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AEB Present 1.5 Log 62

DNA-zama Jan 8th, 2016 113 Never
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  2. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  3. Eclipse has connected.
  4. Avara has connected.
  5. Kaorin Sakura:  Hello DNA.
  6. I would've said many things on Skype but I'm still waiting for it to realize it can do things.
  7. Maptools took like, 10 minutes to do the same.
  8. Avara:  hi!
  9. Kaorin Sakura:  S'up. We're missing a Chloe.
  10. Avara:  mentioned on skype that the server's up.
  11. Avara:  just a matter of time
  12. Chloe has connected.
  13. Eclipse:    Was one of things regarding the Unova Dragons? I was plotting Jupiter's letter and Saturn would receive it Tuesday evening or so, but only when at a settlement. Which means, she'd get a response by Wednesday at Fairview. (And I think it's Wednesday right now.)
  14. Eclipse:    Sadly since I don't have that info yet it means she doesn't quite know, but I can 'retcon' the info to her later. It is not a huge concern at the present moment but I want to know at some point.
  15. Kaorin Sakura:  And I want to get it to you.
  16. Today I was destined to be unconscious
  17. Kaorin Sakura:  However, that means I am well-rested and in good health for game.
  18. Avara:  *hugs kaorin*
  19. Eclipse:    So it would seem. I didn't see you once since work. But, this culminates in that good result, yes.
  20. Kaorin Sakura:  I found an Adventure generator.
  21. Kaorin Sakura:  I was like, "Psh, let's see how bad this is."
  22. Chloe:  Hook it up to Rawi
  23. Avara:  i wanna see.
  24. Eclipse:    Was it the thing that generated the things about to land on us from above?
  25. Kaorin Sakura:  And I'm surprised it gives you: A whole campaigns main plot from start to finish.
  26. Avara:  can we have a link?
  27. Eclipse:    Well then! That is surprising. Also: No, Rob.
  28. Kaorin Sakura:  http://donjon.bin.sh/fantasy/adventure/
  29. Eclipse:    ...I forgot to close Firefox before opening Maptools today. As such the desktop has slowed to a crawl. I may be typing primarily from the laptop today, but I'm in the middle of resolving the desktop.
  30. Kaorin Sakura:  Theme, Goal, Story Hook, Plot, Climax, General Setting, Specific Setting I and II, Master Villain, Minor Villain I and II, Ally/Neutral, Monster Encounter, Character Encounter, Deathtrap, Chase, Omen/Prophesy, Secret Weakness, Special Condition, Moral Quandry, Red Herring and Cruel Trick.
  31. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm still waiting for Skype to wake up.
  32. Eclipse:    It's spelt 'quandary', but...really, it has all those things? (Also, Prophesy is the verb.)
  33. Kaorin Sakura:  Hopefully no one needed me for anything.
  34. Kaorin Sakura:  And yes.
  35. Kaorin Sakura:  For example...
  36. Kaorin Sakura:  Also, all these things I list will have a paragraph or so of explanation that I won't type here.
  37. Kaorin Sakura:  Theme: Action/Adventure
  38. Kaorin Sakura:  Goal: Gain Power
  39. Kaorin Sakura:  Story Hook: Hero Offended
  40. Kaorin Sakura:  Plot: Geographic Progression
  41. Kaorin Sakura:  Climax: Prevented Deed
  42. Kaorin Sakura:  General Setting: On the Sea
  43. Kaorin Sakura:  Specific Setting I: Demi-human Community
  44. II: Shacktown of the Oppressed
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  Master Villain: Avenger
  46. Kaorin Sakura:  Minor Villain I: Hard-Eyed Advisor
  47. II: Corrupted Hero
  48. Kaorin Sakura:  Ally/Neutral: Tragic Fellow Hero
  49. Kaorin Sakura:  Monster Encounter: Nocturnal Predator
  50. Kaorin Sakura:  Character Encounter: Inquisitive Official
  51. Kaorin Sakura:  Deathtrap: Put and the Pendulum
  52. Kaorin Sakura:  Chase: Footrace
  53. Kaorin Sakura:  Omen/Prophesy: FOrtune Teller Predicts Doom
  54. Kaorin Sakura:  Secret Weakness: Element
  55. Kaorin Sakura:  Special Condition: Coping with a Curse
  56. Kaorin Sakura:  Moral Quandary: Honor Quandary
  57. Kaorin Sakura:  Red Herring: Lying Rumor
  58. Kaorin Sakura:  Cruel Trick: Villain is related to hero
  59. DNA:    wow it's like a campaign Paint By Numbers
  60. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay, let's start things off right.
  61. Kaorin Sakura:  Date: February 24th, 1549. 1900 Hours. Tuesday.
  62. Kaorin Sakura:  Yeah fuck that, re-rolling that weather.
  63. DNA:    was it dragonfire hail again
  64. Kaorin Sakura:  No, it was Rogue-Zephyr.
  65. DNA:    Rogue what
  66. Kaorin Sakura:  The magical weather of 'unlocks everything everywhere'.
  67. DNA:    Define 'unlock'.
  68. Kaorin Sakura:  If it has a like, no matter how simple or complex.
  69. Kaorin Sakura:  It unlocks it.
  70. Kaorin Sakura:  Shoestrings in this instance counts.
  71. DNA:    Ah
  72. DNA:    Do belts count?
  73. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes.
  74. DNA:    And you say you're rerolling the weather so this doesn't happen?
  75. DNA:    It's official: we are not an anime.
  76. Avara:  unlocks all pokeballs, poke-storages, etc?
  77. Kaorin Sakura:  That too.
  78. Kaorin Sakura:  And the bindings on bridges.
  79. DNA:    ...
  80. DNA:    Why is that even in your generator
  81. Kaorin Sakura:  Hence me 'yeah fuck this weather'.
  82. Avara:  why does this weather exist?
  83. Kaorin Sakura:  Because sometimes I like to piss myself off.
  84. Kaorin Sakura:  And I take on stupid challenges.
  85. Eclipse:    "The Second Calamity was almost as bad as the first. While there was no loss of life, it caused just as much mass chaos as the initial event, as things everywhere opened up and tumbled down. However, it did have one advantage: it was really really funny for the first 10 seconds."
  86. DNA:    *no great loss
  87. Avara:  it would unlock belts and bras and button-up shirts. soo... yeah. awkward.
  88. Avara:  suddenly porn weather
  89. Kaorin Sakura:  Date: February 24th, 1549. 1900 Hours. Tuesday.
  90. Description: Windy
  91. Temperature: Cold
  92. High: 35°F (1°C)
  93. Low: 19°F (-8°C)
  94. Relative: Warmer than normal
  95. Wind Force: Moderate
  96. Wind Speed: 20 mph (32 kph)
  97. DNA:    "OUT!"
  98. DNA:    yeah that's what I was thinking too
  99. Kaorin Sakura:  Also all doors.
  100. DNA:    Link is happy.
  101. DNA:    obligatory "You got the Rogue Zephyr Wand!"
  102. DNA:    DUH-NUH-NUH-NUH!!
  103. DNA:    okay I need to stop
  104. Chloe:  I remember we rolled an encounter and stopped
  105. Avara:  where did we leave things off?
  106. Kaorin Sakura:  Uh
  107. Kaorin Sakura:  Shit we did.
  108. DNA:    Something is about to fall out of us from the sky.
  109. * Kaorin Sakura batman transitions to the encounter generator.
  110. DNA:    ...fall onto us from out of the sky
  111. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh, did I say that?
  112. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh. Shit. Then I know what the encounter is.
  113. Kaorin Sakura:  ....And Trul isn't here to save you.
  114. DNA:    That is the correct preposition line-up.
  115. DNA:    I'M AWARE.
  116. DNA:    okay Saturn engage your tank mode abilities
  117. Kaorin Sakura:  Gimme a sec to things.
  118. Avara:  this is gonna hurt.
  119. Kaorin Sakura:  Should I be nice and subtract the whale....?
  120. DNA:    The what.
  122. Avara:  ./dbza
  123. DNA:    Unless that whale is an airship that we can use for our own devices later, I am going to be biased and say "yes please, remove it".
  124. Avara:  i'm... genuinely curious if we're going to wipe to a whale.
  125. DNA:    Of course, if that actually dropped on us, we'd be dead. None of us is Celes.
  126. Kaorin Sakura:  It can fly.
  127. Kaorin Sakura:  So should I subtract it?
  128. Kaorin Sakura:  And this is a legit question.
  129. Avara:  keep it in.
  130. DNA:    I still vote for take it out
  132. Kaorin Sakura:  So Rob is the decider.
  133. Chloe:  here?
  134. DNA:    You are now a tie-breaker.
  135. Avara:  ... do rayquazas still block people from flying across kanto's airspace?
  136. Avara:  they did during AEB 1
  137. Chloe:  Sure, subtract it. We could ease back into the game that way
  138. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay. No Mobus.
  139. DNA:    ...that's not funny ava
  140. DNA:    I took that thought 3 steps forward and didn't like the result
  141. Kaorin Sakura:  Rayquaza doesn't descend that far.
  142. Avara:  it's a legit question
  143. Avara:  we couldn't fly over mount moon because rayquaza
  144. DNA:    This is true, though what it might mean for us specifically could be extremely dangerous.
  145. Kaorin Sakura:  ...Why do I have Xenomorph in my encounter generator?
  147. Avara:  because it wants to homicide us in the face
  148. Chloe:  Xenomorph vs Vesplague. Go!
  149. DNA:    IN THE FACE
  150. Avara:  do you have the predator in it too?
  151. Kaorin Sakura:  Vesplague wins.
  152. Kaorin Sakura:  I don't, Ava.
  153. Avara:  it's only fair, really
  154. Kaorin Sakura:  I, do, however have pokeptretenders.
  155. Kaorin Sakura:  pretenders*
  156. Avara:  what are those?
  157. Kaorin Sakura:  Pokemon trying to be people./
  158. Avara:  sounds cute/adorable/dangerous/deadly
  159. Kaorin Sakura:  They have a town.
  160. Avara:  and maybe a bit funny
  161. Kaorin Sakura:  I wait for the day you encounter it.
  162. DNA:    It sounds more 'funny' to me, only because, instead of the word 'pretending', you used the word 'trying'.
  163. Kaorin Sakura:  omg, that's hilarious. Pobear.
  164. * Avara resumes listening to Power Overwhelming.
  165. Kaorin Sakura:  Hold on, reducing encounter size.
  166. Kaorin Sakura:  I remove Mobus and suddenly battlefield size doubled.
  167. Kaorin Sakura:  ...Mobus is Colosal.
  168. Kaorin Sakura:  Generator was like, "And without Mobus, add 5 enemies."
  169. Chloe:  >.
  170. DNA:    This is already getting really weird and we haven't even started yet.
  171. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay, fuckit. I'm handpicking the encounter.
  172. Kaorin Sakura:  ...I get the feeling this thing might make DNA happy and absolutely pissed-the-fuck-off simultaneously.
  173. DNA:    A lot of things do that. At least, things you're responsible for.
  175. * DNA marks to do this tomorrow
  176. Kaorin Sakura:  I think it fits your aesthetic preferences but its also Ice/Steel.
  177.     Natasha:    Hehehe~
  178. Kaorin Sakura:  This is why I don't pick encounter enemies. >.
  179. DNA:    'This' being...?
  180. Kaorin Sakura:  This lag makes things take longer than it should.
  181. Kaorin Sakura:  You guys were along the road, right?
  182. Chloe:  Yes, just outside of fairview
  183. Kaorin Sakura:  '6 hours away just outside'. >_>
  184. Chloe:  relatively speaking
  185. Avara:  iiiiiiiii feel like there's something i SHOULD remember about fairview
  186. Avara:  but i don't
  187. Chloe:  first town
  188. Avara:  no, like. i remember it.
  189. Avara:  but i don't remember what i should remember.
  190. Chloe:  They are friends with local pokemon, and avoid trouble through diplomacy.
  191. DNA:    The only thing I can think of is that "Jennifer hasn't been there yet" but I doubt that's what it is.
  192. Chloe:  and thanked us for not causing too much disruption in the area during our first investigation
  193. DNA:    inb4 someone we've met there before comes up to say hi, and then only recognizes Chloe.
  194. Avara:  iirc we sent the doctor-and-hybrid family to fairview?
  195. Kaorin Sakura:  I almost accidentally made somethings HP 2015
  196. DNA:    Oh! That's true, we did.
  197. Avara:  ... ha
  198. Avara:  let's ring in the new year
  199. Avara:  by killing the old year
  200. DNA:    No, GM, that was la-...
  201. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay guys so
  202. DNA:    ...I can't win.
  203. Kaorin Sakura:  Drop your tokens around K105
  204. Eclipse:    Positive or negative 105?
  205. Kaorin Sakura:  Positive
  206. Eclipse:    I don't know how far off that is. I had to zoom out a LOT.
  207. Avara:  farthest right on battlefield
  208. Kaorin Sakura:  You're like, on S.
  209. Eclipse:    And I was doing so well at first.
  210. Kaorin Sakura:  iirc, you guys still have the thing. So, good.
  211. Kaorin Sakura:  If not, this'll be hilarious.
  212. Eclipse:    'Thing'?
  213.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 0 ability points. Current Ability Points: 8, Maximum Ability Points: 8
  214.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe Blanchett loses 0 hit points.
  215. Eclipse:    Ah, and we all have 9 max AP right now.
  216. * Kaorin Sakura opens listenonrepeat.
  217.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine Kolstad loses 0 hit points.
  218. * Kaorin Sakura instantly hears 'fuck this shit I'm out'.
  219. DNA:    kek
  220. * Avara is reminded that kao downloaded Dancing Through The Danger.
  221. Avara:  or... dance, not dancing. not sure.
  222. Avara:  either way. just reminded of that.
  223. Kaorin Sakura:  Awesome, so, you guys did a recap, right?
  224. DNA:    Close enough to one, yes. We're on the way to Fairview when suddenly sky ships. I mean, sky encounter.
  225. Eclipse:    And slightly before that, Inbee was wrasslin' with a raccoon and did poorly for some reason.
  226. Kaorin Sakura:  Awesome.
  227. Kaorin Sakura:  Oh yeah, inbee is there.
  228. Kaorin Sakura:  She crit failed all her rolls.
  229. Eclipse:    That shouldn't be possible. Or legal.
  230. Kaorin Sakura:  Where is she?!
  231. Eclipse:    Negative 40 something.
  232. Kaorin Sakura:  Thanks. I tried to find her under players like an idiot.
  233. Eclipse:    Roughly around H negative 37?
  234. Eclipse:    Yes, she shows up under Tokens, not Players.
  235. Eclipse:    No wait, she does show up under Players.
  236. Kaorin Sakura:  NOW SHE DOES
  237. Eclipse:    ...Ah, that would be why.
  238.     Chronicler :    Alright then, let's start.
  239. Chronicler : (( And of course listen on repeat is being a jerk ))
  240. DNA:    And that's why I just get out my PSP during game time
  241. Chronicler : (( Nah, it was firefox being a butt ))
  242. DNA:    (I know.)
  243.     Chronicler :    As you all travel along the road and Fairview comes into view you can suddenly feel a disturbance in the air...
  244. That being the wind suddenly stops and in your pocket area, the cold ceases to be cold. If you didn't know better, you'd swear you were walking in the springtime with no wind.
  245.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Someone's using weather moves." Chloe waved her hand in the air, as if to feel it.
  246.     The Star Dazzler :  The Star Dazzler looks around, "Okay, this is weird?"
  247.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Did we just walk into the eye of a hurricane without noticing it?"
  248.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Weather moves? But... what move would create temperate, pleasant, neutral weather?"
  249.     Chronicler :    The sound of a primals roar echoes in the distance from the heavens.
  250.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... That's... not a *good* sound." She looks up.
  251.     Chloe Blanchett:    Pokemon ed to identify!
  252.     The Star Dazzler :  The Star Dazzler looks up and squints, "...How far away is that?"
  253. Avara:  Pokemon to identify as well.
  254.     Saturn Rosewell:    Intuition to sense anything nearby, or far, whatever the usual range is; 6d6+2 .
  255.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Rayquaza. We should hide!"
  256.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Not Rayquaza. *Mega* Rayquaza." She flees.
  257. The Star Dazzler whispers: You sense 5 creatures of incredible size closing in on your location from the skies.
  258.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe runs to the tree and attemps to hide under the branches. Stealth
  259.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Mega rayquaza and at least four other massive creatures coming our way!"
  260.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...don't need to tell me twice!" She's heard all the stories from both Kanto and back home. She follows Chloe but finds a different tree close to her.
  261.     The Star Dazzler :  "...The hell's a Mega Rayquaza?"
  262.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine hides too.
  263.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Yeah, Jennifer's right - there's 5 of them!"
  264.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Bigger, stronger, meaner."
  265.     The Star Dazzler :  The Star Dazzler stealths.
  266.     Alsine Kolstad:     Stealth
  267.     Jennifer Attaway:   Stealth.
  268.     Chronicler :    The sound of a primals roar echoes louder. The creature is near...
  269.     Saturn Rosewell:    SAturn's Stealth 2d6+2 ; Natasha's Stealth 2d6-1
  270.     Saturn Rosewell:    but hopefully Natasha's very small size will come in useful here.
  271. Avara:  chronicler's current picture is very spooky.
  272.     Saturn Rosewell:    And Saturn doesn't make noise, which may also help.
  273. Avara:  doomtastic.
  274.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza swoops in from the heavens and lands on the ground with an echoing crash.
  275.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza perches down carefully to let its rider dismount.
  276.     Chloe Blanchett:    Perception, does it see us?
  277.     Goliath:    Goliath dismounts from Rayquaza and looks up, "...You're too fast, sometimes. You've left my minions behind."
  278.     Rayquaza:   "If I'm not mistaken, it was you who said 'don't let them escape.'" Rayquaza answered angrily.
  279.     Goliath:    "Quiet! They're around here." Goliath chided.
  280.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza rolled its eyes before looking around, "Should we wait for your minions before engaging. I can just blow up these tree's."
  281.     Goliath:    "No, you'll risk destroying the thing. We need the thing. Wait for everyone else to catch up."
  282.     Rayquaza:   "A relic that powerful won't be so easily destroyed."
  283. Avara:  really? "the thing"?
  284.     Goliath:    "You said that about the last one."
  285. DNA:    "King Kai, we have the things."
  286.     Rayquaza:   "That's because it was a fake."
  287.     Chloe Blanchett:    "...soapstone...?" Chloe whispered, quiet as she could.
  288. Avara:  ... we should just say hello. they have backup incoming
  289.     Goliath:    "So you keep telling me. But we have no proof it was."
  290. Avara:  i'mma step out. others don't have to.
  291.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe gave Jennifer a worried glance, then whispered, "...they're not going to let us go, we need to act before backup..."
  292.     Zekaren:    Zekaren suddenly swoops in and lands with a huff, "Fuck you, Ray."
  293. * Jennifer Attaway steps into the open.
  294.     Rayquaza:   "Well, maybe if you weren't so fat you could---"
  295.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe moves as well
  296.     Jennifer Attaway:   "What is 'the thing'?"
  297.     Chloe Blanchett:    Drawing her bow
  298.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine steps into the field herself.
  299.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza chuckles heartily at Chloe, "That's cute."
  300.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn doesn't move, but silently nods to Natasha to do something.
  301.     Goliath:    "Cylinder in shape, silver in colour, power in function."
  302. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Permission to have Natasha use Bunshin right now in prep for an eventual combat?
  303.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... does it have a name?
  304.     Goliath:    "It has many. We've learned no one calls it the same thing."
  305.     Rayquaza:   "And thus we dubbed it 'the thing'."
  306. Rayquaza whispers: Granted.
  307.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Names tend to evoke mental images of what it is or what it does. Try a few."
  308.     Goliath:    "I gave a description. You couldn't possibly have several items matching it."
  309.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe tries to judge Zekaren's types. Pokemon Education.
  310. Avara:  do we have ANYTHING matching it?
  311. Chloe:  the battery/computer/cell things
  312. Avara:  i was thinking bigger.
  313.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... oh. That thing. Do we still have that thing?"
  314. DNA:    And I am pretty sure those batteries are red, not silver.
  315.     Nymvern:    Nymvern flutters in panting.
  316. Avara:  what color were the batteries, GM?
  317. Nymvern: (( greyish silver. ))
  318.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe moved her glance to Goliath. Same judgement.
  319. Nymvern: (( I dunno wtf his type is. Let me check. ))
  320. DNA:    Huh. Then what was red?
  321. Avara:  and did we bury them with the doppelsister?
  322. Chloe:  no, we have them with us
  323. Avara:  who was holding them?
  324. Chloe:  Saturn? Finch?
  325. Avara:  ok
  326. Avara:  we'll go with saturn
  327. Avara:  because finch is ball'd
  328. DNA:    ...
  329. DNA:    Very well.
  330.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Why do you need The Thing?"
  331.     Goliath:    "Well, you see to the south of here there's this anno--"
  332.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe uses Jennifer's delay to look at the pink one! It's cute.
  333.     Rayquaza:   "It's classified."
  334.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Classified generally means something bad, like 'we may end up blowing up Kanto'."
  335.     Natasha C:  Gen Edu on what "anno-" ends in 5d6 .
  336.     Goliath:    Goliath rubs its chin, "I almost monologued didn't I?"
  337. Chloe:  ((nymous grave most likely))
  338. DNA:    It's spelt 'anonymous' though, so I have to ask to be sure
  339.     Rayquaza:   "Almost." Rayquaza turns to Jennifer, "No, we're saving it."
  340.     Nymvern:    Nymvern whines hungrily.
  341.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Then more help can't be bad."
  342.     Goliath:    Goliath rubs its chin thoughtfully, "Hm. Gardeboobs has a point."
  343. DNA:    LOL
  344.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Is one of the names 'soapstone?' If not, I don't think we've heard of it." Guile.
  345.     Rayquaza:   "We don't know if we can trust them. We can only trust ourselves."
  346.     Jennifer Attaway:   "And paranoia like that generally leads to bad ends for a group of adventurers regardless of species."
  347.     Goliath:    Goliath tries to see through the lies!
  348.     Goliath:    "You're sure they were seen with the redhead?"
  349.     Rayquaza:   "Verily."
  350.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Seen with? You mean 'violently apprehended and stowed away'?"
  351.     Zekaren:    Zekaren looks up, "...Uh. Guys, you may wanna hurry up. Our residential meat grinder is sputtering in."
  352. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I'm just curious, can they see Saturn or not, and if so, are they ignoring her?
  353. Zekaren whispers: They haven't looked at her.
  354.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Sooo... if you're short on time. Explaining is generally faster."
  355.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Than can we move on before trouble gets here?" Chloe looked back to the sky, faking genuine concern about what else might come down from the sky to threaten them. Guile. to bluff.
  356.     Jennifer Attaway:   Charm to diplomacize the answer out of them, using previous posts for the roleplay of a logical argument. If allowed.
  357.     Goliath:    "He's one of ours. He just lacks patience like we do."
  358.     Rayquaza:   "Gets the job done, though."
  359.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I- I like to avoid fights. You never know when someone is accidentally on the same side as you."
  360.     Goliath:    Goliath rubs his chin, "Well, there's this invisible town of really fastness thats causing a lot of problems."
  361.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza, somehow, facepalms without hands.
  362.     Jennifer Attaway:   ((facetail))
  363.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Right. *How* are they causing problems? Is it a time distortion thing, or...?" she gesticulates a bit, trying to persuade Goliath to continue.
  364.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh, we met two people who got stranded from there. They killed themselves rather than live with the time displacement."
  365.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looked upset when recalling that event. No guile needed.
  366.     Rayquaza:   "Good. They don't deserve to live."
  367.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We were planning to investigate them on our own time anyway, so... again, information isn't a bad thing to share."
  368.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I wish I knew why. I hate not being able to help people, or being thrown in the middle of things I don't understand. It happens too much."
  369.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We would prefer to avoid a battle, but we can't commit to aiding a cause we aren't certain is genuine and good."
  370. Eclipse:    Saturn's listening quite carefully. Perhaps this wisdom about those two faceless people, this might open up perspectives...
  371.     Goliath:    "Wouldn't exactly call it time distortion so much as smashing two distinct vibrational areas together in rapid succession. But the pockets are a direct result of their doing."
  372.     Jennifer Attaway:   "And the thing will help you stop the pockets from growing?"
  373. Avara:  saturn plz lie-detect them?
  374. Avara:  intuition their truthfulness
  375.     Saturn Rosewell:    (...! The pockets are their doing? Really?) Intuition 6d6+2 .
  376.     Rayquaza:   "Time isn't a thing you really have with these guys. Anything you learn of them doesn't matter in about five minutes." Rayquaza shrugs, "But if you can't understand those fundamentals they've kidnapped, imprisoned and are abusing the powers of Dialga. That alone should tell you enough."
  377.     Chloe Blanchett:    "wait, the void pockets? Th-that is exactly what we're investigating."
  378.     Saturn Rosewell:    She didn't say anything or even move, but her mind was racing with all this new info.
  379. Rayquaza whispers: You don't know if its a lie or not but you know that they believe everything they're saying.
  380.     Chloe Blanchett:    "W-well.. then we need to get involved in that, don't we."
  381.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We were heading to Fate's Forest to investigate a lead on eliminating the Pockets, as I recall."
  382.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza tilts its head, "The fuck is Fate?"
  383.     Goliath:    "Language." Goliath growled, "Nymvern is here."
  384.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Um... do we have time for a history lesson?"
  385.     Chloe Blanchett:    "A very powerful being, I think. Lives in a forest nearby. It can alter aura, usually for the worse. So it lives alone."
  386. You whisper to Chloe: HH: "I can't tell if they're lying or not about that place causing the void pockets - but they certainly believe it's true. They aren't intentionally lying."
  387.     Glacer:     Glacer descends in from the sky and looks about, "Do we have the thing?"
  388.     Zekaren:    "No."
  389.     Glacer:     "Are we in the process of getting the thing?"
  390.     Zekaren:    "I believe so."
  391.     Chloe Blanchett:    "The... soapstone?"
  392.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... Right. Well, it doesn't... seem like you're lying?" Jen looks back to her allies on this.
  393.     Saturn Rosewell:    If Jen can see Saturn, she nods in the affirmative - very very slightly.
  394.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe lookes unconvinced to Jennifer. She would really like to get moving.
  395.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Do we have a reason not to Give Them The Thing And Leave?"
  396. Zekaren: (( sec ))
  397.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I'm not sure if we have what they're talking about."
  398. Glacer: (( back ))
  399.     Jennifer Attaway:   "..." Jen looks at Chloe, then back to the various assorted dragons. She takes out the Soapstone and shows it to them first. "Is this the Thing? It's the thing Chloe's talking about."
  400.     Glacer:     "You have it. Its 12-meters southwest of my immediate location." Glacer turns to Goliath, "Did you bleep up the bleep description?!"
  401.     Goliath:    "I don't believe I did."
  402.     Rayquaza:   "He did not. They're intentionally misdirecting us."
  403.     Goliath:    "They are?!"
  404.     Nymvern:    Nymvern whines.
  405.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Cylindrical, silver, powerful. Basically what you said. But... Saturn, come out please."
  406.     Glacer:     "Give us the thing."
  407.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn comes out from behind...the other tree. She warped there, and then walked out. Teleport is a handy thing.
  408.     Alsine Kolstad:     Alsine covers Chloe, sensing a rising tension.
  409.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Saturn, please hand me The Things."
  410. Alsine Kolstad must wait 29.38 seconds before it may move again!
  411. Alsine Kolstad must wait 28.72 seconds before it may move again!
  412.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...All right. I'm ...not really wanting to provoke them, and...there are questions I have myself."
  413. * Saturn Rosewell takes out a single battery from her backpack.
  414.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Is this what you're referring to?"
  415.     Glacer:     "Yes it is."
  416.     Goliath:    "Now, let's not make this a competition. Give the thing to the angry metal one and we'll leave you all unharmed."
  417.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...You seem to know a lot about these... I'm curious, but how long have you been chasing them? The time-warp place, I mean."
  418.     Jennifer Attaway:   "It might help, in the future, if you call it a battery?"
  419.     Chloe Blanchett:    "They belonged to a relative of Gary Oak's. We were returning it to him. If you can get him to tell us to give it to you, then we can without a problem."
  420.     Glacer:     "I was created there. I hate that place. A long time."
  421.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Small, shiny, metallic-looking, serves the same basic function."
  422.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Then I assume you know that trying to destroy this thing would be a very bad idea?"
  423.     Rayquaza:   "A battery implies various other things."
  424.     Goliath:    "Destroy them? Did I say that?'
  425.     Goliath:    Goliath rubs its chin, "Why, no. I don't think I did."
  426.     Saturn Rosewell:    "No, you didn't. But, you didn't say you wouldn't destroy it either. I have to be sure."
  427.     Jennifer Attaway:   "They accidentally may have destroyed some before, is what was said as well."
  428.     Glacer:     "Who is Gary Oak?" Glacer brims quietly, "No. Give us the thing. There is no negotiation."
  429.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Gary Oak is a highly-respected authority figure."
  430.     Chloe Blanchett:    "He's the one whose team stopped the Husk Invasion."
  431.     Chloe Blanchett:    "If you enjoyed how short the second calamity was, you can thank him."
  432.     Jennifer Attaway:   "A veteran of the Husk Invasion and... if I recall right..." she nods her head slightly to Mega Rayquaza, "The Rayquaza wars."
  433. Avara:  *war
  434. * Saturn Rosewell walked forward, holding the battery, clearly not looking for a fight.
  435.     Rayquaza:   "His victories are not being questioned." Rayquaza shrugged, "But his council isn't needed here. It would do you well to just give it to us."
  436.     Chloe Blanchett:    "But we can't trust you."
  437.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza accepts the thing from Saturn.
  438.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We weren't boasting his victories. You asked, we answered."
  439.     Glacer:     "We are in possession of the thing?"
  440.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((Wait, saturn is actually handing them over?))
  441. Avara:  one
  442. Avara:  out of several
  443.     Saturn Rosewell:    She was actually going to hand it over to the dude with the fists, but yes.
  444.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looks surprised.
  445.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza hands it to Goliath.
  446.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I am not sure what to think of you guys, but..."
  447.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...I'd rather not get into a fight. Looking at all five of you... It's not a pleasant thought."
  448.     Glacer:     "Mobus isn't even here!" Glacer exclaimed.
  449.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Mobus? Anything like Mobius?"
  450.     Goliath:    "We did not want to fight you either, little one."
  451.     Chloe Blanchett:    "You really sounded like you did."
  452.     Rayquaza:   "Its kind of like Wailord."
  453.     Saturn Rosewell:    "No, he sounded like he would. Not that he wanted to."
  454.     Glacer:     "I do not mind fighting. But priorities."
  455.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Friendly advice? If you're trying to avoid someone escaping you, don't roar when they don't know you're there. Also... maybe try not to turn off the weather. Both are strong indicators of a Mega Rayquaza, with the distinctive... everything."
  456.     Chloe Blanchett:    "That sounds like an excuse to me."
  457.     Rayquaza:   "I can't not turn off the weather."
  458.     Jennifer Attaway:   "You could let someone else arrive first."
  459.     Goliath:    "He also can't not turn off his Mega form." Goliath curses, "Which sucks because I like my own mega form more."
  460.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Excuse or otherwise, I'm not about to have us killed over this."
  461.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Um." She looks at goliath.
  462.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Can't Not would mean that he can."
  463.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Kanto isn't your first language, is it?"
  464.     Rayquaza:   "Forgive Goliath, Gardeboobs. He's new to---why yes."
  465.     Nymvern:    Nymvern whistles happily.
  466.     Jennifer Attaway:   "My name is Jennifer. Please, use it."
  467.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn glanced over towards Nymvern. "Just out of curiosity, but who would send a baby to fight?"
  468. Avara:  what kind of sick man sends babies to fight me?!
  469.     Rayquaza:   "A bit of advice, in turn, Jennifer." Rayquaza motioned its head to the south, "The location of this place is in the sea south of Old Fuchsia."
  470. DNA:    You noticed!
  471.     Rayquaza:   "It is in the area without water among the water. It should be obvious to anyone but it goes unnoticed."
  472.     Jennifer Attaway:   "So if everything starts going wrong, we know where to look for you?"
  473.     Rayquaza:   "Should your investigations take you to dissolve the pockets, it will eventually send you there. Though hopefully by this time tomorrow, yours ends due to it being already solved."
  474.     Saturn Rosewell:    "The sea south of old Fuchsia, without water among the water. ...Good to know. How is it entered?"
  475.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Wait...already being solved? By what?"
  476.     Jennifer Attaway:   "They want to stop the source."
  477.     Chloe Blanchett:    "So if it isn't solved by tomorrow, we should come to rescue you?"
  478.     Glacer:     "We'll be dead."
  479.     Jennifer Attaway:   "The source may or may not result in the symptoms being resolved."
  480.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...And they needed one of the batteries to even get there?"
  481.     Goliath:    Goliath chuckled, "Goliath does not die."
  482. * Saturn Rosewell gulped at the mention of the word 'dead'.
  483.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It will stop the growth though. It sounds like they are using space itself as fuel."
  484.     Jennifer Attaway:   "So... yes. We'll come investigating, if things go wrong, but hopefully we'll be able to see this resolved before we have another Incident. Kanto's seen a lot of Incidents."
  485.     Rayquaza:   "They are a nation powerful enough to kidnap a child of Arceus and hold him prisoner without intervention of Dialga's brothers or event Arceus himself." Rayquaza glowered, "And is smart enough to use Dialga's powers for their own personal benefit without a care for what happens to the world outside of their own."
  486.     Glacer:     "They're dicks."
  487.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Oh no! That's absolutely horrib-wait, Arceus has kids?"
  488.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Probably Dialga, Palkia and Giratina."
  489.     Jennifer Attaway:   "The ones Arceus is known to have created directly?"
  490.     Goliath:    "Right, with that," Goliath mounts Mega Rayquaza, "We're off to save the world. Next time we meet, I'll hunt you some fine meat and cook you a meal." Goliath salutes your group.
  491.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Good luck, to all of you." Saturn nods politely.
  492.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...But how will you even know where to find us? Do you just...travel the world?"
  493. * Jennifer Attaway gives a curtsey to the group.
  494.     Jennifer Attaway:   "They sighted us with the red-haired girl. I'm guessing either an information network, or really good vision."
  495.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We're Winter Lotus, if you ever hear of our deeds. I hope you are telling us the truth, I can only trust you as much as you trust us."
  496.     Rayquaza:   Rayquaza nods respectfully the group before taking off into the air.
  497.     Glacer:     "Name stored." Glacer nods before flying off as well.
  498.     Nymvern:    Nymvern whines before flying into the air.
  499.     Zekaren:    "I believe its a different kind of trust issue, dear."
  500.     Zekaren:    "Not that you aren't trustworthy, but that we cannot trust anyone but ourselves to get the job done."
  501.     Saturn Rosewell:    "That kind of thing, huh? ...I think I understand."
  502.     Zekaren:    Zekaren flies off itself.
  503.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I hope they're on the ball with this stuff... It'd be nice."
  504.     Chronicler :    So, uh. Huh.
  505. Encounter...overcome?
  506. XP: 120.
  507. DNA:    Sweet. I can give this to whomever I wish!
  508. * DNA weighs.
  509. * Saturn Rosewell looks up into the sky until she can't see them anymore.
  510. Avara:  i guess kao was expecting that to be a fight.
  511. Avara:  despite being the one to INITIATE negotiations
  512. Avara:  with five very scary-looking 'mons
  513. DNA:    Isn't that the 2nd boss fight we've avoided now?
  514. DNA:    Winter Lotus: Ruining the GM's plans since forever
  515. Avara:  winter lotus is the casual group i guess
  516. Avara:  other gangs hunt down crook teams and plot and such. we just talk to people.
  517. DNA:    we like exploring, that's why. Anyway!
  518.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Phew, I'm glad we didn't get into another fight. ...Should we keep walking now?"
  519.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Expediently."
  520.     Chronicler :    You make it into town. Nothing will stop you.
  521. The coming of Rayquaza is one felt area-wide and most things do not fuck with Rayquazas.
  522.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe prepared for the cold to blast through the area once again once the rayquaza left. "R-ready... th-that was scary, wasn't it."
  523. * Saturn Rosewell beckons the trio of Natasha over, who between them are holding the other battery.
  524.     Saturn Rosewell:    She then stows the battery again for safekeeping.
  525. Jennifer Attaway: (( what time is it? ))
  526. DNA:    IT was 7pm at the encounter, so that means...1amish?
  527. DNA:    *1am-ish. Not a single Amish, as it could be read.
  528.     Chronicler :    Yes.
  529. Avara:  iirc fairview had an inn?
  530. DNA:    It did, yes
  531.     Chloe Blanchett:    Then we go there! It is cold
  532. Avara:  waiting 'cause kao mentioned waiting for cast page
  533. Eclipse:    I, too, shall open it!
  534.     Chronicler:     Was waiting for this to open so I can know wtf is in Fairview.
  535.     Chronicler:     And then Skype froze so I couldn't tell you this froze.
  536. Eclipse:    Of course it did...
  537. Eclipse:    Not like my desktop is much better.
  538.     Chronicler:     Considering the time, I assume you guys b-line straight to the tavern?
  539. Eclipse:    It's not 'bee-line'?
  540.     Chronicler:     Skype is still frozen by-the-by.
  541.     Chronicler:     Probably. But Maryland as a state does not spell it so.
  542. Avara:  yes, directly to tavern
  543. Eclipse:    My dictionary has spelt it as "beeline", one word, no hyphen.
  544.     Chronicler:     Does your dictionary have the word druid in it?
  545.     Chronicler:     Mine is a 2007 Websters pocket. And it doesn't,
  546. Eclipse:    Mine is a 2004 American Heritage Dictionary. It does have the word 'druid' in it.
  547.     Chronicler:     You all re-enter the non-walled town of Fairview and are not surprised to find no one in the streets. It is 1 AM after all.
  548. Eclipse:    I mean 2001. Wow. My mistake.
  549.     Chronicler:     When you enter Mug Orchards you find that the main floor is empty but well-kept. A single torch burns in the tavern.
  550.     Chronicler:     Doing anything?
  551. Avara:  nobody at the counter, or nearby?
  552.     Chronicler:     None.
  553.     Chronicler:     It is empty.
  554.     Chloe Blanchett:    Is there a bell?
  555. Eclipse:    Or, perhaps, a front counter?
  556.     Chronicler:     There is a bell. And a staircase leading higher into the estate.
  557.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Maybe they're asleep, or noticed the change in weather."
  558.     Chronicler:     The bell is on the front counter.
  559.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe dings the bell once.
  560.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn moves very quietly towards the front counter, waiting there with Chloe.
  561. * Jennifer Attaway will take a seat nearby.
  562.     Chronicler:     You hear a stirring nearby.
  563.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Or maybe it was the change in weather and everyone went into hiding..." Chloe looked around.
  564.     Chronicler:     After a moment there's creaking upstairs and the rustling of cloth.
  565.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Chloe, it's just really late."
  566.     Saturn Rosewell:    Her voice is at a whisper, to be respectful of the others.
  567.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance drowsily steps into the main level from the staircase and looks about, "Evening, ladies." Gloria Dance says with a yawn.
  568.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Sorry to wake you up." Chloe said in a hush. "We just reached town and would love some warm sheets. Do you have rooms to spare?"
  569.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance nods, "That I do." Gloria Dance moves behind the counter and leans against it, "So, will you all share a single room or be getting different ones?'
  570.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I think..." Chloe turned to count heads, "We'll have three rooms."
  571.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Why not share?"
  572.     Chloe Blanchett:    "E-eh?" Chloe blushed. "Isn't that a bit..."
  573.     Saturn Rosewell:    "It depends on when and how we wake up. We might rise really early or really late."
  574.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We're friends, we're travelling together, we're all girls... I don't see a problem."
  575.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance chuckled, "I think some girls prefer some privacy. I don't see any men in your company after all. Must be frustrating."
  576.     Gloria Dance:   "Two or three rooms, is it?"
  577.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Why would having no men be frustrating? It's actually pretty nice."
  578.     Alsine:     "It should be no different than camping, we huddle together then for warmth."
  579.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I think Gloria thinks we should be wanting for some breeding time?"
  580.     Alsine:     "... it can be frustrating." Alsine admitted.
  581.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance shrugs at Saturn, "Perhaps you're too young. Or prefer women? Who can say?"
  582.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I'm a liiiiiiiiittle too young for that, yeah." She giggles.
  583.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I find the bath more convenient for that sort of thing than a bed."
  584.     Natasha:    HH: "Awk-ward..."
  585.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We still need the bedspace, right?"
  586.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Presumably there are bigger beds available?"
  587.     Gloria Dance:   "You just tell me what you're buying, alright?"
  588.     Alsine:     "Master Chloe and I will share a room. Jennifer and Saturn can decide whether to group."
  589.     Chloe Blanchett:    "R-right. One room for me then...." Chloe looked through her money to pay.
  590.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Saturn, do you have a problem with room-sharing?"
  591.     Saturn Rosewell:    "You just tried to put us together because we're hybrids, didn't you?" Saturn looks at Alsine with a jocular expression. She turns to Jennifer, "I usually prefer separate, but if bunking together would be less money, I'm okay with that. Don't need to wear the hat now, after all."
  592.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance glances to the rest of the group then back to Chloe, "That'll be 200, m'lady."
  593.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe pays up gladly.
  594.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We
  595.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I don't think that was Alsine's motive, so much as those two being very comfortable together."
  596.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance hands Chloe a key to the third floor, "200 for you two as well, Saturn."
  597.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We're looking back into the Void Pocket issue." Chloe mentioned bluntly.
  598.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I know. I was joking."
  599. * Saturn Rosewell pays the 200 up front.
  600.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Split cost?"
  601.     Saturn Rosewell:    "It's fine; I can handle this one."
  602.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Alright."
  603.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance hands Saturn a key to the fourth floor, "Are you now? Did some new information come up?"
  604.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Potentially. A new lead or two might've opened up."
  605.     Saturn Rosewell:    "You could say that, yeah. On top of them spreading as far east as Cerulean, we have a few ideas about what's causing them."
  606.     Chloe Blanchett:    "A little...We've seen a lot of strange stuff, and learned a lot of things. So we have new knowledge and new skills to give it another go."
  607.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Once we can confirm things, we'll get the info circulating."
  608.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...Wait a sec..."
  609.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Gloria, how'd you recognize me?"
  610. Avara:  how different is saturn?
  611.     Gloria Dance:   "Should I not have?"
  612. Avara:  hair color and a new outfit?
  613. Eclipse:    Have you seen her original picture?
  614. Avara:  her facial structure might be the same?
  615. Eclipse:    Her hair and outfit used to be light brown. It's now noticeably purple.
  616. Avara:  people dye their hair. it happens.
  617.     Saturn Rosewell:    "It's not that; it's that...well, I look a lot different now than I did then. ...It's my face, isn't it?"
  618. DNA:    ...as that is the only thing I could think of that DIDN'T change about her.
  619.     Gloria Dance:   "It's not like you showed a lot of yourself before when you were here." Gloria Dance chuckled, "And considering I run a tavern, I meet a lot of people before and after some interesting and sometimes dangerous things. A persons features are but one way to recognize someone."
  620.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Wait, Saturn, Jennifer. When Inbee was wrestling that little critter, I caught it because I thought it was a scavenger, and it wasn't a good idea to leave it for dead just for that. Were either of you interested in training it? Because I'm not sure if I have the time to."
  621.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I'd prefer to keep my team size small... isn't that why you got storage, though?"
  622.     Chloe Blanchett:    "We caught him on the way, and my team wasn't full."
  623.     Jennifer Attaway:   "You don't need a full team to send someone to storage, do you?"
  624.     Gloria Dance:   "Oh that's right, you do have that later in the corner over there with you."
  625.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Miss Nobody 'Inbee' looks up, "Oh no, I'm fine."
  626. Avara:  later? letter? lady?
  627.     Gloria Dance:   "Surely you won't be sleeping outside?"
  628. Gloria Dance: (( lady* ))
  629.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    "I don't sleep. I wait."
  630.     Gloria Dance:   "..."
  631.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Do you need a room to wait in?"
  632. Eclipse:    Inbee is now confirmed as Chuck Norris.
  633.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I think I do. But now I need to find a pokemon center to use my storage anyway."
  634.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I...I could help raise that raccoon thing if you wanted, Chloe."
  635.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Jennifer seems to be okay, and...I think I can handle it."
  636.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe smiled. "Sure~" She handed over the pokeball. "I hope you get along, I know your team is a little bit small."
  637.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I hope it isn't too scary. Given how my team is mostly really small..."
  638. Chloe Blanchett:    in your box
  639. Eclipse:    Much obliged!
  640.     Chronicler:     Shall I assume you all sleep into the morn?
  641. Avara:  yes
  642.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Zzzzz....Ssss.... Zzzzz..."
  643.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn is up pretty quickly, but Natasha, as usual, loves to sleep in.
  644. Avara:  we'd want to sleep 'til like 9AM
  645. Avara:  to get full rest
  646. Avara:  maybe more
  647. Avara:  because late
  648. Eclipse:    Agreed. That's what I'd assumed.
  649. Eclipse:    I'm more so remarking that Saturn wakes up quickly from after rest, not so much her duration.
  650.     Chronicler:     The morning comes uneventfully. A good bed to sleep in and a warm building. The smell of bread and liquor fills the building and the murmurs coming from the first floor echoes quietly.
  651.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe is used to getting short sleeps, so she wakes up to the smell of good food.
  652.     Natasha:    HH: "*loud snoring* ...mph, five more minutes..."
  653. * Jennifer Attaway will come down, after morning cleanliness is taken care of. "That smells good..."
  654.     Saturn Rosewell:    It doesn't take Saturn nearly as long to shower and whatnot, given how her hair isn't tricky to handle anymore. She isn't in a rush, though, which is good - and she's enthusiastic to go to the Forest of Fates to handle the void pockets.
  655.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((What bathing options do we have?))
  656.     Gloria Dance:   Gloria Dance is drinking a bottle of moonshine and baking both bread and pies, "Oh, good morning. I told St.Pierre you're here. She wanted to speak with you when you had the chance."
  657. Gloria Dance: (( Hot water, tubs and soap. ))
  658. Gloria Dance: (( No showers. ))
  659. Avara:  jen took full advantage, if allowed.
  660. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I know you didn't get me the info yet, but tracking the timeline, about now is when the Gentleman Starly would hand a letter off to Saturn. Though it'll just appear IC. I'll write the content up later based on what you tell me.
  661. Jennifer Attaway: (( who? ))
  662.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe takes a long private soak, as she always does when she gets the chance. She uses her scented soap this morning~ She is in a good mood.
  663.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((How many uses in a bar of soap and a thing of shampoo?))
  664. DNA:    I remember it being 3 per soap. Shampoo I forgot.
  665. Gloria Dance: (( We'll go with 3 as well. ))
  666.     Chloe Blanchett:    Going with Sage scented shampoo.
  667.     Chloe Blanchett:    Puts on her Fancy Clothes (beauty), for whatever benefit that has.
  668. Gloria Dance whispers: That's fine.
  669.     Saturn Rosewell:    "St. Pierre? She's the leader of Fairview, the one who wanted the pockets investigated, correct?"
  670. Gentleman Starly must wait 15.063 seconds before it may move again!
  671.     Gloria Dance:   "Indeed."
  672.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Did she ask about what specifically?"
  673. * Jennifer Attaway will also be wearing Fancy Clothes (Beauty).
  674.     Chloe Blanchett:    "To investigate. And if we could find a way to stop them we would see extra rewards. I can't remember if there was anything more... Oh! Did a doctor come to town at all? We sent him this way hoping he could find a new home for his family."
  675.     Gloria Dance:   "She didn't, though I assume it has to do with Prudence being injured."
  676.     Saturn Rosewell:    "She's injured?" Saturn remembers her, the guard who very solidly decked Blondelle in the flaps on Day One. "What happened to her?"
  677. * Avara Approves +5.
  678. * DNA , much like Reecoome, thanks you.
  679.     Gloria Dance:   "A doctor came in, yes. He stays on the second floor with me." Gloria Dance chuckled, "I don't think Cherrel approves."
  680. DNA:    (I forgot who Cherrel is)
  681. Avara:  probably his waifu?
  682.     Chloe Blanchett:    (His wife?)
  683.     Gloria Dance:   "But as far as Prudence goes, she's been fending off some of the roaming more aggressive Pokémon of late. Took her toll the past few days."
  684. DNA:    (Yeah, probably. I just don't remember names well the farther away we are from them.)
  685.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh, what has made them so aggressive? They were always calm around these parts."
  686.     Gloria Dance:   "I did say roaming, did I not? I mean to say they aren't the local ilk."
  687.     Jennifer Attaway:   "So... where was St. Pierre?"
  688.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe folded her arms. "Roaming pokemon... do you know what kinds? Where they might be from?"
  689.     Gloria Dance:   "I don't exactly know, no. But you can find her in her office." Gloria Dance chuckled, "Its her home. We aren't that formal."
  690.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Alright... is it okay if we head out after breakfast?... Does the inn serve breakfast?"
  691.     Gloria Dance:   "I serve pie, drinks and bread. Anything else will cost you."
  692.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I smell breakfast." Chloe smiled.
  693.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I can pay for a meal. You can only live on bare rations so long."
  694.     Natasha:    HH: "Did someone say pie!?"
  695.     Gloria Dance:   "Those things don't require me to kill anything and I can make it myself with what I grow. So its free."
  696.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Pie sounds good. What kind did you make?"
  697. DNA:    I'm now imagining the 2-year-old saying the word 'pie' repeatedly at Thanksgiving dinner
  698.     Gloria Dance:   "Apple and Pumpkin."
  699. DNA:    I want apple pie now I hate you
  700.     Chloe Blanchett:    "What else is there?"
  701.     Gloria Dance:   "What other pies or other food?"
  702.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((right, berry rolls! Ros 1 and Lum 2
  703.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Other food."
  704.     Gloria Dance:   "Well, I still have some jerked beef and chili. But other than that I'd have to break out the oven and cook up a meal. What did you like?"
  705.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I think I'll just have some apple pie for now, thank you."
  706.     Jennifer Attaway:   "May I have some apple pie and water or juice, then?"
  707.     Saturn Rosewell:    "That food sounds delicious to me. Then again...anything sounds delicious compared to ground dirt and gravel. I'll go for water and whatever has protein in it."
  708. Gloria Dance: (( I swear my cat is pissing me off. ))
  709.     Natasha:    Natasha gives Saturn an odd look. HH: "You've been eating dirt?"
  710.     Saturn Rosewell:    HH: "Well, it does have a lot of nutrients in it. Plants survive off of it, so why can't I?"
  711.     Gloria Dance:   "I have orange juice." Gloria Dance sets out some freshly baked apple pie and a tankard of OJ.
  712.     Natasha:    HH: "That...is not exactly why I asked that..."
  713.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I like nuts for my protein. Meat has been harder to stomach since I started to train pokemon."
  714.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I mostly ate berries and stuff before I started training anyway..." Jen prepares herself a plate of delicious foodstuffs.
  715.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn's going for a little bit of everything, partly for her own nutrition and partly to savor the taste. Traveling makes her go days on end without nice food, so actually tasting something becomes a privilege.
  716. Gloria Dance: (( Would people be okay pausing here?
  717. We don't have a jerk encounter that I have to suddenly prep for start of next game. ))
  718. Avara:  pause sounds good
  719.     Gentleman Starly:   Pausing is fine. My headache is starting to flare up again, and it's 9pm anyway.
  720. * Avara is amused at getting to ruin GM plans twice in a row
  721.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh, Gloria? I want you to have something." Chloe went into her back and pulled out a single berry. "This is a berry we found, it's called a Ros Berry. Eating it helps heal minor injuries over time, sort of like bandages or other medical supplies. It has been vital to us as trainers... but it is selfish to keep it to ourselves. Not if it can help people. But... I was also too nervious to give it to anyone who would try to profit from it over using it to help people. But I trust you." Chloe smiled brightly, "Just make sure to tell people who discovered the berry and help the Winter Lotus reputation in exchange, okay?"
  722.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn blushed slightly at the mention of the name 'Ros Berry'. To this day she still thinks Natasha deserves the credit over her.
  723.     Chronicler:     We can pause here and I'll have Gloria respond to that at the start of the next session.
  724.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((okay!))
  725. Avara:  'kay!
  726.     Chronicler:     TXP: 3
  727. DNA:    I assume no additional PXP beyond the 120?
  728.     Chronicler:     Nope!
  729. Eclipse:    As I thought. Acceptable.
  730. Avara:  we resolved an encounter and got rested up and fed
  731. Eclipse:    TL 20.5
  732.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((wow, I am behind. I got 19.8 >.>
  733. Avara:  good thing no fight happened
  734.     Chronicler:     Ending Date: February 25th, 1549. 1000 Hours, Wednesday.
  735. Avara is disconnected.
  736.     Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  737. Chloe is disconnected.
  738. Eclipse is disconnected.
  739. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  740. You have disconnected.
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