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  1. sharpness = dict(red=0.5, orange=0.75, yellow=1.0, green=1.05, blue=1.2, white=1.32, purple=1.39)
  2. raw_dmg = lambda r, a, cb, s: (r + (r * a * 0.4 if cb else 0.25)) * sharpness[s]
  3. "Nebethetepet Lv3 EFR: {:,.2f}".format(raw_dmg(350, .95, True, "purple"))
  4. # 'Nebethetepet Lv3 EFR: 671.37'
  5. "Cera Cediment Lv5 EFR: {:,.2f}".format(raw_dmg(390, .75, True, "white"))
  6. # 'Cera Cediment Lv5 EFR: 669.24'
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