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  1. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:20:33 PM): My name is Juna. How can I help you?
  2. Me (2/13/2018, 1:20:55 PM): yes, i just purchased a wifi bacpac for my hero2, and i cannot seem to figure out how to update it.
  3. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:21:26 PM): Hello, David.
  4. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:21:33 PM): Thank you for raising this concern.
  5. Me (2/13/2018, 1:21:33 PM): the new quik software doesn't recognize it, and the old software (studio 2.0) send you to a broken registration page.
  6. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:21:55 PM): I am sorry to hear that. No worries, I'll do my best to help you out with this.
  7. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:22:04 PM): For documentation purposes, may I know the serial number of your camera?
  8. Me (2/13/2018, 1:22:34 PM): H214A0612015649
  9. Me (2/13/2018, 1:22:45 PM): serial for the wifi bacpac is:
  10. Me (2/13/2018, 1:22:57 PM): WIFIB0412002170
  11. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:23:02 PM): Thank you.
  12. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:23:36 PM): For you to update it, please go to this link: https://gopro.com/help/articles/How_To/Manual-Software-Update-for-HD-HERO2-Camera
  13. Me (2/13/2018, 1:23:52 PM): i need to update the bacpac, the camera is up to date
  14. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:24:11 PM): I see.
  15. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:24:58 PM): For WiFi BacPac, please try to go to this link: https://gopro.com/help/articles/block/Wi-Fi-BacPac-Update-Troubleshooting
  16. Me (2/13/2018, 1:25:52 PM): yes, but that doesn't work because you have to register the bacpac first, and the registration page doesn't exist any more.
  17. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:26:16 PM): Okay.
  18. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:26:46 PM): Please hold on. I'm trying to find it since we just updated our website.
  19. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:27:20 PM): What computer are you using?
  20. Me (2/13/2018, 1:27:25 PM): windows 10
  21. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:27:43 PM): Okay. Thanks.
  22. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:29:02 PM): This is what I can do for you. I'll give this information to our engineering team to get a previous link on how you will update your BacPac since you can only do in via GoPro Studio.
  23. Me (2/13/2018, 1:29:28 PM): seems like quite the oversite to not have the capability in quik
  24. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:29:55 PM): That's correct. Right now, GoPro studio is no longer supported so I have to give this information first for us to give you a specific link.
  25. Me (2/13/2018, 1:30:02 PM): it was hard enough to find an old version of go pro studio, since it wasn't available for download from your site either.
  26. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:30:33 PM): You can only update it via GoPro studio. Please wait for my email within this day to keep you posted.
  27. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:30:47 PM): Are you going to use this email address dpolak@gmail.com?
  28. Me (2/13/2018, 1:30:50 PM): yes
  29. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:31:16 PM): Okay. Please wait for my email within this day.
  30. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:31:23 PM): Is there anything else in the meantime?
  31. Me (2/13/2018, 1:32:25 PM): i don't think so.
  32. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:32:39 PM): Okay.
  33. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:32:42 PM): We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to chat with us.
  34. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:32:51 PM): Thank you for choosing GoPro and we are very honored to be a part of your
  35. daily adventures!
  36. Me (2/13/2018, 1:32:56 PM): you understand this is a known issue right?
  37. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:33:41 PM): Yes.
  38. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:34:07 PM): Kindly wait for the update since this is already handled by me.
  39. Me (2/13/2018, 1:34:33 PM): that's kinda the problem, i highly doubt you will send me a working link.
  40. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:35:18 PM): You don't have to worry. We'll just need to get an information from our engineer since this is an older camera.
  41. Me (2/13/2018, 1:35:23 PM): this thread was over a year long with no resolution:
  42. Me (2/13/2018, 1:35:24 PM): https://community.gopro.com/t5/Mounts-Accessories/Wifi-BacPac-update-registration-issue/td-p/11174/page/5
  43. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:36:18 PM): Rest assured that this will be resolved.
  44. Juna (2/13/2018, 1:36:51 PM): Let me communicate with our team to assist you further.
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