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  7. * Shirayuki Berii/Mew Berry (a.k.a. "[[FanNickname Berry Sue]]") from ''TokyoMewMew a la mode''. This is an especially grating case, because the translators made the fandom wait forever for a sequel, only to release it... and reveal that Ichigo and company had been [[NotAsYouKnowThem reduced]] to [[SatelliteCharacter living accessories]] for an [[TheDitz unsympathetic ditz]] who immediately gets twice the power of any previous character ([[spoiler:for ''no reason at all'', Ichigo's powers can now only be sustained for enough time to give Berii a power boost, at which point she turns into her helpless kitten form]]), [[CharacterMagneticTeam magnetizes the cast]] so that they immediately start stalking her to see how special she is and transfer to her school for no good reason, and makes everyone love her more than their sanity.
  8. * Koko from ''ZatchBell''. She's seen as a helpless good-hearted innocent victim the entire series, with no true faults or flaws. When she's controlled and taken away by an evil demon, any actions she does or events she encounters are entirely unrelated to her 'true' self and therefore she's not capable of being responsible for any of them. She develops few connections with anyone in the series, (nothing very explorable even with Zofis) except for one with Sherry which is really only explored from Sherry's end. She's more of a [[MacGuffin plot device]] for Sherry than anything else.
  9. * Mary Magdalene from ''ChronoCrusade''. She's sweet, gentle, always kind, not afraid of the demons, [[YamatoNadeshiko a very skilled housekeeper]], understands demon technology as if she's always used it, has holy powers and makes all of the Sinners love her. However, she's a somewhat [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructed version]], particularly in the manga--it's hinted that she's somewhat of a StepfordSmiler and possibly even ''suicidal''.
  10. ** Although fans will always be divided on this, Azmaria cannot be denied as Purity Sue potential if Mary Magdalene, who got little actual screen-time/exploration, is to be considered true. She was born an apostle, which came out of circumstance. She gave people pep talks and they instantly listened. Even the villains took quite a likening to her (more so in the manga). And she had little more importance than any of the other apostles.
  11. * ''CodeGeass'': [[spoiler: Euphemia]] is practically a [[IncrediblyLamePun bloody deconstruction]] of the trope, particularly since all her kindness and goodness gets her in the end [[spoiler:is a crappy death and being forever known as the instigator of a massacre]].
  12. ** Did you miss how she stopped Lelouch's slide into Schneizel-level uninhibited monstrosity with a small talk, thus basically saving the world in the long term?
  13. ** Almost everyone who knew Marianne, Lelouch's mother, seems to think she was tremendously wonderful and has sworn loyalty to her; those who weren't thrilled appear to be horribly wrong. [[spoiler:In fact, she keeps up a saintly PuritySue ''facade'' and appears to get killed off while plotting with Emperor Charles the entire time. Essentially, she's playing the saintly-mother-as-DisposableWoman trope for all it's worth!]]
  14. ** This is how [[MadLove Mao]] sees C.C. But only Mao.
  15. ** Nunnally and Euphemia are both Purity Sues who have quite a bit in common with each other. [[spoiler: Nunnally's level of purity gets [[BreakTheCutie substantially reduced toward the end of the show]], though.]]
  16. * Sora Naegino from ''KaleidoStar'' is a deconstruction of this trope, since she has ''several'' traits (cute, unfailingly kind, naive, skilled, plucky, etc.) but she still has to go through lots of shit to get her goals.
  17. ** [[spoiler:Sophie Oswald is a more by-the-book version, but being a DeadLittleSister, she didn't last long enough, [[JustifiedTrope and Leon would've been OOC if he didn't idealize her]] due to [[BreakTheCutie the terrible circumstances surrounding her death]].]]
  18. * The PuritySue deconstruction theme goes ''even further'' in ''ShamanKing''. Iron Maiden Jeanne is [[{{Moe}} very]] [[WhiteHairedPrettyGirl pretty]], [[TheCutie cheerful]], [[YamatoNadeshiko soft-spoken, humble,]] [[GlassCannon immensely skilled as a Shaman despite being just a 12-year-old]] IllGirl, [[HeroicAlbino willingly and happily subjects herself to horrible and constant torture]] [[TheMessiah in the belief that her suffering will make others suffer less]] (there is a ''reason'' she is called [[ToThePain "Iron Maiden"]]), seems to make the world a brighter place [[WhenSheSmiles just by smiling]], and is immensely kind to [[spoiler:Lyserg]] when he becomes the NaiveNewcomer of her group. Oh, and she's a ruthless KnightTemplar who [[KickTheDog brutally tortures to death anyone who opposes her]], [[WellIntentionedExtremist genuinely believing]] [[IDidWhatIHadToDo that's what she has to do as well]]. [[WhyDidYouMakeMeHitYou At least she seems sad about it...]]
  19. * ''{{AIR}}'''s Misuzu Kamio is a particularly [[TearJerker Heartwrenching]] version towards the end of the visual novel and anime, and [[spoiler:her death]] pretty much makes her a Purity Sue done right.
  20. * Romeo from ''RomeoXJuliet'' can be seen as a rare ''male'' example of this trope. Despite being raised by the biggest [[KickTheDog puppy-kicker]] known to man and named after the hot-headed and reckless man from the play, Romeo has no flaws whatsoever. He's [[IncorruptiblePurePureness kind]], [[FriendToAllLivingThings gentle]], [[WideEyedIdealist charmingly naive]], rides a white 'dragonhorse' (think Pegasus), weeps over injustice, [[ChronicHeroSyndrome takes up any good cause]], nobly works alongside the criminal miners he's overseeing, and so on and so forth. Not only does he have no flaws, but he's never punished for any of his positive ones (like his naivete) and none of them are the cause for [[ForegoneConclusion his demise]]. It's especially jarring considering [[MagnificentBastard who raised him]] and his love interest Juliet, who ''does'' have her own flaws.
  21. * Yuki from ''{{Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru}}'', to the point that the Zweilts keep saying how much they love him and they feel miserable and useless when he is not around.
  22. * In the MobileSuitGundam TV Series, Lalah Sune qualifies as a Purity Sue. Every character that has interacted with Lalah has gaped at her in awe and commented on how otherworldly she is. Every man that encounters her either becomes jealous of her position or is ridiculously fascinated with her. She has no flaws except for being too good. She even floats and glows. More than once. She is also praised for being the perfect Newtype, and despite Amuro's protests it is emphasized that Lalah is correct in her thinking. While Amuro is casted as fighting for no cause. And the fascination with her does not stop with Amuro and Char after fourteen years. Her death also allowed other characters to comment on how she was [[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth too good for this world]], a trope commonly assigned with Purity Sues.
  23. * Lacus Clyne, from ''MobileSuitGundamSEED'' and ''MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'', can be considered this as well. Unlike the other main characters, she doesn't have any crippling character flaws, is always right in whatever she does and ends up as the hero's love interest at the end of the first series.
  25. * In ElfenLied, Kohta and Nana both serve as this to an extent. Several of the other people staying at the inn fulfill this trope as well, with [[VillainProtagonist Lucy]] being a huge exception. In a CrapsackWorld where HumansAreBastards and much of the story is about abuse of girls by men, Kohta is the only male character who doesn't seem like a CompleteMonster at least part of the time. He is also pretty much a saint by Elfen Lied standards since he tries to show hospitality (by reaching out to people and offering them kindness, friendship, and a place to stay) and doesn't have much in the way of negative actions besides occasionally being annoyed at how much his cousin asks him to do or responding angrily toward people. About the most unsympathetic thing he does is get hostile toward a stranger who attacks his friend for no apparent reason but turns out to have an extremely legitimate grudge agaisnt her. YMMV on whether [[spoiler: sort of forgiving Lucy]] makes him less of a Purity Sue or more of one. Nana is apparently the only diclonius not to try to harm humans and pretty much serves as a TechnicalPacifist in a story full of bloodshed and people trying to use her in their war.
  26. * Queen Otohime from the latest ''OnePiece'' flashback arc. [[spoiler: Its after the awesome Fisher Tiger's death that it becomes apparent. Her goal is peace between humans and Fishmen, hell her body is literally MadeOfGlass to make her even more sympathetic. She even protects [[CompleteMonster World Nobles]] who enslave ''her own people'' so she has a chance of changing their minds. Somehow, she DOES. It becomes clear she's a person too pure for the OP world and is killed off.]]
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  30. * Hallie Takahama aka Jolt from the early years of the Marvel comics team The Thunderbolts. Hallie was 15 when her parents and friends were all stomped to death by giant sentinels on her 15th birthday party. Then she was homeless, and she and her homeless friends were captured, tortured and mutated by crazed genecist Arnim Zola and she was the only one to survive. She ends up joining the Thunderbolts who she thinks are super heroes but they are really the super villain team the Masters of Evil in a plot to rule the world. She's always so positive and becomes their cheerleader and all the redeemable characters love her but not big bad Baron Zemo who understandably hates her constant cheerful attitude. She is the super hero encyclopedia who knows almost every little detail about heroes and villains. Everyone treats her like their kid sister and from dialogue and thought bubbles it's made clear none of these people would have attempted redemption if not for Hallie's influence.
  31. * The titular Mr. A as created by SteveDitko. Despite being a vigilante with a one hundred percent success rate, he has no superpowers, but he's a perfect person in a world that doesn't understand his perfection. There's a reason why these comics weren't financially successful.
  32. ** By the way, [[AntiHero Rorschach]] in ''{{Watchmen}}'' is a {{Deconstruction}} of several of Ditko's characters, most obviously TheQuestion, but also this guy.
  33. *** More like they're both Question variants in different directions. Mr. A is articulate in a way Rorschach is not.
  34. *** WordOfGod is that [[AntiHero Rorschach]] is based on both Mr. A and the Question.
  35. * The protagonists in JackChick tracts tend to be this. They're always, always right, even when what they're saying is incorrect, illogical, or hypocritical. The most prominent example would be when a creationist student manages to swerve an evolutionist teacher to his point of view when his entire argument was that [[YouFailBiologyForever a tailbone isn't vestigial because there are muscles on it]] and that gluons can't exist because nobody's ever seen or documented their existence, calling belief in gluons to be blind faith.....even though the spiritual aspects of his religion are based almost entirely on blind faith.
  36. ** The gluons thing was mentioned because the teacher said that he would only use scientifically proved facts and not blind faith, so the student remarks that they're just a commonly accepted theory, and so they're taken by faith, not facts. The tract is mindblowing enough, my friend; even without that detail, take any other of the examples showed. JackChick, we newborn Christians have an annoyed eye on you.
  37. * SinCity has Nancy Callahan. While she rarely speaks, she usually has a very positive and upbeat personality to contrast against the darkness of the city/series.
  38. * Prez Rickard, [[OurPresidentsAreDifferent teenaged President of the United States]], an obscure comic character reused in a NestedStory in ''TheSandman''.
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  43. * Hilariously parodied with [[ Lilac Rosetta Creten Veron]] of the infamous ''[[FanFic/TheVampoifeDoodWhoLifed The Vampoife Dood Who Lifed]]''.
  44. * [[SailorEarth Fan additions]] to ''SailorMoon'''s sailor sensh] often fall into either this trope or GodModeSue (if not both at once). If they're not the shining beacon of light that usurps Usagi, [=ChibiUsa=], and Galaxia combined in power and yet is unfailingly wonderful to everyone, you aren't doing it right.
  45. ** And when it's not fan senshi, it's Usagi herself. She's often stripped of [[ThisLoserIsYou what makes her human--clumsiness, ignorance, lack of refinement, etc.]]--and made into a perfect saint for all the senshi to love and aspire to. Ignoring that even the TV series never went ''that'' far and even up until the last episode still showed her being bratty, ditzy, lacing in academics, or gluttonous. At some point in the future she finally grew out of this, but we're never shown how. Most fanfic authors convert [[PossessionSue Usagi]] into some ultimate being of purity and perfection that even the series stopped short of doing.
  46. *** And the FanDumb still uses this fanon characterization as a reason to bash Usagi ''the character'' and call her a [[CanonSue Canon]] PuritySue. Yeah, she ''is'' very pure-hearted and forgiving in canon (and even moreso in the anime), but as mentioned she never fully stops acting like a flawed teenage girl in canon.
  47. **** In the manga she does, mainly because the manga didn't need to stretch for forty episodes plots that could have been finished in ten, and so her CharacterDevelopment didn't need to be undone for return to the same old filler episodes formula.
  48. * In ''LordOfTheRings'' FanFic, this breed of Sue tends to be an Elf even if she was raised as a human in our world. Thus, she is immortal and has a very good chance of surviving through the story and ending up happily married to Legolas (or, rarely, someone else).
  49. ** This kind of Sue was so repulsively common that it spawned the [[ Protectors of the Plot Continuum]] stories, which inspired countless spinoffs.
  50. * [[ Chihuatlan Razortalon]] ({{NSFW}}), the [[FanFic/MyInnerLife Jenna Silverblade]] of the ''{{Gargoyles}}'' fan world. Aside from her [[ImprobablyCoolName meaninglessly exotic]] and BadAss-sounding [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast name]], her Sparklypoo credentials include being a [[ShapeShifter shapeshifting]] [[OurDragonsAreDifferent dragon]] [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses princess]] with [[HealingHands a healing touch]], hair like "[[MulticoloredHair multicolored shades]] of [[{{Dissimile}} brown silk,"]] and eyes described as [[EyesOfGold "golden orbs."]] She struts onto the scene and [[RelationshipSue immediately lays claim on]] [[EnsembleDarkhorse Brooklyn]]—who is only to be the ''first'' member of her [[SlashFic orientation-bending]] [[LoveDodecahedron harem]]—and is adored by everyone except Angela.
  51. * Princess Aara of ''FanFic/TheOtherworldSeries''. A demi-goddess born from an orb of light (along with her less important older sisters), the beautiful and universally loved Aara's entire purpose is to rule over and protect several dimensions inhabited by various anime characters by using ThePowerOfLove to get a bunch of sexy demons and half-demons to fight for her. Her IntimateHealing abilities are always the only thing that can help a character, making some of her magician and healer servants completely useless. While she is more of a FixerSue near the start of the series (the author [[CleaningUpRomanticLooseEnds rearranges a bunch of character pairings]] by having the unwanted male character "bond" with Aara or one of her sisters, which puts those males in sexual bondage), she eventually settles down with Vash from ''{{Trigun}},'' and her harem is magically divided between her CainAndAbel twin daughters (who were born by painlessly appearing in an orb of light above her stomach) and the series eventually moves past its original canon-fixing intentions and becomes all about her and her daughters.
  52. * In ''Phalanx'', Irene is absolutely this trope. She's a {{Yamato Nadeshiko}} ActionGirlfriend [[RelationshipSue to Gordon]].
  53. * ''ThomasTheTankEngine'' example: Fan character [[ ''Iolite'']], who was a human (named Elizabeth Truit, after her creator), died an untimely death and was reincarnated because of it, and was assigned the job of "Guardian of the Island of Sodor". She can switch between human and engine forms, has angel wings in both, can fly, has romantic affairs with Oliver and Douglas, and has powers beyond those possessed by Lady (the Island's canon guardian angel).
  54. * Male example: [[DesignatedLoveInterest Vindicator Alexei]], from the WoW fanfic ''[[ Stand of the Exiles,]]'' seems to have [[ShallowLoveInterest no personality]] beyond "[[DumbMuscle kind of dumb]]," "[[StrangledByTheRedString stuck on]] [[JerkSue Anchorite Ranith]]," and "{{badass}}." (Unless "[[TheBigGuy very big]]" and "[[PurpleProse very blue]]" count.) We're nonetheless [[InformedAbility informed]] that he's [[KnightInShiningArmor the perfect]] [[ThePaladin paladin]], a model of honor, ''et cetera''.
  55. * ''MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch'' tends to get a lot of these in fan fiction; She'll most likely be a White or Red mermaid princess. She'll have beautiful hair, which she'll deem "boring". Her eyes will most of the time [[CurtainsMatchTheWindow match the drapes]], and they'll be [[WhatBeautifulEyes so beautiful]] that people get lost in them. On her first day of school, she'll be greeted with a chorus of how beautiful she is. By the third day, she'll be friends with everyone for no apparent reason. She'll have a bunch of fans who want to date her because she's so incredibly beautiful and pure. She'll be stopped by random people to be told how beautiful she is and ask her out a LOT. She'll be a FriendToAllLivingThings and will always solve everyone's problems. She has the best singing voice and costume. She'll be the most beautiful mermaid there ever was. She often gets stuck in a love triangle, even though she's betrothed. The bad guy will try to seduce her every time, and if not, he hates her for being so pure and full of love. She will always live happily ever after; if not, everyone will pity her. Are you annoyed yet?
  56. * CoriFalls's rendition of Jessie's mother Miyamoto in ''{{Pokemon}}''. Sweet, gentle, intelligent, a top-class Pokemon trainer, loving wife and mother and when she dies she becomes Jessie and James's guardian angel.
  57. * Azula is entirely [[PossessionSue rewritten into one]] in the infamous ''[=~Avatar: The Last Airbender~=]'' fancomic ''FanFic/HowIBecameYours''. Complete with [[spoiler:Jesus-like resurrection and an unborn child said to be "the hope of the world". Her daughter Miracle will take her place as this if there's ever a sequel. Which there now is; Miracle hasn't appeared yet, but it's just a matter of time...]]
  58. * Sakura Tenshi of ''FanFic/TenshiTrail''. A "''Wish''/''{{Chobits}}'' flavored" GratuitousJapanese speaking amnesiac "alluring little kitten goddess yet [[TheIngenue innocent]]" [[strike:angel]] ''[[OurAngelsAreDifferent tenshi-chi]]'' with [[ThePowerOfLove love powers]] strong enough to destroy Heaven, Hell, and everything in between... in ''CowboyBebop''? Sure, why not?
  59. * ''FanFic/MyImmortal'' is infamous for this. It's main character, Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, is a depressive satanist, making her [[strike:[[RougeAnglesOfSatin nut a marusu]]]] not a Mary Sue in the Author's eyes. However, satanism is treated as a good thing in the story, nobody even gets close to being sick of her constant wangsting, she's [[SoBeautifulItsACurse so beautiful it's a curse]] and she's the center of attention for every single character. [[SarcasmMode Definitely not a Mary Sue.]]
  60. * [[ DisneyFan01]]'s Disney princess character, Marina (link NSFW). Seems to be getting better these days, but in 2006, yeowch.
  61. * Most of the female protagonists in the ''FanFic/HogwartsExposed'' series are this, the most egregious being Hermione (who apparently looks like Angelina Jolie, even after having a baby), Jamie (who is blatantly mentioned to be ''exactly like'' Hermione in almost every way, including appearance, has a unicorn as an Animagus form and is so much of a Sue even the guy who tried to kill her and his sidekick fancy her), and Caitlin (who can heal any injury at all with her non-canon Empath abilities, and the author nerfs the Potterverse's magical healing to make this even more impressive). The fact that the author attempts to use this as an excuse for the "innocence" of the series' overly sexual themes and that all of the girls have [[RapeIsTheNewDeadParents undergone rape or attempted rape]] is [[{{Squick}} very disturbing]].
  62. * [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in ''ThoseLackingSpines'' with Sakura-Rose Sunblossom Orange Juice Annie-Marie [=McFate=].
  63. * Yugi is frequently turned into this in ''{{Yu-Gi-Oh}}!'' fanfiction, with a helping of {{Ukefication}} for good measure. While it's true that he's TheMessiah in canon, many fanwriters take this to ridiculous extremes and transform him into a completely flawless angel who practically radiates sweetness, light, innocence, purity, beauty, sunshine, goodness, love, etc. Oh, and he's so pure that he wouldn't ever ''think'' of harming anyone or doing anything bad and needs others to protect him from being defiled because he's too innocent and naive to defend himself or recognize evil. This is only a very slight exaggeration of the "angelic Yugi" phenomenon in fanfic; consider that the term "angel" is often used to describe him without a trace of irony or sarcasm and that some fics have him ''[[OurAngelsAreDifferent literally]]'' being an angel, and you'll get an idea of how prevalent this phenomenon is.
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  68. * ''Film/AliceInWonderland'' (Burton film): The White Queen when we first meet her. Everyone loves her, she won't hurt a living thing, and her lethal cooking turns into a save-the-day cure. However, it's subverted ''hard'' when [[spoiler:she delivers a bout of CruelMercy onto her sister and Knave]], and most viewers - including the actress and director - find her more deliberately creepy than pure, seeing that she [[spoiler: [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant has jars full of corpse fingers she seems to find delicious, coins from dead mens' pockets and uses phlegm in her concoctions]]]]. WordOfGod even says that she deliberately surrounds herself with purity and pale beauty because [[spoiler: she's too tempted by darkness.]]
  69. * ''TheRoom'' is a pretty good example of this. Director/writer/producer and main star Tommy Wiseau tells the story of Johnny (couldn't have found a more different name?) who is so perfect in every way. He is so nice that even as his fiancee is cheating on him with his best friend, she still manages to have monologues about what a nice guy he is, and his best friend feels such guilt about it that he briefly considers suicide. Johnny is a wealthy banker who is supporting man-child Denny with an apartment in his building and paying for his college as well. It seems like Johnny's only flaw is that he's TOO nice. Even when the truth comes out about his fiancee and his best friend, rather than take revenge on them, he just kills himself instead.
  70. * ''TenThingsIHateAboutYou'' uses Bianca in this role, so that she can be not only the love interest but also a foil for her tomboy hipster sister.
  71. ** Subverted at the beginning though, when she comes across as beautiful, sweet, and affectionate, but actually is a selfish bitch who takes advantage of Cameron's feelings for her so she can date Joey. Cameron calls her out on it in a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, telling her that just because she's beautiful doesn't mean she can use people.
  72. * ''LadyInTheWater'' features as a significant character an author who will write a work of fiction so universally loved and inspirational that it will change the face of the world forever. The author just happens to be played by MNightShyamalan, the movie's writer and director. Coincidence? He even made sure he [[TakeThatCritics had a movie critic horribly killed off]] before the reveal of M. Night as the martyr of the story.
  73. * Muriel Pritchett in the film adaptation of ''TheAccidentalTourist'' is a Hollywoodization Sue. In the book, Muriel is far from perfect. She gets moody, screechy and ambivalent. In the film, she's virtuous, and her "flaw" is that she's offbeat and kooky - [[ManicPixieDreamGirl and in such an endearing way]]! Macon's ex-wife Sarah shrugs and says, "Okay" when she finds out Macon's fallen for Muriel. In the book, she's protesting at Macon, and stating that he and Muriel would be one of those odd couples that people can't understand how these two opposites attracted. But in the film, since Muriel is a Purity Sue, being attracted to her is inevitable for any good character, and her being attracted to him is a gift to him; no further explanation is needed.
  74. * The female lead of the SoBadItsGood movie ''SoulTaker'' (featured on ''MST3K'') is apparently so incredible that not only does the main character try to turn his life around just for her, but the GrimReaper chasing after them is madly in love with her, which causes all the mistakes that prevent him from stopping the heroes. And it's worth noting, the lead actress is also the film's screenwriter, a fact which Mike and the Bots gleefully point out at every opportunity.
  75. * Numerous protagonists from Disney/Don Bluth/etc (i.e.[[TheLandBeforeTime Littlefoot]], [[TheLionKing Simba]]) have traits that arguably make them male examples of this trope. [[YourMileageMayVary Your mileage will vary considerably]] on whether of not this makes them unlikable, however.
  76. ** Ironically, there are at least a few people who hate Simba and consider him to be the ''opposite'' of a Purity Sue. YourMileageMayVary indeed.
  77. * The aptly named titular character from ''TheresSomethingAboutMary''. You can make a drinking game for the number of times she's called a "fox." She's also a doctor, an avid sports fan who plays golf in her spare time (when she's not helping out the disabled, mind you), and her ideal man is supposedly an Everyman on the one condition that he be self-employed. Every single man in the film wants her and is willing to sacrifice any relationship he currently has to be with her, including ''Brett Freakin' Favre''. Of course, for the film's comedy (guys ruin their lives over a single woman) to work, you'd pretty much ''have'' to have a lead like this.
  78. * Nastika from the movie ''JackFrost'' as seen on MST3K. She's so pure that the sun reverses course to give her the time to finish knitting a stocking. Her eventual suitor would be the epitome of a MartyStu if the plot wasn't largely about teaching him some humility. Of course the film itself is a pile-up of Russian fairy tale adaptations, so Nastika is also a pretty basic MarySueClassic in the vein of Cinderella and Snow White.
  79. * [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in ''MaryPoppins'': "[[TropesAreNotBad Practically perfect in every way.]]"
  80. * Melanie Wilkes from ''GoneWithTheWind''. She's pure, kind, and pretty much has no faults whatsoever. Scarlett's jealousy toward her is used to underscore her true AntiHero nature, and she even dies tragically.
  81. * [[ChittyChittyBangBang Truly Scrumptious.]] The name says it all. An entire musical number is dedicated to how wonderful she is.
  82. ** Though she also got a song about how she feels trapped by her need to keep up her image. While that doesn't make her less of a Sue, it does show she struggles with it.
  83. * This claim has been leveled against the film version of ''[[ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World]]'', both characters are Mary/Marty Stus, though some may claim they are [[ParodySue intentionally that way]]. An [[ excerpt]] from Eclipse Magazine's review:
  84. -->This movie has something for everyone, if you are a guy then who wouldn’t want to be Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) [[JerkSue a jerk]] who is in a band and [[MartyStu gets all the chicks]]. Sure one of them is in high school, but your ex is now a famous rock star who still wants you and the new girl is another pseudo hipster who is like a female version of you. And oh yeah, for some unknown reason [[GodModeSue you know how to kick butt and take numbers]] – ''StreetFighter'' style. Who wouldn’t want to be a cool girl like Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead)? She has [[PuritySue no trouble getting a man to fall madly in love with her (for no apparent reason)]] and then have them all pine long after the break up to the point where they want to beat your new boyfriend into a pulp and her current guy is willing to literally fight for you? This girl and Pilgrim [[TropeCodifier are the ultimate Mary Sue characters – The author’s dream version of himself/herself.]]
  85. ** While the comic fleshes out the characters some more, a lot of the film's arc comes from Scott Pilgrim realizing that he isn't just a victim and that he needs to take responsibility for himself (hence, obtaining the "Power of Self-Respect" as his true weapon rather than the "Power of Love"). Similarly, Ramona, who was simply looking for an easy getaway from her past, learns to face it (though her developments gets a lot less air time admittedly than Scott's). Flawed characters that grow and develop over the course of the story? YourMileageMayVary, of course, but those don't sound very much like PuritySues.
  86. *** Sure they do. Their CharacterDevelopment is ''they get more perfect''.
  87. * Played with hilariously using the character of Galahad the Pure himself in ''MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail'', which parodies the entire Arthurian legend up to and most definitely including the concepts of chivalry and chastity. That this 'Galahad' is being played by famously sweet-natured MichaelPalin doesn't hurt.
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  91. * [[ This essay]] describes a couple characters that popped up in a magazine in the mid-19th century. See if they sound familiar.
  92. ** George Eliot wrote the essay ''SillyNovelsByLadyNovelists'' in 1856, yet most of her descriptions could fit Sues that were written yesterday. Example: " may be that the heroine is not an heiress -- that rank and wealth are the only things in which she is deficient; but she infallibly gets into high society, she has the triumph of refusing many matches and securing the best, and she wears some family jewels or other as a sort of crown of righteousness at the end. Rakish men either bite their lips in impotent confusion at her repartees, or are touched to penitence by her reproofs, which, on appropriate occasions, rise to a lofty strain of rhetoric; indeed, there is a general propensity in her to make speeches, and to rhapsodize at some length when she retires to her bedroom." Sound familiar?
  93. * Many [[VictorianBritain Victorian-era]] authors bought into this trope to varying extents, as they were both inclined to sentimentalism and conditioned to value females especially for their virtue (the archetype dubbed "angel in the house" after a poem by Coventry Patmore.) The ''uber-''type of the Victorian Purity Sue is Agnes Wickfield, from Dickens' ''David Copperfield'', who is shown standing in the light of a stained-glass window, pointing upward, on very first appearance. Narrator David rhapsodises about his dear 'sister' at every opportunity; she's a paragon of womanhood even by the standards of her era - beautiful and kind and wise and helpful and sympathetic, yet so gentle and modest about it all you'd hardly know she was there, save for the way her goodness 'somehow' makes everyone's life better. The villain's presumption to aspire to her hand is used to underscore just how evil a cad he is. Her beneficent influence extends even to David's first wife Dora, who on her deathbed extracts a promise from Agnes that she alone will marry David after Dora's gone. Which Agnes does, having 'loved [David] all her life!' Not surprisingly, she is considered one of Dickens' least successful female characters.
  94. ** In every book by Dickens there is an example of this (at least until ''Great Expectations'', when he seemed to change his views on women a bit). Kate Nickleby in ''Nicholas Nickleby'', Amy Dorrit, Esther Summerson and Ada Clare in ''Bleak House'', Florence Dombey in ''Dombey and Son'', Emma in ''Barnaby Rudge''...Lucie Manette in ''A Tale Of Two Cities''. She doesn't ''do'' anything, and yet everybody is fascinated with her. She's a LivingMacguffin.
  95. *** Charles Darnay from ''A Tale Of Two Cities'' is a Purity ''[[MartyStu Stu]]'' albeit to a lesser extent than Lucie is a Purity Sue. But come on, Charles Darnay [[AuthorAvatar shares the author's first name and initials]], which is the first item on every Mary Sue litmus test ''ever''.
  96. ** Charles Dickens had some serious issues with the women in his real life, and they were channeled into many of his female characters. He never quite got over the sudden death of his beautiful young sister-in-law, divorced his wife (mother of his ten children) in middle-age - not hesitating to denounce her publicly as too stolid and unimaginative to be of interest to him any longer - then promptly took up with a much younger actress.
  97. ** ''OliverTwist'' has a whole ''family'' of [[PuritySue Purity Sues]], the Maylies, and Dickens stops the plot dead in its tracks for several chapters to expound at length on their Pure Wholesome Light of Purity, and the rest of the novel is as concerned with whether the Maylies will marry well and be reunited with their long lost relatives ([[spoiler: including Oliver]]) as it is with Oliver's attempts to escape from Fagin and Bill Sykes. Nonetheless, they're dropped from almost every adaptation of the story without much trouble, and nobody misses them.
  98. ** In ''AChristmasCarol'' there's Tiny Tim. Though to be fair, it's kinda necessary for [[MoralityPet the purpose he serves]].
  99. * In Bram Stoker's ''{{Dracula}}'', there are Lucy Westenra and Mina Murray Harker. Lucy is a "lily-like girl" of "unequaled sweetness and purity" loved chivalrously by three men; after her tragic death she takes her place "among other angels". Mina is so pure, wise, sweet and angelic that everybody loves her; mad Renfield dies by fighting for her and even Dracula wants her as his vampire companion.
  100. * Dagny Taggart from ''AtlasShrugged'' is a somewhat scary example of a fully grown Mary Sue in a serious, influential piece of work. She is and has everything AynRand could ever hope for, a total personification of her values -- she's a brilliant though underestimated businesswoman, more beautiful than anyone else in the room without even trying - even the simplest of dresses seems 'indecent' on her. She is the linchpin of all the important changes in the world, the last and most important part of the puzzle, the one everyone wishes they could reach, the one everyone looks to. She has multiple lovers and [[NoGoingSteady moves on from one to the next]] without any warning or explanation given -- or needed, as each of these lovers [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy peacefully acknowledges the others]] without the slightest surprise or jealousy, with the impression given that they're going to quietly bear never-again-requited candles for her indefinitely.
  101. ** Technically, John Galt is a closer fit. It's Dagny's ''failure'' to embrace the Objectivist Ideal until the very end that moves the plot along and causes her and everyone else a world of misery and trouble. Galt faffs about with his [[BishieSparkle sunny-shiny hair]], and everyone confesses their love and adoration to him at every turn, and Dagny falls in love with him ''before'' first sight. (And adores him so much that her first act is to arrange to be his servant.) Then again, this is [[WriterOnBoard Ayn Rand]]; she never denied that this was the case.
  102. *** Further evidence for Galt as Marty Stu: He's ''just incidentally'' an engineering genius, inventing a perpetual motion power source early on in the chronology, but nobody makes much of this because his economic genius is so much more amazing. Yet although every character who isn't too stupid to understand his message is converted (even Dagny agrees, she just holds out because otherwise there would be no story,) we never actually hear him say anything very persuasive; other characters get the long didactic speeches. Galt persuades them just by being such a wonderful guy.
  103. * "Sister" Jane Arnold in Rita Mae Brown's ''Jefferson Hunt'' mystery series. She never makes a mistake, the other characters spend inordinate amounts of time discussing how wonderful she is, half the male characters are in love with her, and the people who do dislike her tend to either be villains or end up dead. To top it all off, she's the Master of Fox Hounds (MFH) for the Jefferson Hunt and Brown's author blurb emphasizes that she is the MFH for the Oak Ridge Hunt Club, which makes the Sue-ness of the character blindingly obvious.
  104. * ''LittleWomen'': Amelia Curtis "Amy" March has plenty of faults, even in ''Part Two'' (selfish, a bit shallow, whiny, over-the-top), but the author seems unaware of this and constantly describes [[InformedAttribute how beautiful and graceful she is]], how wise and kind and courteous and good she is in the chapters "Calls" and "Consequences," spends far more time describing Amy's appearance and wardrobe than any other characters', and generally can't do anything but praise her perfection (whether true or not). By the time we get to the second sequel (''Jo's Boys''), Amy is the absolute epitome of perfect taste, tact, gentility and generosity. Her marriage is beyond perfect... in fact, for her and Laurie, "life [has] been a sort of poem since they married," and her famously middling artistic talents are suddenly such that she's able to execute marble busts with rare skill. The only thing Alcott concedes is perfect beauty; but not to worry...
  105. ** ...Amy's daughter Bess, nicknamed "The Princess" with a complete lack of irony, has got that covered and then some. Her role in the plot of the same book is solely as a shining inspiration and/or unattainable angel, depending on which boy is being spotlighted at the time. PuritySue -ness is apparently genetic.
  106. ** Incidentally, Meg's daughter Daisy was fixing to be Purity Sue Junior in the last chapters of the first book. She's considered (and called) Beth incarnate. Then Bess shows up and she's relegated to cheerful servant to her oh-so-wonderful cousin.
  107. ** Beth is ''also'' accused of being a Purity Sue. She has [[ShrinkingViolet crippling self-esteem and insecurity issues]], but everyone she knows looks past that; no one but her would say a bad word about her. When she is sick, people who are mourning their own relations think of her first. It's less glaring for her, though, since the ShrinkingViolet problems are her only obvious flaws. (They are almost certainly more obvious to us than to the original readers.) We'll give Alcott a pass on [[CreatorBreakdown this one]], though, since she was based on Alcott's own DeadLittleSister.
  108. ** Alcott also featured a more mature version of the PuritySue in many novels, in keeping with her desire to instruct as well as entertain her young readers. In ''Jack and Jill'', Mrs. Minot is a truly noble lady, beautiful, kind, wealthy, wise and sensible, the perfect mother and community leader. ''Under the Lilacs'' features Miss Celia, a bit younger and less serene, but similarly favoured and beloved as an inspiration to the wayward main character, and heroine to his small female sidekicks. Uncle Alec Campbell of ''Eight Cousins'' and its sequel ''Rose in Bloom'' is this same character as Purity Stu (to say nothing of fiercely loyal, loving and lovely Phebe from the same books).
  109. * ''[[BeansidhesWail Beansidhe's Wail]]'''s Wynne, though not a published character, is a fairly good example of this. She's beautiful, powerful, half-fairy and half-god, has a legion of fans thanks to her band; was loved, adored, and considered the muse of several famous artists (including Shakespeare) and nobles throughout history (before someone, usually her sister, got jealous of their love and killed her); she even died during the sinking of the Titanic. Oh, don't worry, she's no slut. All of those men were the reincarnations of one single guy. Now that's loyalty! She and her sisters' beauty was enough to cause a car accident which they laughed and blew kisses at. And she's also a [[SelfInsertFic self-insert]].
  110. * Brevelan from the ''DragonNimbus'' trilogy. After escaping from a forced marriage and attempted rape, she flees into the woods to live a wonderful and pure life in harmony with nature and the creatures of the woods - oh, and the last of the dragons, which she shares an empathic bond with. She uses her own "special" form of magic which is based on her ''singing'' (and she has a beautiful singing voice), which is more powerful and "pure" then the magic used by trained wizards. By the end of the first book, both of the male leads - one of them the prince of the realm - have fallen in love with her. And then there's the scene where the pair beg, plead and grovel to her not to cut her hair. Also, she can't stand the smell of cooked meat, so everyone around her becomes vegetarian by default... which sounds like a case of [[WriterOnBoard Author On Board]].
  111. ** Princess Rossmikka probably qualifies for this as well. In fact, just about any female by Irene Radford will generally be pure, innocent and radiantly beautiful.
  112. * The author of the ''SweetValleyHigh'' book series admitted in a later interview that Elizabeth, the smart, sensible blonde twin who solves everyone's problems and can do no wrong, was a MarySue. [[ 1bruce1]], a {{LiveJournal}} community that snarks on the ''Sweet Valley'' series, references this in their character tag for Elizabeth: "[[ Saint Elizabeth of Sweet Valley]]".
  113. * Arya from the ''[[InheritanceCycle Inheritance]]'' Cycle, overlapping with RelationshipSue. From the moment she's introduced, there are paragraphs upon paragraphs of description to tell readers just how beautiful she is (how can there be ''that many ways'' to describe the shine of someone's hair?). She is also meant to be seen as an incredibly sympathetic, a vegetarian, and the mysterious one who causes intense silence in a battlefield full of fighters. She's also [[spoiler:an elven princess]]. But even with all this focus, she still seems to exist solely for the hero (and probably the author) to drool over; so far, she's been rejecting him, but Eragon has been prophesied to hook up with someone beautiful and of noble birth, which fits Arya, [[spoiler:princess of the elves]], to a T. To top all that off, the only ones that dislike her are the bad guys and the dwarves. The dwarves only dislike her because she manages to [[OutgrownSuchSillySuperstitions insult their religion with nothing but a quiet smile on her face]]. This might've been a bad trait, but later on religion is treated as naive and a way to push responsibility away.
  114. ** Correction: it was prophesied that Eragon would ''love'' someone beautiful and of noble birth, but the person making the prophecy explicitly stated that she didn't know if it would work out or not. Plus Arya seems to regard Eragon as a {{Stalker With A Crush}}... which is entirely justified, really. It's just that if she shunned {{The Chosen One}} any more than she did, the world would be doomed.
  115. ** Arya is probably a deconstruction more than a straight example of this trope. She only appears perfect to Eragon because he's young and inexperienced. To everyone else, she seems to be much more of {{The Stoic}} mixed in the the combat pragmatist. If Eragon wasn't borderline {{Stalker With A Crush}}, then he'd see that she's not so perfect. She even insists that she isn't perfect and attempts to persuade Eragon to give up his romantic attentions on her more than once. It's also a cause of {{I Have Boobs You Must Obey}} and {{Perverse Sexual Lust}}; Eragon is absolutely blinded by her appearance and doesn't really have any grasp of her extremely cold {{Kuudere}} personality.
  116. * Phineas of ''ASeparatePeace'' would seem to be one...but only [[UnreliableNarrator if you take Gene's word for it.]] When you actually read the book more than once or even pay attention to it at all, you'll see that he's more of a {{Jerkass}} than a Purity Sue, and indeed, he can seem pretty close to {{Yangire}} or {{Yandere}} at times.
  117. * Brutally, brutally {{deconstructed}} in the classic Dostoevsky novel ''TheIdiot''. Prince Myshkin is a model of Christ-like kindness, able to forgive his worst enemies and treat the most depraved members of society with compassion. He talks to servants as equals and has an innate connection with children. His innate integrity distinguishes him from the pettiness of Russian high society, and ''everyone realizes this''. In addition, he inherits a princely fortune, and is a world-class calligrapher (not to mention a virgin, who still treats women with the utmost honor). Unfortunately, his saintly example rubs off on exactly no one: they all turn to their self-destructive behaviors, unable to prevent themselves from taking advantage of the Prince, leaving his relationships broken, and in the end [[spoiler:driving him to insanity]]. Yup, HumansAreBastards.
  118. ** Aljoscha from ''The Brothers Karamzov'' is just like that and everybody, even the most cynical, love him.
  119. * The titular character from ''Literature/TheLegendOfRahAndTheMuggles''. (And yes, in case we all forgot...) Let me put it this way: Rah is so perfect in every way that his [[CainAndAbel brother Zyn]] turns into a CardCarryingVillain out of sheer envy... which could be considered a deconstruction, actually, if it weren't for [[DesignatedVillain the way Zyn is portrayed]].
  120. ** Made even worse by the fact that Rah does literally ''nothing'' in the books, not even help his brother out. And yet, [[UnfortunateImplications he's blond-haired and blue-eyed]] and the Muggles fawn over him for winning a croquet game. Oh, and the Character Glossary gives him easily the longest entry, describing his clothes and appearance in intricate detail, while Zyn gets a handful of sentences. Yeah...
  121. * {{Lampshaded}} in the first book of J.R. Ward's ''BlackDaggerBrotherhood'' series. During her wedding ceremony, when her name is being carved into her new husband's back as per tradition, protagonist Beth (who is stunningly beautiful, whose lost father turned out to be a now dead vampire who's left her millions and millions, and who has won the heart of the womanizing vampire king within days of meeting him) laments that her name is nine-lettered Elizabeth instead of something short like Mary or Sue.
  122. * Pick a CatherineAnderson heroine, any one. Even the ones with visible flaws and handicaps are at their core impossibly wonderful and beautiful and loved by all...except the Evil Exes, stalkers and rivals for the love of the hero who are Just Jealous.
  123. * Galahad and Percival from [[KingArthur Arthurian legend]] combine this trope with GodModeSue. They're both young virgins who have little experience with the world, yet consistently beat every opponent they come across (in Galahad's case, this includes defeating the previously unbeatable Lancelot) and are two of three knights traditionally believed to have found the Holy Grail, with Galahad being taken directly to Heaven afterwards to boot. Normally this wouldn't count at all since all mythological characters are this way...except for the little fact that whereas the original tale was tailor-made as Percival's Journey to Manhood (and he even [[WeCouldHaveAvoidedAllThis goofs up badly at the beginning, when he fails to ask what the Holy Grail's processional is about, and has to atone by taking the quest]]), Galahad was added to the legend much later by the French so they could have a Frenchman that would be the epitome of perfection. And he was made the long-unknown son of Lancelot, at that. He was even ''[[BecauseDestinySaysSo foretold by the Siege Perilous]]'' as the most fit for the job of finding it (in the form of anybody ''else'' sitting there getting incinerated). Ladies and gentlemen? The world's first recorded MarySue.
  124. ** T.H. White later manages to have some fun with this in ''TheOnceAndFutureKing''. The Galahad legend plays out just like it does in older texts, with him being utterly perfect and pure and wonderful and finding the Grail and being taken to Heaven -- but then White explains that he could only find the Grail ''because'' he acted like that, and was ''doomed'' to find the Grail and leave the Earth. According to White, being a Purity Sue ''[[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth condemns you to die and accomplish nothing to actual note on the corporeal Earth]]''. (Galahad's only true accomplishment was finding the Grail -- he didn't impact a single thing else.) White also takes the mickey out of the type a little bit by having all the other knights torn between liking Galahad and being mystified by him -- he's so perfect that he's nearly ''incomprehensible'' to the more realistic characters. His death also leads to more harm than good by way of the story's plot: [[spoiler:Sir Pellinore's only daughter is killed as she returns from the quest and Elaine commits suicide out of grief, further driving in the stake between Guinevere and Lancelot.]]
  125. * LFrankBaum's [[ portrayal]] of SantaClaus. He does nothing except make toys for children...and, for that reason alone, he's [[FriendToAllLivingThings adored by everything in existence]] that's not ''pure evil''. (And everything that ''is'' pure evil wants to destroy him.) Whenever he's in any actual trouble, he can just count on his "[[FairyCompanion elves]]" to do all the work...including waging a war of extermination against some [[OurDemonsAreDifferent demons of sorts]] that have the gall to kidnap him. [[OlderThanTelevision We know what that means]] - but hey, he's ''Santa Claus'', so who really cares about that?
  126. * An unusual example of a MarySue in literary fiction is Isabel Dalhousie in the series by Alexander [=McCall=] Smith. She's middle-aged but still attractive to men, independently wealthy, a brilliant ethical philosopher (or so we're told) and adored by all around her. Her forays into mystery-solving are distinctly FixerSue-ish; in the third book she becomes a RelationshipSue when she hooks up with a much younger man, himself a MartyStu: the only reason Isabel can think of why his previous girlfriend dumped him is because he was too good for her.
  127. * It's already been proposed elsewhere on this site that Bella in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' is a PuritySue. Perhaps she is a ''deconstruction''. No human being (and in this setting, no inhuman being) can be absolutely perfect, but she doesn't realize she's as close to perfect as can be reasonably expected, so her slightest mistakes have her acting like TheAtoner, and their accumulation makes her hate herself enough that she'd sacrifice herself to save Edward, to save Renesmee, or even [[StupidSacrifice for no reason at all]]. (For those who would call this AlternateCharacterInterpretation and FanWank, consider that she blames herself when the Cullens nearly eat her, then when she becomes a vampire and has difficulty controlling her own urges she blames herself again. For that matter, consider Jacob's remark that [[BornInTheWrongCentury she should have been born]] [[MartyrWithoutACause when there were still martyrs]].)
  128. ** I would argue against the idea that Bella is a deconstruction. Simply because of the fact that all of the cast ''do'' admire her, look up to her, and treat her with a reverence and respect that really isn't warranted by her actions and how she treats other people. And for the fact that more than a couple of plot-contrived conveniences occur where she is concerned so that she always comes out on top or is portrayed in a heroic or self-sacrificing manner. If she were a deconstruction she would at least have gradually earned a more realistic appreciation of her situation or have developed her character over the course of the series into a more realistic representation of humanity. However, there is no experience-mediated growth of her character, and all her self-pity and self-loathing traits are designed so that the rest of the cast - and by extension the audience - will sympathise with her and applaud what headway she makes. Whether this is deliberately part of her characterisation or is simply the result of bad writing, YMMV. However you can't deny that in the end Bella has a lot of traits and connotations usually associated with a CanonSue with purity qualities.
  129. ** As far as ''Midnight Sun'' and Edward are concerned, Bella ''is'' a straight Purity Sue--and since Edward can read others' minds, it's canon to the series. Edward constantly talks about how pure, noble, unselfish, kind, brave, beautiful, etc. Bella is and the thoughts of those around them confirm his beliefs. Hell, a rapist stops to admire Bella's bravery ''before he intends to rape her.'' YMMV on whether or not these attributes actually show up in the text, but it's quite clear that Meyer intends Bella to be a Purity Sue.
  130. ** I would propose Edward as a PuritySue himself. He is described as perfect (looks, cooking, handwriting...) by Bella, Carlisle talks highly of him, the other Cullens also think the world of him and obey his idiotic orders and yet he thinks of himself as a monster and unworthy of love and that his life is so meaningless. That is until he found Bella. On the top of that he SPARKLES!
  131. ** While we're here, [[spoiler: Renesmee]] seems to be an attempt at a newborn Purity Sue [[GoneHorriblyWrong gone]] [[CreepyChild horribly]] [[EnfanteTerrible wrong]]. Either that or another accidental {{Deconstruction}}.
  132. ** While she doesn't get much screentime, Angela is the quiet, sweet daughter of the minister who is the only human deemed worthy of being Bella's friend as well as one of the few in a stable relationship.
  133. ** The [[WordOfGod backstory]] regarding Aro's sister shows that she has some traits of this - she's sweet, she's kind, and her vampire power is an "aura of happiness" that makes almost everyone love her and those who don't just become extremely happy. She falls [[StarCrossedLovers hopelessly in love with Marcus]], but is [[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth tragically murdered by her brother]] to cement his status a villain.
  134. ** Might I remind you all that those who are not fond of Twilight have taken to calling her Bella Sue.
  135. ** Egad, Bella is practically a perfect fit for the MarySueClassic mold!
  136. * Sara Crewe from ''ALittlePrincess'' is just about an intentional example: clever, book-smart and wise beyond her years, [[BeautifulAllAlong pretty but convinced that she's ugly]], polite, kind and generous, a FriendToAllLivingThings, honest yet tactful, possessed of a great natural talent for storytelling, and with it all, not snobby or spoiled when she's a rich DaddysGirl nor bitter or self-pitying when she becomes a FallenPrincess. Of course, this is pretty much the point.
  137. ** Actually, she might count a deconstruction, since she behaves like a princess in that she would consider doing something "wicked" (like murdering her teacher) but not "vulgar" (like helping someone lie to their parents). It's like grace and elegance and royal manners taken to the extreme.
  138. * Dickon of Hodgson's ''The Secret Garden'' is a rare male example. While being described as fairly plain (or even comical) in appearance, any mention of Dickon is used to show what a perfect little boy he is. Animals flock to him, he's extremely clever and mature, he's unfailingly kind to everyone, he's bluntly honest but never cruel, he's loyal to a (almost) fault, and every single time people talk about him both parties will instantly know who he is and love him for being so sweet and pure. His mother Susan would count as well if she wasn't basically a background character who's only really talked about until the last chapter or two.
  139. * In Hodgson's ''Little Lord Fauntleroy'', its main character Cedric is an adorable, compassionate Stu. He's even able to get his crotchety, hateful grandfather to love him and his mother, whom his grandfather detests. Everyone who comes into contact with Cedric is bettered and loves him.
  140. * Ellysetta Baristani of C.L. Wilson's ''{{Tairen Soul}}'' series is good, good, good. Good to her friends, good to her enemies, forgiving, wise, generous, guilty only of loving too much. Her "mistakes" involve being ultra-kind; for example, endangering her life by weaving forbidden magic to save a dying boy. Everyone she sees falls in love with her, and corrupt souls can be "cured" by her touch. Wilson tries later in the series to imply that there might be a darker side to her, due to her being tragically "mage marked" as a child (through no fault of her own) but as of this writing it has been all tell, no show. And the picture on this page is not a bad representation of her appearance.
  141. * The biggest Sue in ''AvalonWebOfMagic'', Lucinda, only appears in person briefly at the end of the final book. However, other characters' flashbacks reveal that she was one of the best, youngest, and most powerful fairy queens ever, who was ''especially'' special because she was half-human and a mage. She united the bickering races of the Fairy Realms, was the only mage among her friends not to turn dark, and made her less-perfect older sister so jealous that she turned evil and became the BigBad. She was beautiful, sweet, morally incorruptible, selfless, adored by animals, willing to make a HeroicSacrifice, etc.
  142. * Rudolf Gloder in StephenFry's ''Making History'' might count as a deconstruction of this character type. Gloder is presented as the kind of guy everyone loves. He's handsome, blond and dashing. He says things that would sound ridiculous coming from other people but are inspiring and wonderful coming from him. He's a born leader and rises quickly up the ranks, and the devotion he inspires in his men is such that they would willingly die for him. He's a heroic warrior but has good judgement and common sense. In short, he's this trope in a nutshell. And because he's this trope in a nutshell, he's an utter sociopath who knows exactly how to manipulate people into doing exactly what he wants from them, and in a world where Adolf Hitler was never born thanks to a time-travel experiment, [[HitlersTimeTravelExemptionAct he goes on to take control of the Nazi Party, take over Europe, win the Second World War, complete the Holocaust and generally screw the entire planet up more than Hitler ever got a chance to, precisely because of all of this]].
  143. * Sam Jones in the ''DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse'', whose main flaws are 1) that she loves the Doctor, and 2) that she's an ardent and outspoken activist -- yes, she ''cares too much'', although [[DependingOnTheWriter some writers]] have portrayed this as "is a self-righteous know-all who annoys everyone", a bit like [[TheSimpsons Lisa Simpson]]. Those writers also [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructed]] her by revealing she was ''created'' to be the perfect ''DoctorWho'' companion, and contrasted her with her alternate self, the meat-eating, smoking, drug-experimenting, troubled-home-life "Dark Sam", who is presented as much more "real".
  144. * Evangeline St. Clare, from ''[[UncleTomsCabin Uncle Tom's Cabin]]'', is morally perfect, loves everyone, is loved by everyone, and even has mysteriously changing hair color (it's described as blonde and brown and everything in between!). To top it all off, [[spoiler:she pretty much gets a Jesus parallel at the end of her time in the story, gathering her "followers" (the household slaves) and leaving them with instructions on how to achieve salvation, ''before she gets a vision of heaven and dies'']].
  145. * Hippolytos, in an ancient Greek myth and in several plays based on it such as Euripides' ''Hippolytos'' and Seneca's ''Phaedra'', is a dedicated servant of Artemis, the virgin goddess; when approached by his step-mother Phaidra for sex, he rejects her, and she hangs herself. All ends in tears.
  146. * The protagonist(s) of nearly every single DanielleSteel novel. They are almost invariably perfect in every way--looks, personality, career, lifestyle, and of course, perfectly modest and not stuck up in the least. On the rare occasions that they have flaws, these flaws only serve to be endearing somehow and make them even more lovable and noble and wonderful. Bonus points if these flaws are linked to some tragic event in their past. Everyone loves and adores them in one capacity or another. This can apply to both the male and female characters.
  147. * The protagonists of Mary Higgins Clark novels are always young, pretty, and in a noble profession such as medicine, with numerous admirers (one of whom she inevitably finds true love with at the conclusion of the novel), without any flaws or vices whatsover. This perfection always extends to friends and relatives of the protagonist, though they are often a step below in terms of looks or professional/personal success.
  148. * Dorothy from LFrankBaum's ''Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz'' seems to fall under this category. All who encounter her seem to bend over backwards to get her back to Kansas. She is able to stand up to great and powerful beings, summon powerful magic by accident and change the entire ruling class of Oz with only her can-do attitude.
  149. *  [[JohannWolfgangVonGoethe Goethe]] [[TheyPlottedAPerfectlyGoodWaste used this trope to great effect]] in ''Faust''. Margaret is perfect in every way - a dutiful daughter, a Christian so good she has nothing to confess in Church, and so beautiful that Faust mistakes her for Helen of Troy. To make a long story short, Faust and Mephistopheles [[BreakTheCutie ruin]] [[TheOphelia Margaret's]] [[TraumaCongaLine life]]. After winning her love, Faust gives Margaret an (unintentionally fatal) sleeping potion for her mother and proceeds to impregnate her that very night. Her brother [[KnightTemplarBigBrother Valentino]] hears of this and attempts to [[MySisterIsOffLimits defend her honor]], only to be fatally wounded by Mephistopheles. As he dies, Valentino [[HonorRelatedAbuse curses her as a whore]], [[DrivenToMadness driving Margaret insane from guilt]]. She [[GoodGirlsAvoidAbortion drowns her child in shame]] and is imprisoned for murder, [[DyingAlone dying in her cell]]. Goethe likely realized that corrupting an [[IncorruptiblePurePureness unrealistically pure girl]] would have a much bigger impact on the audience than one that started out more three-dimensionally.
  150. * Jaenelle from Anne Bishop's ''BlackJewels'' series. A compilation of dreams from various races that were woven into a tangled web and brought to life to save the world, anyone who hated her was, at best, corrupted, and evil at worst. (There are protagonists that dislike or disregard her.) She can do things no one else can from childhood, though this saves her and other characters from none of the villain's machinations. She tries to [[HeroicSacrifice sacrifice herself to save the world]], [[spoiler: reducing her to normal levels of power]] but she is saved with ThePowerOfLove. She has an angsty past; her family was creeped out by the fact that she wasn't human, dismissed her as unstable, and sent her to a "mental asylum" where [[spoiler:she was molested and later raped]]. She is the reason kindred that had faded into myth and legend made themselves known to humanity again.
  151. * Deconstructed in ''TheTurnOfTheScrew''. The narrator initially thinks the children she's governess of are adorable little angels, but they quickly turn out to be {{Creepy Child}}ren who may or may not be communicating with ghosts. Of course, the narrator herself could just be insane, especially since [[spoiler:she eventually smothers the boy to death to "save" him.]]
  152. * Exaggerated with Carrot Ironfoundersson in ''[[{{Discworld}} Guards! Guards!]]''. Not only is he impossibly strong, smart (though naive), and handsome, he also has the ability to convince people to do something totally out of character for them just by suggesting they do it. This may be because he could be the descendant of the last king of Ankh-Morpork. Unlike most Purity Sues, though, he is enormously likable, even to the reader.
  153. * Heidi from, well, ''{{Heidi}}'' is sweet, kind and loved by everyone who isn't portrayed as totally unsympathetic. She brings joy to the lives of many, and almost all the characters in the book are not only happier, but better people for knowing her. Interestingly enough, the trope is mentioned and {{Lampshaded}} in the book itself when it is revealed that Fraulein Rottenmeier has been reading a lot of stories with what sounds suspiciously like PuritySue protagonists, and dislikes Heidi for ''not being even more Sueish than she already is.'' Herr Sesemann answers with some [[DeadpanSnarker uncharacteristic snark:]]
  154. -->'''Rottenmeier:''' "We had decided, as you remember, to get a companion for Clara, and as I knew how anxious you were to have only those who were well-behaved and nicely brought up about her, I thought I would look for a little Swiss girl, as I hoped to find such a one as I have often read about, who, born as it were of the mountain air, lives and moves without touching the earth."
  155. -->'''Sesemann:''' "I think even a Swiss child would have to touch the earth if she wanted to go anywhere, otherwise they would have been given wings instead of feet."
  156. * Kahlee Sanders from the ''MassEffect'' novelizations. She's described as immaculately beautiful, a veritable genius in the scientific field, better at turian scientists at analyzing possible Reaper tech, and effortlessly wins the hearts of David Anderson ''and'' Paul Grayson. And all of this is despite the fact that Anderson never mentions her in the first or second games or any of the DLC - another point in the 'self-insert' category.
  157. * Proof that TropesAreNotBad with Elizabeth Bennett in ''PrideAndPrejudice'', a character who is considered by readers and literary critics alike to be the author's SelfInsert (the author even admitting that she got personally offended when people criticised the character), who ends up finding true love with an incredibly rich, handsome man ([[AllOfTheOtherReindeer despite being the odd one out amongst her idiotic sisters and domineering mother]]). However, she is genuinely likeable and sympathetic, and her ability to hold grudges past the point where they are rational and useful is her main flaw.
  158. * ''Many'' VCAndrews protagonists. A basic template for them goes as follows: The female protagonist will be stunningly beautiful and [[UnwantedHarem every single male she crosses paths with]] [[DevotedToYou will invariably fall head-over-heels for her]] (or [[LoveMakesYouCrazy go mad]] if their love is unrequited), describing her beauty in PurpleProse terms and trying to have sex with/rape her at any opportunity. She will be ''incredibly'' good at a certain talent, whether it be dancing, singing, painting, etc. She will have a past ''and'' present [[SympatheticSue that's dark and tragic to the point of melodrama]]. She will be sweet and wonderful to the (very few) characters who are intended to be sympathetic too. The characters who don't love her will ''always'' be portrayed as just being jealous or undiluted evil, and she can be as bitchy to them as she likes and be [[JerkSue presented as totally justified in doing so]]. She might actually have flaws and often makes TooDumbToLive actions, but they will never be acknowledged by other characters who aren't portrayed as evil. And if she has a baby girl, that daughter will grow up to be just as beautiful and special as her mother and be the one who finally manages to break the "evil family curse".
  159. ** Also applies to minor female characters who are depicted as TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth. Special mention goes to Leigh from the Casteel series, who has HairOfGold and the apt nickname "Angel".
  160. ** It should also be mentioned that it's not just guys she meets in her travels who will fall in love with a VC Andrews heroine. They're as likely as not to be the [[IncestIsRelative heroine's brother, cousin, or other relative]].
  161. * ''Dora'' from ''The Vampire Chronicles'' is an extreme example of the Purity Sue. A televangelist, she is beautiful and charismatic; Lestat becomes obsessed with her almost instantly.
  162. * ''Valentine Michael Smith'' from ''Stranger in a Strange Land''
  163. * Ayla from the ''EarthsChildren'' series of novels by JeanMAuel. To list off her Sue qualities, she is: stunningly beautiful; an excellent hunter; a skilled healer; multi-lingual; a peacemaker and translator between her native Cro-Magnon people and her adoptive Neanderthal people; the first person to tame and ride a horse; capable of perfectly mimicking various animal sounds, especially birds and horses; a mystic who can have powerful visions; and the first person to [[ArtisticLicense figure out how to make fire]] by striking stones together. It should be said that most of these are things she just [[BornLucky stumbled over without actively seeking them out]]. She is universally beloved by everyone she meets, and the people who DON'T love her either learn the error of their ways and transform into Ayla fangirls or fanboys, or they turn out to be selfish, spiteful villains with no redeeming qualities who can't be saved. ([[TropesAreNotBad In her defense]], however, she does have a relatively active fan following.)
  164. * Guinevere from ''Queen of Camelot'', especially in the earlier chapters when she was hated by her stepmother for being blond(?), gave comfort to wounded soldiers with her beautiful singing, and became Arther's queen by popular acclaim for such qualities. And yes, those who dislike her turn out to be [[CompleteMonster complete monsters]] like Morgause or at least morally ambiguous, like Merlin. Everyone else is busy extolling her beauty, kindness, and virtues, or falling in love with her. Even l'affaire Lancelot, after some initial turmoil, eventually settles down to become a courtly, chaste love that is known and indulged by Arthur and all his knights.
  165. * In EndersGame, Ender sees his sister Valentine as this, but Valentine does ''not'' see herself this way. In fact, Valentine sees Ender as being the sibling closest to this trope.
  166. * NgaioMarsh's books usually contain one virtuous and innocent yet resourceful young woman, who will either be an actress or an immigrant from New Zealand. She inevitably ends up engaged to the most eligible bachelor by the end of the book.
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  169. [[folder: Live Action TV ]]
  170. * Virtually all female protagonists in Mexican TV Novelas are this, though so many start as {{Jerk Sue}}s that it has become an unwritten rule in Mexican TV to make all protagonists Purity Sues. It would be too long to list them all, so the following are the most recent or prominent examples:
  171. ** In ''Corazon Salvaje'', there's Regina. She has all the characteristics of a Purity Sue, including a lack of flaws, though instead of animals she attracts orphans and needy people.
  172. ** Gaviota from the TV Novela ''Destilando Amor'' starts as a poor, uneducated woman who works in farming the agave plant. Then somehow her boss falls in love with her and she becomes loved by all. It gets worse after a one-month time skip where she suddenly learns a career, learns three languages (no joke), suddenly is better at business than anyone, and everyone either adores her or envies her.
  173. ** Ximena from ''{{Carrusel}}''. She is a slightly unusual case in that she has no romantic interests or plotlines. Other than that, she is adored by everyone- to the point that the students have her again in the third grade.
  174. * [[ParodySue Parodied]] in the ''{{Frasier}}'' episode "The Show Where Diane Comes Back", in which Diane's play ''Rhapsody and Requiem'' is a thinly veiled reproduction of ''{{Cheers}}'', with "[[HerCodeNameWasMarySue Mary Ann]]" as the AuthorAvatar. ''Everyone'' loves her in the bar, which drives Frasier nuts. When the actor "Franklin" openly asks why his character would forgive Mary Ann so easily for leaving him at the altar, it causes Frasier -- who was the man who was left at the altar in RealLife -- to explode in a famous speech:
  175. -->'''Frasier:''' What you are feeling is that this woman has reached into your chest, plucked out your heart, and thrown it to her hellhounds for a chew toy! And it's not the last time either! Because that's what this woman is! She is the Devil! There's no use running away from her, because no matter how far you go, no matter how many years you let pass, you will never be completely out of reach of those bony fingers! So drink hearty, Franklin, and laugh! Because you have made a pact with Beelzebub! '''''And her name is Mary Anne!'''''
  176. * Also hilariously parodied in the Stargate Atlantis episode "Irresistible". Richard Kind plays a con artist who has discovered a pheromone that makes everyone absolutely adore him, hang on his every word, and consider his every suggestion to be the Best Idea Ever. He's eventually defeated by Sheppard, who can't breathe in the pheromone because he has a cold.
  177. * Lana Lang in ''{{Smallville}}'' is, of course, Clark Kent's love interest and is therefore adored and idolized by him, but in the course of the show she's had the most psychotic stalkers (especially in the first season, when at least half the Freaks of the Week were devoted to Lana Lang.) If that wasn't bad enough, she also learned enough martial arts (in the course of like, a day) to spin-kick a handsy football player into a table, got possessed by an ancient powerful witch ancestor, had everyone from Lex Luthor to ''Bizarro Clark Kent'' fall desperately (and pathetically) in love with her, orchestrated an elaborate ruse to fake her own death and move to China, and learned enough Mad Hacking Skills to spy on her ex-husband Lex Luthor as well as make the Chloe Sullivan character completely useless.
  178. ** Not to mention that she was accepted into a prestigious art school in Paris, despite never having shown either interest or skill at art, and being able to manage a busy coffee shop despite being only a high school student. Hell, despite still having to attend high school and do all the homework. Isn't managing usually a full time job?
  179. ** Lana Lang is a rare example that jumps from one Sue type to another as the show goes on. While unquestionably perfectly talented, beautiful and beloved by every male character she bumps into on the street, the specific types of Sue that she qualifies for are many and varied. At certain points in the show (like the first few seasons,) Lana does indeed come off as a PuritySue, a SympatheticSue and a TsundereSue at various points. Later seasons have turned her into a [[{{AxeCrazy}} certified psychopath]], if not a CardCarryingVillain at times. Seemingly realizing they'd need to drop the pretext of PuritySue to make those two unpleasant traits work, the writers strengthened her TsundereSue side, while adding in some extra RelationshipSue and VillainSue to fill the gaps. Even at this point, though, all the other characters think so highly of her that if she'd drop the evil Luthor psycho routine, she could probably pick up her PuritySue title where she left off without much hassle (though many viewers wouldn't be fooled.)
  180. ** Which turned out be the case. To top it all off, she marks her departure from the show by becoming a [[spoiler:GodModeSue with powers ''equal to Clark's'']]. Suetiful to the last.
  181. *** Not just equal, but she also [[spoiler: radiates Kryptonite. Making her the most lethal person in the entire world to Clark. Yes folks, that is right, Lana Lang is now the one person in the entire world, who if the circumstances made it so, could slaughter pre-Superman in a fight.]]
  182. ** Lana's [[IdenticalGrandfather Identical Great-Aunt]] made 3 guys fall desperately in love with her during one episode. Being a MarySue must be [[InTheBlood in the blood]].
  183. * Annie Blackburne in ''TwinPeaks'', an ex-nun with a tragic past who immediately turns Agent Cooper into a fawning idiot.
  184. * Blaine Anderson from ''{{Glee}}'': Perfect in every way, comes in with DarkAndTroubledPast, and oh yeah,''everybody loves him''. The only two times he is criticized don't end up working, as the first is an angry rant [[NoBisexuals denying the existence of bisexuality]] and the other is merely a remark that doesn't get brought up ever again. He is also called a 'mentor' for [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderized]] CampGay Kurt Hummel, yet everybody glossed over the fact that it was [[WhatAnIdiot his advice]] and [[TooDumbToLive his intervention]] that caused infinite problems to Kurt, to the point that non-fans of the OfficialCouple [[TastesLikeDiabetes Klaine]] and/or of Blaine himself consider him one hell of a KarmaHoudini. Doubles as RelationshipSue.
  185. * ''PowerRangersMysticForce:'' Nick. Nick, Nick, Nick. His presence makes everyone else able to go into overdrive (as opposed to him being all-powerful on his own). It's apparently this ability, as opposed to raw power, that makes him "The Light," which he's prophesied to be. He only has to give a determination speech to take the rest of the team from whiny and ready to give up to card-carrying {{Determinator}}s. Near the end of the season, ''two'' mentor types wind up focusing only on him, without the rest of the team even around to watch--perhaps because the villains, too, have singled him out. Characters bend around him like a PuritySue. And he winds up being the only one of the main five with any connection to the overall plot. However, he can also be a GodModeSue in bursts that hint at his MysteriousPast. BigBad that nobody can touch? Surprise, banishment spell. TheDragon brings his sword down toward Nick's head? Kaboom, fire spell. Stuff like this only happens at the last second during desperate times, though, not every week. Finally, the MysteriousPast means he [[ParentalAbandonment doesn't know who his family is]], and sometimes feels [[{{Wangst}} alone and unwanted]], and he also has plenty of self-doubt, making him a SympatheticSue ''as well.'' The character-bending and screentime-stealing that are his primary traits just makes PuritySue the category he fits ''best''.
  186. * ''{{Zoey 101}}'' The titular Zoey Brooks. Her life is so perfect that it's almost ridiculous - she's insanely popular, usually the leader of whatever project the other kids are making, kind, [[YourMileageMayVary "pretty"]], smart, strong, weak (yes, at the same time), nearly every male character of her age have some kind of attraction for her, makes friends in the drop of a hat, solves everybody's problems... did I forget something?
  187. * [[{{Angel}} Fred Burkle]]. Beautiful, genius-level intelligence, EVERYONE has some sort of romantic tension with her, traumatic past, [[spoiler:TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth]]. Her sixth episode was about how wonderful she was and how important to the team emotionally, and fear that her parents might be evil. In a show rife with such characters--hers ''are not''. But she's a StepfordSmiler, shown multiple times to be teetering on the edge of sanity from the hell she has gone through with massive abandonment issues. This is a Joss Whedon show, ''everyone suffers.''
  188. --> '''Fred''': Sure, but, then again, it could've been too late, and Angel would have had to swear blood-lusty vengeance on the woman that killed you, and we all know how well that one works out...I am so sick of holding everything up around here. First Wesley leaves, then Angel, and Cordy. I-I'm sick of taking care of everything and paying bills and making peace and plans and keeping my chin up— God, I am so sick of my chin being up! ... I thought it would get better when Angel came back. I-I thought I would finally be able to breathe again.
  189. --> '''Gunn''': Fred, no one forced [[TeamMom this responsibility]] on you—
  190. --> '''Fred''': Well, who else was gonna do it? Who else was gonna hold everything up after you left me all alone? (breaks down, crying) You died and left me all alone!
  191. ** If she wasn't such a popular character with the fans, the creative team could be accused of sometimes ShillingTheWesley with Fred. Having said this, some fans have been actually turned off the character because she's put on such a pedestal. Beautiful, {{Adorkable}} to the max, and physically frail and emotionally vulnerable so guys don't feel threatened by her intelligence, the AuthorAppeal is strong with this character. Almost creepily so, on some of the writer/director DVD commentary tracks.
  192. * ''{{Jericho}}'' had Heather Lisinski as the cute naive fix-it girl who rarely ever actually fixed anything and got the town all excited about wind power. It only got worse in the second season where her whole purpose seemed to be to act as Beck's Jiminy Cricket/Love object.
  193. * ''SecretGirlfriend'': You. Yes, ''you.'' Shot from a first person perspective, the main gimmick of this Comedy Central show is that the viewer is the main character. The POV "character" is never referred to by name, only by some generic form of address. And unsurprisingly, "you" are awesome. Every woman in the show is interested in "you." "You" have sex with most of them, and "you" always leave them blown away. "Your" rich, gorgeous ex-girlfriend (who is admittedly psychotic) can't get over "you." All "your" jokes are funny. Every character in the show admires "you." Congratulations.
  194. * Hank from ''RoyalPains''. Seriously, does he get paid extra for being a goody-two-shoes?
  195. ** I don't see why not. Hank's neighbors can pay extra for anything they want.
  196. * ''{{Series/Merlin}}'' has Gwen, especially in series 2 and 3. Every male who enters Camelot remarks on her beauty, every other character is always praising her "good heart" and good looks, and she seems to have no flaws besides being poor.
  197. ** YMMV on Gwen; she's usually depicted as an ordinary girl and the [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]] in a cast of knights and wizards. Lancelot on the other hand, is a very clear and deliberate case of a PuritySue. Pure and noble and generous and modest and self-sacrificing and heroic and loved by everyone, he is held up as a contrast to the more temperamental and flawed Arthur, especially in regard to his relationships with Merlin and Guinevere.
  198. * ''Babylon 5'''s Delenn, from late season 4 onwards. Even people who had previously tried to kill her suddenly can't stop singing her praises and referring to her as god's gift to the universe.
  199. ** Also Sheridan, who winds up still being venerated a million years after his death.
  200. *** Not quite. Delenn has [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen a vindictive streak]] that seldom appears but is revealed in her {{Backstory}}. She is also accused, probably not unreasonably, of hubris several times. Sheridan of course, almost subjected Mr Morden to the JackBauerInterrogationTechnique out of rage. And in any case it is not implausible under the circumstances that they would become ShroudedInMyth.
  201. *** Impressionable young soldiers becoming devoted to a leader is not Mary Sue ness, it is TruthInTelevision. It has happened to many times to count.
  202. ** Most of the characters in the series who aren't villains or anti-heroes come across as this at first, but once their characters are more fleshed out, they turn out to be just as bad as the others, only, perhaps, less honest about it. e.g., Sheridan - ends justify the means. Delenn - judgment clouded by strong emotion. Ivanova - can hold a serious grudge. Garibaldi - alcoholic. Franklin - addicted to stims. Marcus - ''huge'' hero complex, to the point that he [[spoiler: gives his life for Ivanova when, had he accepted the fact that he didn't have to be the only one to save her, he probably could've gotten somebody else to do half the work, allowing everyone to come out okay. As things were, he died and Ivanova was left with the guilt.]]
  203. * ''Kyle XY'': The titular character, though that's justified to an extent since he's a genetically enhanced superior clone.... thing.
  204. ** A better example would be Amanda Bloom, who's sweet, pure-hearted, understanding and loved by all characters even when she's being unreasonably jealous of Kyle and Jessi, at which point even the characters who find her annoying chastise Kyle for hurting Amanda's feelings.
  205. * Alexis ''{{Castle}}'': smart, mature, sweet, obedient and the perfect daughter who's never broken the rules or had a fight with her father. The worst thing she's ever done? Jumped the turnstile on the subway.
  206. ** And there's the unbelievable number of times Castle would talk about his case with her, and she'd either figure something out or make an offhand comment that lets Castle figure it out. More cases, at least in the first season and a half or so, were solved by her than anyone else.
  207. * Carly Shay from ''{{iCarly}}'' had aspects of this in Season 1 mostly due to her suffering DesignatedProtagonistSyndrome and being TheStraightMan. Season 2 starts off with her getting a very jealous and competitive streak in ''iSaw Him First'' which she is called out on, and follows it up with episodes like ''iLook Alike'' where she disobeys Spencer and is punished for it, ''iGo Nuclear'' where she screws up her school project, when ''iDate A Bad Boy'' rolls around and [[MinorFlawMajorBreakup she makes fun of Griffin for his beanie baby collection who then breaks up with her]] it basically cements her status as a regular teenaged everygirl who screws up sometimes and not a PuritySue who is fawned over as 'perfect'.
  208. * PhilOfTheFuture interestingly Subverts and Deconstructs this with side-character Debbie. [[TastesLikeDiabetes Sickeningly sweet]], [[ThePollyanna always cheerful]] and can [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking hold a note for a]] ''[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking very]]'' [[ArsonMurderandJaywalking long time]]. However, most people find her [[UncannyValley a little creepy]]. Then the Halloween Special reveals that [[RoboticReveal she's actually one of the "happy" androids]] programmed [[StepfordSmiler to always do good and be happy]]. Unfortunately, they were [[NeglectfulPrecursors banished to the past]] because they [[GoneHorriblyRight turned out]] ''[[GoneHorriblyRight too]]'' [[GoneHorriblyRight good]]. [[PureIsNotGood Way]] [[KnightTemplar too]] [[TautologicalTemplar good]]. Case in point, Debbie flashes GlowingEyesOfDoom and ''enslaves'' the entire school, forcing them to [[CompletelyMissingThePoint bake cupcakes for "the needy"]]. [[spoiler: Phil defeats her with a LogicBomb (of sorts) by having the entire school rebel simultaneously. Unable to handle the chaos, Debbie melts [[CrowningMomentOfFunny into chocolate cake batter]].]]
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  211. [[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]
  213. * Michael Patterson from Lynn Johnston's comic strip ''{{For Better or For Worse}}''. Although examples of his Stu-ishness abound, the defining moment was when he sent off his first novel to a publisher and, without the help of an agent or any prior published fiction to his name, received a reply three weeks later, with a gushing acceptance letter from the editor praising his genius, and a $25,000 advance check. MargaretAtwood probably doesn't even get $25,000 advances. Just to rub salt in the wound, Johnston has, off-strip, posted sample passages from this "wonderful novel" and they are ''horrible''. His book was published a scant seven months later in hardcover. Seven months after ''that'', his ''second'' book was published, also in hardcover, and this time there's talk of movie deals.
  214. ** [[TheWesley Anthony Caine]] in the same work. Shaenon Garrity's [[ enormous rant]] describes the antipathy he inspires in a great many fans perfectly: "It's like the strip has become a FBOFW fanfic written by Anthony." He was [[ShillingTheWesley constantly talked up by everyone else in the strip]] as reliable, successful, and romantic, [[InformedAbility without ever actually doing anything]] on camera to deserve it. The only person that didn't like him? Naturally, his ex-wife, portrayed as a CompleteMonster for not being happy [[StrawmanHasAPoint with him still openly pining for Elizabeth for their entire marriage]]. The final six weeks of the strip were aglow with the glory of his final triumph in marrying Liz, in a wedding impossibly held in six weeks and with all of the services provided for free because everyone in the town was so happy to see him marry Liz. Even Liz's grandfather having a heart attack was considered far less important than the wedding in the strip's morality.
  215. ** And by 'constantly talked up,' we mean '''constantly.''' The entire world sang his praises constantly, to the point that most any strip without Anthony in it would have someone mention how great he was at least once.
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  219. [[folder: Opera ]]
  221. * Leonore from [[{{LudwigVanBeethoven}} Beethoven's]] ''[[{{Opera}} Fidelio]]''. All anyone can talk about is how amazing she is! When [[SweetPollyOliver disguised as a man]] to save her imprisoned lover she is so attractive that the gaoler's daughter falls in love with her, which she heartlessly takes advantage of and is not remotely reproached when the truth is revealed! She fixes everything just by showing up! And the opera ends with a song about how marvellous she is!
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  226. [[folder: Puppet Shows]]
  228. * During the 3rd season of TheMuppetShow, they attempted to create a main character for female puppeteer Louise Gold. The character, Annie Sue Pig, was a young singer, and in her first (chronological) appearance in the episode with Leo Sayer, everyone (except Miss Piggy, natch) talked about how great she was. Unfortunately, her PuritySue status worked against her, as the most popular Muppet characters are the ones with flaws, and she never achieved the stardom of the others.
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  232. [[folder: Tabletop Games ]]
  234. * The ''ForgottenRealms'' D&D setting has several Sue-like characters, but the Seven Sisters are the closest to Purity Sues, particularly High Lady Alustriel, queen of Silverymoon. An immortal, vastly powerful sorceress and Chosen disciple of the Goddess of Magic, she is also, according to [[ the Wiki]], "known for her love and devotion to her people...extremely popular in Silverymoon (as well as everywhere else she goes), and most of her subjects would do anything within their power to keep her from harm." The only thing keeping her from being irritatingly Suetiful is her unavailability...she's too busy filling her kingdom with sweetness and light to get involved with the rest of the world.
  235. ** Another thing keeping her from being ''irritatingly'' Suetiful is that in 2nd and 3rd edition, you couldn't cast a Magic Missile in the Realms without it bouncing off three [[GodModeSue even more ridiculous]] Sues before their retaliatory strikes turned you into vapor. And a good many of ''them'' were [[JerkassStu Jerkasses]]. Alustriel, Sue-ness and all, was still a breath of fresh air simply for actually being heroic and polite.
  236. *** Attempt at an aversion in 4th edition. Most of the Mary Sues and such are DEAD and the survivors have been kicked in the balls!
  237. **** Except for [[VillainSue Villain Sues]], of course. And the dead ones were buried under rubble of the most interesting parts of the setting.
  238. ** Alustriel does follow trope by having promiscuous sex with a large number of partners, all of whom instantly fall in love with her after one night and are absolutely loyal from then on. It's also worth noting that said promiscuous sex typically takes place with various nobles and faction leaders from around her kingdom. She does so in order to keep them in line and favorable towards her Light And Hope policies. Basically, her Utopian politics revolve around making love, not war.
  239. * Subverted in ''{{Eberron}}''. Queen Aurala, who is beautiful, good, and devoted to her people (the latter two both being extremely rare in Eberron)... is busy plotting world domination and makes no bones about the fact.
  240. ** She could also be considered a {{Deconstruction}} in that while she is a genuinely nice person, she's also [[WideEyedIdealist incredibly naive]]. She genuinely thinks that she would be a good ruler of Khovaire, but she doesn't realize she might not be able to stop the [[WorldWarThree mild dissension]] on this fact. Ultimately, the very fact that she's a PuritySue makes her a TragicHero.
  241. * Socially-oreinted Solar Exalts from the ''{{Exalted}}'' often are variations of this trope. Or, possibly, subversions, as their auras of righteousness and purity are usually the result of the conscious use of magical mind control powers by them.
  242. ** Considering this is how Desus is perceived, yeah, major subversion. For the record, Desus is a brutal sadist who brutally tortures (an example would be ''any'' one of the times he '''''[[CompleteMonster beat her until she miscarried]]'''''.) and mind rapes his wife Lilith in private. In public, they are pretty much universally loved and viewed as one of the last bastions of true romance in creation. The kicker? He ''does'' love her, in his own twisted way. Isn't megalomania fun?
  243. ** Five words: "Eternal Empress of Love Attitude." This high-Essence Solar charm ''will'' make the world regard you as a Purity Sue.
  244. * In current ''Legend of the Five Rings'' continuity, the otherwise entirely devoid of personality new Empress of Rokugan is described as making everyone who sees her kneel before her, awestruck and hopelessly in love. This includes sociopathic master assassins who make Petyr "Only Ever Loved One Woman" Baelish look mawkishly sentimental and whose martyred One True Love has been in her grave for over a decade.
  245. ** And to even further up her Sue quotient, the new Empress was hailed by the gods as Empress of Rokugan despite ''not actually winning the divine tournament that was supposed to choose the new Emperor''. Apparently showing "appropriate virtue" during the tournament is enough, regardless of the merit of any other contestant. How PuritySue can you ''get''?
  246. * The {{Ultramarines}} in the newest editions of ''{{Warhammer 40000}}'' are apparantly the ultimate, defining, most honourable and all around swellest chapter of Space Marines in the setting, that leave all other chapters looking immensely inferior and far less honourable. This is a stark contrast to their earlier portrayals, when they were much more amoral force, more concerned with the purity of their chapter and suicidal adherence to the codex than anything else.
  247. ** While they treat fellow humans well, the Ultramarines are ruthless towards [[FantasticRacism aliens]]. For example in the trailer for Fire Warrior they are shown gunning down unarmed Tau civillians who were running away.
  248. *** From the Imperial point of view, this is nothing strange or morally reprehensible however.
  249. ** [[BloodAngels Sanguinius]] is an [[SubvertedTrope unusual handling]] of this; he embodies many of the standard requirements [[hottip:*:HairOfGold, BlueEyes, [[SlidingScaleOfBeauty divine levels of]] {{Bishonen}} even in comparison to the superhuman primarch standard of physical perfection, [[ParentalFavoritism a bedrock firm grip on his status as Daddy's Favorite]], [[TheDutifulSon complete filial obedience to his godly father]], [[HundredPercentHeroismRating Imperium-wide adoration by the common people]] [[HundredPercentAdorationRating and vast temples in his name]], [[MostWonderfulSound a pleasantly soft and sedate voice]], [[ThinkNothingOfIt genuine heroic modesty]], [[InformedAbility hinted at]] [[PsychicPowers subtle psychic abilities]], [[DreamingOfThingsToCome prophetic dreams]], [[TheMessiah a strong belief in the goodness of others, large amounts of charisma]], [[ThePollyanna great optimism]] [[ItGotWorse even when everything is plummeting downhill]], [[GoodWingsEvilWings proportional fluffy white angel wings]] [[WingedHumanoid growing from his back]] ([[RuleOfGlamorous often strung with fine chains of silver and pearls]]), [[CainAndAbel a brother]] [[RivalTurnedEvil and friendly rival]] who believed Sanguinius should have received the honor of becoming Warmaster instead [[TheAce because he was just that capable]], and of course, [[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth a tragic and meaningful]] [[DoNotGoGentle sacrifice of a death]] which allowed the Emperor to slay the closest thing thing the setting has to a physical BigBad]] and yet his sheer {{badass}}ery allows him to get away with it without eye rolling.
  250. * ''ChangelingTheLost'' deconstructs the various Mary Sue tropes in several ways. The [[SoBeautifulItsACurse Fairest]] seeming is ''built'' on the idea, as some of the example Durances suggest that the world that Purity Sue lives in is a hellish one when closely examined-- imagine being kidnapped from your ordinary life, and forced to be a beautiful princess who never stops smiling and never says no, and can understand the words of the things that can't speak, the one bastion of purity in a terrible, terrible world...
  251. ** ...and of course by the time they get out of Arcadia, the Fairest are seen as [[TheLibby haughty, conniving and cruel]], lording it over the other Changelings, or disconnected from reality and caught up in their own heads.
  252. *** Of course, they have ''nothing'' on the True Fae. If the Fae chooses to be pretty, they're pretty enough to make your eyes bleed. If the Fae chooses to be graceful, they move like water. If the Fae chooses to be glorious, angels descend from heaven to tell you just how glorious she is. If the Fae chooses to be kind, they make saints look like monsters. And by nature, the entire world- their little slice of {{Arcadia}}- utterly revolves around their every whim.
  253. *** They're the bad guys, though. In our minds. In their minds, not so much. So [[HighOctaneNightmareFuel watch the fuck out]] when they [[CardCarryingVillain do decide to be the bad guys]]...
  254. * While generally a well-rounded character, Erin Tarn from ''{{Rifts}}'' sometimes comes perilously close. The only people who don't instantly love her are evil, she attracts devoted followers wherever she goes (she's even been rescued once or twice by [[TheEmpire Coalition]] Soldiers who didn't realize who she was), and the closest to a flaw she has is an inability to appreciate what a talented writer she is and how much her books have helped and united beings across Rifts Earth. She doesn't even curse (in one situation where her life and the lives of her friends was immediately and directly in danger, her response was "[[GoshDangItToHeck Oh, dear]]").
  255. [[/folder]]
  257. [[folder: Theater ]]
  258. * Bianca from ''TheTamingOfTheShrew'' is a good-hearted girl who every single guy wants (including the creepy, old dude), very sweet-tempered, and loyal to her father's orders. Possibly deconstructed later when it turns out that for all her goodness and purity, she still is less obedient than Kate is to Petruchio. In the final scene, when Lucentio tells her that her inability to simply come to him has cost him money in a bet, she pretty much tells him he was an idiot to make the bet in the first place.
  259. * Sergius from ''ArmsAndTheMan'' is a parody of this. He's dashing, witty, heroic and brilliant, he plays the perfect gentleman soldier. But it's mostly in his head. He's really a buffoon who failed to understand that he was in an ''actual'' war, not a romantic epic, and very nearly got dozens of people killed because of it. By the end of the play he's come to grips with reality.
  260. [[/folder]]
  262. [[folder: Video Games ]]
  263. * The original villainess of SuperRobotWarsZ is pretty much taking advantage of being perceived as one to hide the fact she's a ruthless LawfulEvil dictator.
  264. * Reala in ''TalesOfDestiny 2''. Born in an almost very ridiculous way, and she suddenly gains a lot of wisdom right off bat. The protagonist Kyle, who happens to be the son of the previous hero Stahn, immediately got fixated on her, she got along just fine with everyone, she gets to be the one who lectures Kyle the most (especially near the end), is not afraid in the face of imminent death, and worst of all... she is a [[SpotlightStealingSquad Spotlight Stealing Girl]] who the plot is really heavily fixated on, especially when it's revealed that she is [[spoiler:the daughter of God, along with the BigBad, who ends up rebelling]]. And then, in the ending, [[spoiler:she's killed, and everyone returns to their timeline, with their adventure annulled. But then... she is the only one who came back and remembers all the adventures!]] Man. The second you see her in the opening sequences, that should be a hint of her Sue-ness.
  265. * MemeticMutation aside, Claire from ''TalesOfRebirth'' could out-Sue Reala any day of the week. While Reala at least had her brief dilenma of to-believe-or-not-to-believe in the words of Elraine and her brief HeroicBSOD after realizing she had dragged the rest of the party into something extremely major, Claire just doesn't have ''any'' problems. Everybody loves her, her oh-so-sincere-words can dissipate conflicts at ease, and she even got an almost-execution a la Jesus Christ! Complete with a full speech about love and understanding! They weren't even ''trying''.
  266. * Arcia in ''GranstreamSaga'' is possibly one of the most disgusting examples in the gaming world. Absolutely ''everything'', including her "adorable" innocent laughter, reeks of absolute Purity Sueness. This is emphasized even further by her contrast with the main character's other possible LoveInterest, the [[ActionGirl dynamic]] and somewhat tomboyish {{Tsundere}} Laramee. While Laramee has a very no-nonsense and even pushy attitude in life, Arcia is pretty much a YamatoNadeshiko who's unable to conceive of any negative feeling in herself or others and can't stick up for herself. [[spoiler:If you choose to sacrifice her at the end, you also find out that she's a celestial being and that she was researching everybody. She then gets sent back. If being able to so easily cheat the viewer out of what was supposed to be a dramatic sacrifice doesn't clinch it, nothing will.]]
  267. * Diana Caprice in the fifth SakuraWars game is a pitch-perfect example. It's as if the game developers researched the concept of a PuritySue in order to create her character. A few of her more blatant tip-offs include being utterly beloved by birds (who eventually come to her aid in combat), having spirit power so massive it throws her into IllGirl territory until the hero gives her the will to control it, and ''improving Shakespeare''. YourMileageMayVary, but for this troper, it's all so over the top that she rolls right into [[SoBadItsGood So Bad It's Good]] territory.
  268. ** She does has some blink and you'll miss it CovertPervert YaoiFangirl moments though while Shin is dressed as Peppermint. She also hits on Subaru [[DidIJustSayThatOutLoud completely by accident]] in one of the post Nobunaga events.
  269. * Lyner Barsett in ''ArTonelico'' is this taken to CrazyAwesome levels. Remember, TropesAreNotBad. A Galahad ''Expy'', this ChasteHero [[ChickMagnet acquires an adoring entourage]] of {{Robot Girl}}s, including a [[PhysicalGod Physical Goddess]], and his only flaws are endearing ones like clumsyness, obliviousness and [[BerserkButton going psycho on anyone who abuses defenseless robot girls]]. He is able to use the PowerOfFriendship to get back the GenreSavvy [[spoiler:Ayatane]], even though [[spoiler:he]] knows that's what's going on and tries to resist. He even does this to ''the final boss'' and as of the second game, [[spoiler:Mir/Jacqli]] ''still'' doesn't know what hit her. And it is ''hilarious''.
  270. [[/folder]]
  272. [[folder: WebComics ]]
  273. * Rikk in ''{{Fans}}''; although the nature of the comic and its parodying / homaging of fandom means he's more than likely intended as a parody (and indeed, many strips often play with the fact that a Pure Sue at times [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism just isn't cut out for harsh realities of life and war]]), he strays a little too close at times to fulfilling this trope in completely seriousness. As if it wasn't enough that he's pretty much TheMessiah, meaning he's loved and adored by almost everyone he comes into contact with (and if they don't worship the ground he walks on, then you can damn well be sure that they're a bad guy), he's capable of inspiring huge crowds with the power of his almost entirely improvised speeches, he's almost flawless (and is very self-perceptive of the relatively few flaws he does have) and has [[BettyAndVeronica two women]] [[LoveTriangle fighting tooth-and-claw over him throughout the entire strip]] [[spoiler: (and by the end of the strip ''[[TenchiSolution they've agreed to share him]]'')]]. Although the author acknowledged the potential for MarySue in the character and took steps to remedy this by pairing him up with the kinky, self-destructive PerkyGoth Alisin, thus hinting at some hidden kinks, this in some ways just makes it worse, because her near-nymphomania means that on top of everything else, [[GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex he's getting fantastic sex on a regular basis as well]].
  274. * Interestingly enough, Jim Goodlaw in DavidGonterman's ''[[GonterVerse FoxFire]]'' fits this trope. Within the first couple strips, he has StanLee praise him for his artistic ability and offer an instructional video with the suggestion that he could work for Marvel someday (although one unintended interpretation of this scene that makes it untold levels of hilarious is that StanLee was playing a really mean practical joke). From that point on, pretty much everybody that meets Jim simply won't shut up about how awesome he is, how cool his artwork is, and several girls want to date him.
  275. * Mye from {{Charby The Vampirate}} suffers from this. She's kind, pretty, helpful, self-sacrificing, has an entire {{unwanted harem}} of men, and is nice to everyone. So much so that the author went out of her way to complain that she wasn't a Mary Sue and for people to stop calling her that because she does have flaws. She did not, however, decide to share what those flaws were.
  276. ** Justified during one story arc, where the unwanted harem was the result of magic.
  277. ** Actually, she only seems like one because most of the characters have their flaws cranked up to 11.
  278. [[/folder]]
  280. [[folder: WesternAnimation]]
  281. * Barbie, in every movie she has ever been in, especially the ones based on public domain stories. The's a Black Hole/Purity Sue, guilty of everything that can make a character a Mary Sue without having supreme magical powers. Don't put it past her to be the only woman wearing pants & swinging a sword in 17th century France, & count on her ability to talk to animals.
  282. * Lila is a deliberate example from ''HeyArnold,'' so good she borders on [[ParodySue parody]] depending on the plot. On the other hand, Helga's older sister Olga is a {{deconstruction}}: she ''looks'' perfect, but the pressure of keeping up with the PuritySue image ''does'' get to her more than once, and arguably her "perfection" helps her JerkAss fiancé take advantage of her. The fact that we see her through Helga's (annoyed) viewpoint probably helps too.
  283. * Brian from ''FamilyGuy'' veered straight into this in "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven." It backfired.
  284. * The earlier {{Disney Princess}}es - Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. They tend to be so pure that they get a HappilyEverAfter romance with handsome princes, and anyone who tries to harm them by any means is a CompleteMonster. The later ones have a few more character traits.
  285. * SamuraiJack could count as a male example. He's pretty much purity personified, though it's [[JustifiedTrope justified]], since his enemy Aku is [[ForTheEvulz evil]] [[CompleteMonster personified]].
  286. [[/folder]]
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