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Oct 18th, 2019
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  1. Character:Sam
  2. Skill(or transformation):AT2
  3. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation): For aliens, this transformation is almost akin to a Saiyans it is based off emotion and trauma for the transformation to take place something of drastic measures needs to be done that or their life needs to be in danger for them to fully tap into their hidden potential
  4. Reasoning: After hunting with Ivory her childhood friend and their newfound friend Hakura, Sam and Ivory were approached by a Demon known as Kusiri - He spoke of chaos and how it will prove Ivorys strength he said he could helped - but what he did was force her to the ground and dragg her across the floor in a attempt to kill her with a single blast, in the moment before th blast was fired off Sam jumped infront of the blast shielding Ivory from it with her own grown Symbiote shield - the blast however was to strong for her not to take damage as the blast destroyed the cells black fog was made obsecureing the area and what would be seen after the fog left would be a full transformation from Sam as seeing her friend nearly killed Angered her to the point where she forced her Symbiote to lend power to her in a attempt to kill this demon// After the battle however sam was nearly killed and with the host gone the symbiote was able to keep the body alive- but it was filled with anger rapidly tendrils would start to smack agains her body healing and trying to wake her up Xenop was fueld with rage and it was not done fighting not after what happened to sam- the body would move again but this time to kill what threaten it's life.
  5. What is the moment: Lethal fight against the demon known as kusiri.
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