Chapter 2: The Reality

Jun 2nd, 2014
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  1. “Twilight!” I screamed her name trying to assess the situation I was in. I was previously a full human and Twilight Sparkle a technicolor pony in an attempt to make me one of her kind seems to have succeeded, a little too well. “Aaand she’s passed out” I said in my girlish tone. Twilight collapsed across the room from myself and I was stuck as a little pony filly. “Shitshitshitfuckshitfuck,” it was especially strange hearing all this come from what was technically a little girl’s mouth. “Spiiiike! Gonna need some help down here!”
  3. “Who’s that and what?” I heard from the second floor.
  4. “Just get down here! Twilight’s passed out!”
  6. “Twilight!” Spike ran toward her collapsed body, “and who are you young lady and did you see a naked ape thing run around here?”
  8. “Easy answer to both of those, I’m Anon”
  10. “You’re Anon? Anon’s a human, not a filly and can you tell me what happened to Twilight”
  12. “What if I told you the answer is still the same?”
  14. “Help me get Twilight over to the couch and then you can explain everything, just help me out here, ‘Anon’” he ended his statement in a sarcastic manner.
  16. “That’s great and all, but I haven’t really figured out how to hooves.”
  18. “Well I can’t carry her on my own so I hope you’re ready to learn!” Shit, he had a point. I looked down at my new appendages and decided to lift a hoof up.
  20. “So, you have any idea how to work these things?” I set the hoof back down.
  22. “I don’t know just get over here and help me!” Spike yelled towards me urgently. I began walking, singing to myself to attempt to figure out this whole walking thing,
  24. “Put one hoof in front of the other, and soon I’ll be walking across the floor. Put one hoof in front of the other, and soon I’ll get Twilight off the floor. Holy shit Spike! I’m doing it!” I made my way across the dining room, next to Spike and Twilight’s collapsed body. Walking was relatively simple it was just like walking with two feet, just front and back.
  26. “Great, here, I’m going to try to balance her on your back and over my shoulder.” Spike placed Twilight right on top of me. It became really strenuous just to get her over to the next room. But we were able to dump her onto a sofa, not before Spike and I were left wheezing and tired.
  28. “She’s…. going to be alright…. right?” I asked Spike in between breaths.
  30. “Yeah... just… let… her… rest. Want… some… water?” it seemed Spike worked a little harder than I did.
  32. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  33. We made our way to the kitchen, finally catching my breath. It didn’t help that I was now in this weaker smaller pony form, having to carry what seemed to be a young-adult horse.
  34. “So…” Spike began to ask quizzically and handing me a glass of water.
  36. “Remember when Twilight asked you to leave for dinner” I grabbed the glass from Spike’s hand, or at least I tried to. It was difficult to grab something with my hooves. “Actually can we sit down for a moment, still haven’t got a hold of these hooves things”
  38. “Sure, and yes I do remember but what does that have to…”
  39. I cut him off as we sat down at the table, “well Twilight asked me if I wanted to become a pony and I told her that I was interested in the idea, but…”
  41. “You asked her to make you a little filly?” It was Spike’s turn to cut me off.
  43. “NO! I panicked when my bones started to hurt and I think I might have broken Twilight’s concentration or something, honestly I don’t know shit about magic so I couldn’t tell you.”
  45. “Okay, assuming I believe you, why did you say yes and could you stop swearing because it’s really weird hearing that kind of language coming from a filly”
  47. “Well, Spike I assumed that I would become a handsome young stallion in a town that consisted of mostly mares. Put two and two together and I figured that being a stallion in this world could mean I could live a normal-ish life for someone in my situation, but as you can see…” I began to become a little more annoyed.
  49. “At least you can be normal-ish… right?”
  51. “Spike, what about this seems normal to you?” I asked him sarcastically.
  53. “Um…”
  55. “Don’t answer that, it was fucking metaphorical” I saw the little green dragon cringe, “Oh I’m sorry I can’t fucking cuss in front of you anymore? Because I sure as shit remember taking care of your sorry ass not five hours ago!” I began to yell.
  57. “A..Anon.. what…”
  59. “And another thing! How the fuck do you expect me to instantly know what the shit I’m doing with this new body? Remember asshole I used to be bipedal, just like you. Just you imagine having to walk on all fours after being forced into said form not five minutes ago and you snap at me for urgency? And not a single fucking congratulation or thank you for helping out Twilight’s sorry ass….”
  61. “LOOK I’M SORRY!” screamed Spike, Tears pouring down his face, “I didn’t know what happened to… Twilight and I just wanted to make sure she was okay!” Spike’s reaction took me for a shock. I didn’t even realize I just began taking it out on him. I looked down at my empty glass of water.
  63. “I… I… I’m sorry Spike I’m just so fu..,” I stopped myself, frustrated,” tears began to crawl down my face. It usually didn’t take this little to set me off, could it have been my younger body? The empty glass was taken from the table.
  65. “Look, I didn’t mean to pry and you’re right I couldn’t help Twilight without you, want another glass?”
  67. “Yeah, that would be great, and... I mean it I’m sorry and I won’t cuss around you”
  69. “It’s okay Anon; I understand to completely I asked you to change your vocabulary in a few minutes! It would be difficult for me too!” he set the glass down, “how about after this we both hit the sack it’s getting late”
  71. “In separate rooms right?” I giggled trying to make the mood lighter.
  73. “Yeah! Um.. eep” Spike blushed. I giggled again, really not going to get used to this new voice thing.
  74. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  75. Spike ended up leading me upstairs to my room. My bed was higher than what I was used to so he also got me a little stepladder so I could get in my own bed.
  76. “I know this might be a little too much, but do you also know if there are and full body mirrors in the castle?” I asked Spike inquisitively.
  78. “I dunno, can this wait till the morning?” Spike asked whilst yawning.
  80. “I guess, it’s just I never really got a look at myself.”
  82. “Well you’re light b..”
  84. “Don’t spoil it! I wanted to get a look for myself!”
  86. “Ugh fine I’ll try to find something.” Spike was able to find a mirror and set it up in my room not five minutes later. Makes me wonder how much work he really was willing to put into this home, “Here you go Princess Anon.” He ended his remark with a smirk, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean”
  88. “It’s okay, have a good night” Spike got up and began leaving the room, “Am I at least cute?”
  90. “Um..he.. ha… um” I swear I thought I saw Spike gag, and a noodle came out of his mouth.
  92. I was face to face with my new form, and it took me a crazy amount of courage to finally open my eyes. “So this is what I look like, wow…” I looked myself over. I had light blue fur and what seemed to be a surprisingly lengthy, at least proportional to my body, mane. I had two colors going through my mane and tail, a deep royal blue and a violet which seemed to match Twilight’s mane. “I do look pretty cute I guess…” My tail seemed to match my mane’s length which and it seemed to look long. Maybe I just wasn’t used to my new proportions and the length was appropriate. Either way I finally decided to take the plunge and formally look at my rear. I lifted my tail up, “Yup… that’s a vagina.” Guess I wasn’t going to escape that reality. But the less scary reality hit me simultaneously, no cutie mark. “Guess I’m going to earn a cute mark one way or another.” Or at the very least Twilight might be able to re-work my current situation. “Wait! That’s right!” I shouted. If Twilight could change me into a little filly there’s no way she can’t change a little filly into stallion right? With this final reality setting in, I decided to finally hit the sack; hopefully everything could change in the morning. With my future possibly on the uprise I decided to finally fall asleep.
  94. The next morning I woke up with a splitting headache and a screaming unicorn in my ear, “oh nononononono It wasn’t a dream! This is bad this is bad!”
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