Putting It To Practice: Undead Fox

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  1. [20:10] Nick halts just before the small area where he hides his ice-tombs, where the corpses that have had an autopsy done, and are ready for Necromancy's final steps, currently lie. Two steps forward, ninety degrees north, three steps. At this location, he'd raise his hands and focus his mana on the tomb hidden just against the cliff's wall, showing a fox with a white pelt that already had been 'checked' and stitched back up as one of his prior practice corpses.
  3. A snap of his fingers, and the ice rapidly sublimed, leaving a limp corpse on the ground. It certainly was larger than what he raised from the dead prior, so he'd decide this was the next step for practicing his techniques.
  5. The boy sits in the snow, next to the fox, his half-brain-dead squirrel continuing to stare off into space as it has been for quite some time without commands issued to it.
  7. A hand raises, and reaches for the cadaver, grasping lightly over the creature's head, and beginning a similar process to reviving the squirrel. His mana swirled into the brain for a moment, stabilizing into a steady, gradual stream, like water from a faucet. The direct connection and now-more-familiar-feel for the process allowed him to recognize the head's circuits activating, given Sors had prior indicated when it happened, thus he had a vague feel for when they did activate.
  9. Next the spine. Nick's mana spirals and descends it, blanketing it in a relatively thick veil, then swelling gradually. This barrier was then surrounded by another which swelled slightly in a similar manner. He would repeat this about twice more in measure of the solidified mana in comparison to the body and spine of the fox.
  11. The veins that were connected to the areas where the barriers extended now sent excess mana from them throughout, eventually meeting in the heart, which the boy forced to pump through a brief spike of mana, and start a light chain reaction to have it continue pumping through a ripple effect through the veins.
  13. The stream continued, beginning to fill the stomach with a mana reserve, picturing within his mind the size of the fox's stomach, and how much mana he should allow in to fill it, although he did have a vague idea. After he presumed enough mana was within the creature, he began lowering the input a bit further, pressing his hand harder against the scalp of the small corpse to more directly influence the mana excess he was inputting, forcing it to spread throughout the rest of the circuits to give the body 'life'. Or at least, as much of a resemblance of 'life' as an animated corpse cane have.
  15. Only one thing left to do now. With his mana halting to cease any more excess to go into the body, and prevent it from bursting like Ronan's fox, the young Valmasian closed his eyes, painting before him the vast sea of black, and waiting while the stars slowly painted themselves in. Once more, he'd let intuition guide him as his vision approached one of these said stars, a hand appearing in this mind-scape that looked like it should belong to the boy as it reached into the bright spheroid to grasp at one of the souls, just as he had done for the squirrel's soul before. Upon this, again, his vision of the hand changed as it became an ethereal 'hand' that grasped tightly to the soul, a second one joining in, and then another. Finally, four hands grasped the soul, tugging and pulling it down, the ends of the hands imagined to be sprouting from the corpse, yearning for it to return to the body, and be kept there, with 'no' not being an answer for these spectral limbs. Indeed, these fours ethereal arms forcefully took the soul away from the star without any hesitation or remorse, pulling it down into the body and entwining their fingers around the soul within, not allowing any escape for it, or such is how it played out in his mind. None of this 'spectacle' was truly visible to onlookers.
  17. Nonetheless, the corpse twitches and shuddered, shambling briefly as it got up on it's legs. The attempt seemed like a success, but the strain was great on the inexperienced Nick. He was focused on commanding the fox as his new undead 'pet' now. The strain lessened over the course of a few minutes, subconsciously rejecting control of the squirrel on their shoulder to permit control over the slightly stronger soul to avoid extensive strain on his own mental state. Of course, as a result, the squirrel quickly darted off of the boy's shoulder out of instinct, and into the forest. No longer bound to him, it would likely perish soon enough anyhow.
  19. "Follow me." he'd issue the command to the fox as it did so with a similar half-brain-dead stare as the squirrel. He hoped this only happened for animals that were turned into Undead.
  20. (Nykros)
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