dunno."
  408. [12:46:18] <Natbuncle> The other hand scratches him behind the ears. "I had all sorts of ideas just a second ago, but it just hit me I totally have no clue how to start letters. Whoops~"
  409. [12:48:06] <@Cait> Cait yaaaaawns.
  410. [12:48:12] * Natbuncle yawns too.
  411. [12:49:26] <@Cait> "Aren't they 'however the writer wants tae start them'? Eh, just put it aside if ye think yer not ready yet." he hops off of your lap and onto the table, pouncing and slicing apart one of the paper cranes.
  412. [12:50:26] <Natbuncle> "Could always just start it backwards," she twirls the pen around. "I know how I wanna end it. But nnnn... guess I'm not in a hurry, huh?"
  413. [12:50:55] * Natbuncle sets the pen down and walks over to the cranes, pewpewing tiny forehead lasers at them to fit in.
  414. [12:54:24] <@Cait> Cait tilts his head at you, watching. "Monkey see, monkey do, eh?" He grins and tosses a paper carbuncle at you. "What's with ye all of a sudden, lass?"
  415. [12:54:56] <Natbuncle> "Nuh?" She catches herself in her mouth. By the ear, no less. "Nn'd n dnn?"
  416. [12:55:29] * Natbuncle spits it out. "Oh, my bad, did I space out or something?"
  417. [12:56:46] <@Cait> Cait: "I'm just wonderin' if somethin's up." the cat sits down a bit like a human and shrugs.
  418. [12:57:47] <Natbuncle> "Nah, nothin' besides the whole Dork Eidolon thing," she sits down and waves it off, still looking a little spaced. "And I mean, it's not like that's THAT big a deal. We'll beat it, no prob."
  419. [12:58:39] * Natbuncle sticks a tongue out. "Eheh... you're right though, worrying's REALLY not me-like. Got anything else to do?"
  420. [13:03:31] <@Cait> "Besides me? Nah, probably overdoin' it there, though that was pretty fun. ♥ Lessee though, it's the middle of tae night, we already got Noah with most of tae traps..." he flops over backwards. "I dunno, we could go inta town and cause mischief? We could talk about how adorable ye are, or we could scheme on what tae scheme about." he rolls over, frowning, and clearly agitated by the question.
  421. [13:03:31] <@Cait> "Ach, boredom is settin in." :<
  422. [13:05:04] * Natbuncle turns red a little bit. ♥ "Yeah, no kiddin'. I'd say we could tease my friend Lenny, she's been having trouble with that whole 'relationship' thing too... but with how mad she got last time ehhh maybe not." :< :< :<
  423. [13:05:14] <Natbuncle> "(Not that I'd mind another go, y'know~)"
  424. [13:06:05] <Natbuncle> "What's up in this town this late at night, anyway?" She stretches again then handhips, not even considering transforming back for some reason. "Anything good to mess with?"
  425. [13:10:03] <@Cait> "I think your friend caused more mischief than either of us could at tae moment. Did ye see all those statues?"
  426. [13:10:52] <@Cait> "And here I thought he had no sense of humor! Clearly I was mistaken, eh?"
  427. [13:12:02] <Natbuncle> "Oh yeah. MAN I was so caught up in mushy stuff I totally forgot those were even a thing!" :D "Wanna go decorate 'em?"
  428. [13:14:14] <@Cait> "Sounds like a plan! (and then round 2~)"
  429. [13:14:30] <Natbuncle> "(How about the beach this time?)"
  430. [13:14:46] <@Cait> "(Fine with me.)"
  431. [13:14:58] <Natbuncle> "Okay, c'mon!"
  432. [13:15:03] <@Cait> (You want to actually RP out the statue decorating?)
  433. [13:15:10] * Natbuncle makes a DART for the exit.
  434. [13:15:16] <Natbuncle> (Man I don't even know how we WOULD go about that)
  435. [13:15:33] <Natbuncle> (unless you... bullshit a minigame off the top of your head or something)
  436. [13:15:47] <@Cait> Cait whistles and a giant stuffed moogle drops out of nowhere, he hops aboard and rides after you!
  437. [13:15:56] <Natbuncle> (Let's play out the part after that though ♡♥♡)
  438. [13:16:21] <Natbuncle> ((by the way this is when you ask "really?" and I say "no"))
  439. [13:16:31] <@Cait> (really)
  440. [13:16:33] <Natbuncle> (yes)
  441. [13:16:38] <@Cait> (no)
  442. [13:16:45] <Natbuncle> (COME ON YOU WALKED RIGHT INTO THAT ONE)
  443. [13:16:57] <@Cait> (<3)
  444. [13:17:02] <Natbuncle> (<3)
  445. [13:17:12] <@Cait> Anyway unless we -can- think of something else I suppose that's it.
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