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  1.               ⧖ M A I N  P O W E R S ⧖
  3.        ⧖  M E T A L  M A N I P U L A T I O N  ⧖
  4. Graham has the ability to manipulate earthly metals on a variety of levels. By manipulating metals he is able to change their forms, density, malleability, conductivity, and much more. He accomplishes these feats by rearranging and manipulating the metal on a sub-atomic level via the metals cellular makeup and structure. Graham can lift metals through the air and propel them with great exertion and force. While manipulating metal he can also repel metals or destroy metals by simply breaking them down on a cellular level thus turning them into a pile of a weak and brittle substance resembling ash. By manipulating metal he can manipulate nearly any form of earthly metal such as but not limited to: Iron, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Tin, Lead, Silver, Gold, and more. With using this ability Graham can control impure metals that have been refined such as copper, gold, silver, iron, chrome, and more. Opposite to impure metals he can do this with metals that have been fused together [Alloys] like sterling silver, steel alloys, red gold, stainless steel, etc. Metal when being manipulated by Graham can also become polisher by his powers, this means he can create simple constructs from the metal such as weapons, rings, armor, and more.
  7.            ⧖  M E T A L L I C  V I S I O N  ⧖
  8. Graham is able to perceive things that the human eye can it perceive; metal. His eyes have become aware of varying metals that are around him and his general sight. Through using this ability Graham can see metals through wall, the ground, materials, or just in general. The metals he detects and sees give off a blue glow, although this doesn’t give him a sense of what the metal is. Using this ability he is able to sense and see those who have been hidden via unnatural ways by detecting their natural iron within their body, even if it’s such a low amount.
  11.                ⧖  M A G N E T I S M  ⧖
  12.             ⧖  M A N I P U L A T I O N  ⧖
  13. Graham has the ability to manipulate, generate, and control magnetic, electric, and gravitational fields. He can perform feats such as demagnetizing objects, overloading electrical currents and machines. In using this ability he is granted a plethora of abilities that are unique to him and species. By using this ability he can use the following:
  14. ••• Magnetic Flight: By manipulating and controlling the earths gravitational fields he is able to levitate off the ground by several meters or even slow his dissent if falling.
  15. ••• Magnetic Blasts: Graham can control and force magnetic energy into a very tight and compressed area before releasing it. This forms a controlled concussive blast that is capable of exerting physical force and impact as if a solid entity.
  16. ••• Magnetic Forcefields: Via magnetic energy he can convert the energy into a very compact and solidified-like entity that takes up physical space within an area. This in turn creates a force-field that can absorb shock and velocity or stop him from getting harmed. These force-fields are able to be altered in shape, size, form, and much more.
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