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  1. The lights go on and goofytoad covers her fat parts post haste and speeds down stage. She must meet fleurish that sexy magician who opened up her holes with his constipated grunts and butthurt moaning. But before she can get past the curtain, lil shark, the obese Mexican thumps her on the chest, announcing "look, its goofytoad". "Get out of my way" she warns shark but he just stares drooling and roadblocking her entry. enraged Goofytoad grabs shark by the head like a champion shotput thrower and runs him headfirst into a wall with great strength. She has to find fleurish. She has to praise him like she should. And there he is, getting blown by kind, the Nazi fag. Fleurish is absentmindedly thumbing along to Pokemon go while kind sucks his stiff little finger with real gusto. Fleurish finally looks up at goofytoad, and announces "I have so much power to give you". A fireball appears in fleurish's palm, he begins juggling it. It's just studio trickery choreographed from the rafters by chromatiq but goofytoad is entranced willing to believe anything is really happening. Kind spits out fleurish's stiff wand, and scowls "fuck off breeder" at goofytoad. Come hither, fleurish's mouths to her, and she crawls towards him like a slinking feral cat, filling the room with her primal musk. She smells like dogshit on a freshly cut lawn, thumbing her nether regions. I want you to open up to me fleurish tells her and she gapes her slimey diseased butthole "ass up" for the tranny "pew pew" his dick says, splashing her grinning face with unhealthy yellow jism. She smears it all around her fat Chinless face and oddly crimson nipples, totally satisfied.
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