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Feb 9th, 2018
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  1. BloxBurg Unlimited Money
  4. --------------------------------- INFO --------------------------------
  5. So first of all the info
  6. What do we do if we dont have info
  7. Okay so this was written by Bonk
  8. Well I know some ways to get bloxburg money easy.
  9. Just follow my steps
  10. You will get to millions for sure
  11. Also thanks for buying enjoy!
  13. --------------------------------- REQUIREMENTS ----------------------------------
  14. 3 avalible hours (You can get to million if you follow my steps!)
  15. This guide (You need this guide because it will teach you most of these stuffs)
  17. So lets get into the basics
  19. So
  20. Here's the guide okay
  22. ------------------------------------ GUIDE ---------------------------------------
  23. 1. Go to the supermarket
  24. 2. Work as a cashier
  25. 3. Spam lots of bags then spam "E" on the products it will get them into the bag
  26. 4. Continue doing it. Thats the whole thing
  28. If you have 3 hours or more avalible your getting richer than richer
  29. Well also actually.
  30. This is so easy guide.
  31. But also
  32. Sometime..
  33. The thing the monitor on the supermarket desk will say you don't have more bags and you can't even grab bags.
  34. Well...
  35. Go back where it's like the supplier job
  36. Go something <<<< just out of the supplier thing with crates
  37. Well <<<< there are more crates.
  38. After you press on that crate "E"
  39. You will get like some things
  40. Go back to your supermarket desk
  41. Apply that on the bag thingy
  42. You are good to go just do my steps
  43. Sometimes you will be richer than richer in BloxBurg
  44. Probably people will try to beg you for money idk why
  45. But just enjoy I guess?
  46. This method was brought to you by Bonk/Bonky on V3rm
  47. Just enjoy okay?
  48. Well..
  49. Enjoy!!!
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