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  1. Translation of various answers from KC's (
  2. Ordered by overall topic instead of chronologically
  4. Also please keep this in mind:
  5. While I'm confident enough in my Japanese grammar to say that there shouldn't be any actual errors, these translations are unedited and I'm not native in English, so some common sense not to take things too literal is advised.
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  10. Regarding the setting:
  14. /answer/113305644117
  15. >Do same sex relationships exist in the monstergirl encyclopedia?
  17. Pure same sex relationships do exist in the setting itself, but only stuff like bi, monsterisation, as cause for harems or just fooling around amongst intimidate friends will be mentioned in the official material because of my personal taste
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  21. /answer/123528945749
  22. >I heard that it's difficult for monstergirls to get pregnant, but since Deruela is the 4th princess, does that mean it's easier for the demon lord to get pregnant?
  24. It's not easy for her in particular. It's just that she already had at least 1000 years time to make out and have sex
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  28. /answer/113134283093
  29. >What happens if a same sex couple, who are in mutual love, gets monsterised?
  31. They'll most likely search for a husband to share. Sorry, but hard yuri is a bit beyond my context
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  35. /answer/113140983125
  36. >So I was thinking about this situation were a married woman gets monsterised during a time were she's without her spouse (for a prolonged rate of time), and whether she'll wait for her initial spouse or will attack some nearby guy and make him her new spouse. So will her sense of chastity she had as a human remain even after she turned into a monstergirl?
  38. Regarding chastity, if she decided to remain chaste even if her husband is far away, then this won't change even after becoming a monstergirl. Even if she's no longer able to hold back while waiting for her spouse from her time as human and can't set out on a journey to her husbands side, then something like "I'm gonna catch some other guy as husband~" won't happen
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  42. /answer/113144570453
  43. >It's clear that only Succubi will be born now, but were there people considered a Cambion (an halfbreed between human and succubus or incubus) during the previous system? Something like a Damphir
  45. No. There weren't. It's not like the fact that only monsters are born between humans and monsters is something from the current system, but [a leftover from the system of the previous Demon Lord], so even then only monsters were born
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  49. /answer/114356912725
  50. >Some questions came up after reading the previous answer. Why would there be races breeding with humans back during the previous system?
  52. If it's just for having children, then monsters normally abducted human girls for breeding them, or males in case of Lamia and Harpies... or something like that. Of course, there was no love involved in this and the humans would normally get eaten after the child is born. However, there are lucky cases were the monster would awake to feelings of love and affection and become joined with the human as something like a married couple. It seems this often happened with types close to humans, such as Vampires, Succubi, Beast-types, Lamia and Harpies, or high ranking monsters such as Dragons or Baphomet
  53. --------------------
  56. /answer/113138100053
  57. >Since things like barbershops and coffee shops should also exist in demon realms, are there occupations were each different kind always excels at?
  59. There are. There are fields of expertise related to the traits of a species. For example, there are many Arachne sewing and running a boutique, Harpies working as delivery service, or Giant Ants doing construction work and working as civil engineers. There are many factors, like physical strength or finger skill of a race, as well as individual differences. There are also many helping out with their husbands work
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  63. /answer/113722727509
  64. >Is Polove a dark monster realm? Or a bright green one?
  66. Polove is a [bright green monster realm]
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  70. /answer/123510668373
  71. >What type of men do monstergirls dislike?
  73. They won't fall in love with psychopaths and wicked people that think things like "Killing people is fun!" or "causing others misfortune is fun!"
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  77. /answer/116665038421
  78. >So are the most numerous monstergirls Slimes after all? Or perhaps Goblins?
  80. I think it should be Large Mice or Devilbugs
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  84. /answer/114716374101
  85. >What should I do if the church was to win?
  87. They won't win
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  91. /answer/113140334165
  92. >In the future were Incubi can be born, will monstergirl Dwarves and Elves be able to give birth to (Incubi having the characteristics of) male Dwarves and Elves?
  94. They will be. Since they are close to [humans]
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  98. /answer/117249680981
  99. >If the Demon Lord wins against the Chief God, will the Chief God get executed? Since the Chief God is a dangerous enemy that hates the Demon Lord, and since, according to the entry of the Fallen God, gods seemingly can't be monsterised against their will
  101. The exact details are still a secret, but the Chief God won't get executed
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  105. /answer/123529145173
  106. >Do you have any plans to touch the subject of the ocean's deep levels, which are apparently called [the depths]?
  108. Of course I've already thought about it. But the beings there are rather hard to describe. So their appearance is still a long way off.
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  112. /answer/120943957845
  113. Note: Question is written in Chink, so I had to machine TL it like KC
  114. >What's the global situation? Is it a total war? Or is just a part engulfed in combat? How long will the order be able to last?
  116. I can't really understand it from the machine TL, but is it about the scale of the war? Sorry if that's not the case. Seems like the war is basically just one part on a rather small scale. Most of the order states are more occupied with things regarding other human states
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  120. /answer/123508058197
  121. >Are there any monstergirls other than Lilim that humans can't change into?
  123. Spirit types other than Dark Matters like Undine or Gnomes, as well as material types like Golems or Karakasa-Obake are impossible because of their origins. However if a women thought that she died in a volcano she might be reborn as an Ignis, or something like the soul of a dead woman dwelling in a freshly made Golem is possible I think
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  127. /answer/116665024597
  128. >Which one is the weakest monster, if going by simple combat ability?
  130. If it's simple fighting strength, then it'll be either Fairies or Kesaran Pasaran I guess? This is speaking about offensive ability to the last, their bodies are sturdy, just as expected of monsters.
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  134. /answer/117541412437
  135. >Do deformed children or people with birth defects appear in the world of the guide book?
  137. Human society doesn't feel different of that from the real medieval times. They're human, but parts of monster friendly states and monstergirls can threat them. They'll get cured.
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  141. /answer/117541544533
  142. >Do humans with a serious mental disorder get cured of it upon monsterisation?
  144. They can be cured with monsterisation. Human men too can get rehabilitation from constant attendance of monstergirls, er, rather get cured together with Incubisation.
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  148. /answer/113314635861
  149. >Are there really no human girls that became Lilim (even trough other monster girls)? Something like a [monsterisation counsellor for women] that deals with monsterisation of various kinds despite being a former human would be interesting  (note: not quite sure about the grammar in that last sentence)
  151. One basically can't turn into a Lilim. If we assume you could then it would need the demon lord to do it, and there are rumours about her adopting a single human girl. However, even then it would put a great burden on the demon lord, and it would be very difficult if said girl doesn't posses some great talent (as Inma). A monsterisation counsellor sounds fun though. w
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  155. /answer/113145023061
  156. >I'm sorry that I send you some questions to some weird place some time ago, since I didn't know about your ask yet. So let me ask again, are there any cases were a human women turns into a Tentacle herself after being attacked by one? (I did read a SS about turning into a Succubus, but... Starting with Tentacle, there were many monsters I didn't know about before reading the world guide). Are there any Lilim that were former human women? (In other words, is it possible for a former human woman to turn into a being that can monsterise other women without race limitations? That also includes raising in rank from Succubus ect.) Sorry again!!!   (note: SS should stand for Side Story here)
  158. Tentacles are a special kind of monsters that were originally plants, and not monsters so in most cases the result will be a transformation into a Succubus. However, there might be some very rare cases were a a human with good affinity to a Tentacles demonic energy, or in other words has a disposition for it, might turn into a Tentacle. Fundamentally, no Lilim that were former humans exist, since a condition for Lilim is [to be a descendant of the Demon Lord]. However, if you want to use the exception amongst exceptions, then there's a rumour about an [adopted child] existing, but it's not sure if there's any truth to it.
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  162. /answer/123525227093
  163. >Which criteria decide into which kind of monstergirl a human girl will turn into at the moment of monsterisation? Also, is it possible for a human girl to turn into a specific kind if she has the wish for?
  165. It's basically based on the kind she was attacked by. If mana corrosion from being inside a demon realm is the cause, then she'll basically turn into a Succubus, but in the case that she herself has a "disposition", strong desire, ect., then it's possible that she'll transform into the corresponding species instead. For example, if her ancestors share the blood of a fox, then she'll turn into a Youko or Inari, and a girl that just despised her tranquil life and desired for some stimulus might turn into a Thunderbird. Also, inside an undead kingdom the basic transformation will be into an undead instead of Succubus, and if the demonic energy of a specific kind is strong inside a demon realm, then this species will become the basic transformation.
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  169. /answer/118426095957
  170. >If you put a number of married couples of various kinds of monstergirls with strong demonic energy into an enclosed space that is perfectly sealed off from demonic energy outside and let them have a revelry, will a Dark Matter be born?
  172. It will. But if they will actually continue with the orgy (with a fixed partner though) for this long is another question. Seems like couples would go "I wanna be alone together with him/her again soon!" and leave halfway trough it
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  176. /answer/116671769173
  177. >Will you release pictures for the Demon Lord, Chief God, Fallen God, sea goddess Poseidon, god of war Ares and goddess of love Eros?
  179. I'll eventually release them. But it'll be at a leisurely pace since they're big names, so please wait warmly!
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  183. /answer/115260253269
  184. >Since it seems that monstergirls too have a fondness for sports, so might they perhaps have contests with something like a book/script from pro-wrestling (arranged beforehand) or get excited from watching such a game?
  186. Of course they'd enjoy something like that and would do it themselves. (but it's unclear if there's something like pro-wrestling in the setting of the world guide)
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  190. /answer/113351494997
  191. >I don't really understand the definition behind a Mad Hatter being a majin-type and a Glacies being an elemental-type, so could you pleas explain it to me in detail?
  193. The -type stands for a [vague classification by appearance]. Those that are hard to tell apart from a human at glance are classified as majin-type. (Witch, Dhampir, Mad Hatter) Those with a body (most of the body) made of an element like fire, water and ice are classified as elemental-type (most spirits)
  194. ---------------------
  197. /answer/114713975381
  198. >It seems that Poseidon deflected to the Monster Girl side, but is this fact known by the order? And if they should know it, are they aware that they'd be at a disadvantage when fighting on the sea which is under control by Poseidon?
  200. That's the case for the order, but most humans don't really understand things related to the gods. Also, it seems that there's a save ? (without monsters, but you can lose your life in storms and such) area of the ocean controlled by gods aligned with the chief god, even if it's relatively smaller than Poseidon's realm
  201. ---------------------
  204. /answer/113137038933
  205. >Are there cases were a monstergirl child falls in love with her father?
  207. There are. It'll be explained in detail in the book. It seems to happen if she only spends time together with her father and if he pampers her too much, so please be sure to let her play outside with other kids to give her a sense of independence. w
  208. ---------------------
  211. /answer/113138643541
  212. >What would you do if this (the real) world would turn into a demon realm? Or, what would be the first thing you'd like to do?
  214. I'd introduce those who want counselling to their favourite race. Make a marriage counselling office for women to turn them into their favourite race
  215. ---------------------
  218. /answer/115027225429
  219. >To which degree does the upper echelon and order in anti-monster territories, like the former Lescatie, know about the fact that monsters were [turned into monstergirls]? Also to what degree do the common people in these countries know about that?
  221. I think all humans living in a countries were monsters exist and the adjoining regions know that monsters turned into monstergirls. However, in hat age, or rather that world, the flow of information is limited to gossip between people and state-approved newspapers since there's no internet or TV. So since there's not many information providers, other than those that had direct contact with monsters, there are many people that don't know much about their ecology. And of course pedlars travelling the world and the intellectual class anywhere know about it, but there are many commoners spending their whole life in the village they were born in without ever even meeting a monster
  222. ---------------------
  225. /answer/114313589077
  226. >Is it possible for commoners to be granted with the opportunity to observe the Demon Lord giving birth?
  228. They're not hiding that in particular, so a commoner would have the possibility. However, you don't really want to watch a married couple of strangers go trough childbirth, be it the Demon Lord or somebody else... w
  229. ---------------------
  232. /answer/113137582677
  233. >Is the Baphomet the crystallisation of your moe?
  235. I like both big and small breast and both onee-san and loli. So when I draw a monstergirl she'll basically become a girl [that I become attached to myself], so all monstergirls are the crystallisation of my moe, which means I don't have a particular favourite. I also love loli-babaa/legal loli!
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  239. /answer/114712701781
  240. >Do runes like pleasure runes have an effect if carved on a man?
  242. They do
  243. ---------------------
  246. /answer/124739775829
  247. >What do Monstergirls outside of the [radical faction] think about the [radical faction]? Also are Devils part of the [radical faction] as their whole kind? And are there any other kinds with many members of the [radical faction]?
  249. The reactions vary from [I see (indifferent)] to [They sure are whimsical, having time for this despite making out with their husbands-] to [Give your best-. That's wonderful!] and [Stop it! If you keep monsterising human women, then my husband candidates will decreaaaaase]. Devils are part of the radical faction as a whole. And there are other kinds like that.
  250. ---------------------
  253. /answer/125086276693
  254. >Currently only Monstergirls will be born, but once Incubi can be born, may various half/biracial monsters be born? For example: If an Incubus with a Devil as mother marries a Weresheep, will the fathers Devil genes and the mothers Weresheep genes create a half, ect.
  256. There's a possibility for this. However, they won't change shape or abilities right away. But an easygoing Devil that likes to sleep together or a Weresheep with the ideology of the radical faction might be born
  257. ---------------------
  260. /answer/118423512405
  261. >What will happen if the eggs of a grasshopper, or some other insect that lies its eggs underground, are buried right bellow an intoxication fruit
  263. They'll turn into Monstergirls. Hurray
  264. ---------------------
  267. /answer/124806145877
  268. >Do oviparous monsters lay unfertilised eggs? If they do lay them, will they get angry of you eat one
  270. They lay them. And they won't get angry if it's an unfertilised egg. By the way, the monsters in this encyclopedia will be pregnant for some time even if they lay eggs. So if there's a period where they are pregnant with rather big ones, then the eggs will be fertilized, if they are rather small and without a period of pregnancy, then the eggs can be easily told apart as unfertilised ones
  271. ---------------------
  274. /answer/114923466069
  275. >... Uhm, do Monstergirls get a [girls day (menses)] like human woman do? Seems like the girls around me get [a horrible stomach ache every time], so I think it would be nice for both sides if they can have children without that
  277. While they get such a periodical day, there won't be any bleeding or pain. Rather than this they might get more sensitive (in the sexual sense).
  279. (TL note: slight liberty on the question by replacing obscure reference)
  280. ---------------------
  283. /answer/114756716885
  284. >Is there a method for married couples to temporarily switch genders?
  286. I think there are happenings occurring in Wonderland and Sabbath magic potions for that
  287. ---------------------
  290. /answer/114732595797
  291. >Is there a way for a husband to temporarily switch bodies with his Monstergirl wife, or is there not?
  293. There is! Seems like there's accidents in Wonderland amongst others.
  294. ---------------------
  297. /answer/114918054229
  298. >So about the method that turns the men of Wonderland into Monstergirls, do those have an effect on incubised men?
  300. They do have an effect. If you got a wife then you get to enjoy some pseudo-yuri play! In case of an incubus without wife (incubisation trough drugs) then there's a possibility that he'll turn into a Monstergirl as is, but this won't happen to incubi with a wife, speaking of after turning into a Monstergirl, they don't have an interest into other men
  301. (TL note: grammar in KC's answer is kinda strange and makes it unclear on how to properly interpret it, especially since it seems to contradict the first part)
  302. ---------------------
  305. /answers/123544373077
  306. >Sorry for this question. What is the difference between spirit energy and semen? Slime and plant types have mostly semen written as food, and a think with undead and demon types it's generally spirit energy. But somehow plant types lately (from Tentacle onwards) have spirit energy instead of semen? I'm confused (´._.`), was this just on a whim? Also is it possible for Monstergirls that have spirit energy or semen as food to survive without it? For example by changing someone's magic power into spirit energy (so in short in a situation when there are no men around)? My Japanese might be strange, so I'm sorry m(_ _)m
  308. Semen is just that, and spirit energy means the energy of living organisms that is included in things such as semen. And while all monstergirls love spirit energy, there is a difference between having the energy of living organisms and semen itself as staple food. Also even if they have semen or spirit energy as staple food, if it's just for surviving then they can live from just the same food as humans.
  310. (TL note: Spirit (energy) [精/sei] and semen [精液/seieki] start with the same kanji, so semen is literally means "liquid spirit")
  311. ---------------------
  314. /answers/113135489621
  315. >Are there any differences or changes to the powers and such an Incubus holds in relation to what kind of species of Monstergirl their wife is?
  317. There are. I'd say the most important are the ability to live underwater and improved swimming ability of sea dwelling Incubi, or the resistance against the flames and high temperatures of flame type species. Also in the case of those with a species that likes to live underground or in dark places, then they gain night vision and such
  318. ---------------------
  321. /answers/126680467797
  322. >Is it possible to distinguish an Incubus from a normal person just by observing (like having a particular aura)?
  324. You can't. If they live in a Demon Realm then they might have a slack/slovenly appearance or they make a relaxed face wile making out with their wife too much, but else you can't keep them apart just by a glimpse
  325. ---------------------
  328. /answers/126680906069
  329. >So even back in the age of the former Demon Lord there rarely were monsters awakening to love, if that's the case then I think a man would turn into an Incubus from having sex with a Succubus. But are there any differences in appearance and disposition when comparing the Incubi from the old system with those of nowadays? Also were there Incubi as a race during the old system to begin with? If there were, what happened to them? Did they turn into Succubi?
  331. Men didn't turn into Incubi during the age of the former Demon Lord even if they mingled with monsters. This is simply an ability nowadays Monstergirls learned to allow them to live together with men as a married couple. And while there was a race of male inma during the age of the former Demon Lord, they were turned into Succubi. And of course they were completely different beings than today's Incubi
  332. ---------------------
  335. /answers/126107461205
  336. >Did Elves fight against Dark Elves even before they were turned into Monstergirls? Also while Elves look down on humans, what kind of feelings do humans hold in regard to Elves?
  338. They don't fight. They sure a re a bunch of sluts-, is what they might think, but they still regard them as fellow Elven comrades. The feelings humans hold towards Elves depend on the country and location. While there are places were they think [they are sacred inviolable beings], other think [They aren't monsters, but I can't stand those intolerable guys! They're moody and I don't want to have to deal with them] or were they also look down on them in the same way [forest dwelling savages]... So they basically don't actively reject them.
  339. ---------------------
  342. /answers/125867237973
  343. >Did Elves hate Dark Elves even since before they were turned into Monstergirls?
  345. While I think that there was some hate in the form of [those relatives are way too irresponsible!][That's why~ the clan is...], but they basically still saw them as fellow Elven comrades. Also they don't hate them after monsterisation.
  346. ---------------------
  349. /answers/124736160085
  350. >So a monsters [energy] is named from [spirit energy], which is something men posses plenty of, yet the spirit energy recovering of women is inferior to that of men, so in other words does that mean that magicians in the MGE world are predominately men? With Mimiru being an exception (cheater)?
  352. Women excel at the art of manipulating energy that exist in their surroundings instead, so it doesn't change much overall! This characteristic is also related to women being [easy to become affected from demonic energy] w
  353. ---------------------
  357. *************
  359. Regarding features of specific monstergirls:
  363. /answer/113133089365
  364. >It makes me a bit sad to think if there are only loli Witches. Do voluptuous onee-sama type monstergirl Witches exist?
  366. There are, although as a different kind
  367. --------------------
  370. /answer/114503291221
  371. >About how long is the lifespan of a Succubus?
  373. There's great individual difference. But it goes from several hundreds to several thousands of years. Demon Lords and such can even get older than ten-thousands of years
  374. ---------------------
  377. /answer/114711189845
  378. >Sorry to ask so many things. Since Holstaurs have considerably big breasts, at about which age do they start developing? At a rather young age, no
  380. There are individual differences, but they generally start to budge around Kindergarten age, so they'll already be oppai-loli during elementary-school
  381. ---------------------
  384. /answer/121107924309
  385. >Can Sandworms willingly transform their inner flesh walls to a certain degree?
  387. They can do various things, like creating rooms, separated spaces free of drool (mostly as storehouse for the husband) or make benches and a bed for their husband
  388. ---------------------
  391. /answer/121111185749
  392. >Can a Lich make a new phylactery in case the old one breaks?
  394. Of course they can
  395. ---------------------
  398. /answer/116673232469
  399. >Can Ushi-Oni spin threads?
  401. They can spin threads (?) that kinda look like straw rope. Seems like they're not very good at spinning finer threads
  402. ---------------------
  405. /answer/116674036821
  406. >What are these white protuberances on the arms and chest of a Ghoul?
  408. They're bones changed into shells. They can be made to appear and disappear freely using magic
  409. ---------------------
  412. /answer/116677881941
  413. >Is the child of a Kitsune-Tsuki a Kitsune-Tsuki?
  415. Basically yes. But in rare cases, an Inari or Youko may be born
  416. ---------------------
  419. /answer/116674164309
  420. >Is the mantle of a Vampire part of her body?
  422. They're actually wings. They can be expanded and contracted, made to disappear or changed into Succubus like demonic wings
  423. ---------------------
  426. /answer/116677807957
  427. >Since they're bird-like, do Kikimora lay eggs? Or are they viviparous since they're part of the wolf family?
  429. They're viviparous
  430. ---------------------
  433. /answer/118423258965
  434. >Can Kikimora change their legs into human ones?
  436. They can if they use polymorph. But usually they just conceal them as boots that look like bird scales
  437. ---------------------
  440. /answer/116679178581
  441. >Are there genderbend Pharaohs?
  443. There are. Or perhaps I should say that there's many genderbend ones since many kings were originally men
  444. ---------------------
  447. /answer/119991152213
  448. >What kind of person is Poseidon? Is she a mellow pretty woman? Or perhaps the big sister type? I'm also curious about the Fallen God
  450. She's the mellow onee-san type giving of this ara-ara ufufu vibe. The Fallen God is still a secret
  451. ---------------------
  454. /answer/114411110485
  455. >If I tell a Dark Elf that I like white skin, will hers turn white?
  457. They can temporarily turn it white with magic. However, if you become the husband of one of these girls, they'll want you to love their tanned skin as well
  458. ---------------------
  461. /answer/115381907029
  462. >So the Lich carries a cross on her back, but isn't this a bit strange for a monstergirl?
  464. That's more of a tombstone rather than a cross. It's not like monstergirls are weak against crosses in particular. It depends on individual idea, but it's not like crosses or things linked to the church would cause unpleasant feelings. Also there are gods other than the Chief and Fallen God that use motives and symbols containing a cross
  465. ---------------------
  468. /answer/116674394453
  469. >Were do the snakes of an Echidna grow from?
  471. They're growing from her head. Or rather, they're a part of hair that turned into snakes.
  472. ---------------------
  475. /answer/123528893013
  476. >What's the purpose of the eye seal of an Ushi-Oni?
  478. It's a seal, or rather a talisman. It's purpose is to hold back the sexual desires of the Ushi-Oni. The sexual desires are in that held back state. Taking it off is a bad idea!
  479. ---------------------
  482. /answer/113138448469
  483. >Can an adult male properly ride on the back (the back part that's a spider) of an Arachne or Ushi-Oni? I want to go on a walk with them the same way as with a Centaur!
  485. Yes. They're strong, so there's a margin to ride on them. But they'll want to carry this over into something related to sex at night!
  486. ---------------------
  489. /answer/116672217685
  490. >So what are those 2 tentacle-like mouths growing from a Jabberwock's body?
  492. They're tentacles. They can be freely moved like a second set of arms. The person herself doesn't really know why she has them, but they're mostly used lick and suck a males body.
  493. ---------------------
  496. /answer/123529755989
  497. >Can monstergirls of the wolf-family (Werewolf, Hellhound, ect.) eat things that real dogs can't, such as onions? If they can't, will it work as an aphrodisiac on them similar to Vampires?
  499. monstergirls are living beings that are half monster and half human, so things like onions are fine. Whatever a human can eat can a monstergirl eat too
  500. ---------------------
  503. /answer/123529797973
  504. Sorry for asking another question, but how many fingers does the paw of a Hellhound have? Werewolf has 5 fingers. And Anubis has 3 fingers, but I can't really tell with the Hellhound since the paw is partially obscured, so I'd be much obliged if you could tell me
  506. It's obscured, but the Hellhound has 4 fingers. The truth is, Anubis too will be corrected to 4 fingers in the printed version.
  507. ---------------------
  510. /answer/123529124693
  511. >Why do Centaurs have a second pussy? I'm fine with the one in the back, so I think this is a bit weird.
  513. Isn't it natural that lovers and married couples would like to have sex facing each other? Since the girls had this wish, a second set of genitalia grew.
  514. ---------------------
  517. /answer/123513781077
  518. >How are the child of a Sandworm born?
  520. First, the female body in the mouth lays an egg. The Sandworm will have a small shell right after hatching from the egg, so both parents will raise her inside the mothers mouth until she has grown larger.
  521. ---------------------
  524. /answer/121143219797
  525. >It's always fun to read your stuff! But I have a question, how many fingers does the hand of a Lizardman have? In the old picture there were 5 fingers, but with the new one I can't really tell if there are 3 fingers or 4...
  527. Thank you very much. It's 4 fingers. The thumb is obscured
  528. ---------------------
  531. /answer/116672579669
  532. >What does the hair of a Sandworm feel like? Does it feel similar to wet hair? Or is there some fleshiness to it? Oh, also can the main body of a Sandworm temporarily separate herself from the outer shell?
  534. If the hair became loose then it'll feel like damp wet hair, and if it's bound together, then (that part) it'll have a fleshy texture similar to a tongue. The girls can change by will if it's loose or bound together as a tongue. It's possible to temporarily erase (hide) the shell by using polymorph, but they can't actually separate from it. However, the connected part may be anywhere, so they can free up their legs if they grow something like a tail to stay connected with the inner flesh walls of the shell
  535. ---------------------
  538. /answer/113223084117
  539. >I thought of this since Liliraune was updated this time, but is it possible for monstergirls of the Alraune type to walk around on their own legs by using something like polymorph? I really want to take these girls on dates in various places
  541. They can. All monsters are [half human], so there isn't a single race of them incapable of using polymorph. Of course the time needed to learn it depends on intelligence and the accuracy of the morph varies. (If they're bad at it then the colour of the skin might remain unchanged, skilled races like Gyoubu Tanuki on the other hand can even hide the indications of magic when turning human) Furthermore, monsters of the Alraune family can normally walk by using the roots below the flower even without using polymorph
  542. ---------------------
  545. /answer/116666600789
  546. >Are there any special effects to the shed skin of Lamia type monsters? If you carry the skin of an Echidna, do you become popular with Echidnas or turn into one or receive their blessing?
  548. If the demonic energy of an Echidna are firmly frozen into it, then it'll become easier to be fond of the Lamia family including Echidnas, and women will turn into an Echidna. (Turning into an Echidna requires quite some disposition, so it seems that many will turn into a Lamia instead)
  549. ---------------------
  552. /answer/113142301013
  553. >Is it possible for a Roper type to create a human shaped baby in her own belly? Or do they only give birth to tentacles?
  555. It's not like they recklessly only make Roper eggs, but it's possible for them to conceive a child. In that case it'll be infested by a Roper from the beginning and be born as a Roper
  556. ---------------------
  559. /answer/113136606037
  560. >All monsters are liked to the Demon Lord, but are there any Lilim that have to body of a snake or spider amongst their sisters?
  562. I don't really know if there are any Lilim on the level of having a different lower body, but Lilim with beast-like horns and tails or with limbs that are covered in an insect-like shell sporadically exist!
  563. ---------------------
  566. /answer/117421490517
  567. >It seems dangerous if both a Bicorn and Shiroebi fall in love with the same man
  569. Seems like it'll get very rough for some time. w For the husbands body that is. They'll end up getting along in some way or another, but seems like the harem will get rather busy, since the Shiroebi will try to steal a march on the other members and get into an assertive position were she get's the most sex. Hang in there husband!
  570. ---------------------
  573. /answer/113135203925
  574. >Are monstergirls of the reptile family like Lamia or Lizardmen live-bearing? Or do they lay eggs? Can they breast feed?
  576. It's both. They'll lay an egg after being pregnant with it for a while. They'll also breast feed
  577. ---------------------
  580. /answer/113134029909
  581. >If a woman get's monsterised into a Lamia, what happens to the clothes she wears on her lower body at that time?
  583. They vanish, and then, by the miracle of demonic energy, turn into clothes for Lamia of similar design! Or something like that. w
  584. ---------------------
  587. /answer/116665615189
  588. >What happens if a human woman wears the mushroom of a Mad Hatter after it was turned into a regular hat by a man wearing it? Will it remain a regular hat, or will she turn into a Mad Hatter?
  590. It'll reverse into a mushroom and turn her into a Mad Hatter. In case that the man wearing it before was the lover of the woman, then I get the feeling that a strong Mad Hatter will be born after some of the mushroom mixed with the males spirit energy, leading to an erotic trip......!
  591. ---------------------
  594. /answer/115273491029
  595. >Can you take care of a Mad Hatter without having to inhale her spores by stripping her completely naked from her clothes made of mushroom?
  597. They'll emit spores even without the hat or clothes. Also during French kissing you'll exchange saliva mixed with their spores, so there's no defence against them pouring in.
  598. ---------------------
  601. /answer/113455665749
  602. >Since it seems like there are individual differences with monstergirls of the same race, are there any Lilim with black hair or something?
  604. Sorry. Lilim basically only have white hair. However, there are some individuals that naturally have white + some colour as mesh or gradient hair
  605. ---------------------
  608. /answer/113134199381
  609. >I have a question. Regarding Half-Elves and Half-Dwarves, are they Elves/Dwarves that were born from human men and non-monsterised Elves/Dwarves? And if they get monsterised, are the children born from them and human men still halves?
  611. Children born between human and Elves/Dwarves (doesn't matter which part's male and female) will become halves. Also after monsterisation they won't give birth to halves, but to monster Elves/Dwarves.
  612. ---------------------
  615. /answer/115636087893
  616. >I've started to wonder since there's soon gonna be a game released with rhinoceros and stag beetle themed characters. If we assume that you'd reveal a rhinoceros or stag beetle themed monster girl, would she still have the large jaw or horn that are characteristic for the male beetles?
  618. She would. Since Monsters included males before they were all turned into Monster Girls, like Lizardmen being Lizard"men", these girls will have these specific elements even if they used to be a characteristic of the males of that race
  619. ---------------------
  622. /answer/113137119317
  623. >Are there any colour variations like white or red to the swimsuit like skin of a Sahuagin Also would it be possible to add  a Sabbath made rune embroidery to the swimsuit of a Sahuagin?
  625. The ultra-rare white colour variation school-swimsuit Sahuagin is...! Probably something that exists. w Also adding an embroidery is possible
  626. ---------------------
  629. /answer/114411110485
  630. >I get the feeling that are many Lesser Succubi with large breasts, so is it that mostly girls with large breasts are targeted? Or is it simply that their breasts get bigger after becoming a Lesser, resulting in many girls with big breasts?
  632. It's just a coincidence. There's also Lesser Succubi that have small breasts or are flatchested. However, there's many girls who have their breasts grow bigger, since turning into a Succubus emphases their feminine charms. Also, it's probably simply a question of their design and my own tastes that there are seemingly many that have breasts with a bigger size
  633. ---------------------
  636. /answer/114313399381
  637. >It's about the body hair of a Lesser Succubus, but can they maintain it even after turning into a Succubus? I wonder if she can stay the way she is without maturing if her man likes Lesser Succubi?
  639. I think she can stay that way if her husband wishes for it
  640. ---------------------
  643. /answer/113314293333
  644. >If the Demon Lord manages to overwrite the world setting, humans will end up the males with monsters as females. So what will happen to the fluffy and inexperienced Lesser Succubi in that case? Without any human woman, they'll continue to gain sexual experience and turn into (mature) Succubi...
  646. I think if men demand for it, then they might either become an individual difference amongst Succubi, or spilt off as an independent subspecies
  647. ---------------------
  650. /answer/113133173845
  651. >Are there any oppai-loli Baphomet?
  653. I think there are. But I think they'd be incredibly rare and regarded as heresy by the Sabbath. w
  654. ---------------------
  657. /answer/120036372053
  658. >Is there anything special about the heroes a Valkyrie sticks to? Are there any conditions? Are there also Valkyrie that stick to female heroes? In that case, what will happen if said Valkyrie gets monsterised?
  660. It's not like there's anything special about it, but they usually stick to people with an ability as hero. In case of a monsterised Valkyrie, then there are cases were she picks a husband fitting her tastes and female instincts. Cases were they stick to a female hero also exist, and if she should get monsterised in such a case, then she'll raise her into a splendid Inma, or rather demon realm hero, or rather wife
  661. ---------------------
  664. /answer/126877119573
  665. >What's the ectoplasm like stuff covering the arms of a Wight?
  667. It's a spiritual body (ectoplasm) made from magic!
  668. ---------------------
  671. /answer/114379264341
  672. >Are Amazoness muscular?
  674. There are many muscular Amazoness!
  675. ---------------------
  678. /answer/126490495317
  679. >What kind of role does the scythe of a Nightmare play?
  681. The scythe is used to cut open and create an entry into the dream world. Did it-, so cool! However, they can do this even without one. So there actually are many girls without one. For Nightmares they are something like a fashion item handed down from ancient times.
  682. ---------------------
  685. /answer/127309958997
  686. >The claws of a Jinko are pretty long, so are they able to retract them like cats?
  688. They can
  689. ---------------------
  692. /answer/125617397077
  693. >Can Yuki Onna and Glacies enter hot springs?
  695. They can go in. However, even after only entering for a short time their bodies will start to feel hot and their minds will get soggy, even if it wasn't a Demon Realm hot spring. Sex will be inevitable!
  696. ---------------------
  699. /answer/126110655829
  700. >So Why did the wings of Kunoich regress? I thought that being able to fly would be definitely advantageous for infiltration or combat...?
  702. They basically have to move trough confined spaces for their missions, which is easier without wings. Also they don't have a need for them since they're capable of jumping really high, walk along walls and ceilings, or are able to fly by making mysterious giant kites that aren't tied to anything appear on their backs by using mudra hand signs...
  703. ---------------------
  706. /answers/126490575701
  707. >So if an Ant Arachne that slipped into a Giant Ant nest gets her cover blown, what kind of actions against her will occur?
  709. They actually don't really care. But even if [Oh so is that! Well that's fine!] is also the case, there might be some individuals that [get to work!] would want to do something like turn her into some sort of maid.
  710. ---------------------
  716. *************
  718. Regarding Alps:
  722. /answer/113134681941
  723. >What happens if a guy with the prospects of becoming an Alp has the wish [to be loved as a guy]? Will he stay male upon Alping or turn into a boyish girl? Or will he end up with [both sets of genitals]?
  725. Basically, his body will turn into that of a boyish girl. Sorry, but only context related to my own likings will appear in the monstergirl encyclopedia. So frankly speaking a gay incubus... or something like that? I'm not gonna touch that officially
  726. ---------------------
  729. /answer/113134475093
  730. >Sorry for the question, but speaking of Wonderland, since monstergirls will transform into variations, such as Dragon to Jabberwock or Wererabbit to March Hare, are there any other such cases? Speaking in concrete! If a woman gets attacked by a monstergirl, she'll transform into the same kind, but! In case of a guy it'll be an Alp!! So is it possible to turn into a monstergirl other than an Alp!!??
  732. Normally not. But in case that a guy wants to turn into a different kind of monstergirl, there's a quicker way since there seem to be traps and fruits that turn one into a monstergirl in Wonderland. Normally you'll turn back after a fixed amount of time, but if you end up thinking [it's nice as a monstergirl] while having sex with a guy in this state, your condition will turn permanent and you become a monstergirl for good
  733. ---------------------
  736. /answer/113134420309
  737. >I want to turn into an Alp, were should I go?
  739. Find a pedlar that reeks of Tanuki and buy lots of heart shaped fruits and strange bananas!
  740. ---------------------
  743. /answer/114703243861
  744. >In case that a shota Alps, will he turn into an Alice? Or is it impossible since Alice are so rare?
  746. There is a possibility, although not restricted to shota. However, this would be rare amongst the rare. Hyper-rare even.
  747. ---------------------
  750. /answer/113220179797
  751. >Are there any cases of men turning into monstergirls other than Alps, Skeletons or Pharaohs?
  753. It's possible to Alp into other kinds of the Succubus family, like Dark Priests, Amazoness, Nereids, Kunoichi and such. It should also be possible to turn into a Lich, no.
  754. ---------------------
  757. /answer/114560337749
  758. >If a boy with the groundings of an Alp gets attacked by a Dark Priest, does he turn into a Dark Priest as well?
  760. Yes, he'll become a Dark Priest (Alp). going by race, they're [Succubi] to begin with and only get called Alps for practical reasons
  761. ---------------------
  764. /answer/118423421269
  765. >What happens if a Parasite Slime attaches itself to a man with the groundings of an Alp?
  767. He'll turn into a Slime Carri-Alp, no wait, into an Alp Slime Carrier
  768. (note: a bit of a word joke, since "Carrier" ends with an "A" if written in katakana)
  769. ---------------------
  772. /answer/113358691413
  773. >What happens if a boy with the groundings of an Alp enters a Liliraune (with one space open)? Will he turn into an Incubus? Or get genderbend and turned into a monstergirl?
  775. If he isn't suitable to be a Liliraune, then the nectar will first turn him into an Incubus, and then an Alp. If he's suitable to be a Liliraune, then he might turn into one after becoming an Incubus
  776. ---------------------
  779. /answer/113218845013
  780. >I have a question, if a male Elf or Dwarf gets corroded by demonic energy, are there cases were they turn into the female version shown in the guide book? So basically the same as a person who will Alp if he's gay or wants to be a girl after he turns into an Incubus?
  782. Male Elves and Dwarves are basically handled the same way as human males. In other words, they will turn into Alp-Elves and Alp-Dwarves after turning into Incubi if they have the desire to be girls
  783. ---------------------
  786. /answer/113938904405
  787. >Are there any males that, even though they have the wish to Alp, turn into Incubi without becoming an Alp after they became a pair with a monstergirl? Also, if something like [the opponent I wanted to assault turned out to be a cross-dressing girl] happens to a monstergirl (especially of a race that doesn't have the potential for monsterisation), how will they handle that girl?
  789. If [I want to live together with my wife as a guy!] wins over the wish to Alp, then they won't turn into one. I think it generally follows this pattern in case that they [became a couple]. Also it's difficult to deceive the eyes (and sense of smell, magic powers (sensing spirit energy)) of a monstergirl by disguising yourself as a guy. Leaving out Zombies that don't differentiate as exception, almost any monstergirl, ranging from Succubus to Slime, will realize that it's actually a girl before they attack. However, if they did happen to attack by mistake and the monstergirl doesn't have the ability to monsterise even though the girl wanted to become a monstergirl, then she'll take responsibility (?) by making her feel good till the end
  790. ---------------------
  793. /answer/113220209237
  794. >So what's going to happen if a gay guy were to enter a Liliraune with only one part present? If he gets spit out after some time, will he have turned into some sort of monstergirl from mana corrosion or something?
  796. He'll turn into an Alp after becoming an Incubus. Monstergirls are keen with these things, so the Liliraune that's already there will notice right away and might try to train the guy into becoming her other part. Whether he gets spit out depends on various situations like elapsed time. Seems like he'll have either turned into a Succubus or Alraune if he gets spit out a long time after being caught
  797. ---------------------
  800. /answer/113390604629
  801. >Do Incubi that didn't turn into Alps despite having the wish to become girls exist?
  803. There's a pattern that prevents Alping even though there's a wish to become a girl, if [I want to fuck monstergirls (wife)] is stronger than [wanting to be a girl], then they wont turn female. Especially if there isn't a girl (monstergirl) that has her eyes set on him and the wish to "get a wife and fuck her as a guy!" isn't strong enough, then I think they'll almost always Alp
  804. ---------------------
  807. /answer/116677969749
  808. >What happens if a Dark Matter fuses with a guy that has the wish to become a girl and Alp? Will he fuse rather with the female body part than with the black sphere part at that time?
  810. He might either fuse with the female body part and turn into a Dark Matter, or turn into something called Arch Alp if he fuses with the female body part after fusing with the black sphere part. But he'll get genderbend in both cases and turns into a monstergirl
  811. ---------------------
  814. /answer/114713454933
  815. >Can Alps also monsterise human women? Also, I was told that there's [separate adult sized Witches], so are there also adult sized Devils (most likely as separate kind)?
  817. Alsp can do it the same way as Succubi. There are no adult sized Devils. However, since Devils are closer related to Imps than Succubi, there's also a kind of Monstergirl with blue skin and black sclera and the appearance of an adult that's closer related to Succubi, albeit with a different lifestyle
  818. ---------------------
  821. /answer/114713651285
  822. >With this it's decided! What will a Monstergirl that accidentally Alp'd a man do?
  824. Give up; Search for a husband to share together with the Alp'd kid; ect..... However, Monstergirls as a whole exceed at being able to tell if someone harbours feelings for someone, so the pattern were they notice if someone holds the disposition for Alping before attacking him seems to be relatively common.
  825. ---------------------
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