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  2. <markm_> copypaste: an office job
  3. <copypaste> are you claiming you got a new job
  4. <copypaste> you got a new job?
  5. <markm_> not yet
  6. <markm_> working on it
  7. <copypaste> did jim fire you? or did you quit?
  8. <markm_> gonna do both
  9. <copypaste> do you need to get a new job?
  10. <dumbgoy> Freddie,
  11. <markm_> no I'm still with him
  12. <copypaste> so up until now, today
  13. <markm_> I just want to get more money
  14. <copypaste> all the moeny you have came from jim
  15. <zof> why does this midget disdain jim so much
  16. <markm_> it's a common thing here
  17. <markm_> you should know
  18. <copypaste> so, up until today, is 100% jim watkins funded
  19. <dumbgoy> Keep to yourself and gently disappear
  20. <markm_> before you profited from him
  21. <copypaste> until you get a new job
  22. <markm_> you were a sad sack of shit like me
  23. <dumbgoy> Pleease cripple
  24. <dumbgoy> Schramm
  25. <zof> i was riding markm's dick tbh
  26. <markm_> you took all his mone
  27. <dumbgoy> Get
  28. <markm_> and now you're using it to attack him
  29. <zof> yo which one of you retards actually runs boxes
  30. <markm_> fucking disgraceful
  31. <dog_whistle> welp. now copypaste is going to start ddosing
  32. <dumbgoy> GIT
  33. <PatMan> markm_, is that actually you?
  34. <chronos> I'm more interested in why copypaste is trying to get 5ch taken down
  35. <markm_> It's got nothing to do with Jim
  36. <zof> copypaste couldn't ddos localhost
  37. <zof> copypaste couldn't ddos dialup
  38. <markm_> PatMan: I just wanted to check up on JEWS
  39. <PatMan> K cool
  40. <zof> based semetic chain
  41. <markm_> See if he's alright
  42. <zof> markm we cut the tip of his dick off
  43. <zof> he's still a kike
  44. <markm_> unlike copypaste I actually have a heart
  45. <dog_whistle> I'm going to make a board on vch tomorrow
  46. <markm_> You can't
  47. <dog_whistle> WHAT
  48. <dog_whistle> WHY THE FUCK NOT
  49. <markm_> I don't have board creation enabled
  50. <PatMan> You can't create new boards on vch
  51. <copypaste>
  52. <YT-info> Twitter » BREAKING: @GunbusterX just admitted in IRC that is 100% funded by Jim Watkins.  Mark has be… · by Fredrick Brennan 🔣🇵🇭✝ on 2019-10-22 · ♻ 0 ❤ 0
  53. <markm_> you can email me though
  54. <markm_> I can hook you up
  55. <dog_whistle> yes pls
  56. <PatMan> Otherwise someone would've made /pol/ on vch by now
  57. <dog_whistle> ok I'm going to create /workrelated/
  58. * squid92 ( has joined
  59. <dog_whistle> thanks markm
  60. <PatMan> copypaste, your typefaces are ugly and unoriginal
  61. <PatMan> btw
  62. <PatMan> Someone on /v/ wanted you to know that
  63. <dog_whistle> I will email you through vch tomorrow markm
  64. <markm_> sure thing, what board you need?
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