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Nov 26th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. The familiar fox that is most common in legend and lore is the red fox, but there are over 30 species of fox living in an amazing variety of environments all over the world. In general, foxes are small members of the dog family, the largest of which is the typical red fox.|
  2. The red fox is the most wide-spread carnivore in the world, living in every region of the Northern Hemisphere including Central America, and having been introduced by humans to Australia, where they are so successful they are considered a major pest.|
  3. The red fox in particular is extremely skilled at adapting to almost any environment. They have succeeded and thrived in close proximity to human beings and there are even some sub-species of red fox that live in heavy urban environments, taking advantage of their naturally nocturnal tendencies.|
  4. Many other fox species are endangered or threatened, unable to adapt to human encroachment, while the red fox enjoys healthy populations all over the world.|
  5. Foxes live in small groups, or alone. They don't have the kind of intense social structure we connect with other canines like the wolf and the dog.|
  6. Foxes are solitary hunters even if living in a family group, and they are notorious for killing extra prey and burying it for later. This activity is probably how the “sly” signature got attached to the fox, although, foxes, in general, are very bright, inquisitive, and intelligent animals.|
  7. There are unusual names applied to male and female foxes as well, the male being known as a “reynard” and the female, naturally, a “vixen”.|
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