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  1. Vauban
  3. Passive 1: Vauban deals 25% increased damage against enemies that have their movement impaired.
  4. Passive 2: Vauban's Sentinel, Citadel, fights alongside Vauban during missions. Citadel can use any other sentinel precepts from any other sentinel, and comes preequipped with the "storm rifle", which only Citadel can equip.
  6. 1 - Minelayer: Vauban cycles through 4 specialized grenades, Tesla, Concuss, Shred and Vortex, grenades can be charged for improved effects.
  7. Tesla: functions identically to before. The grenade now sends out shocks to multiple targets if more than 1 target is in range. Base damage has been increased. Charging Tesla doubles it's damage, and gives it 100% status chance.
  8. Concuss: Now explodes on contact, or 3 seconds after being thrown. Enemies struck are vulnerable to melee ground finishers for a few seconds before the radiation proc and deafening kicks in. Charging Concuss doubles the area of effect and makes the radiation proc last for twice the time.
  9. Shred: Now explodes on contact, or 3 seconds after being thrown. Armor shred is now permanent. Charging Shred doubles the damage dealt, and doubles the armor shred %.
  10. Vortex: Activates on contact with any surface or enemy. Removed the initial damage bonus and reduced energy cost to 50 like the other grenades. Charging Vortex causes it to pulse outwards every 5 seconds, launching all caught enemies out of the vortex in a ragdoll state, while dealing a large amount of magnetic and impact damage.
  12. Minelayer augment - overcharged Minelayer: mines can now be charged up twice by continuing to hold the charge, which will double the energy cost, but also quadruple the effects of the grenade.
  14. 2 - Fortification: Vauban sends Citadel to deploy a fortifying tower that grants all allies in range an armor buff, and mild health regeneration.
  16. 3 - Bastille: unchanged.
  18. 4 - Siege formation: Citadel is sent to a target area and transforms into a large autoturret mode that shoots rapid fire explosive rounds to control and deny enemies, if placed inside Bastille, the autoturret will have it's duration doubled.
  19. Damage distribution is 50% blast, 25% impact, 25% puncture.
  20. Damage of the turret is increased by power strength, and mods on Citadel's currently used weapon.
  21. Range mods increases targeting range.
  22. Duration increases the duration of the turret.
  23. Holding the ability down while already active will revert Citadel to it's sentinel form.
  24. If this ability is used while Citadel is destroyed, it will instead use only half the energy, and revive Citadel.
  26. Citadel exclusive precepts - siege warfare: Citadel will attack enemies within 35m. Enemies trapped inside Bastille take double damage from Citadel's gunfire.
  27. Impenetrable: if Vauban would die while Citadel is active, Citadel will be destroyed instead, and heals Vauban for 50% of his max hp and shields. This can only happen once every 30 seconds.
  28. Tracer rounds: Citadel's first shot on a target will be a tracer round, enemies tagged with a tracer round are slowed by 20%, making them take additional damage from Vauban's passive.
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