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Sep 6th, 2013
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  2. I'm developing an add-in which will include the functionality of some of the existing utility add-ins, while adding new functionality and utilities.
  3. The add-in starts with a view of the current time and date...
  4. [img][/img]
  5. ...which is configurable: you can choose between a 12 or 24 hour clock and there are 10 long date formats to choose from. You can set these on the settings menu, accessible when you press Shift+Menu (Setup) on the home screen:
  6. [img][/img]
  7. The settings menu is also where you set the time and date. It has some more options, explore them yourself ;)
  9. Back to the home screen, you see three labels at the bottom: Power, Light and Time. The Time menu doesn't do anything yet (however, you can get an idea of what I plan on adding).
  10. On the Power menu, you get a set of features similar to AHelper's Power Utils add-in. You can set the power-off timeout, the backlight timeout and level. You can also set the CPU clock (the option will only be available if you enable "Show advanced tools" in Settings).
  11. [img][/img]
  13. On the Light menu you'll find out how to turn your Prizm into a very expensive and inefficient lantern or flashlight :)
  14. Everything should be pretty explanatory except the Network Light feature; documentation for this feature will come at a later date (read: it is buggy/not finished).
  16. This is far from finished but I thought I should release a preview version now. Also, the bit about the GNU GPL license in the About screen is still not very true because I'm not going to bother posting unfinished, impossible to maintain code. Right now the source code is a single file with 235KiB and 2350 lines - and I only know where each routine is because I was the one who put it together.
  17. Still, if you want the source code, post here and I'll get the giant file to you.
  19. Download In Development Public Release here:
  21. Please tell me your suggestions and comments on how I can improve this add-in. I'd really like to have suggestions on more utilities to include.
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