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  1. Nazmin Morris is a 18-year-old teenager whose life is dominated by solving the murder of her friend, Louis Moss. Louis was poisoned in 2016 and the killer was never brought to justice.
  3. She is Dutch who defines herself as straight. She is currently at school. She has a severe phobia of balloons
  5. Physically, Nazmin is in good shape. She is very short with pale skin, red hair and blue eyes.
  7. She grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. Her father left when she was young, leaving her with her mother, who was an addict.
  8. Nazmin goes to Springfield School, where her favourite subjects are chemistry, biology and medicine. She loves her teacher Mr Holt but hates Mr Hunter whose interests include speaking in a really annoying voice.
  10. She is currently single. Her most recent romance was with a junior manager called Samuel Roosevelt West, who was the same age as her. They broke up because Samuel couldn't deal with Nazmin's obsession with Louis's death.
  12. Nazmin's best friend is a teenager called Sandra Cook. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with a teenager called Hilda Beattie. They enjoy interviewing suspects together.
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