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  1.  Posted on Monday 13th November at 13:47
  3. Hello,
  4. before I wrote you about the dates in the invoice, but I didn't get an answer. That's why I'm writing to you again.
  6. Please, change the dates in all my invoices.
  7. The first time I paid on second of November, that's why the dates should be such:
  8. Invoice #6946 (02/10/2017 - 01/112017)
  9. Invoice #7031 (02/12/2017 - 01/12/2017)
  11. Invoice #7141 (02/01/2018 - 01/02/2018)
  13. Please, check everything and update invoices.
  15. I'll be waiting for your reply.
  16. Regards
  18. IP Address:
  19. support support
  20. Staff
  21. Posted on Tuesday 14th November at 04:37
  23. Invoice isn't wrong. You pay late every single time with e-cheque.
  24. Jarvon Nance
  25. Client
  26. Posted on Tuesday 14th November at 10:25
  28. Hello,
  29. yes, we used e-check for making payments via PayPal. I sent money on 27th of September and transaction was completed on 2nd of October.
  30. But the first invoice starts from 18th of September. It isn't correct.
  32. Please, check.
  33. Regards
  34. support support
  35. Staff
  36. Posted today at 01:49
  38. I won't be able to change the dates of all your invoices, past ones. Especially if they are paid late.
  40. I can change the latest one, what do you think the invoice should be? And I won't be changing them every month either.
  42. Let me explain what is happening, I think you misunderstand.
  44. You have the XL server and say you make your payment on the 18th, we do not get the payment for a week after that because you use e-cheque.
  46. Because of that, our system does not mark your payment paid for that extra week. Because you did not pay for it yet. That is why there is delays. Every time you make a payment it is actually a late payment, and our system records this. Just because you pay it with Paypal as e-cheque today, does not mean we get the money today. We have to wait another week. So a week goes by and after that the invoice is marked as paid once it's cleared on paypal, than our system clears it. Because of how you pay your bills there is this delay. You have been lucky that we have not sent you late fees and we even restored your server once when it was not paid yet. Our system won't be wrong, it's all done automatic. If you pay the invoices on time, it will be right.
  48. TLDR: I can't keep modifying the invoice dates because you don't pay them on time.
  50. Hope this makes any clarification to you. Let me know what you think the latest invoice due date should be and we will investigate more. but from our eyes we do not see anything wrong.
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