Shit Gets Jazzy In Space

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  1. [16:10:00] <~Giantree> Alright!
  2. [16:11:30] <Valene> So, is there like some OOC channel? Or is this the OOC channel? Either way, WHERE IS THE OTHER CHANNEL? Unless it's query private times.
  3. [16:13:25] <~Giantree> Jazz!  It's been a month since Dr. Wright's lab was wrecked, and in the name of JUSTICE you've taken the time devoting yourself to traveling space for reasons like stopping that from happening again, preventing others from going through the same thing, et cetera, et cetera.  Today you've found yourself on Remote Station #112 - no there isn't an OOC channel, you just made me interrupt introtext to tell you that, go in #MB or something - which is an otherwise nondescript space station with plenty of live-ins, Earthlings and less common races alike: with a twist.  You've heard leads of important data hidden somewhere in the station with hardly any security, making it a more-than-perfect pirate target; that is, if experience with the Skipjack taught anything.
  4. [16:13:45] <Inu888> (#Spehss-oshititsinhere)
  5. [16:14:17] <~Giantree> Upon arriving in the dock, though, what awaits is crumbling heaps of metal and a long corridor alit with red light and blaring sirens, accompanied by cries of help.
  6. [16:14:19] <~Giantree>
  7. [16:14:24] <~Giantree> MISSION START
  8. [16:16:19] <Inu888> (Jazz JUSTICE 12,11BSOD!)
  9. [16:18:03] <~Giantree> The dock is a large circular room with one exit leading into the burning station; sparks fly out of a humanoid figure sitting near the corner of the entryway.  Half her head looks blown apart leaving a clear view of the machinery inside, but data-rings in the remaining eye expand and contract.  It's bright red, like her hair.
  10. [16:18:45] * Jazz runs down the corridor, immediately drawn towards the nearest calls for help. As he runs, a low whine joins the cacophony of alarms and sirens as his arm-cannon powers up. As he checks to make sure his shield is secure, he runs through the mental checklist: Help innocents first, THEN find the pirates. Upon spying the damaged Android, he stops in front of her, checking to see if
  11. [16:18:45] * Jazz she's still functional!
  12. [16:18:51] <Inu888> (Ginger hate.)
  13. [16:19:00] <~Giantree> Bzzzzt.
  14. [16:19:15] <~Giantree> "4Error... analyzing..."
  15. [16:19:20] <~Giantree> "4..."
  16. [16:19:28] <~Giantree> "4Error."
  17. [16:19:41] <~Giantree> The android just repeats the same phrase over and over again.
  18. [16:20:34] * Jazz frowns, quickly heaving the damaged bot up and throwing it over his shoulder, before continuing deeper into the station!
  19. [16:20:39] <Kain> (Sorry Jazz, red ring of death. She's gone son)
  20. [16:20:57] <~Giantree> (PFFFF)
  21. [16:22:03] <~Giantree> "4Analyzing... memory databanks offline... mapping functions offline..."  The bot just mutters things over and over.  Meanwhile, the corridor forks into two paths!  One leads straight ahead, the other leads right.
  22. [16:23:14] * Jazz groans and props the robot up against the wall, quickly checking to see if she's salvageable at all, or if he's just carrying around a robo-corpse. As he does, he listens intently to decide which path needs his help more!
  23. [16:23:46] <~Giantree> Giiiiiiiiive me a Systems and then an Awareness check.
  24. [16:23:48] <Inu888> (USE YOUR PATHING ALGORYTHMS! Right. Each time. Every time.)
  25. [16:25:38] <Jazz> 2d6+4 Systems
  26. [16:25:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, Systems: 7 [2d6=2,1]
  27. [16:25:44] <Jazz> (My other roll was better :T)
  28. [16:25:52] <~Giantree> (You can take the other one)
  29. [16:25:55] <Jazz> (Okay)
  30. [16:25:59] <Jazz> 2d6+4 Awareness
  31. [16:26:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, Awareness: 12 [2d6=2,6]
  32. [16:28:03] <~Giantree> After a quick look-over, it appears just the external chassis was damaged.  The android has a serial number of 'F-2436' and was stationed as a maintenance and housekeeping unit, with mapping data in her HD but most of which is corrupted.  In fact, a LOT of data is corrupted, but some repair and formatting could fix that; still, what you do get shows that the path ahead leads to a storage room, which is ALSO pretty devoid of any noise at first listen.  The screams come from the right!
  33. [16:29:02] * Jazz nods to himself and picks up the android again, before running at full-tilt down the right path, making a beeline for the screams.
  34. [16:30:21] <~Giantree> It isn't long before you catch up to the source, and the damage gets only more and more extensive as the search goes on- there's what looks like a rafter of some kind trapping a group of humanoids ahead, and two more paths to either side.
  35. [16:30:35] <~Giantree> Furthermore, with each second, blast doors start closing off the way ahead.
  36. [16:30:59] <~Giantree> Not YET, but, they're dropping
  37. [16:32:07] <~Giantree> 2436 keeps muttering.  "4To reach th... ... oom... eft at the... ection... ... ve a... nice... y!"
  38. [16:32:53] <~Giantree> "4Conversational modules malfunctioning."
  39. [16:32:59] <Jazz> (Are the Blast doors going to trap those humans in there?)
  40. [16:33:22] <~Giantree> (Yeah, you can make it TO them in time)
  41. [16:34:14] <~Giantree> As they drop further ahead, the doors look like they're not high-level security and could PROBABLY be blasted through- pun intended.
  42. [16:34:18] * Jazz doesn't hesitate: He runs to get through the blast doors before they close. He can deal with getting it open once the innocents are safe!
  43. [16:34:23] <~Giantree> They're dropping to the left and the right too.
  44. [16:34:32] <~Giantree> "S-Someone's here!"
  45. [16:35:00] <~Giantree> It's a family of three- two children and one adult who looks to have shielded the other two with her body, bleeding heavily.
  46. [16:35:12] <~Giantree> They're definitely trapped under there, you'd probably need to use FORCE to move it.
  47. [16:37:06] * Jazz gently puts the Android down, before slamming himself against the rafter with frantic haste, lodging his arms underneath it before attempting to lift it up!
  48. [16:37:13] <Jazz> 2d6+8
  49. [16:37:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=5,2]
  50. [16:37:25] <~Giantree> It budges RIGHT AWAY!
  51. [16:37:55] <~Giantree> The droid's body flops to the ground while the kids get up and run as fast as their tiny legs take them.
  52. [16:38:29] <~Giantree> The apparent mother doesn't though, barely able to muster the strength to crawl away.
  53. [16:38:43] <~Giantree> SLAM!  The door ahead closes, and the one behind starts making its way down.
  54. [16:39:58] <Jazz> "You two, stay here! If the pirates are still here, you don't want to get split up!" Jazz shouts at the kids, concern tinting his voice as he looks around the room to see if they'll be safe here. His eyes dart down to the mother, a worried frown growing to his face. He attempts to toss the rafter away somewhere where it won't hurt anyone, so that he can check on her.
  55. [16:40:37] <~Giantree> "Okay!"  They both stop and huddle over in a corner, giving each other terrified looks at the word 'pirates.'
  56. [16:41:20] <~Giantree> And with a SMASH the rafter lands against a corner; the only way back out is through the closing door at the moment, and the woman is coughing up bits of blood.
  57. [16:41:50] <~Giantree> Living, but barely so.  She seems internally injured.
  58. [16:42:29] <~Giantree> The Fra- I mean mysterious android keeps spouting nonsense.  "4Security protocol... please... evacu.. ... scape pods immediat... ..."
  59. [16:43:36] * Jazz kneels down to help the woman. "...Are you okay? I'm not great at first aid..." he asks, regretting that he hadn't gotten here earlier. He helps the woman move over to the corner next to the children. Then, he looks over at the android. "What's that? Escape pods? The station isn't going to blow up, or something, is it?! How much time do I have!?"
  60. [16:44:34] <~Giantree> The kids huddle, terrified, while their mother winces and takes the help.  "It was so.... ungh... Don't worry, just make sure they get to..."
  61. [16:44:57] <~Giantree> 2436: "4Receiving command... searching databanks... entry found."
  62. [16:45:38] <~Giantree> "4Approximate danger level... ... ed threat warning.  Residents are... .... acuate to esca... ods... ... Approximating..."
  63. [16:46:04] <~Giantree> "4Estimated fifteen minutes before cr... ... els."
  64. [16:47:41] <~Giantree> "4Self-repair functions... offline.  Mobility... offline."
  65. [16:49:48] <~Giantree> She lies down reciting everything that's offline in a very Kimiko-chan way.
  66. [16:49:57] <Jazz> "Okay...Damn...First things first!" he says, turning to face the door and charging an arm-cannon shot!
  67. [16:49:59] <~Giantree> Only with just one eye.
  68. [16:50:12] <~Giantree> Bweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  69. [16:50:56] <~Giantree> The kids duck down at the sight of the cannon, but the door's easy to fire a hole through!
  70. [16:51:00] <~Giantree> After all, it can't even resist.
  71. [16:51:17] <~Giantree> Or rather, it could resist something that didn't have JUSTICE backing it, that's one way to think about it.
  72. [16:51:32] <~Giantree> Is it the door in front or the door behind?
  73. [16:52:11] * Jazz grins. "Okay!" he quickly stands up, getting the mother up and making sure she stays standing with one arm. "I'm sorry, but you'll have to try and walk with me, because I don't know the way to the pods..." he says as he looks over to the children. "Okay, kids. Hold hands and follow me closely, okay?" Lastly, with his free arm, he hefts the android up and carries her over his
  74. [16:52:11] * Jazz shoulder. Now burdened with at least two women, he says. "...So which way?"
  75. [16:53:29] <~Giantree> "Ungh...."  The woman coughs again.  "It's... to the right..."  She says while pointing to a hall leading down another corridor; this one, though, has all its blast doors already closed.... only, they ALSO already have holes blasted through them.
  76. [16:53:32] <~Giantree> Well that's something.
  77. [16:54:33] <~Giantree> 2436: "4Rebooting mapping systems.... pods within reach of re... areas... please do not le... ... risk of emergen..."
  78. [16:54:46] * Jazz narrows his eyes. This could be good, or very bad. Either way, he has to get these people to the escape pods! And so, he starts moving. "Well, don't worry! I'm here, so you're all going to be safe!"
  79. [16:55:07] <~Giantree> The kids gulp and nod.
  80. [16:55:54] <~Giantree> And of course, they make their way as do the others in Jazz' grip, leading on a curvy corridor that snakes around and leads in a four-way fork this time.
  81. [16:56:09] <~Giantree> To the left, a big room; to the right, a corridor with closed blast doors.
  82. [16:56:18] <~Giantree> And ahead is a sequence of doors that look totally blasted open again!
  83. [16:56:56] <~Giantree> The sickly woman winces again, pointing left.  "Hurry and get them... that way... I-I don't think I'll make it."
  84. [16:57:44] <Jazz> "I'm not leaving anyone! Even if you give up, i'm not going to!" Jazz quickly says, heading left!
  85. [16:57:59] <~Giantree> 2436's one eye expands the data-ring in it.  "4Extreme security breach detected... warning warning..."
  86. [16:58:32] <~Giantree> To the left is a big group of other passengers all getting on the pods, though most have already left.  There's still three pods remaining, each one being big enough to fit the whole family in.
  87. [17:00:07] <Jazz> "Looks like we made it just in time, huh? Let's get to one of the pods..." Jazz says, smiling. He marches his way to the pods/
  88. [17:00:36] <~Giantree> The kids tug at their mother's sleeve, teary-eyed.  "Ms. Frannie's gonna be okay too, right?  She was always so nice and..."
  89. [17:01:30] <~Giantree> Each pod is open, you could probably set them down inside.  It's only been a couple minutes since the 15-minute warning, meaning there's still good time to find out about the pirates.
  90. [17:01:35] <~Giantree> No other passengers SEEM to be nearby.
  91. [17:06:06] * Jazz sighs in relief, first helping the mother get in, at least somewhat comfortably. "...Don't give up. Your kids need you, okay?" he says, placing the damaged Android in next to her. Then, turning to the kids, he adds: "Okay, kids! Good job following me! Stay safe, you got that?"
  92. [17:06:33] <~Giantree> "Uh-huh!  Thanks, mister!"
  93. [17:07:09] <Jazz> Once they're all inside, Jazz shuts the hatches and activates the launch controls.
  94. [17:07:13] <~Giantree> 2436 mutters a bit more as the kids climb in too.  "4Control room breach... remote notice activated."
  95. [17:07:18] <~Giantree> Vwooooof.
  96. [17:07:30] <~Giantree> "4We'll meet..."
  97. [17:07:34] <~Giantree> WHOMP.
  98. [17:08:07] <~Giantree> That's one group safe!  The station is still blasting alarms, and all the doors that were going to have closed seem to closed by now.
  99. [17:08:45] <~Giantree> For the sake of going full Metroid there's an incomplete map display, too.
  100. [17:08:56] * Jazz lets out a sigh of relief...And then he lowers his visor. "Now that that's over, it's time to teach these pirates a lesson!" he shouts, heading in the direction of the control room!
  101. [17:09:31] <~Giantree> It seems like the easiest way to get there is through the already-blown-open doors; there's no way to tell where the still-closed ones lead.
  102. [17:10:58] <~Giantree> But after some rushing through holes-in-doors there's a corridor with only one room in it, seemingly the control area.  It's locked tight, or seems to be considering all the other normal-doors are the kind that open when you stand close to them.
  103. [17:11:03] <~Giantree> ... Automatic.  Automatic doors.
  104. [17:11:42] * Jazz investigates the door. Is this going to take a charge beam, or just some rough handling?
  105. [17:12:09] <~Giantree> Probably the former, though you COULD try systemsing it instead.  There's an explosion on the other side either way.
  106. [17:12:26] <~Giantree> One big enough to make the whole station rumble a bit.
  107. [17:12:33] * Jazz grimaces, before attempting to get the door open quietly
  108. [17:12:36] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  109. [17:12:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=6,1]
  110. [17:13:12] <~Giantree> Thaaaat makes it without anything getting torn up.  Anything more than already has, anyway- you mess with it a bit and find out the security has simple enough encryptions to get by in a few seconds.
  111. [17:13:57] <~Giantree> And as the door sliiiiides open, everything else is sliding too; most of the machinery is destroyed and there's a big hole in the wall, space vacuum starting to pull everything that remains out!
  112. [17:14:22] <~Giantree> Except for one figure who doesn't seem affected by it, in a large cloak.  Their hand appears to be holding some kind of disc.
  113. [17:14:54] <Jazz> "You! What are you doing in here?!" Jazz shouts, not minding the vacuum at the moment. He aims his arm cannon at the odd figure.
  114. [17:16:01] <~Giantree> "... Oh.  There's somebody here."  The figure looks up and speaks in a deadpan's voice that sounds a bit like a woman's.  And there's a brief red flash from one of her eyes.
  115. [17:16:18] <~Giantree> More importantly is probably the big spaceship behind her.
  116. [17:16:55] <~Giantree> A familiar-looking one too; the figure's standing in a position like she's about to jump out.
  117. [17:17:16] * Jazz quickly eyes the ship, trying to spot any identifying marks. "Yeah! Are you the one who attacked the station?! You'd better not move, or i'll fill you with holes!"
  118. [17:18:47] <~Giantree> "A fight... all right, we can fight," the figure muses.  Upon a closer glance it's definitely A pirate vessel, though it's hard to tell whether it's specifically the Skipjack or not from the side.
  119. [17:19:11] <~Giantree> "My work's finished, I haven't played in a while."
  120. [17:19:39] <~Giantree> The disc retracts, and a plasma knife pops out underneath the cloak.
  121. [17:22:12] <~Giantree> In any case Jazz has the first move, BUT!  The room will probably only last about three rounds at most if you decide to fight.
  122. [17:22:28] * Jazz grins. "Heh! You don't know who you're dealing with, do you? A pirate is no match for me!" Jazz says, before unleashing a charged shot strait at the pirate!
  123. [17:22:46] <~Giantree> The MYSTERIOUS WOMAN smiles a big smile on her shadowed face.
  124. [17:23:41] <Jazz> 2d6+6
  125. [17:23:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=3,2]
  126. [17:24:11] <~Giantree> That hits!  Damage is (weapon tier x stat) + 3,2 in this case.
  127. [17:25:49] <~Giantree> The figure takes the shot to the face and dashes up with the plasma knife!  Pretty sloppily, at that.
  128. [17:25:50] <~Giantree> 2d6+3
  129. [17:25:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=3,2]
  130. [17:26:19] <~Giantree> 47 ARM!
  131. [17:27:35] <~Giantree> And PLAYER TURNS again
  132. [17:28:13] <~Giantree> "That's true, you're not bad.  But I'm running out of time.. so are you, by the way."
  133. [17:30:09] <Jazz> "I've ALWAYS got time to dispense justice!" Jazz shouts, the diverted power finally reaching his armor to boost his defensive capabilities. He takes aim and launches a normal attack!
  134. [17:30:14] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  135. [17:30:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 17 [2d6=6,6]
  136. [17:30:17] <~Giantree> CRIT
  137. [17:30:31] <~Giantree> Final damage is doubled!
  138. [17:31:00] <~Giantree> So that's... 144?  Ow.
  139. [17:32:08] <~Giantree> There's a spark as the figure takes the blow hard and steps back!  She turns around to use her body to protect the disc she took, but a hole blown in the back of the cloak doesn't look pretty.
  140. [17:32:29] <Jazz> "Don't underestimate me OR my conviction!"
  141. [17:33:03] <~Giantree> ".. Just a little more."  She scoffs and withdraws the knife, kicking Prot- I mean Jazz from underneath the cloak instead.
  142. [17:33:06] <~Giantree> 2d6+3 boom
  143. [17:33:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, boom: 13 [2d6=6,4]
  144. [17:33:34] <Jazz> "Wherever you pirates go, whoever you attack, no matter when, I'll be there to hunt you dow-" he shouts, suddenly interrupted by a kick to the chest.
  145. [17:33:41] <~Giantree> 68 before ARM.
  146. [17:34:29] <~Giantree> "That's a neat way to put it."  The figure pulls back.  "But we do what we want.  You can't stop us with just that."
  147. [17:37:43] <~Giantree> The ship in the background pulls a bit closer, bits of computers and other objects in the room getting pulled out into space.
  148. [17:38:42] <~Giantree> and player turn ofc
  149. [17:40:30] <Jazz> "But you can't stop me from trying!" Jazz shouts, his teeth clenched. "So let's try this!" he adds, leveling out his arm cannon, his other hand on top of it to help keep his aim! With a low hum that gets increasingly louder, the barrel of the cannon jumps forward, growing larger! "OMEGA!" he shouts as a trio of stabilizer fins suddenly burst out of his arm-cannon! "JUSTICE!" he continues,
  150. [17:40:31] <Jazz> as the glow from the growing energy charge grows brighter! Then, aiming dead-on, he shouts even louder!: 4"CANNON!!!!!!!"
  151. [17:40:36] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  152. [17:40:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  153. [17:40:48] <~Giantree> "Ngh!"
  154. [17:40:56] <~Giantree> That hits for SURE.
  155. [17:41:28] <Jazz> (70 damage, goes through armor and does fire damage! Also if there is anything behind her, it gets hit too)
  156. [17:41:36] <~Giantree> LIKE THE SHIP?
  157. [17:41:44] <Jazz> (Armor and Magical armor, btw. And yes, that is what I meant)
  158. [17:41:54] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Nice job)
  159. [17:42:24] <Jazz> (Well, depends on which ship. I'm hoping it hits the pirate one, not the one we're in ;_;)
  160. [17:42:29] <~Giantree> The cannon BLOWS SHIT UP and not only damages the now-obvious robot in combat, but also shoots through space and blows a hole in the ship behind!
  161. [17:42:37] <~Giantree> (Of course it's the pirate ship, you're in a space station)
  162. [17:43:14] <~Giantree> "Ughh.  You're better than I thought, after all," the figure stumbles up.  And the ship in the background shakes a bit.
  163. [17:44:17] <Jazz> "Hah! If you think you can get away with your crimes from now on, you'll have to tell your Captain to bring more men next time!" Jazz shouts, his smile almost as bright as the massive energy beam he just fired!
  164. [17:44:36] <~Giantree> "I hope you don't mind staying in one piece for a while.  Don't forget the name 'Distortion,' will you, Justice Hero?"  She stumbles back toward the edge more.
  165. [17:45:07] <~Giantree> 2d6+3 And leaps off~
  166. [17:45:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, And leaps off~: 10 [2d6=1,6]
  167. [17:45:48] <~Giantree> Doing an average escape job, the cloak soars as the figure jumps back toward the ship and rides the vacuum like some freaky robot... oh wait, she definitely IS a freaky robot.
  168. [17:46:21] <Jazz> "I'll remember you, because you aren't getting away twice! Just remember my name: Jazz! Because you'll be hearing from me again, you scum!" he shouts at the quickly retreating robot!
  169. [17:46:36] <~Giantree> The cloak flies off far into the jump and all that can be seen is a speck of silver retreating into the ship.
  170. [17:47:10] <~Giantree> The alarms inside the station keep blasting!  The ship begins to fly off, though it can still be seen in the distance, and there's hardly any time according to the F-unit's warning.
  171. [17:47:38] * Jazz quickly turns around, looking around the control room for some sort of radio or intercomm!
  172. [17:48:24] <~Giantree> Most of the room's long-gone by now, since they BLEW A HOLE IN THE SIDE OF THE SPACE STATION TO GET IN, but there's still some in the corner that may be usable.
  173. [17:50:22] * Jazz activates the intercomm and begins to speak! "Everyone! Head to the Emergency Pod bay, there isn't much time! There should be at least 2 pods left, so head there now! If you can't get there, send a signal back to the control room, and i'll do my best to find you!"
  174. [17:51:24] <~Giantree> After a bit of time... no signals.  But your voice did indeed travel louder than the sirens, if anyone were inside it'd be impossible not to hear.
  175. [17:52:04] <Jazz> "Okay! I'm heading to the escape bay! If there's anyone still aboard, meet me there!"
  176. [17:52:20] * Jazz finally tries to escape the destroyed room, heading back to the pod-bay!
  177. [17:52:47] <~Giantree> Upon getting out... the doors on the other side look like they've been blasted through too!
  178. [17:53:05] <~Giantree> But making your way back to the pod-bay is still easy enough, there's only about a minute left!  Still going?
  179. [17:54:27] * Jazz furrows his brow in wonder...But if there's anyone still on the station, they'll be in the escape area, and might need his help! He hurries!
  180. [17:54:40] <~Giantree> So to the pods?
  181. [17:54:52] <Jazz> To the pods!
  182. [17:54:56] <~Giantree> To the pods!
  183. [17:55:19] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Pods the to!
  184. [17:55:25] <~Giantree> When you get there, the station is shaking VIOLENTLY and crumbling behind!  One of the pods there is taking off...
  185. [17:55:36] <~Giantree> Pew, it's already gone.
  186. [17:56:03] <~Giantree> There's something on the ground that looks like it was burned in, and one pod left!
  187. [17:56:17] <~Giantree> Giiiiive me awareness if you want to try to glance at it in this TENSE SITUATION.
  188. [17:56:24] <Jazz> 2d6+4
  189. [17:56:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+4: 14 [2d6=5,5]
  190. [17:56:35] <~Giantree> oh that's good
  191. [17:57:06] <~Giantree> It looks like it was... shot into the ground with some kind of laser.  It says "GREAT JOB" and some really goofy looking smiley face underneath.
  192. [17:57:28] <~Giantree> There's probably not a whole lot of people that message could be intended for at this point!
  193. [17:59:50] * Jazz grins as he climbs into the last escape pod, intent on taking off before the station destroys itself or something!
  194. [18:00:45] <~Giantree> AND IT'S SO!  The pod closes and begins to take off in a very cliché sci-fi scene wherein the station's explosion can be seen out the pod's window.
  195. [18:01:18] <~Giantree> But at the very least, everybody inside was almost definitely saved.
  196. [18:01:29] <~Giantree> It's a long trip through space.  So long that opening credits play.
  197. [18:02:38] <Kain> (Cha laaaa head cha laaa)
  198. [18:02:44] <~Giantree> (^)
  199. [18:03:19] <~Giantree> The pod seems designed for humans mostly, it even has food in it.  It's multiple days of travel before anything happens at all.
  200. [18:03:55] <~Giantree> Anything as in... BOOM.
  201. [18:04:42] <~Giantree> It stops all of sudden, with a loud crash.
  202. [18:05:23] <~Giantree> There are voices outside conversing among each other, lots of groaning.  "Really?  ANOTHER one?"
  203. [18:05:46] <~Giantree> "Well, you know how it goes- oh hey, this is probably that one, huh?"
  204. [18:06:31] <~Giantree> "I sent a comm in, he can come pick them up.  Probably just another survivor like the last bunch."
  205. [18:06:46] <~Giantree> "No no, this is the LAST one, see?  It was... something like this... over here..."
  206. [18:06:51] <~Giantree> The hatch slowly opens.
  207. [18:08:27] <~Giantree> After three boring days you see a large, spacious room, much like the dock of that station that blew up- only, much bigger, with luxurious-looking ships lining it.  And two arguing men dressed like crew messing with the pod you're in.
  208. [18:10:47] * Jazz yawns, more for show than for any biological reason to. The shuttle is messy with food wrappers, after Jazz finished off all the food inside it out of boredom. Once the hatch is open, he quickly steps out, eager to stretch his legs.
  209. [18:12:55] <~Giantree> "Whoa!"  "See, I told you!  Why would the last one just have one guy in it?"
  210. [18:13:43] * Jazz takes off his helmet and stratches his head, checking the two people out. "...What's up?"
  211. [18:13:49] <~Giantree> A loud whistle rings out and a scraggly-looking man in black walks out, scowling.  "Hey you two, is your goddamned job to bicker or what?"
  212. [18:14:08] <~Giantree> The two look up and start to wave before the whistle makes them scream and run off.
  213. [18:14:51] <~Giantree> "Sorry 'bout that."  Scruffy walks up instead, holding a bottle of space-booze just to complete his all-too-typical look, messy black hair and all.
  214. [18:15:42] <Jazz> "Er...No problem. Who're you? Where'd my pod end up?"
  215. [18:16:38] <~Giantree> He looks at his hand and even stares in contemplation before wiping it on the side of his clothes and extending it.  "Ha!  Who'm I?  Name's Jasper, looks like you got yourself lucky enough to crash-land on board the Exceliaire.  Nifty, ain't she?"
  216. [18:17:21] <~Giantree> "Guess you're one of the survivors from that station that blew up?  Someone told me y- ... oh yeah, I was told not to tell you that, wasn't I?"
  217. [18:17:23] <~Giantree> "Whoops."
  218. [18:17:41] <~Giantree> "Well, it'll just be between us then, eh?  Mr...."
  219. [18:19:50] <~Giantree> As he extends the hand to shake, it's kind of clear he's looking at you in a way that may only be eerie because he has a third eye on his forehead.
  220. [18:20:38] * Jazz smiles innocently and shakes Jasper's hand. "You can call me Jazz. Everybody does. It does seem like a nice ship, though! It has the distinction of not being attacked by pirates at the moment!"
  221. [18:21:51] <~Giantree> "AhahaHAHA!  PIRATES?  Sounds like you got one heck of a story to tell if that's the first thing you jump to."  He pulls the hand back and takes a swig, rubbing his head.
  222. [18:22:25] <Jazz> "Well, you know. That's why the Station had to be evacuated, and all."
  223. [18:23:37] <~Giantree> "Well then, Jazz, welcome aboard.  We sure don't like saying 'no' to people 'round here.  And those Seekers are always looking for new recruits or something, pretty shorthanded since they just got founded and all."  He nods. "Don't expect pirates to attack here, though.  All we got's a buncha mercs, they don't bother."
  224. [18:24:41] <~Giantree> "And what'd they steal anyway?"  Jasper turns the other way and walks toward a door, laughing.  "My drinks?  That freeloader's creepy jewel?  The captain's heart... okay, there's probably some freak out there after that last one."
  225. [18:29:21] <Jazz> "Huh..." Jazz says, not really following Jasper's line of thought. He does follow him out of the room, though! Expecially considering that Jazz doesn't know his way around the station. "So...did any of the other escpae pods show up here?"
  226. [18:30:51] <~Giantree> "Yeah!  One of the escapees said you'd be the last one," he winks, "that's still our secret though since I wasn't supposed to let it slip.  And those Seeker guys got a new receptionist out of the deal since they got to fix some android up."  He takes another swig.
  227. [18:31:10] <~Giantree> "Oh yeah!  I guess most don't know about them, huh?  Sorry 'bout that."
  228. [18:31:57] <Jazz> "Oh! The Android was okay? That's good. She was...missing part of her head, so I was worried."
  229. [18:33:48] <~Giantree> "Hmm?  Yeah, that sounds like the one alright."  Jasper continues to stumble out of the room, still upright for the most part and only slurring his words a little bit, like it's a regular thing.  "Seemed to have really strict programming but our mechanics fixed her up good.  Really cheery one.  Think she's already got a nickname too!"
  230. [18:34:17] <Jazz> "That's great. Were the other three in that pod okay?"
  231. [18:35:24] <~Giantree> You two leave the dock and enter another room past a long corridor moving either direction, with a desk and a large round circle in it.  Well, transporters are actually pretty common, but this one looks like a high-tech one.  "Just three?  Hmm... yeah, there was one really bad injury but I think they made it out okay.  Med bay said it was a miracle."
  232. [18:35:33] <~Giantree> He shrugs.  "All in a day's work I guess."
  233. [18:36:49] <~Giantree> The scraggly man makes his way behind the desk and brings up a holoscreen, typing in a few keys.  "So, Jazz, wanna go meet that cutie android again?  I got the reception desk's coordinates in... shame they'd put her to work so soon after repair but she doesn't mind it."
  234. [18:37:36] <Jazz> "Sure, I might as well start there." Jazz nods.
  235. [18:38:07] <~Giantree> "Got it.  Who knows, maybe you'd be interested in those Seeker fellows?  Say hi to 'er for me."
  236. [18:38:19] <~Giantree> Taptap.  Tap.  Blip.  "Alright, stand in that circle..."
  237. [18:40:23] <Jazz> "Sure. Thanks a lot, Jasper. Have a nice one, okay?" he says, stepping into the circle.
  238. [18:40:42] <~Giantree> He grind and takes a swig- VWOP
  239. [18:40:44] <~Giantree> ... O
  240. [18:40:48] <~Giantree> let's try that again
  241. [18:40:49] <~Giantree> VWOOP
  242. [18:41:14] <~Giantree> (Still okay to keep going a bit?)
  243. [18:42:36] <Jazz> (Definately)
  244. [18:43:03] <~Giantree> (Just checkin'!)
  245. [18:43:52] <~Giantree> UNVWOOP.  Through MIRACLES OF SCIENCE you find yourself in a cute little room with circular tables and just-as-circular chairs everywhere, like a lounge.  It seems mostly empty except for the humming coming from, well, that's clearly a desk.
  246. [18:44:06] <~Giantree> And that's clearly a familiar person behind it, with a fully-intact cranium now.
  247. [18:46:38] * Jazz smiles and walks over towards the Android, glad that she was able to be repaired!
  248. [18:46:57] <~Giantree> "4Mhm... This over here... that over there... oh, a customer!"
  249. [18:47:04] <~Giantree> "4...."
  250. [18:47:30] <~Giantree> Both eyes intact now, they expaaaaaaaaaaand as she looks up at your face, then contract.  This sure isn't a callback to Giantree GMing at all.
  251. [18:47:35] <~Giantree> "4Hi!"
  252. [18:49:36] <Jazz> "Er...Hey. How are you doing?"
  253. [18:50:15] <~Giantree> "4How are... let's see, accessing memory databanks.... corruptcorruptcorruptcorruptcorruptOH!"  The android lets out a SHRIEK that almost vibrates the whole desk.
  254. [18:50:38] <~Giantree> "4Match confirmed!  You're the one from the other day, aren't you?  For real?"
  255. [18:51:53] * Jazz nods a few times, "Yeah, that's me. I'm glad you remembered."
  256. [18:52:44] <~Giantree> "4Omigosh I can have your autograph right?  If you sign right here on my... OH CRAP I forgot holopens!"  She dives under the desk frantically.
  257. [18:53:54] <~Giantree> After a long bout of 4aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa F-2436 pops back up with a peppy smile like nothing happened.
  258. [18:54:51] <~Giantree> "4Nevermind that!  I just wanted to say thanks a lot for not letting me blow up and taking me somewhere where I could get better programming and giving me jobs to do and you look nice and -INTERNAL DATABASE ERROR- and I really wanted to thank you a while ago so..."
  259. [18:55:53] <Jazz> "E-Er...It's no problem, you don't really have to thank me..." Jazz says, a hint of embarassment tinging his voice from the overwhelming wave of praise and thanks from F-2436
  260. [18:58:08] <~Giantree> "4Oh, okay!  Running operations... thanks erased!  Ahem."  The receptionist sits down with a smile and a bunch of holomenus start popping up.  "4Nice to meet you!  I'm Françoise, formerly known as F-2436, and this is the Seekers' Guild!  Home of the.... ooh, there's that database error again."
  261. [19:00:41] <Jazz> "Oh, so you've got a name now, huh? It's nice to meet you, Françoise. I'm Jazz...I didn't really mean for you to erase your thanks, but...O-Oh well!" Jazz says, shrugging.
  262. [19:01:37] <~Giantree> "4Well anyway!  Enrich your something something something, help the needy, and learn all the secrets of the Galaxy!  That's the Seekers' Guild, pursuing truth to the far reaches of the universe!"  She makes a pose and then stares at the ceiling, blinking a few times, before returning to a normal gaze.  "4... Ooh, I'm still new to that greeting, I hope I didn't mess it up."
  263. [19:03:01] <~Giantree> "4'Jazz' registered.... thanks data recovered, stored in external memory.  There!  Now I'll thank you when I need to again, is that okay?"
  264. [19:04:59] <Jazz> "Sure...Anyway, so...This is the base of the Seekers' Guild, then? They certainly sound...admirable."
  265. [19:06:42] <~Giantree> "4Of course they are!  Founded within the past year, they undertake missions the Pan-guh-lak-tic Federation can't legally do so they make sure to ensure peace all around the galaxy!  They exterminate monsters, help underdeveloped planets develop, and explore the unexplored!  Isn't it SUPER romantic?"
  266. [19:06:47] <~Giantree> Her eyes are LITERALLY SHINING
  267. [19:08:12] <Jazz> "Huh...That does sound pretty cool. I mean, I mostly focus on hunting pirates, myself..."
  268. [19:10:10] <~Giantree> "4Pirates pirates pirates..."  The droid's eyes focus downward to the desk and she goes straight to work, opening folders and files at lightspeed.  "4Omicron sector... multiple reported incidents in Theta.... Eta Mu Nu... Sabotaging events in Lambda... ooh, there really ARE a lot of missions involving pirates, aren't there?  Usually everyone just wants to fight space monsters!"
  269. [19:12:13] <Jazz> "Huh...Well, maybe I should get some of those coordinates before I head out from the station...Oh, by the way. Do you think you could show me where the rest of the survivors are, Fran...Franç...Er, you wouldn't happen to have a nickname or something I could call you, do you?"
  270. [19:13:48] <~Giantree> "4Oh, that IS my nickname!  Nobody wants to remember Eff Two Four Three Six, so they call me Françoise!  The 'F' stands for Francesca, my model type... oh but!"
  271. [19:14:45] <~Giantree> "4You can always sign up to join the Seekers, Mr. Jazz!  It's free and there aren't any legal procedures since we're a neutral organization, and the rewards are almost always supplied by the client so there's no hassle... Let's see, bringing up mapping functions..."
  272. [19:16:06] <~Giantree> A big map on the desk pops up, displaying just how gargantuan the ship really is.  There's a lengthy hallway from a door in the lobby leading up a flight of stairs, some good walk along, leading to an empty room with its number proudly displayed.  There are a bunch of lit-up dots in there.
  273. [19:16:59] <~Giantree> "4This is the current locations of Remote Station #112's former residents.  Oh!"  Before forgetting she taps a key and her own dot lights up on the map as well.
  274. [19:17:01] <~Giantree> Smiiiiiiiiiiiiiile.
  275. [19:20:28] <Jazz> "Oh...Well, i'll go say hello to them. After that, I might try at least talking to someone in the guild, it's kind of interesting..." Jazz says, scratching the back of his neck. "H-Heh...By the way, you're kind of cute now that there isn't a hole in your head..."
  276. [19:22:43] <~Giantree> "4Being 'cute' is part of my job description!  ... See?"  She opens a holofile displaying literal orders for how to proceed about working the receptionist job, listed in bullet points; at the bottom is actually 'Be cute.'
  277. [19:23:26] <~Giantree> "4But the Guild is always ready to answer your questions!  I'll see you soon, Mr. Jazz!"
  278. [19:23:40] <~Giantree> The map data can totally be downloaded if you so choose because robots can so do that.
  279. [19:24:27] <Inu888> (Tree calls us kawaii donkeys because he's always staring at our asses.)
  280. [19:24:38] <~Giantree> (old)
  281. [19:24:39] * Jazz goes ahead and downloads the map, before waving to Françoise and heading to check on the other survivors.
  282. [19:25:09] <Inu888> (This game is actually a dating sim. With Tree as the main character.)
  283. [19:26:07] <~Giantree> It's a long walk going by the map.  Somewhere along the way a 1,1half-fae catboy runs down the hall in the opposite direction and turns around to wave, falls on his face, and then scrambles off.  Judging by the apparent civilians walking by with neutral expressions this is a totally normal thing.
  284. [19:26:12] <~Giantree> But eventually you get there!
  285. [19:29:05] <~Giantree> Inside is a large room with multiple beds, apparently used for situations just like this one.  As you approach the door some girl with orange hair in a decent-length ponytail walks out, stepping out of the way.
  286. [19:29:10] <~Giantree> "Oh, er, sorry!"
  287. [19:29:23] <~Giantree> And runs off the other direction.
  288. [19:30:12] <Jazz> "Uh...Whatever." Jazz mutters, confused. After shrugging, she steps into the room.
  289. [19:30:16] <~Giantree> INSIDE the room are the kids from earlier leaning over a bed with their sleeping mother in it, and some other people you've never seen before.  A few of them are injured, and most are children.
  290. [19:32:47] <Jazz> "...Hey. How are you all doing?" Jazz asks, still standing near the door.
  291. [19:33:23] <~Giantree> "Ah!  Hey, you're the one who helped us, r-" BAP.  "Don't be rude to him, he's a JUSTICE HERO!"
  292. [19:34:08] <~Giantree> The other survivors on the other side of the room approach to see what's going on too, giggling like they were just told a bunch of stories.
  293. [19:36:23] <Jazz> "Yeah, that's me. I just arrived, so I thought i'd check up on everyone."
  294. [19:36:32] <~Giantree> "Oh, so you were the one!"  "Hehe, he actually is kinda handsome, huh?"  The new group approaches and then start talking among themselves.
  295. [19:37:12] <~Giantree> Finally the mother in the bed coughs and sits up.  "Oh... the one who helped us made it too?  Thank goodness."
  296. [19:39:01] <~Giantree> "These two wouldn't stop prattling about what you did," she chuckles a bit, before bursting into a couging fit.  "They said you're one of those... Seekers, was it?  Is that true?"
  297. [19:39:33] <Jazz> ", i'm not. I just heard about them today. I'm thinking about looking into it, though."
  298. [19:40:13] <~Giantree> The two kids let out a big "AAAAAAWWW."
  299. [19:40:59] <~Giantree> One of the girls on the other side grins, "I win!  You owe me a candy bar!"
  300. [19:41:48] <~Giantree> Mother: "I see... well, I'm grateful for what you did.  It still hurts a bit but they told me I'll be able to move again in a few days."
  301. [19:42:05] <~Giantree> "I can't believe there was actually a pirate attack there, of all things..."
  302. [19:42:42] <Jazz> "Yeah, it's a shame. Attacking defenseless's disgusting...But, if nothing else, i'm glad you're all okay."
  303. [19:43:42] <~Giantree> She nods.  "They told us it'd be safe here.  Maybe we could start a new life... I heard it's not particularly expensive either."
  304. [19:45:13] <~Giantree> "Now, you two?"  They both burst into "Thanks a lot, Mr. Justice Hero!" in unison.
  305. [19:45:46] * Jazz nods. "Well, I just wanted to check on you all, so i'll probably head out to explore the rest of place...Oh, by the way, my name's Jazz. If you need anything, just let me know, okay?"
  306. [19:46:39] <~Giantree> "See?  That's a WAY better name for a justice hero than anything you could come up with!"  "Nuh-uh, I bet you couldn't do better either!"
  307. [19:46:43] <~Giantree> The mother just nods.
  308. [19:48:57] * Jazz grins and waves dramatically to the kids. "I'll see you later!" he says in a cinematic tone, before heading out.
  309. [19:49:57] <~Giantree> They all take their time giving a huge wave as the door closes on the other side, leaving a huge ship with huge hallways to traverse through.  The mysterious stranger from earlier is totally gone, too!
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