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  1. EllieToday at 1:26 AM
  2. Hey again, what do you have in mind?
  3. JakeroyToday at 1:27 AM
  4. Hi there, well let me start by saying your art is very high quality. So i'm very interested in having a logo made, and in the future other artwork, if the logo goes well.
  5. Would you like to see a sketch i made? its VERY bad as im not an artist, but it will give you a basic idea
  6. EllieToday at 1:28 AM
  7. Thank you thats very kind :smiley: sure! always helps out if you have an idea of what you want already
  8. JakeroyToday at 1:30 AM
  9. Ok so heres a sketch. This is the a small version and basic idea of the logo, However instead of "IB" it would be the full name "InfiniteBlocks". Here is also a picture of a different logo that's similar, and you can sort of look at as an idea along with my sketch.
  11. https://gyazo.com/0004f50ae0183622763db79bfabced2a
  12. Gyazo
  13. Gyazo
  15. Now mine has alot of differences such as the block/island isnt made out of the letters, but rather engraved on the side
  16. So my sketch is technically the icon
  17. EllieToday at 1:31 AM
  18. i like it! Are you wanting "network" to be on the top like the sketch? also is mc avatar lying down by the tree in your sketch too? if so do you have any specific action in mind or just lying down?
  19. JakeroyToday at 1:32 AM
  20. My idea was a cool earthy, world looking thing. You know, with the tree and roots, and waterfall, and night and day time, Sun shining on the flower. The guy looking up at the starts, etc.
  21. Yes the guy is looking up ata the starts with binoculars
  22. pointing or something
  23. having a nice relaxing time observing the night
  24. and no i dont want network. the letter "I" would be Infinite, and "B" would be blocks, in the full logo. And just "I" "B" in the icon
  25. so yeah sorry ignore the Net IB thing
  26. just saw that, my bad
  27. ignore that part
  28. EllieToday at 1:36 AM
  29. perfect, ok i'll do a sketch of how the final design layout will be and we can decide for a final design from there. As for the price, usually it would have been $74 for this level of detail but as its 20% off the final price will be $59.20
  30. JakeroyToday at 1:36 AM
  31. Wow, that's an amazing price. I look forward to purchasing other artwork you in the near time future, not because of the discount. Simply because i want the art to be consistant in the style, and i very much like you're natural looking style :smiley:
  32. Do i need to pay half upfront or something?
  33. EllieToday at 1:38 AM
  34. thank you i look forward to more then! I'm glad, usually i get criticised for not doing overly cartoon-ish haha. I'll do the sketch first then after you're completely happy with the design i'll send you an invoice for 100% upfront, but i'll keep you posted during the design too. And it'll be completed within 1-3 days maximum after payment
  35. JakeroyToday at 1:39 AM
  36. Awesome! Let me know of anything you need, any questions, etc :smiley: Thank you very much
  37. EllieToday at 3:15 AM
  38. finishing off the sketch :smiley: do you have any preference on text colours?
  39. JakeroyToday at 3:20 AM
  40. Do you mean the shade of green and brown? Since the Text is sort of apart of the block/island, i'd like the Infinite to be made of grass, and the Blocks to be dirt, but make sure you can tell the word "Blocks" and the actual dirt of the block/island apart
  41. Sorry if that wasn't clear when we talked about it, my bad
  42. Kind of like this https://gyazo.com/0004f50ae0183622763db79bfabced2a
  43. Gyazo
  44. Gyazo
  46. However the right side would be dirt.
  47. EllieToday at 3:23 AM
  48. ahhh i see sorry for the confusion, sure thing then i'll send you it soon :smiley:
  49. JakeroyToday at 3:23 AM
  50. Okay, thank you :smiley:
  51. EllieToday at 4:03 AM
  52. Hey here’s my rough sketch, let me know if you like how it looks or want any design changes, I put the guy with his arm down as it looked a bit funky with it up
  53. It’s just for the general layout the final thing will be fully rendered :smiley:
  55. JakeroyToday at 4:06 AM
  56. Wow that looks awesome, I would say if you could make the guy look at more of an agle, Here ill put this in paint and show you what i mean :smiley:
  57. Okay so i did something, im gonna send a picture of this and then sort of explain it a tiny bit
  58. one sec
  59. EllieToday at 4:11 AM
  60. sure go for it :smiley:
  61. JakeroyToday at 4:11 AM
  63. Ok so i added text to sort of help you. I know you said its a rough sketch. But i actually kind of like the idea of it being sort of like a globe, so theres one thing. I know you are still planning on adding shooting stars/stars/sun. 3, if you could maybe make the guy more in the middle? I don't know the depth of the right side of the block/island looks a (tiny) bit off. Does that make sense? like the guy is right on the edge, but on the left side there is more grass and room. I dont know, it looks good if you cant fix it. However if you could make him look more slanted down if thats possible.
  64. Other than that the fact that its a rough sketch it looks awesome :smiley:
  65. EllieToday at 4:15 AM
  66. sure! i can push him slightly further back and angled on the island so it shows the depth more as his leg is going toward the letters rather than the corner it does make it look squished i agree, for the sky yes i'll do shooting stars the sun within the globe
  67. JakeroyToday at 4:16 AM
  68. Also if you could make the roots of the trees sort of stand out and sort of almost overlap some of the text
  69. EllieToday at 4:16 AM
  70. ok i'll make adjustments to the sketch i'll send you it again shortly :smiley:
  71. JakeroyToday at 4:16 AM
  72. Okay thanks, it looks amazing so far. Good job :smiley: !!
  73. Heres an example of the globe sort of looking thing haha https://gyazo.com/201c75a5a07cb024becb706de61766ef
  74. Gyazo
  75. Gyazo
  77. You don't have to do that just thought id send that to you
  78. just happens to have one of the same words in the name :thinking:
  79. EllieToday at 4:22 AM
  80. I would if the text was overlaying the backdrop but as the text is part of the entire design there wouldnt be a clean cut-off for it and might  look odd :smiley: i can do the clouds though if you like and keep them within the globe shape
  81. JakeroyToday at 4:24 AM
  82. True didnt think about that. Nvm the globe idea, however keeping the sky in that circle shape is still fine. And for the clouds, just some clouds in the day time part (the left). I dont want to copy infinite heights, and i dont think it would look that good*(edited)
  83. EllieToday at 4:25 AM
  84. sure thing :smiley:
  85. Better?
  87. Minus the stars and sun as I can’t really put them in a sketch clearly :smiley:
  88. JakeroyToday at 4:29 AM
  89. Oh yes i love it :smiley:
  90. EllieToday at 4:30 AM
  91. I’m glad! Do you want any other changes at all?
  92. JakeroyToday at 4:30 AM
  93. Oh
  94. One more change, i think you might have missed it. But could you angle the head and binoculars a little differently so instead of looking up at the tree, more towards the night sky area. And one last thing, can you make the tree a tiny bit taller?
  95. Then it should be perfect :smiley:
  96. EllieToday at 4:38 AM
  97. Like this?
  99. JakeroyToday at 4:38 AM
  100. Yes much better thank you :smiley:
  101. I think its good to go :smiley:
  102. You have the sky bit on a seperate layer right? Let me know what your paypal is, and how much to send you. Once your done if possible i'd like a copy without the sky stuff, and with. And then we can talk about an icon :smiley:
  103. EllieToday at 4:44 AM
  104. Yup it’ll all be on layers anyway if you want the psd along with the versions :smiley: if you can let me know your PayPal email I’ll send you an invoice instead, and with the icon usually you get 2-4 64x64 icons made from the logo itself, they come with the logo for free!
  105. JakeroyToday at 4:47 AM
  106. Oh so ill be able to take out the sky part in photoshop? Cool. Question, hows the resolution for this. Meaning, since you're using photoshop, can you send me like recommended settings for exporting it, because i'd like to be able to scale it up and down and have it be the same qaulity. And what do you mean 2-4, 2-4 completely different icons, or what do you mean.
  107. EllieToday at 4:53 AM
  108. Can do :smiley: the original canvas is 3000x2300 pixels at 300 dpi, I’ll also send you 3 smaller file sizes in the final design usually half then half then half. The icons are made from the logo, for example it could be the entire logo, the tree and the sky around it, the character reclining and the letters IB with grass and dirt behind it. Just gives you a variety to chose from, as the size is so tiny usually it’s good to get a couple different ones to see what looks best at the size
  109. JakeroyToday at 4:56 AM
  110. Oh right right. So the icon could be one without the sky, with the sky, etc.
  111. Okay so what's the next step, my paypal? Jakeroy2662@gmail.com
  112. EllieToday at 4:57 AM
  113. Mhm :smiley: thanks! I’ll send you an invoice shortly then and after payment Itll take 1-3 days :smiley:
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