I Kain't Believe My Mother is a Suikoden Character

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  1. [11:17:25] <@Kain> Last time, on Rocket Rumble! Ammy and Lenore explored an inactive volcano reported to be quite dangerous, but with some caution and luck made their way down to a hidden sanctum within the ruins and discovered Chell dredging up the past. The mime seemed disinterested, but after a faux pas was enraged and battled the duo. They secured a victory, forcing Chell to retreat and lick her wounds,
  2. [11:17:26] <@Kain> for now. But what lay beyond that extraction circle?
  3. [11:17:29] <@Kain> Prickles consecrates the area while the two of you have a closer look around. There IS the matter of that conspicuous looking door across from the extraction platform.
  4. [11:17:29] <@Kain> When you open it, you find an odd sight inside. A rather well-furnished bedroom, featuring such things as a four poster bed, a vanity dressor, a vanity, and a wine cabinet. The room itself, aside from its decorations, meshes with the ruins so far, bearing stone pillars and intricately carved floors. Murals on the far walls seem to show pictures of diminutive, robed creatures in a gathering
  5. [11:17:29] <@Kain> before one on a raised platform. The tonberry on the platform holds a pair of scales, and carries no weapon. To the tonberry's left, an assistant holds a glowing lantern. To the right, an assistant bears a knife. A fourth tonberry in shackles is shown below the judge, waiting to see which side he falls on. Far above the 'court' scene, a humanoid creature made of strange angles and shapes
  6. [11:17:34] <@Kain> watches the proceedings.
  7. [11:17:34] <@Kain> Another wall instead shows a large, circular glyph that doesn't seem to match the other carvings or the patterns of the extraction circle. It looks rather similar to the Magus Sister rune, in fact, but something seems wrong. It's... inscribed backwards. And about twice as large as the other one. Kind of convenient for it to be here, but what's the deal?
  8. [11:17:41] <@Kain> A number of potion bottles are in the wine cabinet, labeled with odd things like "Spring Day 1402", "Jilted Bride's Sorrow", "Shenanigans", and "Ooh La La".
  9. [11:17:41] <@Kain> A photograph rests on the vanity, of what appear to be the Magus Sisters in modern human clothing and hanging out in Lindblum - you can tell by the familiar castle in the background.
  10. [11:17:45] <@Kain> Oh, and by the way. Lenore's mother is sleeping in the bed, dressed in animal skins and sewn leaf-garments, her face marked with warpaint and an empty bottle of wine clutched in her hand.
  11. [11:18:06] * Lenore gives a bunch of ooooohs and aaaaaahs as she looks around the room
  12. [11:18:30] <Lenore> ...then she notices her mom and tackles her!  Who the fuck cares if she's sleeping.
  13. [11:18:43] * Kain is now known as Elena
  14. [11:18:50] * Amaryllis is, at first, too preoccupied with examining the court scene relief to even notice anything else in the room. As she steps in further though, and as Lenore launches herself through the air, she just...staaares at the bed.
  15. [11:19:21] <@Elena> "Bah!" she wakes with a start as she's tackled, flailing around and sending the empty bottle flying and crashing against the wall. "Whossat? Lena??"
  16. [11:20:02] <Lenore> "Mom!"  She's got her usual wideface going on~.  "What're you doing here~?"
  17. [11:20:11] <@Elena> "Lena!" She squeezehugs her daughter! "It's so good to- ow, my head..."
  18. [11:20:45] * @Elena rubs her eyes. "Having the worst hangover of my life... Where am I?" she squints blearily around the room.
  19. [11:21:03] * Amaryllis continues to stare.
  20. [11:21:22] * Lenore squeezehugs back~. "You're in Mt. Gulug! I have no idea why, but you ended up falling asleep somewhere where I found you, so it's a good thing!"
  21. [11:23:26] <Amaryllis> "...I may have some whiskey here for that hangover of yours." Ammy takes a seat next to the mother daughter pair on the bed and opens up her bag. She reaches in, pulls out a potion bottle, then shakes it a little with a frown. Empty.
  22. [11:23:37] <@Elena> "Mt. Gulug...?" she yaaaawns, and looks down at herself. "But I'm not dressed for the cold... oh well! Those moogles know how to party hard..."
  23. [11:24:11] <@Elena> She grabbyhands for the bottle but frowns when she sees it's empty. "Aw."
  24. [11:24:12] <Amaryllis> "Where...did you begin partying?" Ammy asks with concern as she searches through her bag.
  25. [11:25:18] * Lenore pulls her arms off her mom long enough to rummage through her scrunchie and pulls out a better white dress in Elena's size (why is she carrying one of her mom's dresses?) and a bottle of whiskey. She totally used both of her bottomless pockets uses on her mom. Worth it.
  26. [11:25:31] <Amaryllis> Out comes...nope that's her herbal tea, that's not whiskey. Nope, that's a container of chowder, magically preserved. Nope that's the...contraceptives? Oh there we go, Ammy pulls out a bottle of whiskey.
  27. [11:25:59] <Amaryllis> Now there are two bottles. Oh dear.
  28. [11:25:59] <Lenore> "I've got what you need, mom~!"
  29. [11:27:27] <@Elena> "Um... Let's see... I was looking for Mognet Central, but I got lost in a forest! Did find some moogles, though, dressed like how I am now~ Couldn't understand a word they said but there was a celebration... And I might be their queen now? Nnngh, so hard to remember... Oh, thank you!" She takes both bottles of whiskey and has a pull from each, smacking her lips~
  30. [11:29:40] <@Elena> She puts the bottles aside and gets dressed in what Lenore got out for her. "You are so -sweet-, Lena! I could just squeeze you~★"
  31. [11:29:54] <Lenore> "You already did, though~! ☆"
  32. [11:30:19] <@Elena> She giggles. "This is a nice place, though..."
  33. [11:30:39] <@Elena> Prickles walks in and immediately ???'s
  34. [11:32:00] <@Elena> As she takes off the tribal wear, something falls out of the bra. Some kind of piece of paper. She squints, picks it up, opens it, and squints again.
  35. [11:32:08] <Lenore> "We found my mom here, Prickly~"
  36. [11:32:14] <Amaryllis> "Yes, well..." Ammy looks down, suddenly notices what she's taken out of her bag in searching for the whiskey, and immediately fumbles and flails at stuffing it all back in her bag before someone notices.
  37. [11:32:21] <@Elena> Prickles: "Perhaps it's better not to ask -how-."
  38. [11:32:40] * Lenore also squints at paper in bra.
  39. [11:34:11] <@Elena> "Is this... a map? When did I pick up a map...?" She shrugs and hands it to Lenore. It seems to be a map of Lindblum circa 1603.
  40. [11:34:31] <Lenore> "Hmmmm...Lindblum..hmmm..."
  41. [11:35:18] * Lenore looks for anything UNUSUAL about the map besides being old, before giving the OVERSIZED RUNE a lookover.
  42. [11:35:19] <@Elena> She stuffs the other things into inexplicable pockets in her dress, then nudges Ammy, winking. "Congratulations, by the way~"
  43. [11:35:52] * Amaryllis is glancing over the map as well, trying to remember what was historically significant about this time. She looks up. "For what?"
  44. [11:35:58] <@Elena> It doesn't actually seem old at all, but the year is marked.
  45. [11:36:26] <@Elena> "For... you knoooow." Nudge nudge wink wink. "I saw what you had~" she takes another pull of whiskey.
  46. [11:36:33] <@Elena> In the meantime...
  47. [11:37:10] <@Elena> The oversized rune seems to match the patterns of the first one, but is inscribed backwards. You know it won't work like this.
  48. [11:37:15] <Lenore> (best.  mom.)
  49. [11:37:25] <Lenore> "Hmmmm...."
  50. [11:37:34] <Lenore> "Hey Ammy, you wanna' help me out?"
  51. [11:37:47] <Amaryllis> "T-there was nothing!" Ammy stumbles over her words in a rare fit of ineloquence as she turns a light shade of pink and squeezes her bag tigther. She takes a moment and recomposes herself. "I know not what you speak of, Elena."
  52. [11:37:48] <Lenore> "I'm gonna' need a mirror."
  53. [11:38:09] <@Elena> There happens to be a mirror on the nearby vanity!
  54. [11:38:27] <Lenore> Indeed!  Lenore tries taking it off, although somehow she expects it to be stuck on.
  55. [11:38:39] <@Elena> "Oh, I mean the condoms of course! Good luck with the lucky man!"
  56. [11:38:56] * Amaryllis buries her face in her bag.
  57. [11:39:13] <@Elena> Prickles turns 180 and slides out of the room.
  58. [11:39:39] <Lenore> (Prickles is in a castlevania game and is now pushing L L L L L L L L L L L L)
  59. [11:40:07] <@Elena> You can remove it, after a moment of fiddling with it. Kinda hard to hold it and write at the same time, though.
  60. [11:40:32] <Lenore> "Mommy or Ammy!  I need you to hold this mirror for a bit!"
  61. [11:40:55] <Amaryllis> "We haven't...there isn't..." Ammy mumbles through her bag, then she jumps up, tossing it aside. "Yes, sure, of course." A distraction!
  62. [11:44:01] <@Elena> "I'll just drink away my hangover in the meantime! ☄~"
  63. [11:44:56] * Lenore looks over mirror rune to make sure it'll work
  64. [11:45:02] * Amaryllis shuffles over to help Lenore, her face a slowly fading crimson.
  65. [11:46:04] <@Elena> The mirror reflects the rune on the wall nicely, at a much more managable size and orientation!
  66. [11:46:15] * Lenore copycopycopy~
  67. [11:46:26] <@Elena> "Oh! That's a Magus Sister rune, isn't it?" she says, after a moment.
  68. [11:46:57] * Lenore blink. "You knew? Dad didn't know, actually!"
  69. [11:49:14] <@Elena> She makes another star with her intuitive magic. "Only 'cuz I partied with them once! They're really fun to hang around~"
  70. [11:50:10] <Lenore> "Oh my~!  I'm jealous!"  She continues copying the rune.  "Well, I'll be able to after I find all these runes~ ☆"
  71. [11:50:16] <Amaryllis> "Do you often party with Eidolons?" Ammy's voice is oddl strained, and she's still looking pink.
  72. [11:50:37] <@Elena> "Um... maybe! It's hard to remember!"
  73. [11:50:46] <@Elena> Down the hatch more whiskey goes.
  74. [11:52:15] <@Elena> "Life is too short to mope around, y'know? I still have Lena, and Bernie, and the whole rest of my life ahead of me! No reason to just get out there and live!"
  75. [11:52:19] <@Elena> *not to
  76. [11:52:39] <Amaryllis> Ammy would laugh at Elena's poor memory if she weren't so embarassed. "Of course."
  77. [11:53:14] <Lenore> "Oh, mom, I saw Blade recently!  He's doing pretty well, really strong now, has some weird girl named Alexis he hangs out with."
  78. [11:53:24] <Amaryllis> "Also, those...that in my bag. I have not know..." Ammy stumbles over her words then sighs. "Oh bloody hell." She grabs whichever bottle Elena isn't drinking from and takes a drag herself.
  79. [11:53:42] <@Elena> "This. is. delicious. Oh? Ohhh, Bernie found a girlfriend?" she starts to squeal. :D
  80. [11:54:09] <Lenore> "I'm not sure if they're just traveling together or it's like that, but who knows!"  Copycopycopy~
  81. [11:55:12] <@Elena> "I can't wait to be a grandmother! ☂ ...wait, that was the wrong one."
  82. [11:55:51] <Lenore> "Oh my, that's a new one~ ♨"
  83. [11:56:25] <@Elena> The rune is finished copying!
  84. [11:56:50] <@Elena> Elena kicks the two empty whiskey bottles aside and investigates the wine cabinet!
  85. [11:56:55] * Amaryllis slinks off to the side to examine the court scene etched onto the wall, clutching her bag tightly and holding her journal open in the other hand. She starts to copy it as well, magicking the ink onto the pages.
  86. [11:57:12] * Lenore looks over her rune for any mistakes, and also starts reading in for any details the rune has~
  87. [11:57:44] <@Elena> Give me a Lore: Magic!
  88. [11:58:00] <Lenore> 2d6+5
  89. [11:58:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+5: 8 [2d6=2,1]
  90. [11:58:07] <Lenore> 1d6 BURNING DESTINY
  91. [11:58:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, BURNING DESTINY: 6 [1d6=6]
  92. [11:58:13] <Lenore> THERE 14
  95. [11:59:44] <Lenore> HOwever, you do~
  96. [12:00:17] <@Elena> This one represents Cindy, the bulky protector of the magus sisters. This one seems to require Cura to be cast. ...But wait, that's white magic. Aren't black mages the ones that usually seek the sisters out?
  97. [12:00:56] <Lenore> She quirks an eyebrow.
  98. [12:01:06] <@Elena> You have a feeling that these might need a little help from your friends to complete the ritual.
  99. [12:02:22] <@Elena> You're pretty sure Natalie knows Cura, anyway, so it should be fine!
  100. [12:02:46] <Giantree> (If you want TECHNICALITIES it's 4Ruby Heal, hmph)
  101. [12:03:02] <Lenore> "Hmmm, well, figures that a trio of mages would require people working together to call them forth~"
  102. [12:03:14] <@Elena> Ammy, are you looking around in the meantime?
  103. [12:03:21] * Amaryllis starts feeling around the edges of the mural, then tracing the lines to see whether there's anything secret around here.
  104. [12:04:27] <@Elena> Roll a plain 2d6 shenanigans check
  105. [12:04:33] <Amaryllis> 2d6
  106. [12:04:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  107. [12:04:46] <Lenore> 2d6 I'm rolling too~
  108. [12:04:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, I'm rolling too~: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  109. [12:05:16] <Amaryllis> Can you spend destiny on shenanigans checks?
  110. [12:05:25] <@Elena> You can, but that won't be necessary!
  111. [12:06:18] <@Elena> Ammy's fingers slide into the mural at one point - on the tonberry carrying the knife.
  112. [12:07:22] <Amaryllis> Flash! Her own knife is in her hand now, though folded, and she presses in on the mural with it held.
  113. [12:07:32] <@Elena> And the floor under you, and the wall from the floor up to your waist swivels around. You're too tall to get pulled in properly, but the motion of the floor knocks you down unexpectedly and you tumble in.
  114. [12:08:35] <Amaryllis> "Augh!" Ammy flails a bit as she falls into the ~secret room~.
  115. [12:08:38] <@Elena> Lenore sees Ammy vanish in a tonberry-sized wall swivel thing. ...Oh dear.
  116. [12:08:57] * Lenore jumps at the noise. "Huh, what happened? ☃
  117. [12:08:58] <Lenore> "
  118. [12:09:59] <@Elena> Elena doesn't even look over, she's on the bed again drinking one of the things from the wine cabinet. Oh god, she's out of it.
  119. [12:10:17] * Lenore runs over ot the swivel. "Gotta' go mom, see you in a bit!" She messes with the wall,w hat did it...
  120. [12:11:01] * Amaryllis gets up on the other side if there's room and looks around. Lighting her lantern if it's dark.
  121. [12:11:25] <@Elena> Ammy, you find yourself in what looks to be... an execution chamber. Your hair is caught in the wall a bit, but after a moment you can pull yourself free. Ancient bloodstains line the floor here, as well as gruesome looking devices, the guillotine being the least of them. There is also a sheer vertical shaft downwards at the end of the room.
  122. [12:11:50] <@Elena> Lenore depresses the knife button and tumbles in too. OW, your head. Low ceiling alert.
  123. [12:12:08] <@Elena> The two of you have to hunch to walk in here properly.
  124. [12:12:09] <Lenore> "Ow ow ow ow!  ☁"
  125. [12:12:16] * Amaryllis shuffles forward slowly, her eyes aglow too as she looks around.
  126. [12:12:40] <Amaryllis> She turns at the sound and in a flash her knife is dispelled, and her hand goes up to cover Lenore's eyes.
  127. [12:13:21] <Amaryllis> "This room appears to be an execution chamber. It is quite unpleasant. Just...a warning for you before we go on."
  128. [12:14:14] <@Elena> An Iron Tonberry stands on one wall, only three feet high but a metal coffin, open and full of deadly spikes.
  129. [12:14:30] * Lenore tumbles into this room, hurting, hits her head on the ceiling, and suddenly has her eyes covered! "Hey whoa whoa!'s you Ammy? I was about to give my assailant an unpleasant discharge~ ☆" She pushes the hand off her eyes. "I can handle it!" She takes a look... "I can't handle it!" She puts Ammy's hand back over her eyes.
  130. [12:15:44] * Amaryllis mumbles a few words in a chant under her breath and a thin sheet of twilight forms in front of Lenore's eyes. "Let me know if you want me to dispel that."
  131. [12:16:20] <@Elena> A large, bronze bull stands over what appears to be a fire pit. The interior seems hollow.
  132. [12:16:37] <Amaryllis> "I shall have a look around." Ammy shuffles forward, her knife back in her hand again as she proceeds, glancing about warily with her lantern and the glow of her eyes.
  133. [12:17:43] <@Elena> The devices here seem to be of various levels of pain and lethality. Ancient stone plaques on the wall read, inexplicably in english, what crimes are appropriate for execution by each of these.
  134. [12:17:50] <Lenore> "Okay, I'll be sure to!"  She carefully waits for Ammy to give the place a lookaround and then lead her along with her hand1,1, kyaaaa, Ammy-sama's hands are so soft~!
  135. [12:19:07] <@Elena> It seems no matter what the manner of execution though, the final rest for the bodies i s the pit at the other end of the room, which a plaque declares "leads to the mountain's heart, a fiery and cleansing light that will guide the lost souls in their next life".
  136. [12:19:49] <Amaryllis> "Quite the methodical list of torture techniques and implements." Ammy mumbles to herself, reading over the list. Are there any Summoner-centric crimes listed?
  137. [12:20:55] <@Elena> The crime of misusing the powers of an eidolon is written on the plaque next to the bull, declaring the punishment after extraction being to be burned alive within the metal shell.
  138. [12:22:50] * Amaryllis hooks her lantern onto her wrist and dismisses her knife, grabbing her journal and quickly jotting down the list and the bit about the pits, any sort of writing that's here really. She stops at the misuse of Eidolon one, tilting her head. "It would be more poetic to have them put to death by the Eidolon they misused." She muses.
  139. [12:23:43] <Amaryllis> And then she does indeed shuffle back to Lenore and grab her by the wrist. "...Are you alright, Lenore?"
  140. [12:24:35] <@Elena> This room is pretty morbid. You also happen to notice a small opening, a foot square window into another room next to this one, with no apparent entrance. You can't make out much from here, but there seem to be tablets of some kind within.
  141. [12:24:35] <Lenore> "Yeah, I'm okay!  Lemme' know when things are all right or you need me, okay?  I'm kind of curious what might be in this prison, but it's a bit freaky to look at, so you can handle that, right Ammy?"
  142. [12:26:16] <@Elena> The way the other room is positioned might suggest it's behind a secret panel further down the mural, though.
  143. [12:26:21] <Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy leads Lenore to the end of the room at the plaque and dispels the twilight. "Well, at the least, this should not be too unpleasant to gaze upon."
  144. [12:26:44] * Amaryllis takes a look down the pit, illuminating it with her lantern.
  145. [12:26:46] <@Elena> The pit at the end drops for miles straight down. You can't see the bottom.
  146. [12:26:52] * Lenore carefully looks around after her eyes are opened~. "Hm, neeeat!"
  147. [12:27:07] <@Elena> You smell a faint odor of sulfur, though.
  148. [12:27:50] <@Elena> They built their goddamn execution chamber on top of a lava vent.
  149. [12:28:26] <Amaryllis> "I wonder if they lived in such volcanoes whilst on Terra as well." Ammy stoops down to peer in closer, even knowing it'd be futile.
  150. [12:28:45] * Lenore also gets a closer look at the vent!
  151. [12:29:56] <@Elena> There's a sudden rumble around the two of you... Not enough to drop you into the pit, but something feels weird.
  152. [12:30:11] <Lenore> "...I thought this volcano was dormant!"
  153. [12:30:25] <@Elena> You feel yourselves rewind through time again, like earlier with Chell.
  154. [12:30:42] <Lenore> "...oh.  OH!"
  155. [12:31:15] <Amaryllis> "It is. We must have triggered something." Ammy stands back up, as much as you can stand up in here at her height, and glances around.
  156. [12:32:42] * Lenore keeps her eyes peeled for anything of note that might show up during the rewindflashback
  157. [12:33:00] <@Elena> This time, your appearances begin to change, too. Lenore slowly taking the form of a child. Ammy growing younger, her hair turning darker. Phantoms begin to appear in the room, one by one. Short, green creatures in brown robes, with knives and lanterns.  It's a solemn procession of six with a seventh bound in chains between them.
  158. [12:34:51] <@Elena> The prisoner is lead to the guillotine, and one of the other six, a wrinkled creature bearing a set of scales instead of the other implements, walks around to the other side, facing him.
  159. [12:35:24] * Amaryllis reaches up and twirls a lock of brown hair between her fingers in surprise, then refocuses on the scene. She thinks back to the list. What was the guillotine used for punishing?
  160. [12:36:39] * Lenore is a cute lil' girl in a cute lil' dress~. The new pic on her page is way more appropriate now. She watches the procession with curiosity. "Hm, criminal justice, huh?"
  161. [12:37:26] <@Elena> Serious crimes that would necesitate death but not pain. Things like a single murder, intentional endangerment of children, Gross blasphemy.
  162. [12:38:01] * Amaryllis looks to Lenore, her worry-filled eyes a deep hazel color instead of their usual yellow. "...Are you sure you wish to watch this?"
  163. [12:38:22] <Lenore> "...we're meant to see this, so even if it's unpleasant, I'll watch anyway!"
  164. [12:38:41] * Amaryllis nods and turns back to the scene, studying it intently.
  165. [12:40:25] <@Elena> The elder tonberry speaks. "You have been found guilty of murder. Do you have final wordsssss?" Its voice is quiet and raspy, like the sound of an old library.
  166. [12:41:35] <Amaryllis> "The tonberries had a list, of punishments befitting various crimes. It was all very methodical."
  167. [12:42:37] <@Elena> "The blade isss for killing." the captive simply responds. "You delude yourselvesss into thinking that we are more than our bassse urgesss. I sssspit on you."
  168. [12:43:05] <Lenore> "They must've been very keen on making sure that criminals got their just desserts!  I respect that!"
  169. [12:43:59] * Amaryllis nods. "Karma." She says simply, too much of her attention on the scene to speak more.
  170. [12:44:03] <@Elena> The elder simply scowls. "Then even in death you will ssssstay ignorant. But I will ssstill light my lantern for you."
  171. [12:44:36] <@Elena> The elder nods at the other five, and the guillotine blade is dropped.
  172. [12:45:38] <@Elena> The tonberry's head rolls, a thick dark red blood spilling onto the floor. The scales in the elder's hands, one tipped, slowly regain their balance, and he nods, satisfied. He goes to retrieve an unlit lantern  from an aide as the others dump the body into the pit.
  173. [12:46:00] <@Elena> Then, the phantoms appear to walk back the way they came, through the wall.
  174. [12:46:15] * Lenore covers her eyes as the guillotine drops 1,1but peeks through her fingers anyway.
  175. [12:47:17] * Amaryllis can't help but give Lenore a comforting pat as she does this. Child Lenore hiding her face and peeking through her fingers is probably adorable.
  176. [12:49:03] <@Elena> and then the vision is gone, both of you snapped back into the present.
  177. [12:51:25] * Amaryllis is quiet for a few moments, thinking. "...Shall we see what is on the other side of this room?"
  178. [12:53:38] * Lenore nods, no longer lolified! "Sure thing!"
  179. [12:54:12] <@Elena> When you head back into the bedroom, you notice that Elena is now sobbing on the bed, clutching a new bottle.
  180. [12:54:46] * Lenore blinkblinks! "Mom, are you all right? Do you need anything? ♥"
  181. [12:55:03] * Amaryllis is also no longer a...teenager probably was how young she ended up if Lenore turned into a child. Presumably her hair and eye colors are back to normal as well. She hesitates, giving a piteous look at Elena, then reaches up with her other hand and presses at the lantern on the mural.
  182. [12:56:28] <@Elena> The bottle is labeled "Jilted Bride's Sorrow" . She just looks up at Lenore with the most pitiful expression. "The world is so sad, shometimes! Don't you think?? She waited and waited and he never came, because he was killed... and it's terrible!" ;-; Oh god what is she blathering about.
  183. [12:57:01] <Amaryllis> (damnit, is Elena gonna drink all the good stuff while we're exploring?)
  184. [12:57:17] <Lenore> "...hey Ammy, do you think...?"  She picks up the bottle and gives it a good lookover, checks for anything else on the label.
  185. [12:57:31] <@Elena> It's a plain white label otherwise.
  186. [12:57:50] <@Elena> The bottle's still mostly full, she's not had but a sip or two.
  187. [12:58:32] <Amaryllis> "Hm?" Ammy turns around, still trying to feel for a switch or pressure plate on the mural's lantern.
  188. [12:58:53] <@Elena> You do feel one! Go ahead and press it, or wait?
  189. [12:59:00] <Lenore> "I think this wine bottle is magic or something!"
  190. [12:59:18] <Lenore> "It's not normal for Mom to get that upset!"
  191. [12:59:31] <Amaryllis> "Oh, is it?" Ammy begins to take a step toward Lenore, but at the same time her hand presses back on the wall.
  192. [13:00:24] <@Elena> WHOOPS there goes the wall. You swivel into a new room full of stone tablets inscribed from top to foot with... commandments? Laws? Proverbs? Something to that effect. There are four of them surrounding a large, empty brazier. ...Not a brassiere.
  193. [13:00:42] <@Elena> Wow, Ammy just ditched Lenore. D:
  194. [13:01:37] <Lenore> "..."  She pauses for a bit.  "Sorry Mom, I'll be right back!  Don't drink more of this, okay?  Try something else!  Think happy thoughts!  Like being a grandmother!"  She runs off and hits the wall where Ammy did to follow!
  195. [13:01:44] <Amaryllis> Not on purpose! "Ow! Ugh, bloody well, I didn't mean..." She gets to her feet, slowly in case the ceiling is low.
  196. [13:01:55] <@Elena> "If I live that long." ;-;
  197. [13:02:08] <@Elena> Low indeed.
  198. [13:02:28] * Amaryllis gets close to the wall and calls out to Lenore. "Lenore, simply press the lan-" She probably gets interrupted by Lenore falling into the room.
  199. [13:02:29] <@Elena> Lenore swivels in too, just shy of launching Ammy back out.
  200. [13:03:54] <Amaryllis> "Are you alright?"
  201. [13:04:04] <@Elena> The room is empty aside from the tablets and brazier. It seems there hasn't been a fire lit here for ages.
  202. [13:04:08] <Lenore> "Ow, ow ow!  Yeah, I'm okay!"
  203. [13:04:26] <@Elena> Each tablet seems to read about a different thing.
  204. [13:05:08] * Amaryllis helps Lenore up, keeping a hand over her head to stop her headbutting the ceiling. Then she shuffles toward the nearest tablet. "These must contain the central tenets of Tonberry society." She muses as she starts reading.
  205. [13:08:14] * Lenore crouchwalks over to the tablets to give them a good lookover as well!
  206. [13:09:09] <@Elena> "The butcher's knife is to feed our families. The lantern is to remember the dead, and guide their souls. For each action, an equal and opposite reaction occurs - this is not only true for nature, but for society as well. We are what remain of the Tonberries. Dishonor not your ancestors by comitting dark deeds, nor venture forth to help others without self. If you do receive such a kindness,
  207. [13:09:10] <@Elena> however, repay it in kind. That is our way."
  208. [13:10:09] <Lenore> "Good rules!  I got the impression that they used to be much more wonton with their ways before they civilized or something, from that flashback!  But now they've outgrown the evil in their hearts and have come to serve justice!  Isn't it amazing?"
  209. [13:11:59] <Amaryllis> "I believe it is rather that such rules were created to overcome some base tendency toward violence. A methodical approach to punishment and karma. I can see how such can arise from that situation. I am not sure if I would call it justice - but it is balance." Ammy takes out her journal and begins to jot down the contents of the tablets verbatim.
  210. [13:13:02] <@Elena> The next tablet reads, "Each Tonberry must come to grips with the primal darkness within. Within each of us there is a monster, waiting to strike at the vulnerable and weary. But within each of us is also an avenger, ready to cry foul at base murder. Remember to rule your darkness, do not let it rule you."
  211. [13:14:55] <@Elena> You feel an odd resonance here, Ammy. Something in these words pulls at you much like your dark knight powers do. Roll Lore: Magic for me.
  212. [13:16:34] <@Elena> cast?
  213. [13:17:21] <Amaryllis> (Sorry my food just got here!)
  214. [13:17:23] <Amaryllis> 2d6
  215. [13:17:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6: 7 [2d6=3,4]
  216. [13:17:51] <Lenore> (1,1I sense part of job upgrade quest)
  217. [13:18:08] <Amaryllis> 1d6 let's toss a destiny at that actually
  218. [13:18:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, let's toss a destiny at that actually: 1 [1d6=1]
  219. [13:18:13] <Amaryllis> (FIGURES)
  220. [13:18:23] <zoofman> (ammy more like derpy)
  221. [13:18:27] <Lenore> (BUT YOUR DESTINY REFUSED TO CHANGE)
  222. [13:18:35] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Being helpful
  223. [13:18:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Being helpful: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  224. [13:18:43] <Amaryllis> (I kind of want to just toss a second. :I)
  225. [13:19:08] <@Elena> Hm, what's your History modifier?
  226. [13:19:17] <Amaryllis> +3
  227. [13:19:29] <@Elena> Why don't we use that, then, actually, and you can keep your destiny.
  228. [13:19:39] <Amaryllis> Okay~
  229. [13:20:40] <@Elena> Lenore senses it right away, there is a strong resonance here very much like the power of Darkside from within you, or within her brother, deeply ingrained int he place. You know that the origin of the dark sword is a mystery, supposedly it came from a tribe to the west of the Alexandrian continent. Recently you might have assumed it was from the people of Wu, but..
  230. [13:23:32] <Lenore> "You know, they always say that the powers of the Dark are dangerous, and easy to lose control of, but maybe...maybe Darkness is best used for a sort of...peer judgment, you know?  Using it to punish those who would misuse their abilities, and all?  Hm...I wonder if Blade uses it like that, I mean, he sure used it in a retalitory way back when Kraken showed up..."
  231. [13:24:56] <Amaryllis> (oh there wasn't anything after the "but..."?)
  232. [13:25:25] <Lenore> (maybe it's KAINWORDS)
  233. [13:25:38] <@Elena> Oh, no. Nothing after that, just your own assumptions~
  234. [13:26:42] <@Elena> The third tablet reads a brief history of their people - a shortened version of their account when their home suddenly merged with a volcano in an unknown world. How many tonberries left, abandoning old traditions, and others left to attempt to spread them, instead. The remaining ones stayed and lived as best they could in the mountain, venturing to the surface very rarely, as they seemed to
  235. [13:26:42] <@Elena> hate light, but timber was valuable for building new homes without having to carve deeper into the mountains. They did mine as well, extracting new metal from the ground to forge new knives and lanterns, among other things.
  236. [13:26:58] <@Elena> The fourth tablet is simple a long incantation in a foreign language. Lenore recognizes it as a spell.
  237. [13:28:14] * Amaryllis seems to be pondering something for a time and doesn't respond to Lenore immediately. After a moment, she speaks up. "I think people say altogether too much about the dark blade without knowing of its arts themselves." She shuffles on to the next tablet.
  238. [13:28:53] <@Elena> Lenore can slowly decipher it. It's a powerful Blue Magic called Everyone's Grudge. ...Not that this really helps any of you, blue mages learn spells more by intuition than studying incantations.
  239. [13:28:54] <Amaryllis> "If you call someone a monster, repeatedly and through many tales, it is altogether too easy for them to become one."
  240. [13:29:53] * Amaryllis starts mumbling the incantation on the fourth tablet as she copies it down in her journal, as with everything else in the room.
  241. [13:29:54] <Lenore> "Hmmmm...why would a blue magic spell be put as an incantation?  Is it more of a symbolic thing...?  Hm..."
  242. [13:30:19] <Lenore> "But I agree with you, Ammy.  It's too easy to judge someone without knowing their circumstances!  Pretty sad, really!"
  243. [13:31:16] <@Elena> Maybe you'll figure out some use for it! Ammy copies down the incantation.
  244. [13:32:15] <@Elena> And then there's the brazier. Long ago, it seems, this room held a constantly burning flame. Only some scorched wood remains, defying the ravages of time.
  245. [13:32:28] <Lenore> "Think we should light it?"
  246. [13:33:36] <Amaryllis> "I shall do it." Ammy quickly speaks up. She'd been treating the brazier with a sort of reverential distance until now.
  247. [13:35:05] * Amaryllis shuffles up closer to it and 'pulls' a wisp of flame from her lantern with magic, guiding it with her knife down into the brazier.
  248. [13:35:42] <@Elena> FWOOSH
  249. [13:35:57] <@Elena> The entire thing lights up in an instant, with a roaring white flame.
  250. [13:36:39] <@Elena> It seems more 'ghostly' than 'holy' in color, you think. After a moment, the color and intensity is replaced with a normal, orange fire.
  251. [13:37:17] * Amaryllis stares into it
  252. [13:37:27] <@Elena> Both of you feel like you're being watched, after a moment.
  253. [13:38:12] <Amaryllis> "Salutations?" Ammy speaks at the flame.
  254. [13:38:30] <@Elena> You both can feel intense approval from some distant source. The shadows in the room dance wildly in the lights of the flame, before starting to dart around on their own and absorb themselves into Ammy's shadow.
  255. [13:38:44] <@Elena> There's no response, but you do feel something change.
  256. [13:39:07] <@Elena> Darkside now deals 200% damage instead of increased damage steps.
  257. [13:39:17] <Amaryllis> :o
  258. [13:39:17] * Lenore looks around, a little confused.
  259. [13:39:38] <@Elena> You can't really explain it, Lenore, but...
  260. [13:39:52] <@Elena> Maybe, you think, the spirits of the tonberries that lived here approve of what she did.
  261. [13:40:31] <@Elena> where's YOUR sweet upgrade? Sheesh.
  262. [13:40:42] <Amaryllis> (quadruple thundara pls)
  263. [13:41:06] <Lenore> (Triple Thundara is broke enough~)
  264. [13:41:43] <Lenore> (I'd like something more...interesting~.  HOwever that'll work.  Whatev~)
  265. [13:42:00] * Amaryllis holds her knife up in front of her face and slowly draws a vein of shadowy energy up her arm, ignoring the pain as she watches it and the blade, then dismissing the energy into wisps of black mist. "I thank you for the gift and judgment."
  266. [13:42:13] <Lenore> "Oh, I see!  They approved of you, huh?"
  267. [13:44:00] <zoofman> (quad thundara)
  268. [13:44:01] <zoofman> (obv)
  269. [13:44:12] <zoofman> (thund...quada)
  270. [13:44:13] <Amaryllis> (I just suggested that zoof :V)
  271. [13:45:13] <@Elena> (Also, I noticed you're level 8 with a tier 4 heirloom... Let's go ahead and have that upgrade, as well.)
  272. [13:45:30] <Amaryllis> (d-does it do anything flashy and fancy as it changes?)
  273. [13:47:25] <zoofman> (it doubles as a gaydar.)
  274. [13:47:59] <Amaryllis> "The Tonberries have long been a boogeyman for children, a story told by parents to urge their children to stay home at night. Your father knew of their true origin, so I doubt he ever passed such stories down to you. But that is the sad truth of their stories today - cast as murderers and monsters, their true heritage lost."
  275. [13:48:16] <@Elena> The aitchison switchblade glows with energy and seems to become stronger! The blade enlarges a bit too, looking more like a butcher knife with a flickable blade because -let's face it- Ammy already has the theme sort of going with the knife and lantern already.
  276. [13:48:44] * Amaryllis seems to have more to say but goes quiet as she watches her knife change.
  277. [13:49:21] <Amaryllis> (annnnd changing properties. Accurate for +4 opposed rolls instead of gemini arcane)
  278. [13:49:33] <@Elena> (k)
  279. [13:49:43] * Lenore nods. "Yeah, Dad was already scary enough that he didn't even bother with boogeymen! And Mom never thought of telling us scary stories~"
  280. [13:51:01] * Amaryllis holds up her changed knife and examines it silently for a time. It takes a good minute or two, and it's probably a little awkward just standing there watching. Finally, she continues. "I am glad. Their true story is much more interesting, and that is the one I shall endeavor to spread again."
  281. [13:52:36] <Amaryllis> "I, however," Ammy turns to Lenore with a devious grin and glowing eyes. "have plenty of scary stories if you would ever wish to hear them."
  282. [13:53:09] <Lenore> E-eeee.  "I-I'll pass. ☁"
  283. [13:53:50] <@Elena> Meanwhile, there are still shenanigans to be had! Proceed back?
  284. [13:54:02] <Amaryllis> "Very well." The glow subsides and Ammy dismisses her knife with one last look at it. "...Shall we make sure your mother is okay? And did you find any hints of where to search next within that rune?" She starts to shuffle back to the entrance.
  285. [13:54:57] <Lenore> "Um, not yet, I have to look it over more!  Mom might know something too, so let's hop to helping her out!"
  286. [13:55:35] * Amaryllis stops at the door, turning and giving a deep bow to the brazier and tablets before returning to Elena's room.
  287. [13:55:52] <Amaryllis> She is mildly horrified at the idea of what she may have imbibed now in their absence.
  288. [13:56:10] <@Elena> Swivel - the moving wall deposits you back in the room. Elena is sobbing into a  pillow now, more uncontrollably than ever.
  289. [13:56:25] <@Elena> "Booohooohoo" ;-;
  290. [13:58:04] <Amaryllis> "Oh sod it, is there a bottle of 'Sunshine and Rainbows' in that cabinet? Or 'Joy of the Newlywed'?" Ammy goes over to it and starts rummaging through, mumbling something about 'who the hell drinks a wine about jilted brides?'.
  291. [13:58:42] * Lenore sits with her mom on the bed, putting her in her lap and stroking her head. "There, there. It'll be all right, Mom."
  292. [14:00:47] <@Elena> She grabs you with surprising strength and starts squeezing the everloving life out of you. "I want you to have a beautiful house, and a loving partner, and plenty of money, and a million kids.  And I don't want you to have a subpar sex life like I diiiid." ;-;
  293. [14:01:49] <Amaryllis> This is super awkward. Ammy is caught between going back hiding in the tablet room or remaining completely 100% focused on searching through the booze cabinet for a solution. At least it's done a pretty good job of cutting through the somber mood she's felt from the last two rooms.
  294. [14:02:11] <Lenore> "O-okay!  Um...I'm not sure how I'll get ALL of that, but I'll definitely try, okay!?  And I'm sure with your guidance I'll pull all of it off!  ...hopefully."
  295. [14:02:15] <Amaryllis> The faster she can find a HAPPY BOOZE though, the sooner Lenore can be freed from squeezing, so...
  296. [14:03:08] <@Elena> The other three bottles are Spring Day 1402, Shenanigans, and Ooh La La.
  297. [14:03:13] <@Elena> ...But Elena seems to be calming down now.
  298. [14:04:11] * Amaryllis is NOT letting Elena drink Shenanigans. She grabs Ooh La La and goes back to the bed, handing it to her.
  299. [14:04:14] <@Elena> She eventually lets Lenore go again. "Sorry, Lena."
  300. [14:05:22] <Lenore> "It's okay!  It's fine to worry, now I know what I should do to make you happy!"
  301. [14:05:24] <@Elena> She looks the bottle over a moment and makes a face, shaking her head. "I'd.... I'd better not."
  302. [14:05:34] <@Elena> "You can havesh it."
  303. [14:05:48] * Amaryllis opens it and takes a sniff, then a small sip.
  304. [14:05:52] <Lenore> "Well, okay!"  She takes a swig of Ooh La la~
  305. [14:06:03] <Amaryllis> Oh no we're both drinking it why
  306. [14:06:16] <@Elena> It smells a bit like roses!
  307. [14:11:23] <@Elena> It tastes rather delicious, actually, flooding your mouth with fragrant fermented fruit flavors. You both feel an immediate tightness in your chests - heart attack? Oh no. No. That's just your bust size increasing. Holy shit what kind of person lived here? The two of you also feel a rather powerful sense of confidence and control, granting you a +2 to any sort of social based checks such as
  308. [14:11:23] <@Elena> Acting, Negotiation, Inquiry, and Perform for the next few days.. You also have a sense of being more attractive, though you don't notice anything odd about each other except for the uh, physical side effect.
  309. [14:12:28] * Amaryllis staaares at the bottle. "I...this...I...what." Oh no someone broke the Ammy.
  310. [14:12:38] <Lenore> "...s-see mom!  I'm already on the way to making sure i get a great husband!"  Oh god this actually freaks her out but she's not going to let it show and is just gonna' play it off as planned.  Totally!  Best way to cope.
  311. [14:13:25] * Lenore starts stuffing these bottles in her hat. If she can do that. Otherwise onto the Prickles-mule.
  312. [14:13:34] <@Elena> In they go!
  313. [14:13:38] * Amaryllis empties some of this stuff into her empty potion bottles actually.
  314. [14:13:46] <@Elena> Someone clearly made "Ooh La La" because they were having problems with love. Oh dear.
  315. [14:14:26] <Amaryllis> "I wonder what this might do to a man." Ammy muses as she pours some into her potion bottles, then hands the rest to Lenore for safekeeping.
  316. [14:14:57] <Lenore> (So now I have an effective 9 Acting OHBOY)
  317. [14:15:21] * Lenore starts inspecting the rune carefully, since it seems like they're pretending to leave.
  318. [14:15:27] <Lenore> (er, *preparing)
  319. [14:15:56] <@Elena> "My little Lena ish growing up so fasht!" Oh god why is her mouth getting so wide
  320. [14:16:01] <Amaryllis> "What the hell does the 'Shenanigans' bottle do then?" Ammy ponders aloud.
  321. [14:16:48] <Lenore> " wanna' try it?"
  322. [14:17:15] <@Elena> She seriously considers it a moment, but she settles for stealing a bit in a hipflask for later.
  323. [14:17:43] <@Elena> The Ooh La La potion that is.
  324. [14:17:48] <Lenore> (Are these Key Items or normal items, btw?)
  325. [14:17:49] <Amaryllis> "...What about you?"
  326. [14:17:51] <@Elena> The bottle of shenanigans seems unopened.
  327. [14:17:59] <Lenore> "...why not."
  328. [14:18:32] <@Elena> These are Key Items, though I'm only going to let you have one single shot of the mechanical effect unless you learn to brew it yourself.
  329. [14:18:44] <Lenore> "The first bottle did something good, after all!  Well, if you don't count the first one Mom drank."
  330. [14:18:50] <Lenore> (Awesome, that's fine.)
  331. [14:20:22] <@Elena> In any case-
  332. [14:20:52] * Amaryllis starts unscrewing the shenanigans bottle for Lenore then.
  333. [14:21:07] <Amaryllis> (oh oh, can I roll cooking to try to figure out the ingredients of ooh la la?)
  334. [14:21:34] <@Elena> It's more of an Alchemy thing.
  335. [14:21:35] * Lenore throws caution to the wind and swigs up some Shenanigans.
  336. [14:21:47] <Lenore> Just a little bit, of course.
  337. [14:21:55] <@Elena> The rune contains a new poem that reads "No one taller than me / They marry on boats in the sun / (Psst, it's in Conde Petie) / Hope you have lots of fun!"
  338. [14:22:19] <Lenore> "Conde Petie, huh?"  She gets ready for SHENANIGANS
  339. [14:22:29] <@Elena> Okay.
  340. [14:22:29] <Amaryllis> (I was hoping to try to figure out some of the ingredients by TASTE and then Lenore could brew it later. TEAMWORK)
  341. [14:22:31] <@Elena> Shenanigans.
  342. [14:22:45] <@Elena> Lemme handle this first, Cast~
  343. [14:24:55] * Amaryllis is backing the fuck up after handing Lenore the bottle by the way.
  344. [14:30:15] <@Elena> As soon as the liquid hits your tongue i'ts like you're tasting every food, drink, and smell you ever loved, one after another. The world itself starts to break down around you and you can see in one blissful moment how everyone and everything alive is linked with the world itself through the crystal. You begin to experience senses you never even realized could exist. It's like existance is
  345. [14:30:15] <@Elena> a series of webs of light for infinity in each direction.
  346. [14:30:32] <@Elena> Ammy - you see Lenore bottoms up the entire bottle.
  347. [14:31:16] <Lenore> She is now the widest wideface to ever wideface.  "I-I can shee forever!"
  348. [14:31:19] <Amaryllis> "Lenore, no!" Ammy tries to snatch it away.
  349. [14:31:45] <@Elena> Lenore - And then all at once you snap back to Gaia, clutching your empty bottle, sober but... you feel different still, somehow.
  350. [14:32:01] <@Elena> Lenore's type has changed from Humanoid to Arcana.
  351. [14:32:01] * Lenore blink. Blink.
  352. [14:32:17] <Lenore> "I feel WAY different.  Huh."  She's back to normal, suddenly.
  353. [14:33:12] <@Elena> Different indeed, but not in a bad way. You suddenly feel like you're bursting with... potential. Oh god, when it said shenanigans it didn't just mean while you were drinking, did it.
  354. [14:34:47] <Amaryllis> "Oh bloody hell I meant take just a sip. Are you okay?"
  355. [14:35:11] <Lenore> "I'm okay!  It was weird, I only wanted to take a sip, but as soon as it got into my mouth I just couldn't stop!"
  356. [14:35:59] <@Elena> "I know that feeling!"
  357. [14:36:23] <@Elena> Weird though, you don't exactly feel... drunk off of it.
  358. [14:36:35] <@Elena> Something in your body is changing, though.
  359. [14:36:39] <@Elena> Guess... time will tell.
  360. [14:37:32] * Amaryllis looks at the last remaining untested bottle.
  361. [14:37:56] <Amaryllis> "Sod it, why not." She opens it and takes a sip.
  362. [14:37:57] <Lenore> "Hmmm...I don't think it's done doing stuff, either...weird!  But I bet I'll get stronger from it!"
  363. [14:42:47] <@Elena> Ammy finds herself suddenly laying under a tree on a spring day. She's wearing a yellow sundress and a nice sunday hat. It's really nice out... The various weights of the world melt off of your shoulders and you feel you can just relax with no worries at all. Nearby a handsome man that resembles Noah is setting up a picnic on the hill the tree is on. A bottle of champagne sits in a basket of
  364. [14:42:47] <@Elena> ice nearby, and in the distance you can see a small city  interwoven with the remains of a forest. Pinnacle Rocks is recognizable in the distance. The cool wind slides against your face with a sigh.
  365. [14:44:24] <@Elena> It's so nice here...
  366. [14:44:32] * Amaryllis does just that then, closing her eyes and spreading her arms as she takes in a deep breath.
  367. [14:45:46] <@Elena> You feel a shadow over you as the man approaches, laying next to you, his arms wrap around you and you smell a certain cologne that reminds you of the librarian. But as you open your eyes you find yourself once again in the bedroom, having only had a sip.
  368. [14:46:08] <Lenore> "Hmmm, you look like you enjoyed that!"
  369. [14:46:13] * Amaryllis sighs deeply with a smile on her face.
  370. [14:46:39] <Amaryllis> "I..." She thinks about what just happened, turning a little pink. "..." She puts the bottle away in her bag.
  371. [14:48:24] <@Elena> Lenore - going from a few hints, you can piece together that this room must have been furnished by the Magus Sisters themselves. I mean, there they are on a photo on the vanity like I mentioned before. Sandy was supposedly an amazing alchemist, and that rune's presence...
  372. [14:48:44] <Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  373. [14:49:24] <Lenore> "The Magus sisters definitely stayed here...which makes me wonder..."  She starts searching the vanity, and under the bed,a nd maybe some other places with cupboards, to see if there's any notebooks or anything.
  374. [14:49:26] <Amaryllis> After another few moments of daydreaming and clutching her bag with the bottle a little possessively, Ammy gets up and slings her bag over a shoulder, recomposed. "Did you realize something Lenore?"
  375. [14:50:12] <Lenore> "Well, for one, they probably made these bottles with Alchemy...and well, I was wondering if they left any notes behind or anything besides the rune!"
  376. [14:50:46] <Amaryllis> "Ah, of course."
  377. [14:52:41] <@Elena> Also, Ammy, roll cooking for me
  378. [14:52:49] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5
  379. [14:52:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+5: 8 [2d6=2,1]
  380. [14:52:57] <Amaryllis> (fucking dicemaid)
  381. [14:53:01] <@Elena> Nothing doing, it is beyond your refined palette.
  382. [14:53:11] <Lenore> 2d6+5 Alchemy~
  383. [14:53:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Alchemy~: 14 [2d6=4,5]
  384. [14:53:19] <Giantree> (Palate.)
  385. [14:53:26] <@Elena> plate
  386. [14:54:09] <@Elena> Lenore has a better idea, she might just can figure it out! But as for the contents of the vanity...
  387. [14:54:44] <Amaryllis> (what about the spring day 1402?)
  388. [14:55:02] <@Elena> You couldn't really taste it, you experienced it instead.
  389. [14:55:38] <@Elena> You find a compact shaped like a ladybug... a tube of lipstick shaped like a bee's thorax, and a pair of scissors shaped like mantis blades. They all seem to be unused. ...huh.
  390. [14:56:01] <@Elena> There's something vaguely magical about them too. Oh, and here's some sort of diary!
  391. [14:56:51] <Amaryllis> "I wonder myself where the Tonberries kept the records of their Eidolons. Surely they must have their own Eidolon wall or similar monuments." Ammy wonders, staring up at the depiction of Ark.
  392. [14:57:31] <Lenore> "Aha!  Knew it!"  She...pauses.  "Hm...Hey Mom!  You know Esuna, right?"
  393. [14:59:35] <@Elena> She snaps up from the stupor she'd fallen into. "Hm? Oh, yesh!"
  394. [14:59:51] <Lenore> "I want you to cast it on this book, in case it's cursed!"
  395. [15:00:40] <@Elena> Elena squints at the book, and then shoots an orb of white light at it. The book crackles and clicks, like something unlocked.
  396. [15:01:12] <Lenore> "Knew~ it~ ☆"  She snaps her fingers, and pops open the book!
  397. [15:01:18] <@Elena> Elena digs into her bag a moment and swallows a potion, sobering up a bit.
  398. [15:01:51] <@Elena> It seems to be Cindy's diary. Flip to a random page?
  399. [15:01:59] <Lenore> SURE WHY NOT
  400. [15:04:09] <@Elena> 1d100
  401. [15:04:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Elena, 1d100: 92 [1d100=92]
  402. [15:04:27] <Lenore> That's either REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD
  403. [15:04:32] <Giantree> (I sure hope you're using the hilarity rules I used!)
  404. [15:04:35] <@Elena> You flip to a fairly recent entry, dated just last month.
  405. [15:08:18] <@Elena> "Dear Diary, today I met a boy! At least I think he's a boy. He's actually sort of a big pink wad in a chef's hat. But he was so nice, and cooked us the best meal we've had in ages! I know, I know, I've been trying to watch my weight, but I love a man who can cook! He seemed to know quite a bit about blue magic, too, we talked about some of our favorite spells for hours~ Should I try and meet
  406. [15:08:18] <@Elena> him again? What do you think?"
  407. [15:08:51] <Lenore> "Hm, Cindy sure likes Qu, huh?"
  408. [15:09:05] * Amaryllis shuffles over and reads over Lenore's shoulder.
  409. [15:10:01] <Amaryllis> "You know, I had thought perhaps that this diary had been cursed as a test for would-be Summoners, but..." She trails off.
  410. [15:10:18] <@Elena> Elena peers over your shoulders as well. "Ooh, juicy!"
  411. [15:10:44] <Lenore> "Hmmm, but this isn't quite the sort of stuff I was looking for."  She starts flipping back a bit, hoping to find something more..magic-related.
  412. [15:12:00] * Amaryllis scoots away and resumes looking over the mural and her own copied notes, seeming deep in thought.
  413. [15:12:02] <@Elena> Oh, here were are. A shitload of her private notes on... white and blue magic.
  414. [15:13:48] * Lenore leans in closer and starts reading, making sure Elena can see it too.
  415. [15:13:51] <@Elena> It seems she's really knowledgable on forms of protection magic. Curing spells, regeneration, Mighty Guard, Holy...
  416. [15:13:57] <@Elena> Elena's looking along with interest.
  417. [15:15:16] <@Elena> There are entries about humanborne Blue Magic being about intuition and experimentation. A hands on approiach that you have to experience.
  418. [15:15:27] <@Elena> ...sadly nothing about making her own spell.
  419. [15:17:44] <Lenore> "So the only way to learn Blue Magic is to just...suddenly get it.  Iiiinteresting~!"
  420. [15:18:25] <Lenore> "Maybe that's why Dad doesn't know it.  Or if he does, he never admitted it.  He was always pretty...clinical."
  421. [15:22:09] <@Elena> In any case, there seems little more of interest in the room itself.
  422. [15:22:28] <@Elena> Maybe you'll find out more if you steal the diary~
  423. [15:22:40] * Lenore hats the ladybug/thorax/scissors, as well as the diary~
  424. [15:22:57] <Amaryllis> By the time Lenore has done her PEEKING AT PEOPLE'S SECRET DIARIES, Ammy has moved on from thinking about the mural and is sort of staring at the bottle of Spring Day 1402 in her bag.
  425. [15:24:43] <@Elena> What now, you two?
  426. [15:24:46] <Amaryllis> "Oh." She shakes herself out of it. "Shall we move on? There is much yet to be seen in the rest of the mountain, but you seem to have found what you were looking for, did you not?"
  427. [15:25:08] <Lenore> "Yeah, I found my goal, anyway~!  You're looking for more though, aren't you?"
  428. [15:25:55] <@Elena> Elena is stretching, heading for the door herself. "Ooh, can I come with you?? I haven't been on an adventure with Lena in... forever! I need to find Bruno before I can leave, anyway..."
  429. [15:26:15] * Amaryllis nods. "I learn everything I can about how the Tonberries once lived here. The Eidolons they venerated, their daily lives here...more than just what we found of their system of karma."
  430. [15:26:23] <Lenore> "Sure, that's fine!  I'd love to spend more time with you, Mom~ ♥"
  431. [15:26:24] <Amaryllis> "Bruno?"
  432. [15:26:35] <@Elena> "Our pet behemoth! He's such a sweetie~"
  433. [15:26:49] <Amaryllis> "...Of course. How could I forget."
  434. [15:27:37] <Amaryllis> "Shall we then?" Ammy starts shuffling off toward the door out of this room.
  435. [15:27:38] <@Elena> "This'll be great, sweetheart~ ♥♥♥"
  436. [15:28:06] <@Elena> And the three of you exit to find Mr. Prickles valiantly waving his sword at a Grenade from safely within the Consecration.
  437. [15:28:25] <@Elena> The bomb just grumbles and moves on.
  438. [15:29:30] <Amaryllis> "I hope we did not keep you waiting too long." Ammy calls out to the cactuar. "Thank you for keeping us safe."
  439. [15:29:52] <Lenore> "Thanks Prickly~!  What would we ever do without you?"
  440. [15:30:01] <@Elena> Prickles breathes a sigh of relief, but hops over when you exit. "Of course! I am glad to be of service." he actually blushes a bit.
  441. [15:30:36] <@Elena> "B-by the way, there's something I'd like to ask of you, sometime..." he says to the two of you quietly. "I'm trying to learn how to read..."
  442. [15:30:58] <@Elena> You all carefully leave the extraction circle area as Prickles talks... all around you can see the husks of buildings of the former civilization here. Exploration is going to be one hell of a trip, nevermind getting back out safely.
  443. [15:30:59] <Lenore> "Sure!  I'll teach you!"
  444. [15:31:01] <Amaryllis> "Read our language?"
  445. [15:31:06] <Amaryllis> "I could certainly help with that."
  446. [15:31:15] <@Elena> Prickles: "My thanks, both of you." he nods.
  447. [15:31:29] <@Elena> aaand
  448. [15:31:36] <@Elena> We'll close session here for now.
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