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Tatsuya's Eldritch Adventures

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  1. Part1
  3. Interestingly enough, Shiori is living in the same place as Maya and Ulala, Lunar Palace in Kounan. She lives by herself in such a big place and urges Tatsuya to make himself comfortable, showing him his room and the room with a TV he might want to use. Tatsuya says nothing and his long shadow that falls on the floor tells the story of his state of mind - confusion, rejection and, last of all, solitude. He does his things by himself and plans to disappear, like a shadow in the dark. But Shiori won't let him. What happened ten years ago makes this not only his story, but -their- story.
  5. We're at Club Zodiac now! Shiori approaches Anna and gives her a card from her notebook, with her full name and profession - police officer. Above the writing is her photo, showing a blunt face she doesn't like.
  7. Shiori introduces herself as working for the juvenile department of the Kounan Police, but Anna tries to avoid her, saying she only came to go to the toilet. Shiori's words, however, make her stop and turn. She came to tell her something, yet Anna seems to misunderstand. Shiori then reminds us of Anna's past as an athlete, her subsequent fall out of grace and her efforts to find a place where she belongs.
  9. Back to the present, Anna finds out that the guy whose car hit her, Kaneda Taisuke, has been killed. Shiori notes this is the first time Anna's expressionless face, unfitting for age, shows a bit of life. She has an alibi and they both know, but what Shiori wants is to find out whether Anna has heard about the JOKER; she hands her a piece of paper with the words "You're next." Anna doesn't seem to know anything and Shiori explains the whole curse and mentions that a similar paper was found in Kaneda's house. It seems the JOKER always sends a note like this, unbelievably enough, just as the rumours say. Anna realises they think she wanted that dude dead but tells them to do it themselves next time. (really unsure about this sentence though)
  11. Anna then realises that the address on the paper is Shiori's and shows, as the latter duly notes, her second expression of the day. Shiori confesses she actually gave JOKER her own name, making Anna lose her cool exterior, and asks Anna is she has tried to calling her own number. Even though it wouldn't normally connect, it did now and despite the silence someone had certainly answered. When Anna wants to find out why Shiori used her own name, she answers that she couldn't have possibly used someone else's and starts bombarding her with questions (how was it for you? does the JOKER only kill other people? doesn't he ask for a reward? have you ever seen his figure? could his hair look like a lion's mane? didn't he look around 27-28-years old?) All these questions make Anna retreat into herself again and she tells Shiori to just ask the JOKER himself, because if he's real, then he'll come to kill her and basically refuses to get involved.
  13. After some introspection (sensing anxiety in Anna, remembering photos of the murder victims, thinking about unveiling the JOKER's true self), Shiori decides to solve the case with her own strength. She then confronts the blond man about the VIP floor; he tries to trick her, saying it's being renovated, new owner, etc, but Shiori subtly threatens him about suspending the club's business, until he decides to let her in.
  15. Small explanation here about this type of clubs that would normally close at midnight, but they now last until the morning and host a lot of shady business, etc. The man gives her two keys and she gives him her business card, instructing him to announce her over the phone if someone else wants to go to the VIP floor and to call sergeant Suou in case she doesn't get out until morning. Shiori gets ready to go, pondering that even though she doesn't know what's beyond the door, she does know -him-. Just as she's about to leave, Anna comes again and finds out that the victims were only targeted when they were alone, which is obviously Shiori's strategy. Anna believes her and when she's instructed to go home, mentions detective Suou. If he'll come that night, Anna is to tell him what he told Shiori and explain anything he might not understand. This is when no.501 is first mentioned, since Suou doesn't think Anna would have tried to contact him.
  17. After this, Shiori enters the VIP floor which she realises was supposed to be a secret as long as no.501 was here. This is a place only influential customers can use, having been bought by the Taiwanese mafia. Walking along the gaudy walls, Shiori calls her own number and the phone rings five times until someone picks up. It seems the rumours were true after all. She finally reminds him to kill Minashiro Shiori and decides to uncover his identity the same night.
  19. Also some extra stuff they didn't include: 1. Shiori acts kind towards Tatsuya, no-nonsense towards Anna (in the beginning) and towards the blond man whose name escapes me. 2. The shadow thing is namedropped a couple of times in the beginning in relation to Tatsuya; the second one is rather interesting, "like a shadow lost in the dark, together with the sunset". 3. Shiori likes observing and mentioning Anna's facial expressions; I tried to capture that, but seeing how this is a rather shitty summary, I couldn't really reproduce her way of talking. It's kind of funny though, the way she's like "aha, another expression" 4. I really like Tadashi's writing style and it makes me think Persona 2 would make a pretty cool full-length novel. By the way, does anyone know the author of the two or so novels? 5. Forgot to mention that Club Zodiac was Kasugayama's before Taiwan took over, but eh, we knew that. 6. Shiori is pretty awesome but fuck does she have a lot of inner thoughts about stuff we already know.
  22. Shiori: "Thank you. I'll only dance until morning.If I survive, that is."
  25. Part2
  27. Haha, time for Tatsuya POV! (had more than four hours of sleep this time and it shows)
  28. This time we're in the garage of the Suou family. That one scene from the ending of IS reappears and confirms it's the moment Tatsuya remembered everything - him belonging to the Other Side, what had happened there and, of course, his dear friends: Maya, Yukki, Eikichi, Lisa; Jun too...Their vows, the friends he had been separated from, he was looking at them and Maya...Maya was smiling at him and talking.
  29. >Are you all right? You're not hurt, are you?
  30. >Sorry, I'm a bit of a scatterbrain.
  31. >Oh...hey, have we met before?
  32. Tatsuya remembers the promise he had made with Jun, that he'd protect that smile. And yet, he had failed. The first time, ten years before; the second time, in -his- world; the third time... Full of remorse, This Side's Tatsuya ran away and decided to go to sleep.
  33. >If I don't see anything, if I don't hear anything, if I don't feel anything, without destroying the peaceful life everyone's gained... maybe then will I feel at ease.
  34. Nevertheless, -he- couldn't overlook that.
  35. >Something's voice: Run away from your sin, it's all right if you hide. But you surely know what is going to happen to this world. Oh, puppet pulled by the strings of fate, no one can run away from the jaws of the soul's darkness. I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting...
  36. >In my dream, -he- branded my right hand with a mark. Tracing the sin, a mark of someone possessed by shadows.
  37. Tatsuya decides there's only one thing he has to do: fight them by himself. He's the only one -he- can do what he likes to. But he won't let -him- hurt Maya or the world his friends are living in. And even then, it won't be easy; that is why Tatsuya is willing to give everything he's got in exchange for burning -his- entire world to ashes. That is the only way he'll be able to redeem himself.
  38. This Side's Tatsuya's phone suddenly rings; it's not his brother, but he remarks that the relationship between them is the same on both Sides. The call is from Anna. He knew that This Side's Tatsuya hangs out with her, but he is now the Tatsuya of the Other Side. He can't reply to her either. It takes 10, 20, 30 calls until he has no other choice but to answer. He's borrowed this body, so he'll contact Anna too.
  39. Anna is worried because she thought Tatsuya had been in an accident. She had been waiting for This Side's Tatsuya at Zodiac and now answers with relief and doesn't blame him for anything. The only one who can hear this kind of voice is This Side's Tatsuya, because Anna is his precious friend, like the ones Other Side Tatsuya had; this thought makes Tatsuya's heart hurt.
  40. Anna tells him about the strange detective woman who gave JOKER her own name, then went to the VIP floor and asked Nakamura (blond guy, aha!) to contact Tatsuya's brother in case she doesn't get out until morning. Anna advises Tatsuya to stay at home because she's going to check on things. Hearing her say the JOKER's name is quite shocking to Tatsuya though, especially after fighting her on the Other Side. However...
  41. >Don't do it, Yoshizaka. Don't go in under any circumstance. I will. I'm going to the club right now. Don't get close to the JOKER.
  42. Anna is suprised by hearing Tatsuya call her by her last name, but decides to listen to him. He's worried both about her and the other woman; getting worried about using the right name will have to wait.
  43. Tatsuya recalls how on the Other Side his best friend Jun's memories got distorted by -him- and how he donned the JOKER mask. But Jun protected their last promise, gave up his memories of the Other Side and started living peacefully on This Side as Kashihara Jun. Not Jun, but someone else has become This Side's JOKER, repeating the murders all over again as -his- pawn. Tatsuya remembers the last stanza of the Oracle of Maiya and realises the same thing is going to happen to This Side too because -he- knew from the very beginning what decision they were going to take. Concerned about Anna's words, Tatsuya grabs his helmet and, in the dark of the night, heads on his bike towards the city, resolving the destroy -his- imperfect petty tricks and, lastly, -him- too.
  44. Random stuff!
  45. - Tatsuya inner monologue in the beginning is really, really sad and full of regret. Having it voiced would have been amazing.
  46. - I'm happy we got to see Tatsuya and Anna talk to each other, even though it's the wrong Tatsuya; seeing them take care of each other is really nice
  47. - the Japanese term for scatterbrain is fucking impossible - おっちょこちょい - occhokochoi. Seriously, Japan.
  48. - the Voice likes using old Japanese and my dumb got the best of me at some point, so I couldn't understand whether it's telling Tatsuya to wait or saying it will wait. Pic related
  49. - ok, who else thought Shiori was talking about Suou dad? Because I definitely did. It does tie several subplots nicely though.
  50. - two major emotions: love and concern for his friends and big sis and sheer and utter hatred towards Nyarl. The way Tatsuya oscillates between the two is quite powerful
  51. >His petty tricks of messing with the laws of cause and effect are imperfect, so I'm going to rip them to shreds.
  52. >And lastly, him too...
  55. Part3
  57. As soon as Tatsuya arrives at Zodiac, he is greeted by Anna, who runs towards him slightly dragging her right foot behind. He's obviously displeased that she's still there but Anna apologises and explains everything. As soon as she stops talking, Nakamura, an aquaintance of This Side's Tatsuya intervenes and mentions both Katsuya and Shiori. Tatsuya asks for the key and the whole story. Nakamura says he told him everything and how he was instructed to call the detective in case someone gets in. Tatsuya says it's ok if he doesn't call; he takes the woman's card from the counter and memorises her name and phone number. The next moment, he quickly takes the card and burns it to ashes. Nakamura thinks it's a trick and even the eyes on Anna's unmovable face are wide open: they couldn't see Apollo's arm. When Tatsuya asks for the key, Nakamura hands it nervously, saying it's the only spare he's got; he forgot the other one in the staff room. Tatsuya then goes behind the counter and takes a wooden sword, because, hey, this is that kind of club. This Side's Tatsuya knew Nakamura used it for self-defense, and, obviously, so did the Other Side's Tatsuya. Nakamura panics when he realises Tatsuya wants to go after the JOKER; Tatsuya then mentions things might get troublesome if it's the same as the Other Side and Nakamura just doesn't understand anything anymore.
  59. When he wants to leave, though, Anna confronts him about things getting rather strange; he silently compliments her sharp woman's intuition, thinking she's got things half right. However, it's only natural to have suspicions. This Side's Tatsuya is more open towards them. In a clumsy imitation, Tatsuya tries to laugh it off. But still, this is not like him. Anna understands though and doesn't move, so the only thing Tatsuya can still do is tell her the truth.
  61. >I am me. Is there anyone else you can see here?
  63. So he does, explaining about the wound on the back of the Other Side him that has started appearing on This Side too, a sign that the two worlds are beginning to merge. Anna listens without laughing, raising her eyes to him. She's tall for a girl, but even so, she's still a head shorter than him. Tatsuya tells her it's dangerous and urges her to go back home. Anna lowers her gaze and wonders if that person will get killed, saying she told her terrible things. Tatsuya has no idea what she's talking about, but doesn't want to hurt her. It's not her responsibility that things got this way. It's the other person's. He comforts her, saying he came specifically not to let her die. Anna worries about Tatsuya's plans, but he answers he has to pay for his sin.
  65. Nakamura asks him to stop ruining the club and to take care of his precious sword. Tatsuya decides to enter the VIP floor and promises himself he won't let anyone hurt anymore and that this time he will end it all. He notices how Zodiac's corridors are now done Chinese-style compared to the cheap constellation patterns on the Other Side. He's attacked by several monsters he's never seen before: neither bats, nor bees or ants. Ghastly creatures that inspire uneasiness.The demons start making sounds, and all Tatsuya can understand is "Biyakii", "Baiakuhee", "Ia ia Hastur", but he realises they belong to -him-. When the demons die, they turn into a violent burst of foam similar to dry ice, leaving behind a terrible smell. No time to complain though; he needs the other key from the staff room. He takes care not to break anything, for Nakamura's sake. As soon as he sees the staff room he runs towards it. He can hear faint music from the inside, and thinks that Shiori might be in there, but he's not sure whether she's still alive. He knocks but there's no sign that the door is open; bringing the key was a good idea. Another secret room, but no Shiori inside. A normal detective wouldn't make it this far and Tatsuya is also bothered that the only police force member that she wanted to be contacted was his brother.Something's not right...no way, what if there's a connection between the police and the JOKER?
  67. As he approaches the table with the key, dirty tentacles extend towards him accompanied by a nauseating stench that fills the entire room. Tatsuya hasn't seen this kind of demon before either. Somehow, the demons from This Side look more grotesque than the ones on the Other Side. Bad taste.
  71. Like an octopus, like a twisted tree, its body spews a viscous liquid from countless mouths and its fangs make all kinds of sounds. Its black goat legs complete an appearance that would drive an ordinary person insane. Before Tatsuya kills the demon, we listen to his inner thoughts about the collective unconscious (...really Tatsuya, this is not the time). There's stuff we already know, about archetypes, etc. Gods and demons do not dwell in heaven or in the underworld, but in the hearts of humans. Personae train both the body and the soul. The fact that he can expertly use the sword and is not afraid is thanks to his Persona. Gods and demons aren't the only archetypes that sleep inside people's hearts. If the collective unconscious is the place where the hearts of all humans are reborn, perhaps master swordmen and gun experts and even he can enter somewhere. (not sure about this one, but kind of fits when we're thinking about historic figures?)
  73. >However, you and I are unnecessary existences on This Side. Shall we go back?
  75. Tatsuya is already in a hurry; he has to end it soon or the stench of the demon will make him suffocate.
  77. >No matter how many Personae I use, if I can't breathe, I'm dead.
  79. He somehow manages to get rid of that thing and flies out of the room. If Nakamura sees the state of this room he'll start yelling but Tatsuya gave his best. He only wishes This Side's him won't get all the blame.
  81. >Tatsuya used the VIP floor key
  83. Notes and stuff.
  84. - was it mentioned in the original that Anna was dragging her foot behind? Because reading that was sad and unexpected.
  85. - Nyarl's new demons accurately look like eldritch abominations (described them a bit when Tatsuya first meets those winged demons) and finding out how they die was pretty interesting
  86. - I realised I forgot to correct their names/ what they said too. So I think it's Byakhee or something.
  87. - Tatsuya calls that first fight "warming up"
  88. - that second tentacle demon is literally described to smell like night soil, but I couldn't quite figure out how to add that he smelled like shit, so yeah. Also, his descriptions was pretty detailed; makes me wish we could see Persona 2 in HD
  89. - I know I've said it before and that no one cares, but I really like the friendship between Anna and Tatsuya; it's refreshing to see that a boy and a girl can be close without anything romantic between them
  92. part4
  94. >This dream again...I'm fed up with it.
  96. Lately, investigating no.501 after work has also meant almost sleepless nights for Shiori. Even now, leaning on a wall of the VIP floor, she can see the golden butterfly fluttering about the round chamber encircled by pillars. He seems more fragile than usual, but she doesn't know why. The butterfly then turns into a mask-wearing man who always only asks for her name. She has seen it many times in the past because her older brother had pestered her to try a strange incantation. As usual, the butterfly disappears and the masked man shows himself. His voice, neither that of a woman nor that of a man is hard to hear and his shape is flickering: you can see through him. What's more, the red tinge between the pillars moves more erratically than usual.
  98. >No matter how many times you ask me, I won't tell you anything.
  100. No one will believe her, even though she says the truth. She saw it. What she wants to know is his name, if the rumour that he's Sudou Tatsuya is true. The culprit of those serial killing ten years before is the son of the minister of foreign affairs, Sudou Tatsuzou. That means Sudou Tatsuya was identified by a policeman. Yet there's no proof of that. She wants to prove that the JOKER and the criminal from ten years ago are the same person and to discover his whereabouts. It took her ten years to get to this point.
  102. The dream and memories become mixed up.
  103. She uses the key and turns the knob. The door opens silently, the lights are off and on the dark dance floor is the shadow of a tall person holding a circular weapon, similar to a katana. She aims her gun next to the shadow's head and raises her voice, asking him to drop his weapon.
  105. >Shadow: Miyashiro Shiori, huh.
  107. She warns him again and the shadow stiffens a little but lets go of its weapon which Shiori kickst away. She tells him to put his hands behind his head and to get on his knees and the shadow silently complies. She can't let her guard down. The victims aren't only executed; they can also be bitten to death.She doesn't know what kind of other weapons he might be holding and if he shows even the slightest hint of resistance, she's going to shoot.
  109. But truth is, she knos that even if no.501 is the culprit, he won't be judged; he's crazy, so he'll be institusionalised and countless months will pass until he leaves the hospital. He'll then be left free again in this corrupt world without receiving any kind of punishment. In this country, insane people who commit crimes do not undergo a trial. This kind of persons are considered mentally unsound until the very end. They won't be treated as culprits.
  111. Using bindings on them has been done countless times, yet human rights activists opposed. Then what about the rights of the victims? What happens to the stolen rights of the mourning family who one day suddenly lose their ordinary but happy life?
  112. The aggressor wasn't in a right state of mind. They are not fully accountable for their acts
  113. A lost future with our loved ones.
  115. >Shadow: Are you crying?
  116. >Shiori: M-my eyes tend to water when I'm tensed!
  118. The shadow tells her the weapon is just a wooden sword but Shiori wants to find out his identity. He calls himself Suou Tatsuya and she realises the 17-18-year old boy does resemble sergeant Suou. However, she's confused. Is he his son? Why is he here? Is he the JOKER? She asks for proof and notices Tatsuya refers to himself as if his wallet belonged to a different person. Shiori finds his driving license and is finally sure that Tatsuya is who he says he is, even though there's something different between the boy in the photo and the one in front of her. It's the eyes. There's something about this boy's eyes. It's like they suck you in. Do children have this kind of look? Resignation and understanding, he seems detached... Answering her questions, Tatsuya explains that he knows her name thanks to the business card and seems surprised that she knows his father.
  120. Shiori still thinks Tatsuya has something to do with JOKER, but he assures her that all he found out was from Anna and that, at this rate, Shiori might actually get killed by him.
  122. >About that note? If you get it, then please leave right now.
  123. >You don't get it, with that gun...
  125. Tatsuya doesn't manage to finish his words because a fruit knife comes from the wall next to them and aims for the back of Shiori's head. Luckily enough, Tatsuya is really fast and he manages to grab her and hold her close. The ten centimetres long blade has gone through the entirety of the wall. Shiori is amazed by both the unknown person's force and by Tatsuya's speed.
  127. >How long have you been there?
  128. >Voice: From the very beginning, stuuu-pid.
  130. The man's voice is right behind her and no.501 proudly boasts to his alcohol bottle how he was about thinking how to kill the woman but got interrupted. Shiori realises she had been alone in the dark with him until Tatsuya came, even though she had made sure there was no one else in the hall. Shivers run down her spine. Without a moment's delay, Shiori takes her gun and points it towards the new other man.
  132. >The face from ten years ago hasn't changed at all. There's no mistake, this is the man. The boy who stood besides Takuya's defiled body...That insane smile, impossibly to forget. As expected, this guy was no.501. Sudou Tatsuya...I finally found you.
  134. >Sudou: Ihi! So we meet again for the first time, stupid brat. The voices told me everything, about you and about the Other side.
  136. He tramples the sofa in the middle of the floor and throws out his chest, taking a gulp from the dangling bottle of dry gin. His mane of unkempt hair, with patient clothes from some hospital, and a coat hanging on his shoulders; it all makes for a bizarre outfit. There's a Japanese blade in his hand and Shiori thinks this is reason enough to arrest him. Tatsuya however heads towards Sudou without a hint of fear and before Shiori realises what's going on, he's holding the wooden sword she had kicked away. Confused, she steps back.
  138. T: So you're This Side's JOKER.. Sudou Tatsuya. That's something -he-'d do.
  140. Shiori realises the two had met before, but Sudou also said this was the first time. Who's -he-?
  142. >S: You've changed, you've changed. Until that person awakens huuh. I'm not the real JOKER, you know. You should be the one who knows this beest.
  143. >T: That's right. Jun isn't a filthy murderer like you. You're Sudou Tatsuya. You can't replace JOKER.
  144. >S: Hyaha! Is that so...It's exactly so. That person wouldn't show such a filthy face. Thanks, stupid brat. There's a mask, you knooow, JOKER's mask.
  146. Sudou chuckles and takes another gulp from the bottle. Alcohol drips down his neck, soaking his blood-stained clothes. That person...Replacement for JOKER...Shiori wonders what the two actually know. Tatsuya actually encourages Sudou to start over, saying it is not too late. Shiori, however, reminds him the man is a criminal, a crazy one at that. She knows she isn't speaking from the position of a detective anymore, but she can't help it. Even if Sudou is rehabilitated, Takuya won't come back. Her outburst surprises Tatsuya, but he has not time to comment on that because Sudou starts his speech.
  148. >S: You know the first law of thermodynamics, right? The energy of the universe is constant. only the shape differs. That's how it is. Me and him have the same destiny. If one's happy, the other one will have bad luck. You, you eat, don't you? If you can't eat it all, you throw it away, don't you? Just like that, there are people who die because they have nothing to eat. E'rrywhere in the world, you know. Yeah, now you get it. The voices are coool huh. Voices. That woman's little brother, you know, he was your replacement.
  149. >T: My...replacement?
  150. >S: You changed destiny that day because you ran away. In exchange, he got killed by me. Get it?
  152. Tatsuya and Shiori listen to his story without tearing their eyes from one another. Takuya was that boy's replacement...?
  154. >Listen, the phone. I'll kill Amano Maya.
  156. As soon as Sudou says this, Shiori see the shape of a crimson man rising from Tatsuya's body at the same time with Sudou's black one. Both shadows violently lock their swords and clash in a similar manner above Tatsuya's and Sudou's heads. They're surrounded by flames.
  158. >S: This is JOKER, the Persona born from your sin! What do you think, it looks just like you! Hyahahahahahahahha!
  159. >T: Dare to lay one finger on Maya and I'll certainly find you and kill you. No matter what, no matter what world you're in!
  160. >S: Whose fault is it that that woman died, haah? Whose fault is it that the Other Side got blown off huh!
  161. >T: Shut up!
  162. >S: You killed everyone. Poor thing, just like me. Look at it, look at my Persona's happy face! Loser! Murderer!!
  163. >T: Sudouuu!
  164. >S: Good, be angry! Get even more angry and get drowned in the voices too! Voices, voices! Vooooiceeeesss!!
  166. Sudou disappears.
  168. Stopping in the middle of the burnt floor, surrounded by smoke, Tatsuya slumps his shoulders as water from the sprinklers rains over him. In front of them is Sudou's sword.
  170. >In the rain, a lonely silhouette recalling a lover lost long ago . A lonely figure...A lonely figure, as if cut off from a painting holding that title. Perhaps what I caught a glimpse of earlier was nothing but a dream.
  172. Sudou ran away and since then, Tatsuya has remained still. Shiori silently approaches him and eventually he picks up Sudou's sword and grumbles.
  174. >T: Your little brother's name was...
  175. >S: Takuya. If he were alive, he'd be the same age as you.
  176. >T: When did he die..
  177. >S: On a humid summer night. On X day X month, ten years ago. On the grounds of a temple from Rengedai. I was the one who found him. Sudou threw Takuya's head in a bush and ran away. >T: On that day...how could this happen...
  179. Tatsuya looks miserable and Shiori thinks he resembles the golden retriever she and Takuya raised when their mother got angry. But this boy isn't a dog raised by people. She sees in him a wounded lion separated from his pack... Shiori then tells him how the only other persons to see Sudou were Tatsuya's dad and one other policeman. Tatsuya's dad however was considered too dangerous so we all know what happened. She wants to stop talking, but she also wants to exchange information and work with him. Shiori feels that if she doesn't do this, she will fall into an endless hell.
  181. The boy in front of her barely manages to stand on a hedge as thin as the blade of the sword he's holding. It really isn't right for such a young boy to wear this kind of expression. Shiori then confesses that she only found the truth about his father recently and that she had resented him all that time. He was the very reason she had decided to become a detective. Now, though, she knew he was a splendid policeman. Shiori apologises that Tatsuya and his family had to bear the sin for protecting her from Sudou. It's regrettable...
  183. >It's regrettable...
  184. Shiori realises that the one to open the hardened door of his heart isn't her, but Maya.
  186. >I'm sorry. What Sudou said was true. It's my fault your brother died...
  188. Even at that time she still hadn't understood how heavy burden of his sin was.
  190. Notes and stuff
  192. - ok where do I begin. Please don't take the entirety of this translation as extrmely accurate or whatever. Sometimes I still had problems with syntax and some kanji (hard to read!), so yeah
  193. - I feel the need to address Sudou's voices first because I burst into laughter every time he mentioned them, especially "The voices are coool huh. Voices."; he doesn't actually say voices in Japanese - he talks about denpa (electromagnetic waves); but it fits, because denpa is used for people who are, well, out of it and, in the beginning, for those who claimed they could hear voices.
  194. - how old is Persona-sama and who started it? Sounds like an urban legend, but there's got to be a starting point. Also, Shiori seems to have the potential, yet she doesn't want it. Heh.
  195. - also, nice information about Phil's voice
  196. - when Shiori first meets Tatsuya, she actually tells him he's violated the Swords and Firearms Control Law
  197. - her inner monologue following that, about crazy killers and their rights was long as fuck and it kind of sounded like Tadashi was criticising Japan...(Shiori says "in this country" several times)
  198. - almost forgot, before that was something about bullets, their number and speed, but all those terms kind of lost me, sorry. I just hope Atlus will pick EPP up one day because this scenario needs a translator with actual experience
  199. - she's also surprised Tatsuya can see her crying in the darkness (perhaps thanks to Apollo?)
  201. part5
  203. This part is pretty uneventful, but we get some insight into Suou dad's and Shiori's thoughts.
  204. The following day, at Aoba Park, Shiori gives a middle-aged security guard the recording she made the previous day. Suou dad listens in amazement. It's only natural. Shiori wouldn't have believed it either had she not seen Tatsuya's and Sudou's Personae. The voice recorder holds Tatsuya's Tatsuya's words about the Other Side and about what might happen on This Side and Shiori mentally apologises for breaking her promise of silence. Suou dad is stumped when he hears about Personae, but if rumours come true, then...
  205. Shiori takes out a lucky charm from her police ID card - it's a student card Tatsuya gave her which is said to protect one from JOKER; it has lately become a rumour among students and, truth be told, Sudou hasn't approached her since then. But no matter how you put it, it still sounds unbelievable. Adults need their adult reasoning. She then tells Suou to see it for himself at Parabellum, which, according to rumours, sells this kind of things.
  206. Shiori then talks a lot about guns (seriously, Tadashi, stop it) and mentions she's got a big gun because obeying the rules won't help protect her against Persona and demon users. Suou is amazed that that's the real thing. So yeah, she's going all out.
  207. They talked during lunch break and Shiori feels sorry she kept him so long, but now they need to return to the main point. She tells Suou Tatsuya is still pursuing Sudou and that he's the only one who can do something. He believes that since he's the only one to get his memories back, he has to do something. However...Suou asks her about Katsuya. Katsuya doesn't know anything yet but it seems he's heading Maya's way. Tatsuya told her he doesn't want his family and friends from the Other Side to get involved, so he left home. Shiori thinks this is something the police, and not a child, should do. On the other hand, they both know the police can't be trusted.
  208. Suou wonders about Togashi, but Shiori replies he's linked to Sudou Tatsuzou. It's obvious that Director Shimazu will hinder the investigation in order not to secure Sudou Tatsuya.
  209. Clutching his head in his hand, Suou suddenly looks ten years older. Knowing that until this very day, he has to be legally supervised for participating in criminal activities after having been betrayed by his best friend must be painful. Somehow, this man still believes in Togashi.
  210. Shiori says that right now, the only one who can defeat Sudou and protect the world is Tatsuya and admits that what she is saying is selfish. However, she can't let him carry this heavy by himself; she will support him as much as she can. Tatsuya needs the help of an adult who knows what is going on.
  211. Even if killing Sudou might be called self-defense, it's still killing. No matter what kind of horrible person is the other one, the fact that he has taken someone's life will remain in Tatsuya's heart forever. Shiori decides that she won't let him do it alone and will share the burden.
  212. She's worried that Suou won't let Tatsuya do his thing. Suou rises and the look of pain disappears from his eyes. He has chosen to watch over the son who is fighting against such a cruel destiny. Suou leaves Tatsuya to Shiori and says he'll talk to his wife and abandon the investigation. Shiori thanks him and bows deeply: now it's going to be a bit easier for Tatsuya to move. He's a kid who stands out though - it would be better if they removed any unneccessary obstacles, seeing that he's going to move all around the city.
  213. Suou blames himself for his own carelessness and the way it affected his sons. He apologises to Shiori and says that in order to protect his family, he had to submit to Tatsuzou's threats. And now look at the situation she's in...
  214. >The growing connections around Tatsuya look like an insane mandala of models a spiteful artist drew just to laugh at him. At first glance, each person seems disconnected, but, passing by someone else, they draw a map of similar relations. What about us, who unknowingly string our names together in there, what conclusion awaits us after these ten years? >All the unbearable loss and despair, all the piled up feelings of sadness and anger, no one was ready for them. But there is still enough time to rise and stand straight. Don't dare make fun of humans.
  215. Shiori, however, says she would have done the same thing as Suou had she been in his place. Besides, she is now glad to have joined the police. She met Tatsuya and is now able to lend a hand to the children who unfortunately commited sins without knowing the rotten society created by adults. Shiori wishes for a world where children like Tatsuya can live smiling. That is obviously an adult's job. A woman announces that a blimp from the Air Museum is up in the sky and a man notes that the rumour was true after all. They both go to see it. Even though Shiori and Suou can't see it, they've also become sure that the rumour became true. Speaking of which, just a bit earlier she had head a fire engine's siren. Shiori doesn't know why, but she has a feeling Tatsuya is riding on that blimp.
  216. >Shiori: Please do it to the very end, Tatsuya...So you won't have any regrets afterwards.
  217. this one was short; contrary to popular opinion Suou dad had no idea about Persona and whatever.
  218. It's kind of sad that he never managed to reconcile with his old friend and still being under supervision is shitty.
  219. Shiori is pretty obsessed with the idea of adulthood; I tried to put in every reference she made about this being an adult's job, adults being better at this, etc etc; there's also a line in the beginning, when she breaks her promise - "Sorry, Tatsuya, adults are all right with telling lies."
  220. did I mention she calls Tatsuya "Tatsuya-kun?"
  221. important when it comes to the timeline - this happens in autumn (Shiori mentions the autumn breeze)
  222. Shiori carries the awesome gun in her coat and shows it to Suou who promptly asks her to hide it again
  223. Suou was eating anpan and drinking milk
  226. part6
  228. A couple of hours later, Tatsuya returns to Lunar Palace. He announces this out loud, even though he knows Shiori is still at work, but entering someone else's house without saying anything would feel strange. He heads straight for the shower to wash the salty ocean water off. Tatsuya knows that killing Sudou isn't the end. Maya hasn't given up either. It seems that she followed his and Sudou's trail together with Katsuya, Ulala and the others. He hoped they'd give up after saving Yoshizaka in the clock tower and finding out about the emblem rumour...but it was naive of him to think this. That warning itself was just like adding more fuel to the fire. Tatsuya muses on what happened with Anna, Jun and Sudou and regrets the fact that even though he didn't want to involve anyone, Jun still got caught in all that and remembered his face. -He- must be already planning his next move. Tatsuya's sure he still hasn't departed one milimetre from the line -he-'s drawn. Getting out of the shower, Tatsuya puts on the jeans Shiori got him and his suit in the dryer goes to his room, throwing himself onto the only piece of furniture, the sofa. Even though the room is bare, he's thankful that he's got a place to sleep and from where he could rush to Maya's place in case something happens. This is more than enough.
  230. On the other hand, he doesn't want to involve Shiori in this anymore, but can't stop himself from remembering about her little brother, who was killed in his place. He was killed ten years ago, on the same day him and Maya were locked in the Araya shrine on the Other Side. Stuff we already know about the Other Side, they lost, Maya was revived in a new world where they had to rewrite history, so their meeting ten years ago was erased. Shiori's little brother was killed in order to fill that hole. Tatsuya understands now. Realising how history was changed is a present from -him-.
  232. >Damn it! God damn it!
  234. He pulls his hair. Tatsuya loathes -him-.
  236. >Unforgivable. I want to kill him. I want to put an end to it.
  238. He digs his nails in the mark left by -him- on his right hand.
  239. The sudden sound of a phone ringing makes him return to his senses. The answering machine's response message is a tired voice similar to Maya's. It's from a certain phone from Shiori's room. But this is strange. The one who answered doesn't talk, but he doesn't hang up either; he's just silent. The door is slightly ajar and Tatsuya approaches it when an unexpected male voice starts whispering into the phone, asking Shiori to make contact with Katsuya. The phone call and its message give Tatsuya a bad feeling. Jumping to his feet, he barges into Shiori's room and turns on the TV.
  241. On the Other Side, -he- sent various people to their own destruction by turning rumours into reality and bringing anxiety among the population. Playing with the JOKER rumour, especially since Tatsuya defeated Sudou, is a declaration that he will mess up This Side too. Rumours and news are now a clue of -his- involvement. He changes channels and sees Wang Long Chizuru who is talking about kegare and states that envy, hatred and the JOKER curse are no good because people will be turned themselves into JOKER. Tatsuya is in shock. The TV announcer realises that JOKER does not select any particular individuals. Tatsuya's heart starts beating violently and all the hairs on his body stand up. The memories from the Other Side and the knowledge of what has awakened on This Side start flying through his at a dizzying speed and he finally understands the meaning of Sudou's last words and of the earlier incident with the answering machine. The man who called knew both that Shiori had contacted JOKER and what Chizuru had mentioned. He was also implicitly warning her of the danger of becoming a JOKER. Tatsuya has no idea who he was, but that man knows what is going on. But he can't deal with it alone. That's why he asked her to contact his brother. Shiori told him she managed to mislead the police officers involved in the Sudou investigation, so perhaps this man is part of the police too.
  243. Tatsuya calls Shiori, thinking that, even at the best of times, the JOKER still attracts society's attention. When this TV programme is broadcasted, it will become a rumour in the blink of an eye. It's only a matter of time until JOKER will appear all over the city. Normal people would laugh at this programme. But what happens when a reknown fortuneteller talks about it? There will obviously be many people who will decide that this is either laughable or plausible. Directly transmitted from people to people, anxiety and anger will spread like an epidemic and will end up substituting reality. This way, people destroyed the Other Side when curses became common knowledge, all according to -his- plans. The same thing is happening on This Side too. Shiori isn't answering and the earlier message still bothers him. Tatsuya returns to his room, grabs Sudou's sword and flies out of Shiori's house. He has to find her before she kills anyone.
  245. Notes and stuff:
  246. - the Maya voice thing confused the hell out of me in the beginning, because I thought Tatsuya was actually talking about her answering machine
  247. - the part where he gets really angry at Nyarl came all of a sudden and it was rather distressing; almost sounded like he was getting hysterical
  248. - who's the mystery man? Togashi perhaps?
  249. - pic related is the announcer, they actually bothered to give him a face
  250. - he's fighting and killing people with Sudou's sword...
  253. Part7
  255. Two days later, at the laboratory
  257. >Maya still hasn't given up...
  259. Tatsuya barges into what looks like a security room, and notices that the guards have already been beaten up and the alarm and surveillance equipment cut off. No wonder he was able to get in so easily. Next to the fallen guard are three coins. He only knows one person who can use them like this: that suspicious looking guy who goes by the name of Baofu. Speaking of which, he's together with Maya and Katsuya. They're one step ahead of him - perhaps they caught wind of the fact that the abducted JOKER users were brought here. So troublesome. Two days have passed since he left Shiori's house and came here guided by the rumours. Since then, Shiori hasn't been to her place or to the police. Looks like she got caught by -his- pawns. Somehow, all the people who used the JOKER curse and turned into JOKE Rs got kidnapped at the same time. Those are now This Side's Masquerade, -his- underlings. Tatsuya wonders if he can stop Maya's group from getting involved any further by destroying the information obtained earlier.
  261. >All right, let's do it.
  263. A bit later, Tatsuya encounters Eikichi and both are amazed that the other is there. Eikichi seems to think Tatsuya came with Maya, so Tatsuya is now sure Maya's group is here and that Eikichi ran into them. How could this happen...There are more and more things he needs to take care of. He inquires for their whereabouts, but Eikichi does not know; they just went to investigate what's going on in this terrible place. Looking at the people behind Eikichi, Tatsuya notices that Shiori isn't among them. Maybe she's somewhere else. According to Eikichi, all those test subjects were there by themselves. He came here to look for a guy from his school called Sugimoto, but seeing the state of the victims got him angry and he decided to help that Nanjou person take them to the trailer in the parking lot so they can be taken to a hospital. Tatsuya is surprised to hear the name of Yukino's acquaintance, but then remembers that the place belonged to the Nanjou Group. If Nanjou is now working with Maya, it means the entire company is now in the hands of the organisation created by -his- subordinates.
  265. Eikichi wants to know if he's seen Sugimoto, but Tatsuya replies he doesn't know him. He can't say he knew him plenty on the Other Side. He's afraid he might still remember. But he has a feeling he knows why Eikichi is here. After all, those two did have a bad relationship on the Other Side. As usual, the good-natured Eikichi came here to look for the guy who targeted him with the JOKER curse. He then gives a puzzled Eikichi the Sevens emblem and offers to take him to the parking space. Tatsuya can't let Eikichi go by himself, not when he cannot use his Persona on This Side.
  267. >Oh, sorry. I owe you one.
  269. As Tatsuya enters the security room, he is assaulted by guards who have come from a different floor to see what is going on. They're surprised to bump into a kid, but he swiftly makes sure to get rid of them and leads Eikichi to the parking space. Before they part, Tatsuya advises Eikichi to hide among the people and keep some doors open, otherwise the lack of oxygen will kill him. Eikichi, on the other hand, is concerned about something else: why have they been so familiar with each other and how come Suou knows his name?
  271. >Is there anyone who doesn't know the name of Kasu High's Underpants Leader?
  272. >Underpants Leader? Whuzzat. Somehow, it sounds really nostalgic, and it kind of makes me angry...
  274. Tatsuya realises circumstances are completely different on This Side and urges him to go back to Maya and to the others. Eikichi is worried about him, but Tatsuya leaves. He meets other guards and, irritated by the whole affair with Eikichi, beats them down. After a while, he overhears two guards, who are taking orders from someone called Shinjou, talking about Maya's group . The young guard complains about having no gas to light his cigarette, so the nice as ever Tatsuya offers him a light then renders him unconscious. He then pins the older one to the fence and asks about Shiori's whereabouts. She's in the research chamber on the fourth floor, but there's one small problem: the elevator only leads to the third floor, so in order to go further Tatsuya will have to get a security code by pressing the right buttons. As a reward, Tatsuya offers the man a knee in the solar plexus and heads towards the security panel where he activates the automatic doors. As soon as he reaches the second floor, Tatsuya finds himself held at arm point by a heavy machine gun. The robot, very similar to the ones in the Order of the Holy Lance, orders him to throw away his weapon, but Tatsuya knows he has to defeat him in order to get the code. The fight ends and Tatsuya makes the man, who sets the useless robot armour aside, guide him to the fourth floor. They get out of the elevator after a few seconds, and Tatsuya is surprised to see there are no guards around.
  276. he two pause in front of a room that looks like the research chamber and the guard is forced to spill the beans about the men he's working for — not like a kid would understand about the New World Order anyway; he only says that Shinjou is doing some experiments inside. However, he isn't the boss, just the supervisor. The higher-ups, though, are society's big shots: Sudou Tatsuzou, for example. The New World Order will make a new world free of sin! Learning about Sudou and his son, Tatsuya realises why it was so easy for the latter to move around with Mafia, the police, mass-media and even this institution controlled by his father. No matter how you look at it, Sudou is definitely running errands for -him-. Tatsuya enters the room, leaving the now uncounscious guard behind. The research room is an unusual view: in its middle, bound to a vertical testing bench, is a demon, its head hung like that of a criminal pelted with stones. Its face is completely covered by long strands of blood-coloured hair. The overall figure seems human, but the impossible colour of its skin is definitely not of this world. Both its clawed hands are tied to the bench surrounded by men in white gowns. Looks like they drugged it. The men in white gowns seem to know Tatsuya was going to come — they only go back a few steps and he realises there's no one else inside but them. A feeling of anger is starting to creep up his spine.
  278. [[spoiler:This is where things are getting crazy.
  280. Tatsuya glares at the scientists and, with his weapon raised, walks straight towards them. He grabs the patient's chart from a man with narrow eyes and notices it's full of pictures documenting Shiori's transformation into a demon. Trying to give a human a Persona by force will turn them into a demon. It was an experiment in which the demon archetypes that sleep in the universal subconscious took the place of human consciousness. Letting out a cry, Tatsuya slams into the nearest man. While the middle-aged man collapses letting out a terrible squeal, the boy grabs narrow eyes's collar and hurls him on the operating table.
  282. >Turn her back to normal! NOW!!
  284. Pressing his left arm on the man's neck, Tatsuya presses the gun between his eyes. The scientist is terrified and confesses he was only entrusted with observing the transformation and managing the anesthesia.
  286. >Can he turn her back?! The one who wanted to do such a worthless thing, where is he!!
  288. Narrow eyes finally reveals that Kandori, under the pseudonym of "Shinjou", supplied everything and that now he's in the JSM. Full of terror and gasping for air, narrow eyes points towards the inner door with a trembling finger.
  290. >I want to kill them. These guys are better off dead.
  292. Tatsuya keeps pressing the man's neck with all his strength until the latter's eyes start bulging and his tongue sticks out, fighting for air. He grabs Tatsuya's arm with both hands, but his strength is too feeble to do anything.
  294. >Keep crushing him, just like that.
  296. A dark impulse turns into a dark flame, rising from the bottom of his heart. The mark engraved by -him- hurts as if someone is pressing it hard. Behind them something heavy falls to the floor with a thud, making an intermittent metallic clank. Turning her face towards Tatsuya, Shiori attempts to rise from the floor, her movements interrupted by convulsions.
  298. >G...RU...Ia...Ia...ltha...qua...
  300. Coughing words from another world, Shiori gets on her knees and the room's temperature instantly drops bellow zero. With a whistling sound, a piercing cold blast of wind starts swirling. The middle-aged man desperately yells that he can't restore her back to her normal form. The only one who can do it is Kandori. The man, with the puddle of blood freezing at his feet, keeps foaming at the mouth. Like sparkling diamond dust, his foam is caught in the violent blast.
  302. Desperately, Tatsuya lifts his gaze towards Shiori's back, wondering what he should do. All of a sudden, Otsuki feebly mentions the anesthetic and points towards a certain tank. Shiori attacks just as Tatsuya realises that this is the way he can make her fall asleep, but is promptly defeated. Tatsuya manages to capture her and sprays her with liquified gas. Though she struggles, her body relaxes after a while, but Tatsuya, already dizzy, keeps spraying the gas until Otsuki tells him to stop. Looking around the room, he sees the middle-aged man has already died with a smile on his face. Tatsuya finally calms down and, realising he almost killed Otsuki, apologises. The man experimented on her, but he still gave him a hint about the anesthetic. Otsuki then tells him about Kandori's plans, how he wanted to isolate Tatsuya from the others and how he is at the JSM, the machine which separates JOKE Rs from JOKER users, beyond the door Otsuki had showed him earlier. Tatsuya exits the research chamber, thinking about Kandori and his involvement in the Mikage City incident, three years earlier, with Yukino and her friends. This can't be a coincidence. Perhaps this JSM is the very core of the laboratory's research. Without this, it would be impossible to increase the number of JOKE Rs from such a widely manipulated rumour. It seems that the number of JOKE Rs is a problem for the New World Order.
  304. Tatsuya continues walking down the corridor and finally reaches an iron door.
  305. >Eikichi: Why am I...no, don't!!
  307. A scream reverberates from the other side. Tatsuya realises he got captured, when a subdued voice starts talking. It's none other than Kandori, disappointed that he's confronted by children again. Tatsuya can now pinpoint their locations — Eikichi is to his right, Kandori to his left. That means the door is in front, right between them and it only opens on the outside. Tatsuya calculates the distance to the door and barges into the corridor, but Kandori is now protected by the door. The adrenalin pumping in his veins makes everything move extremely slow. His whole body turned into a sensor, his perception sharpened, he can clearly see every single move and can hear every single sound. To his right is Eikichi, a guard's gun pointed at his head; in the vast room in front of him is a huge machine similar to a revolver's cillinder, around it countless a tank-like tubes covered in an an omnious black liquid. On the third floor, Maya and Katsuya's group is facing that machine, aimed at by a group of guards from the top of the fourth floor. Tatsuya defeats the man threatening Eikichi and pushes the latter through the door then finally gets face to face with Kandori.
  309. Far from being nervous, his mouth is shaped into a thin smile. Blending sarcasm and boredom, sophistication and eccentricity, more than enough talent and nihilism, it seems this kind of man has it all. All of a sudden, Katsuya notices his brother and calls his name. Tatsuya takes advantage of this diversion and tells the group to go. Maya and the others start running in confusion while the guards simultaneously start firing their weapons.
  311. >Heh. No matter what road any of you takes, you can't run away from your fate. You know that, don't you, Singularity Boy...?
  313. Singularity. Tatsuya understands his words. He is manipulated by -him- as well.
  315. >Then tell -him-...I'll protect Maya and everyone!
  317. Kandori knows more about Tatsuya and -him- than Sudou. -Singularity-. That detestable word, what conclusion will it lead to?
  319. >Telling him won't amount to anything. I'll listen, like this.
  321. The Persona Kandori summons is clearly -his- avatar. Both of them have suppressed the presence of their Persona; Tatsuya only noticed his opponent's when it appeared in front of his eyes. Anger makes his blood boil, hatred can't make his body stand still.
  323. >Tell me, have you ever thought why the endless moon you are pursuing shines so beautifully?
  325. Burning.
  326. >It's not because it reflects the light of sun. It's because darkness conceals it. The deeper darkness is, the brighter light shines.
  328. Field of vision getting narrower.
  330. >At any rate, Amano Maya will fall into darkness. And you too will become a black sun.
  332. With a shout, Tatsuya lunges at him. Kandori praises his skills; he is still young, however, and it shows. Tatsuya jumps again, aiming for his neck, but it only takes Kandori a graceful half step to avoid him. Pointing his sword towards Kandori's face, Tatsuya demands to know what to do in order to bring Shiori back to normal. He will only receive one hint —
  334. >Creation is the unification of contradictions. When two things that are hardly compatible and find themselves in conflict become one, something is born.
  335. >What are you saying?
  336. >You too, me too, it seems that both of us have exceeded out roles. But this is nothing to be humble about. The process is an inevitable part of the result.
  337. >Are you telling me to go run errands!
  339. In order to save Shiori, Tatsuya needs to find a suitable place. If he can simultaneously handle the contradictory values, that is. These are Kandori's last words before he disappears through the door, leaving Tatsuya thinking about what he's just heard.
  341. Tatsuya finds Otsuki and Eikichi back in the research chamber. Eikichi apologises for getting caught again, but Tatsuya doesn't mind and asks him not to tell Maya and the others anything about their meeting in the research chamber. Eikichi then offers to listen to anything Tatsuya has to say if that makes him feel better and invites him to Smile Prison, where he's practising with his band, any time he wants. Eikichi hasn't changed at all. Head still in the clouds, as narcissistic as ever, passionate and stubborn, always a great guy. Tatsuya remembers the last words Eikichi said on the Other Side. He'll definitely protect them.The two part, a new promise between them, and Tatsuya bids him a silent farewell. They'll probably never meet again. He then urges Otsuki to leave and assures him that he'll take care of Shiori. He can't take her to a hospital...he has to find a suitable place like Kandori said. And now he knows: the only suitable place is a certain blue room hosted by a certain long-nosed old man.
  343. Notes and stuff!
  345. - this part managed to be several things at the same time: I honestly wasn't expecting Shiori to be turned into a demon, for example.
  346. - Tatsuya actually interacting with Eikichi was really interesting and sad. The way they get along even if Eikichi doesn't remember and Tatsuya knowing they'll never meet again...ugh. Wish he could have met Lisa too.
  347. - Tatsuya losing it was a little creepy; he gives in almost completely and the descriptions are rather unsettling
  348. - he calls Baofu an "old man"
  349. - the sin the NWO wants to remove is the original sin; no, I'm not sure how this works
  350. - when the scientist mentions Sudou and his son, he says Tatsuzou "is like" Tatsuya
  351. - Otsuki's name is written as "Little Moon", as opposed to if's Ootsuki - "Big Moon". Not relevant at all, just thought it was funny
  352. -on Kandori being manipulated: the text uses the same words it did for Tatsuya in the very beginning - they're "entranced" by Nyarl/shadows
  353. - now I really want to know what's up with all those Old Ones
  354. - Kandori is pretty badass, I'm glad EPP reconfirmed this
  355. - speaking of which, the "Shin" in "Shinjou" is the kanji for "god", while the "jou" is the same as the one in Nanjou's name
  356. - last but not least, nice analogy with the moon - Maya thing.
  359. Part8
  361. All right guys, here's the last bit before the whole how to turn Shiori back to normal story. I feel kind of bad I haven't been able to update the translations regularly, but real life stuff got the best of me. The last chunk will be pretty big and I want to post it all at the same time, so it should be done in a week at most.
  363. No shadow, no trace
  365. Tatsuya brings demon Shiori in front of Igor, who apologises, saying she is beyond his area of expertise: he can expel the demon's consciousness from Shiori's body and return it to the collective unconscious, but he cannot restore her own consciousness. The soul of JOKER users can be saved, depending on the degree it has been captured by the Persona, but unfortunately, Shiori's heart has been cut off from her body. There may still be a way though: the fragments of Shiori's self are scattered throughout the domain of collective unconscious known as Kadath Mandala, the place where Personae and demons sleep and the uppermost domain of the abyss Philemon and the Crawling Chaos inhabit. Tatsuya's other self, his Persona, also comes from Kadath or, in other words, the place where the image of the gods from legends is born. Persona users of old who understood the power of their dreams and could visit the world of the collective unconscious also called it the domain of visions.
  367. At Tatsuya's renewed plea, Igor states that surprisingly many parts are needed - recognising the physical world, the perception, knowledge, memories needed to diferentiate others from oneself. The impulses and emotions, wisdom and perseverance needed to acknowledge one's inner world. Moreover, usually even integration into the self of a suppressed complex is something crucial. Heading towards Kadath, they can gather the remains of Shiori's heart in order to restore her to her true self or...Igor is interrupted by an impatient Tatsuya who wants to find out a way to reach the mandala. Igor will open the door, but he warns the boy that the mental energy of humans is now flowing in the form of shadows and Philemon's power is severely weakened. Nevertheless, how can Tatsuya gain the same power as the Persona users who travelled to the world of the collective unconscious? He already has great talent as a Persona user. If one has enough practise, then through their dreams they'll be able to open the door to the depths of their heart; Sonomura Maki was one of these people. However, that takes time. Back then, Shiori's heart was broken into thousands of pieces that scattered throughout the realm of the collective unconscious.
  369. Notes and stuff!
  371. - this was a short one, but damn I feel like we got quite a lot of information
  372. http://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/inde...it_to_Kadath]]
  373. - the Japanese term for "impulses" was the one used in psychoanalysis
  374. - the one for wisdom can also be translated as "prajna" and the one for perseverance is the ability of the common man to understand Buddhist teachings (just...thought it was neat)
  375. - Randolph Carter is indeed mentioned later
  376. - Chandraputra is called an equivalent to master/teacher/maître, so I first used "professor", then changed it to "master". Just noticed I forgot a professor in the last one, so oops.
  379. part9
  381. A few hours later, Maya's party has reached the Velvet Room. Katsuya finally finds out about the relationship between the Suou family and Shiori. Chandraputra introduces himself in a really antiquated speech and Tatsuya greets him, preparing to leave and repay his debt to Shiori. Katsuya tries to stop him and Baofu questions his safety, but Tatsuya has no intention to lose. He will definitely return. This does not impress Baofu. So he's got a sense of responsability? This is nothing but conceit. He can't take responsability when he fails. This promptly shuts Tatsuya up and Katsuya takes advantage of the situation saying this is his problem as well. Maya approves. Ulala asks Chandraputra to take them too and he agrees; however, he asks for one favour: to find the fragments that once belonged to the heart of his pupil, the one taken away by the Crawling Chaos, Randolph Carter. Can they do this for him? Maya lets him know he can count on them. Without further delay, Chandraputra takes a silver key adorned with arabesques from his pocket. Chanting a strange spell, he turns the key nine times and a silvery swirling hole appears out of the darkness. This is the Ultimate Gate and passing through it will take them to Kadath. Chandraputra is unable to accompany them, but his friend will lead their way.
  383. Found out it's the Ultimate Gate, so I replaced it accordingly. I also translated all the dialogue instead of summarising it for some unholy reason.
  385. >me in charge of being consistent
  387. The group arrives in a tower similar to that of Philemon; in the middle, an Abyssinian-looking cat stands straight, tail longer than torso caught with a pin.
  389. >Zula: Platoon, ten-hut!
  390. >Ulala: It talked! Eh, look what I'm saying when butterflies can speak and we're making contracts with demons.
  391. >Katsuya: It looks like an Abyssinian, huh. So cute.
  392. >Baofu: Hey, careful now, this guy looks like a really important cat.
  393. >I am Lieutenant General Zula of the Ulthar Cat Forces. I heard about you lot from Carter. It's my duty to accompany you unexperienced fellows through the world of the subconscious.
  394. >Tatsuya: Carter?
  396. Maya and Tatsuya look at each other in confusion.
  398. >Did I make myself clear! Salute!
  400. Katsuya obeys reflexively and Zula gracefully salutes in return.
  402. >Katsuya: What exactly is Ulthar, your Excellency?
  403. >It is the middle layer of the collective unconscious, the sacred land and foremost line where we, the Cat tribe, wage war against the detestable Zoog tribe. But the campaign you people are leading now has no relation to this whatsoever. Don't worry. Did I make myself clear!
  405. Katsuya obeys reflexively again and again Zula performs a splendid response.
  407. >Tatsuya: Where are the fragments of Shiori's heart?
  408. >Don't lose your head. Starting now, you will commence looking for the pieces that form Minashiro Shiori's heart. In other words, what separates one from the other, recording the understanding of the outside world, -perception-, -knowledge-, -memory-. Acknowledging one's inner world, forming the soul, -perseverance-, -emotion-, -impulse-, -wisdom-, -will-. And last but not least, the synthesis of the understanding of the outside world and the acknowledging of the inner world, administering the balance with society, the complex of -reason- and -ethics- known as -reflection-. These eleven pieces are broken into Trapezohedrons that will restore Minashiro Shiori to her true self.
  409. >Baofu: We'll really need to work our fingers to the bone huh...
  410. >If you find every demon holding them, you will obtain the Trapezohedrons. You'll recover them by defeating the demons or by talking to them. Kadath Mandala is a hexagram structure that contains a pentagram: the hexagram depicts the universe, the Macrocosmos, while the pentagram is the symbol of humans, the Microcosmos. This is a tower where demons inhabit each one of those peaks. When you get lost, aim for the highest points of the stars. Got it?
  412. Maya nods in understanding.
  414. The demons who own the heart Trapezohedron are all much more powerful than you lot. I'm telling you this just to be sure, but do it without overwriting the memories . Don't know how. Well then. It is time for you to face your first obstacle. Look at my tail.
  416. The fur on Zula's tail stands up and turns as thick as a scrubbing brush, taking everyone by surprise. They can feel a presence coming from above.
  418. >That is...!
  419. >We have found the guardian of the Ultimate Gate, the avatar of the one who makes everything and is everything, 'Umr at-Tawil. He gave his forgiveness for passing through Kadath, but it seems he has no intention of simply letting you go. >Ulala: Waah..! This is super bad!
  420. >Of course it is. This guy is the very boundary of the world. He will challenge you if you do something behind his back. The ones who pass the Ultimate Gate in order to reach the world of the subconscious are usually sent by him to another, unknown dimension, unable to return a second time. I say, some of you could die here. Maybe all of you. Well then, good luck.
  422. Zula disappears.
  424. After'Umr at-Tawil melts away, a bright light surfaces. Immediately after, Zula jumps back into the picture.
  426. >GOOD! I commend you on your victory against 'Umr at-Tawil!
  427. >Tatsuya: Is this a fragment of Shiori's heart...?
  428. >Exactly. This is Minashiro Shiori's -Trapezohedron of Knowledge-. It's all right, you can take a look.
  430. As they look at the fragment, all kinds of letters and words, formulae and information, are in constant change, like the pieces inside a kaleidoscope — gathering, then scattering, flowing and swirling.
  432. >Now, we don't have time to waste. Let's finish our job before 'Umr at-Tawil comes back stronger than before.
  433. >Ulala: Wha-! That thing's not dead?
  434. >That is what a boundary is. Without it, there would be no areas of consciousness and collective unconscious for you humans and no individual entities either. All right then, it's high time we travelled Kadath to look for the next Trapezohedron. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!
  435. After receiving 200 World cards and the Trapezohedron of Knowledge, Maya's group leaves the Tower of Knowledge behind.
  437. Some notes:
  439. - Chandraputra's speech is fucking impossible. Not only does he use old expressions and such, he also mixes kanji with hiragana and katakana, even in the middle of the word. He looks like an ok dude though. Also, dat accuracy
  440. >enveloping robes
  441. >masklike face and beard
  442. - Carter's meeting with 'Umr, the Ultimate Gate, 'Umr's way of dealing with the people he meets, they're all in Through the Gates of the Silver Key. I feel bad for not reading it before translating
  443. - Zula is actually pretty difficult to translate too, because he uses YHVH knows what type of style; he's pretty hilarious though with that harsh attitude and likes giving commands in English (Ten-hut, Salute, Platoon, Move, Good)
  444. - I don't think I managed to convey it well, but the moment Zula's tail does the funny thing, they are transported to the Trapezohedron of Knowledge; I only got that at the end too, sorry...
  445. - it's really obvious Tadashi wanted Maya to speak in this story; her "lines" are usually "<Got it!>, nodded Maya". It's awkward. Damn you, Atlus, stop being so stubborn.
  448. part10
  450. It's official, EPP has gotten 3deep5me. Hinduism! Buddhism! Old Japanese! My laughable attempts at Middle English! At least we can all learn some neat Hindu/Buddhist stuff that didn't make its way into DDS's story.
  451. In the middle of the tower, the group encounters a being that shines as bright as the rays of sun.
  452. >Virochana: Thou hast reached the inner mandala where the one who sits on a lotus petal, the spirit of the entire creation, the great shining figure, I, dwell. I art thou...Thou, too, art Virochana. Therefore, let me question thee. What is the true essence of the self, -atman-? Is there or not an "I" on the inside?
  453. >Zula: Salute! This great being is the asura king who opposes the Hindu gods. Now, what answer will you lot give him?
  454. >Katsuya: Hmm, the old Upanishads, the basis of Indian philosophy.
  455. >Ulala: Eh...If you look at it this way, the fact that -I- exist is maybe the fact that I -exist- but...So, what about me?
  456. >Baofu: What a stupid thing to ask...
  457. >Tatsuya: You exist, obviously.
  458. >Katsuya: Somehow, huh. It is said that selfishness born out of one's obstinacy gives birth to anguish. This is a question directed to a person's attitude.
  459. >Maya: There's definitely someone called "I".
  460. >Virochana: Then, why art thou in front of I? Denying the fundamental truth that rules the universe and the individual is not knowing that the self and the universe return to nothing. Oh, -Māyā-, woman of illusion who unmasks the truth, disappear from my sight!
  461. Two more things: sorry if this sounds...farfetched, but I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. All that shit spouted by Virochana and later Shaka was seriously hard to understand in Japanese too, so the whole story literally turned into a massive headache. I'll post some useful links in the notes. Oh and second: not sure what's the deal with the Satomi sis interruption, because Virochana appears again.
  462. Maya's group receives 50 Magician cards and the Trapezohedron of Reason, leaving the Tower of Reason behind.
  463. >Tatsuya: Is this...Is this a part of Shiori's heart too? No, that's not right. This is a Satomi Tadashi that appeared from everyone's collective unconscious..right?
  464. >Baofu: So this one has the same kind of items like all the other stores? Heh, interesting. Not like they're going to have customers in such a remote place.
  465. >Ulala: Didn't think I'd see that face even in this kind of place...It's kind of calming somehow. I do wonder, how do they replenish their stock anyway?
  466. >Katsuya: Why is a Satomi Tadashi here of all places?! And the vendour? I heard before that there are seven sisters but...who in the world is that?
  467. >Old lady?: Hello, hello, welcome~!! Let yourself captivated by Satomi Tadashi's charm again today! To the next world even ~ uhyohyohyohyo!
  468. >Virochana: That is so! Thy very figure reflected on the water's surface is thy true self -atman- and the truth of the universe, -brahman-. Thou art the universe, thy own soul shall become a bright light. I shall grant ye, the ones pursuing the truth, wisdom to tie the inner world and the outer world of your friend. Ye must not forget the truth of the universe and of the self...
  469. The great being disappears. Maya's group receives 200 Sun cards and the Trapezohedron of Reason, leaving the Tower of Reason behind.
  470. In the middle of another tower sits a great creature as bright as moonlight.
  471. Shaka: I am Shaka...a being awakened from Māyā. When life is bound by Ziva of destruction and turns into an illusion, I shall preach enlightenment, in order to release humans from their doubts. You, I shall ask you, the one who bears the same name as my mother of torturous illusions. What does -the self- mean to people?
  472. >Zula: Ten-hut! This great one is an enlightened being of Buddhism. Now, what answer will you lot give him?
  473. >Baofu: Just worthless. Ain't that so, Serizawa.
  474. >Ulala: ...come on, don't start any trouble.
  475. >Tatsuya: Worthless huh...It really is like this.
  476. >Katsuya: Everyone thinks about the kind of life they live. For example, what kind of person one should be in order to move forward.
  477. >Maya: Isn't it just something precious and without match?
  478. >Shaka: That is so. As expected of that name, it seems you are still under Māyā's influence. Originally, the boundary of no-self is something you discover by yourself, but I shall now give you a helping hand. That is so. As I say, stubbornly attached to a nonexistent illusion, the most extreme thing that will bring suffering to you and the world. The non-existence of the self. Please learn how this world's everything has no substance, being under continuous transformation, and how it is in fact based on omens. That is what brings an end to the suffering. The woman you are looking for is still trapped by stubbornness. I shall entrust you with the origin of her personality and energy, -perseverance-. Please refine and spread the enlightening vessel of Buddha's teachings.
  479. The great being disappears. Maya's group receives 200 Hierophant cards and the Trapezohedron of Perseverance, leaving the Tower of Perseverance behind.
  480. Notes and...gah...
  481. - Virochana and the atman stuff http://www.hridaya-yoga.com/articles/upanishads/indra_and_virochana.htm; he was kind of a dumbass
  482. - he also uses the "ware" and "nanji" you have probably heard at some point in some Persona game
  483. - Maya is officially the most 100deep4everyone character: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_%28illusion%29
  484. - couldn't find an English link for the fundamental truth that rules the universe and the truth that rules the individual Virochana talks about; still, it's called bongaichinyo in Japanese and according to it the concept of "bon" (purity - brahman, the fundamental truth that rules the universe/cosmos) and "ware"/"ga" (self, ego, atman - the fundamental truth that rules the individual) are the same. Crap, found a link http://www.world-religions-professor.com/atman-brahman.html
  485. - here's Shaka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakya
  486. - also, I have no idea what that Ziva/Jiva thing is. It's written ジーヴァ in case anyone cares.
  487. - Shaka talks about doubts using the Buddhist term for the inability to reach enlightenment
  488. - the no-self: http://filmstudieso2012.blogspot.ro/2012/05/blog-1-shohoumuga.html
  489. - the term he uses for suffering is the Buddhist duhkha
  490. - also, the omens (that part really makes no sense, huh) http://www.nst.org/articles/basics-of-study/the-twelve-linked-chain-of-causation/
  491. - last but not least, Shaka is a pretty nice guy, who actually speaks pretty humbly
  494. part11
  496. In the center of another tower, the group encounters another great being. It seems that Azazel has found among them a woman to his liking and tries to make his possessive speech look more attractive by showing her the Trapezohedron of Impulse. He even promises to give her anything she wants if she chooses to be his woman.
  497. Zula decides to properly introduce Azazel to our group as a wicked being who used to observe humans, but later started seducing women into adultery. Azazel doesn't mind the introduction and actually starts boasting, but Tatsuya doesn't have time for this: he wants Shiori's heart back. The demon agrees, yet he wants something in return too: the woman standing across him, next to Tatsuya. All the men turn towards Ulala who starts panicking; just as Baofu says, it seems her time has come too. Azazel wants to clear the misunderstanding though — the woman he chose was actually Maya, something which promptly gets the Suou brothers' attention:
  498. >Katsuya: I refuse!
  499. >Tatsuya: You're really getting on my nerves...!
  500. Of course, Baofu can't help saying something that pisses Ulala off, but before she has the chance to get violent, the fight against Azazel starts.
  501. The defeated demon disappears and a bright light rises to the surface, followed by Zula who jumps back nearby and congratulates them (GOOD JOB, SOLDIERS). Ulala is still pissed off at Baofu, who swiftly dismisses her ("Oooh, scary."), but Zula cuts them off and shows them Shiori's Trapezohedron of Impulse, with all her desires. Ulala wonders what she could wish for: money, nice clothes, delicious food or maybe even a man. But still, won't she be sad if the fragment isn't only filled with things she wishes for? Baofu and Katsuya disagree, saying that these very things would make her feel alive.
  502. Ulala takes a peak into Shiori's Trapezohedron of Impulse and is surprised to see how pretty she is. Maya joins her ("Just a little...") and doesn't seem to mind that Katsuya chastises them both.
  503. The group receives 200 Temperance cards and the Impulse Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Impulse behind.
  504. In the center of another tower stands a great figure enveloped in deep sadness. She introduces herself as Izanami, known in Yomotsu-hirasaka as the one with a dark and fickle heart and asks if they know why she is wearing that kind of mask.
  505. Encouraged by Zula, Katsuya starts talking about the legend of Izanami and Izanagi, known to all Japanese, about Izanami's death and her husband's descent into the underworld, about his broken promise and her curse and finally about Kagutsuchi's death. It is a sad story, yet a good example of how conceited humans can be; you can't toy with emotions.
  506. Tatsuya wonders what Izanagi should have done and Baofu thinks that going after her only made things worse; but still, he likes that kind of stupid people. After all, isn't that quite human? Can't help falling in love. Can't help wanting to meet them even if it's impossible. Zula becomes more interested in our heroes and finally asks for Maya's opinion. Why is Izanami wearing that mask?
  507. >Maya: In order to crush all her emotions...
  508. >Izanami: That is so...I still yearn for that person. Even though the heavens and the earth split and announced an eternal separation, it is impossible to forget the days we gave birth to this country together. My anger disappeared a long time ago. My grudged, too, has ceased. However, my sadness and my yearning have yet to leave. That is why I hid my face. I shall keep this unclean face hidden, until the day that man will come to meet me once again...
  509. In Izanami's hand appears the Trapezohedron of Emotion.
  510. Izanami: Perhaps that young woman has someone like that too. Please, take it...
  511. Izanami disappears. Maya's group receives 200 Lovers cards and the Emotion Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Emotion behind.
  512. Another tower, inhabited by a great being with a fierce countenance. Angra Mainyu is surprised to see humans in this world and recalls that 25940 days have passed since the last one he met: Carter. He also has a question: Is there such a thing as unwavering goodness?
  513. The robust being, born long ago in the world of disillusion, defeated and thrown into the abyss by the good god Ahura Mazda. He is the one Zula demands an answer for.
  514. Baofu has only seen things like justice and goodness on the surface, but also a lot of wickedness spewing forth. To Katsuya, committing a sin with good intentions is still a crime of conscience. Ulala thinks that it depends on what you wish for, but Tatsuya harshly declares that it doesn't matter what is good and what is bad — you do what you have to do. Maya believes absolute goodness exists.
  515. Angra Mainyu approves and tells them that goodness and wickedness are relative concepts, not limitless. Nevertheless, rivalry is necessary to explain things that are connected. If he, the one who owns the Trapezohedron of Ethics is evil, then they too, the ones who wish for it, are evil. Throughout history, the destruction of antagonistic peoples and countries has been encouraged in the name of gods as a good thing. Is this a virtue?
  516. Yes.
  517. Katsuya has the right answer, because if there is no good, there is no evil either, and Angra Mainyu would not exist at all. The demon's mouth curls into a smile and admits that without the bondary between good and evil, Ahura Mazda wouldn't exist either.
  518. The group receives 200 Justice cards and the Ethics Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Ethics behind.
  519. In the center of the next tower stands the solemn figure of an ancient god. Zula demands their attention more than usual and introduces Nodens, the great lord of the abyss and the avatar of Philemon. The god who fights the Crawling Chaos is holding the Trapezohedron of Memory.
  520. >Nodens: These are the memories of the lost child you are pursuing. Memories might often bring pain and sadness, but this is indispensable when differentiating yourself from others. Since the beginning of life, the individual memories born from people's experiences take form and gather in Kadath and the collective unconscious to become the cornerstone of future generations. Even though the root of the world seems to be ruled by fear and anxiety, do not forget that the essence of life is filled with joy. Life will not cease to seek the meaning of its existence in the universe headed towards chaos and irrationality. A life filled with happiness brings balance in the universe of a destiny of heat death and prolongs the existence of the world.
  521. Ulala doesn't really understand, but Baofu tells her to ignore it. It has nothing to do with people like them. According to Katsuya this is entropy; it applies both to a single room and to the entire universe. The universe heads from the status of order to one of disorder, called the heat death of the universe — Tatsuya recalls Sudou said something similar. But the increasing entropy and life's negative entropy (negentropy) counterbalance each other, maintaining order. The universe needs order to survive and this requires the spirit of humans. Maya concludes that life has meaning.
  522. >Ulala: Let's positive thinking, right?
  523. The group receives 200 Hermit cards and the Memory Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Memory behind.
  524. Notes!
  525. - the Angra Mainyu thing sounds dumb, just think it's the dichotomy between good and evil and that they cannot exist without the other.
  526. - Baofu's and Ulala's banter is great, just saying
  527. - I chose to translate the entirety of Izanami's dialogue because 01. it was easy and 02. I felt it related a lot to Shiori's and Tatsuya's situation; the group's answers reveal a lot about them too, I believe
  528. - same with Nodens, who is the only one presented as a god and not as a being
  529. - Zula is also unusually polite towards him
  530. - here's your heat death http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_death_of_the_universe
  531. - and negentropy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negentropy
  532. - Katsuya is seriously well-read: he's the one who gives the most complete answers, knows a lot of stuff; Ulala is pretty unsure most of the time, Baofu obviously speaks from experience and tends to be mostly biased and pretty harsh; Tatsuya lacks experience and it shows. I think the only definite answer was the "good or bad, do what you have to do" and Maya is the most optimistic and perceptive of them all
  533. - if you have questions and/or suggestions, do tell! Oh and it really helps if you read each demon's history!
  534. - next time we'll have an Old One, Dagon and Ctulhu and after that we'll finally meet Phil's bff and hopefully finish the story
  537. part12
  539. Today: autistic moe Old One, Ia Ia and Maya being the soul of everything.
  541. They find an old being in the center of the next tower.
  543. >Ulala: Aaaaaah! This looks bad!
  545. Zula informs them that the old being belongs to an alien species who landed on Earth in ancient times and helped humans prosper by sharing their great wisdom. Answering Katsuya's confusion, he admits that even in the World of Awakening, it is difficult to understand the words of the foreign traveller. The Old One whistles something unintelligible and rolls a tentacle. Baofu watches him with contempt, but Maya guesses that he's probably hungry, so she approaches him with a can of crab.
  547. >Baofu: A-Amano, why the hell are you carrying that around?
  548. >Ulala: It's her lunch, of course. When Ma-ya is too busy, she just eats it with anpan.
  550. The group then engages in a very serious conversation about crab sandwhich ingredients, with Katsuya taken aback when he finds out Maya isn't skilled enough to put mayonaisse, onion or even olives in her bentou. ("A-Amano...")
  552. >Tatsuya: Maya...at least open the lid.
  554. Maya holds the can out to the Old One, who timidly reaches for it with a tentacle and seems to keep it under consideration.
  556. Maya encourages him to take it ("It's very delicious!"), so the creature listens, puts it into his huge mouth and starts munching. He then disappears, leaving the Trapezohedron behind.
  558. >Baofu: You're pretty amazing, aren't you, Amano...
  560. Maya's group receives 200 High Priestess cards and the Wisdom Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Wisdom behind.
  562. The being inhabiting the next tower...
  564. >Ulala: Aaagh! Disgusting!!
  565. >Dagon: Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!!
  566. >Zula: Enemy, incoming!
  568. Dagon starts chanting again and the sound of his voice vibrates through the air, echoing inside everybody's heads. Zula warns them to cover their ears or they'll be converted to Cthulhu's cult. The results are mixed:
  570. >Ulala:Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!!
  571. >Katsuya: Ia...Ia...?! Cthulhu fhtagn...!!
  572. >Baofu: Ia...oh no you don't. Serizawa, Suou, snap out of it!
  574. Nevertheless, they're forced to fight Dagon, whose disappearance leaves the Trapezohedron behind. Zula jumps back in and congratulates them. Ulala can still hear the Ia Ia in her head, Baofu compares it to a hangover and Katsuya..
  576. >Katsuya: Ia!!!!! Ia!!!! Cthulhu!!!! fhtagn!!!!!!!
  577. >Ulala: Hey, Big Suou?! It's over now!
  578. >Katsuya: Huh...? Oh, this one was a terrifying opponent...
  579. >Baofu: You guys were careless, should learn from Amano.
  580. >Maya: Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!!
  581. >Ulala: Wait a...Ma-ya, what's with that smile!
  582. >Maya: Ha!
  584. Maya's group receives 50 Chariot cards and the Perception Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Perception behind.
  586. The inhabitant of the next tower is another old being.
  588. >Ulala: Aaaaagh! I can't even describe this!
  589. >Cthulhu: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh mgah'nagl fhtagn...
  591. Cthulhu, the master of oceans and the Mu continent. Even now, he is sealed in the sunken city of the Pacific Ocean, R'lyeh, but will not die. From the bottom of the deep sea, he gives people bad dreams, devouring his followers' souls, waiting for the day he will once again take control above the ground.That day will definitely come. When the stars show the right way once more, the old rulers will resurrect countless relatives, regaining control over the universe. Everyone's aggravated by Zula's words, but they reject the creature and everything it stands for. Chtulhu simply disappears, the Trapezohedron left shining in the middle of the tower. Zula returns and congratulates them on a job well done, saying that had they not been Persona users, meeting Chtulhu like that would have driven them insane. Ulala and Katsuya are still worried about the whole insanity aspect, but for Baofu crazy people aren't too rare nowadays: don't they walk freely around the town? So many news about child killings, 30000 suicides every year...what a terrible world.
  593. >Tatsuya: What can we even do to lead a normal life?
  594. >Maya: Let's positive thinking, Tatsuya.
  595. >Ulala: Yep, knew you'd say it.
  596. >Baofu: Magic words, heh.
  597. >Katsuya: I don't mind autosuggestion. Don't they say sickness and health start with the mind?
  598. >Tatsuya: That's right. We don't need to look at the empty half of the glass all the time. Thanks, Maya...
  600. Maya's group receives 200 Strength cards and the Will Trapezohedron, leaving the Tower of Will behind.
  602. Notes and stuff:
  604. - these three were my favourites, together with Izanami and her story
  605. - pros: autistic moe Old One, Baofu and Katsuya freaking out at Maya's eating habits, Maya making fun of them with Ia Ia (actually all of them going Ia Ia was gold), Ulala's progressive descriptions of how ugly the demons are
  606. - cons: figuring out what Ruruie meant — it's actually the Japanese pronounciation of R'lyeh (thanks, Digimon wiki) and all the Lovecraft lore, damn
  607. - pic related means "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming"
  608. -Zula also recites this "That is not dead which can eternal lie, /And with strange aeons, even death may die."
  609. - the relatives I talked about are star-spawn of Cthulhu/Cthulhi (wow, good job self, looking for this after you posted the translation)
  610. - there was one part about Shiori's body I didn't know how to integrate; if I understood correctly, it was taken from Ithaqua (who's in league with Hastur) by Chtulhu and led to some terrible consequences. Oh and Hastur and Cthulhu oppose each other? I'm really unsure about this one, maybe the next part will show more
  613. part13
  615. In middle of the following tower, our group encounters a strong, faceless envoy who inspires nothing but repugnance.
  617. >Ulala: Gyaaah!! The terrifying shape from the door of the cosmic abyss who creeps and squirms around with a dreadful sneer on its faceless figure... this thing is really damn disgusting!
  618. >Maya: ...!
  619. >Tatsuya: That's...!
  620. >Zula: Amano Maya, Suou Tatsuya. You two know what this is. "The Crawling Chaos". "The Dweller in Darkness". "The God of a Thousand Forms". Yes, the avatar of that detestable, sneering god!
  621. >The Faceless God: Hahahaha! Don't you know that while you're wasting time here, the world you'd die for is steadily heading towards destruction? Or is it that you do not care about anyone else as long as that woman is by your side?
  622. >Tatsuya: Shut up! Return Shiori!
  624. In the hand of the guardian appears a black shining trapezohedron.
  626. >The Faceless God: He who runs after two hares will catch neither. I thought you understood that once. You really don't learn. But so be it. If you want her back that much, then you shall have her.
  628. >Baofu: Tatsuya, behind you!
  630. Shiori shows up, pointing the Spear of Longinus at Maya!
  632. >Maya: ?!
  633. >Tatsuya: Maya!
  635. Tatsuya pushes Maya out of the way, the tip of Shiori's Holy Lance grazing his head.
  637. >Tatsuya: S-shiori...?!
  638. >Shiori: Don't get in my way, Takuya. See, I missed.
  639. >Katsuya: Takuya...? Minashiro, what are you talking about?
  640. >Shiori: Yes, Takuya. Is it not true that Takuya got killed because of Tatsuya and that woman?! Am I not his sister. Come on, Tatsuya...! Become Takuya!! Give Takuya baack!!
  642. With the Holy Lance still pointed, Shiori opens her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.
  644. >Tatsuya: Oh...!
  645. >Maya: ......
  646. >The Faceless God: Hahahahaha! I returned her as you asked. What is so sad about this? Rejoice!
  647. >Katsuya: Minashiro, you're part of the police force! Wake up!
  648. >The Faceless God: It's useless. What has now been realeased from this Trapezohedron are that woman's complexes, emotional trauma, her suppressed shadow, that part of her that never showed up. You are the ones who turned her into this. So, have you learnt on the Other Side what happens if you kill the heart's shadow? Well then, since you have forgotten, I shall teach you once more. He who runs after two hares will catch neither, that's what. Let's see, Amano Maya or that miserable woman, it's all right to choose the one you like better.
  650. >Ulala: This is terrible...
  651. >Baofu: What a dirty guy...
  652. >Tatsuya: Oooohhh...!
  654. Grasping his marked right arm, Tatsuya falls to his knees, crouches and starts trembling.
  656. >Maya: ...?!
  657. >Ulala: Tatsuya?!
  658. Shiori drops the Holy Spear and rushes over to Tatsuya.
  660. >Shiori: Takuya?! What's wrong, Takuya?!
  661. >The Faceless God: You see. A maddening hatred. A burning agony! A sadness that makes you want to tear your chest open and pry it out! This is all what you wished for. Surrender yourself and become happy.
  662. >Tatsuya: Oh...! Aaaaagh...!
  663. >Shiori: I'm sorry, Takuya...I'm sorry I couldn't protect you...
  665. Still crouching, Tatsuya is frantically pressing his left hand on the trembling right hand. It's approaching Shiori's neck.
  667. >The Faceless God: Come back to me. That is your destiny.
  669. Maya jumps in the envoy's way, shielding Tatsuya and Shiori.
  671. >Baofu: Let's do it, Serizawa, Suou! Let's kill him!!
  675. >The Faceless God: Heh heh...This is where we put an end to the fun. Now, you'd better get back fast to the world of awakening. Soon, you shall meet not my avatar, but me in the flesh. I'll be waiting. I'll be waiting...
  677. The envoy dissappears, leaving behind Randolph Carter's Trapezohedron of Emotion.
  678. When the group turn their eyes, Tatsuya's hand is wrapped around Shiori's neck.
  680. >Tatsuya: Aaaagh!
  681. >Shiori: I am...sorry...
  682. >Katsuya: Tatsuya, stop!!
  684. He manages to restrain his brother.
  686. >Tatsuya: Huh...?!
  688. When Tatsuya comes back to his senses and lets his hands down, Shiori's figure returns to the dark shining Trapezohedron, which rolls over to his feet. Tatsuya crouches, clutching the Trapezohedron to his chest.
  690. >Tatsuya: Oh...! Uuuuh....I'm sorry...Shiori....I'm so sorry...
  692. Everyone is silent.
  694. >Zula: It is unfortunate that the Trapezohedron got broken. You saved Minashiro Shiori's heart. But it was a bitter victory. An act worthy of praise...
  696. Master Chandraputra appears through the Ultimate Door.
  698. >Zula: These people did a great job at recovering the fragment the Faceless God stole from you, Randolph Carter.
  699. >Katsuya: Randolph Carter...? He wasn't your pupil?
  700. >Randolph Carter: I apologise for not saying anything I did not mean to deceive you...I did not want to frighten you with this appearance
  701. >Ulala: Wow...can it be that you...
  702. >Randolph Carter: That is so My body was captured by Persona, just like that woman
  703. >Zula: Carter's hard work during his quest in the collective unconscious attracted the Crawling Chaos's displeasure. He can keep his human consciousness even in this form solely thanks to his force of will.
  704. >Randolph Carter: I am finally able to return to my human form through your efforts Thank goodness...Thank you very much Now you shall return to the world of awakening and with Igor's help that woman too will be able to go back to normal
  706. Maya's group receives 200 Fortune cards, 200 Tower cards and 200 Judgement cards.
  708. A few days later, Nanjou Memorial Hospital
  710. Surrounded by the fragrance of the flowers floating in the dark, Shiori opens her eyes after what seemed to be an eternal sleep.\
  711. >Shiori: This is...
  712. >Anna: A hospital. Seems Tatsuya's brother and his gang brought you here.
  713. >Shiori: Oh...But why are you...?
  714. >Anna: Noriko...I came to visit an underclassman. We too were saved by miss Amano and Tatsuya.
  715. >Shiori: Tatsuya...How is he?
  717. Anna casts her eyes down and shifts her gaze towards the window.
  719. >Anna: Perhaps we'll never meet -that Tatsuya- ever again. Neither you, nor me...
  721. After a long silence, Shiori mumbles something.
  723. >Shiori: So..it wasn't...a dream.
  725. Fixing her eyes on the ceiling, Shiori silently starts crying.
  727. >Shiori: Forgive me...Tatsuya...and thank you...
  729. THE END
  731. Last notes
  733. - holy shit I did it
  734. after they defeated Nyarl and it fit really well
  735. - Carter's Trapezohedron is also described as reflecting stuff but I couldn't find a proper way to include that too. Anyway, this one's for the anon who asked about Trapezohedrons a while ago
  736. - "You really don't learn" -> Nyarl actually says "You're a guy with no learning ability". Gotta hand it to him, he can be pretty funny at times
  737. - I'm not sure whether her suppressed -shadow- was meant to be capitalised. Were the terms used for Shadows in Persona 2 Japanese or English?
  738. - "Surrender yourself" has a rather erotic connotation...It's "give yourself to me", usually used for women. I think he's talking to Tatsuya though so, uh?
  739. - "Come back to me" - originally "descend"
  740. - Zula gains new respect for the gang; not only does he praise them wholeheartedly, but he switches from "kisamara" to "omae-tachi". Not polite, but he now views them as equals
  741. - Randolph Carter! I felt so sorry for him. And the lack of punctuation in his lines in intentional. I realised kind of late I needed a way to transmit his struggles to retain his humanity
  742. - yes, I know, flowers floating in the dark sounds stupid
  743. - Persona 2: Fuck you, you're not allowed to be happy ever
  748. credits go to fakeangelbr and Omega Radiance from TVtropes for putting these sections in relatively easy to find places.
  750. Even more credit goes to the translator over at /v/ for translating the EP scenario.
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