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May 11th, 2013
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  1. Leaked and paid for by Mr.Cube on Leakforums. This shit cost me $90 Please say thanks
  3. -
  4. LSD's Inactive OG Instagram Method- This is it broken down into steps.
  5. Each step will be clearly explained.
  6. 1. Create a new IG account. This account will serve as a 'placeholder' and will eventually have the username you are going after on it. - I have had better success using older IG accounts. When I was doing this method a lot I just bought 100 accounts that someone had made about a year ago, and the success when I was using those was irregularly high. - Since you are 'trademarking' the names you are going after, you should make this account look legitimate before ever contacting Instagram. - Here is an Example. Say you are going after the name 'Red'. On your placeholder account, make the name Red Designs, put a bio on it and make the email address associated with it something like ''. Next add a bullshit website to it like You can now start uploading pics to it. I would do 4 or 5, and comment on random peoples and follow random people so the account looks legitimate. Once you have done this, your placeholder account is done.
  8. 2. Now head on over to This is where you send in your first request for the name. For Name, put whichever you registered the email under. Then for email, put '' or whichever you used. Fill out the areas and under Subject, put Trademark Request. - Here is an EXACT transcript of a successful message: Original message NOV 30, 2012 | 09:34PM PST Hello! My name is Derrick Montae! I have studied at the Graphic Design institute in Leonne, France as well as here in the States where I currently attend MSU in attempts to get my master in technical and graphic design! I do work for concerts, events, templates, profiles and most other things along that line. I am on Twitter and formerly Facebook and MySpace and they have ALWAYS helped me spread my name out! I am wondering if there is any possibility to get the username @**** put on my account? It is VERY inactive and has never posted any pictures and follows no one. The account is not in use at all and it would really help me be more popular and get some work out and even boost my business. Please let me know if this is possible, I have a full resume I can send as proof! Thanks! - A niche I have found that works especially well with IG support is being a student/grad student from notable universities. On most of my successful hacks (40+) I saw a success rate that was significantly higher if I told them that I was a student in graphic design starting a business, and coming to IG to spread your work and hopefully expand my customer base. - Remember the more inactive the account, the better the chance you're going to get it.
  10. 3. If you've done all of this correctly you should get an automatic reply in about 5-10min that looks like this: Thank you for your inquiry! We review all trademark requests in the order they are received and appreciate your patience. Your first and last name: Title: Address: Phone: Email (must be from company domain): Description of confusion (e.g., passing off as your company, including specific descriptions of content or behavior): Requested Action (e.g., removal of violating account or transfer of trademarked username to an existing company account): - Use the name you've been using this whole time. For address, find an APT. in the state you're 'university' is in and use any of those addresses. Match the phone on this form to the phone number you put on the placeholder account. Email should be the same you've been using this whole time. - Here is close to what I put in the 'Description of Confusion' and 'Requested Action' fields: Description of confusion (e.g., passing off as your company, including specific descriptions of content or behavior): The account @Red is 100% inactive and I am trying to use it to spread my business as an independent Graphic Designer. Requested Action (e.g., removal of violating account or transfer of trademarked username to an existing company account): I am requesting the username @Red be moved to my account @RedDesigns as it is inactive and my account is soon going to have many followers and be very active uploading my art and graphic design work that I do for my job.
  12. 4. After you've done this and sent it back in, it's the waiting game. They take 24-72 hours to get back to you, usually the next day after you've sent one in. IG support doesn't answer TM tickets SAT-SUN. They also usually get back to you between noon-7pm EST.
  14. 5. Hopefully you receive a message that looks like this: Hi Derrick, We've changed your username. This should be reflected throughout the system soon. Let us know if you have further questions or need additional assistance! 6. If they tell you the name is not inactive, I would try it again once or twice, as it seems some reps are just shitty in general. 7. Enjoy your new account, and whatever kind of profits come from then! NEW UPDATE: 02/13/13 Here is an Updated method. Try this. Make your placeholder profile in the first one and do all the steps up until you're sending email to Instagram. Do the name/email/subject the same but for the message, put this: Greetings, My name is (Name you used for the account) and I am the Owner and Registered Trademark holder of (Company your using to get the IG.). I am writing you to request that you transfer the username @(Account you want) to our Company account @(Your placeholder account). We own the trademark to this name, and are requesting it be transferred to our companies account. If you cannot complete this request, please let me know and my legal advisor will be getting in touch with you. Here is some information you may need for the transfer. Your Company Account: @ Account in Question: @ Registered Trademark Number: (Visit Search the TM you are looking for and use the number from there here.) Trademark Office: USPTO Requested Action: Transfer the name @(Account you want) to @(Placeholder) as we are the registered trademark owners of this account. I hope you can complete this request, and again let me know if you cannot. Thanks for your time and cooperation. Best Regards, (Name you Used) (Company you've made up) Use this and you should receive the name you're going after if it's eligible within 1-2 days. Remember, they don't work weekends and usually don't respond until later in the day. By using this method you will not have to respond to the automated one you respond to in the first method. Credits: LSD This is a self-written guide. I am the only one accredited for making this, and it shall not be distributed or reproduced under any other name.
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