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  1. Worm Jump
  2. By SomeFaggit and Worm_Anon
  3. Special thanks to everyone in the IRC who helped.
  5. You are headed to a little place called Earth Bet. Here some people are parahumans, who trigger in a moment of extreme distress and get superpowers. Unlike most superhero settings the logical thing happened when a ton of people who aren't exactly psychologically sound got crazy powers, and things are pretty bad. Every criminal, terrorist, or in general not very nice group of people now has members who can commit mass murder casually, with badly outnumbered heroes trying to make a difference. Oh, and every few months one of these Endbringers attacks somewhere, on a good day only destroying half a city and killing a quarter of the parahumans who rallied to fight them off. On a bad day.....well, Kyushu and Newfoundland were both sunk into the ocean, entire cities are quarantined to try and stop the influence of an evil telepathic future seeing angel, and in general they're killing the world by inches. Not to mention that there is a conspiracy or two at work.
  7. The PRT and Protectorate are a government organization that manages and trains heroes who join, and they have a program called the Wards that does the same with parahuman minors. They only cover North America, but they also handle and coordinate international response to Endbringer attacks and certain other S-Class threats. There is a headquarters in every major city, with a lineup of capes to help deal with local villains. Cities generally have their underworld split between various criminal factions.
  9. You're going to start on January 1st, 2011, and you'll spend ten years here. Here's 1000cp to help you survive.
  11. Location: Roll 1d8, or pay 50cp to choose.
  13. 1. Brockton Bay: A city with the single largest amount of parahuman conflict in North America. This is the home of Taylor and the place where most of canon happens. Assuming you don't somehow avert it you can expect a conga line of disasters and battles that's going to leave this place all but uninhabitable.
  15. 2. New York: Sections of this city still show damage from an attack by Behemoth, but it's relatively thriving. Tons of parahumans can be found here, on any side imaginable. The local Protectorate branch is the largest, and is headed by Legend himself. Large and varied criminal underworld.
  17. 3. Las Vegas: Unlike other cities, the cape conflict here is much more subtle, with capes having a sort of tradition of using their more subtle secondary aspects of their powers as their deadliest weapons. Cloak and dagger, espionage, intrigue, and the like. The local Protectorate branch is headed by Alexandria and specializes in dealing with S-Class threats too dangerous to make public, and similar issues.
  19. 4. Europe: Europe has more then it's fair share of parahumans and cape conflicts. Most notable is the Three Blasphemies, an S-Class threat that roams around targeting towns and cities. The Protectorate doesn't cover Europe, instead being populated with a variety of cape organizations throughout the various countries. You can start anywhere in Europe you like.
  21. 5. Africa: A continent split up among countless parahuman warlords. You can choose any location in Africa, but no matter what you're likely to get into some trouble. Then again depending on your origin you might be one of the aforementioned warlords. Southern Africa is more stable and civilized then the rest, much like in our world.
  23. 6. China: You start out in China. The ruling family here forcibly drafts parahumans and brainwashes them into the Yangban, a military force who has fractions of their power spread among the entire organization. You might want to get out of here before you catch their attention and wind up in a prison camp for "reeducation".
  25. 7. India: You begin in India. The cape scene here is relatively unique, with capes being divided between “Hot” capes who dress in costumes and do your standard hero or villain thing, and “Cold” capes, who are more like secret organizations who are constantly operating in a clandestine war against each other. The Thanda are based here, and they are not someone to be trifled with.
  27. 8. Free Choice: Lucky you, choose any location on Earth Bet to being your adventure in.
  30. Roll 2d8 + 14 for your age, and gender remains the same. For 50cp you can choose both.
  32. Origins
  33. Choose your origin below. Badass normals like Batman who are capes without powers that exist in other universes aren't really a thing here, so if you don't get a power you're either an exception to the rule, or are in a position that is similar. PRT agents or detectives for heroes, mercenaries or criminals for villains, businessmen for Rogues, something that fits your origin while not necessarily being a cape. Of course there is nothing stopping you from being one anyway and relying on your skills and powers from other worlds. You can freely choose to be a part of an existing group or faction as long as it fits your origin. Naturally Drop-In’s do not have this option.
  35. Drop In: You arrive on Earth Bet with the clothes on your back, your purchased perks, powers, and items, but little else. You have no memories of this world that you could use to orient yourself, but you also don't have a crappy past filled with violence, danger, and disaster. Your future on the other hand...
  37. Hero (100cp): After triggering you decided to use your powers for the betterment of mankind. You can choose to be a part of the Protectorate or Wards if you wish, or remain independent. Going solo means you don't have regulations, superiors, or a PR department to answer to, but it also means you don't have the resources, backup, and training they provide either. Your level of experience will vary with your age, whether you're a seasoned hero who’s walked the streets for years or a teenager who’s just taken to the job is up to you. No matter what you have a familiarity with your locale, the local capes, and enough experience that you at least know what you're doing. Fight the good fight, and hope you can make a difference.
  39. Villian (100cp): The world is full of people who either hurt you, or stood by and let it happen, and the so called heroes are either government stooges or self righteous hypocrites who never put their money where their mouth is. You've learned that strength, power, and at times calculated cruelty are what it takes to survive in this world. You could be out for yourself, an unwilling criminal, or a hero who decided that this was the only way to change things. Either way you're on the wrong side of the law and the dangerous side of the street. You're living a very dangerous life, but then again who isn't these days.
  41. Rogue (100cp): Yeah, triggering was bad, and you might not exactly be a paragon of mental well being, but you're sane enough to realize that dressing up in a costume and fighting for your life in some godforsaken alley is the dumbest thing you could do with your powers. You're out to use you abilities to make your life easier, and that means making money, lots of it. You've already come a decent ways, having found or built a business that lets you use your abilities to bring in a nice flow of cash that makes sure you're living comfortably. So far you've avoided getting dragged into the life or death conflicts that populate the streets, but there are some things that nobody can avoid.
  43. Perks
  44. Outside Context Problem (Free): For the duration of your stay here you'll have a selective immunity to the powers of a few rather nasty plot device level opponents that by all rights would probably want to kill you right out of the gate. Contessa, Ziz, and Zion's precog doesn't seem to be able to pick you up, instead returning a zero-sum error whenever they try to force the issue. They won't notice this until you garner enough attention for them to try, and then they might take further measures to see what the problem is, but at the moment you'll be safe from being instantly killed due to the threat you pose to their plans.
  46. Munchkin (100cp, Discount Drop-In): You’re pretty good at making the most out of what you have, even things which on their surface don’t seem all that useful. No matter what your resources or abilities are you can find a way to make use of them, and find it easy enough to compensate for your weaknesses and downsides. You have excellent creativity for find new and better ways to use assets, needing only to put in the effort to figure it out.
  48. Well-Adjusted (100cp, Discount Drop-In): You have the incredibly broken superpower of...honestly just being a well-adjusted person. Your personal issues are much easier to work through then they would be for anyone else, and even if you don’t have any help you’ll be able to get through them in time. This might take quite awhile if it’s bad, but you’ll make it out eventually. You’re also really good at helping others through their issues, and it’ll stick more often than naught, as long as you can get through to them that is.
  50. What I Fight For (100cp, Free Hero): Maybe it’s your ideals, maybe its ambition, or maybe its just a rock solid certainty in how you see the world. Whatever it is it acts as a foundation and center for your sense of self, and a well spring of drive and motivation. You will never be left drifting without a sense of purpose, and though you might change your goals and refine your ideals, you always have the motivation to fuel turning them into a reality. This will greatly bolster your sense of self in the face of adversity, and you’ll be able to plant your feet when everyone else is giving up.
  52. No Such Thing as Collateral (100cp, Free Hero): You always know infallibly what you need to do to minimize the amount of collateral damage, both in lives, and in destruction of property. In addition you just cause less than by all rights you should, even if you're throwing around immensely destructive powers you'll only seem to do superficial damage unless you're specifically aiming to do otherwise.
  54. Tooth and Nail (100cp, Free Villain): You thrive when things are at their worst. The worse the circumstances and situation, the better you are at pretty much everything. Your instincts are infallible when it comes getting yourself and others out of something alive, and the more of a disadvantage you're at the quicker, cleverer, and more skilled you are. Being trapped in a dead end with no escape, almost dead from blood loss, exhausted, alone, and with the entirety of an enemy's forces bearing down on you just means you're at your most dangerous. This doesn’t make you invincible; you just thrive under pressure when other people break.
  56. Grit Your Teeth (100cp, Free Villain): Pain is nothing more than a sensation, and it certainly can't stop you from continuing a fight. Regardless of the severity of your injuries the pain will never in any way impede your actions. Even if you've been cut in half you'll be able to calmly take the appropriate actions to ensure you have the most likely chance to survive, even if you should otherwise be freaking the hell out. You're still aware of the pain and injuries; it just doesn't seem to affect you beyond alerting you to the problem.
  58. Opportunist (100cp, Free Rogue): You are a bloodhound when it comes to sniffing out and seizing opportunities. Whether it’s in business or on the streets you can feel when your chance is coming up from a mile away. From blind spots, coincidences, fleeting vulnerabilities, that one in a million shot to turn the whole fiasco around, you’ll be able to spot it when it shows itself. That being said, you have no extra capability to act on these chances, you’re just aware of them.
  60. Leave Me Alone (100cp, Free Rogue): Whether it's being hassled by officials or gangs wanting to recruit you, people no longer go out of their way to trouble you, beyond the needs of their day to day business. Gangs wouldn’t mug you or try to forcibly recruit you, but if they were ordered by their boss to fuck with you then you’d be in trouble. As long as they don’t have a pressing and serious reason to do so, people won’t harass or trouble you.
  62. New to the Crew (300cp, Discounted Drop-In): Whenever you wish to join or ingratiate yourself with a particular social group, faction, or individual, fate seems to smooth things over to allow you to do so. You'll run into just the right people to get brought into the fold, make just the right impression, and move through your social surroundings like it was simply the most natural thing in the world. You need to have some idea about the group or individual, and getting involved with the more secretive and isolationist groups is still going to be difficult, but you’ll at least get a fair shot at doing so.
  64. Blending In (300cp, Discounted Drop-In): As long as you don't do something to attract attention to yourself, you won't ever look out of place in your surroundings. Gang members won't attack you because you look like an outsider, security will not bother you until something attracts their attention to you not belonging there, and in general beyond mistakes on your part you don't have to worry about attracting unwanted attention. Excellent for not being pegged as an outsider and therefore a target on unfamiliar city streets, and even better for blending in during more covert operations.
  66. You Are Not Alone (300cp, Discounted Hero): The people around you will find themselves overcoming their issues and damage easier then may otherwise be expected. Your presence just kind of encourages people to grow past their weaknesses and trauma and heal, even if they are only interacting with you occasionally. As an added benefit factors that would hinder attempts to help people psychologically are much less of an impediment. Willpower isn’t very good for resisting you out of stubbornness, acting ability is far less effective at hiding that they are hurting, and bias will not just allow them to flat out ignore you. This will still take effort but you don’t have to worry about them self sabotaging themselves. These effects also extend to you when others are doing the same, great for when your companions need to get something through that incredibly thick Jumper skull of yours.
  68. Public Relations (300cp, Discounted Hero): You possess a mastery of public image and relations management, always knowing exactly how to project the image you want and to keep that image strong. Comporting yourself properly in front of the media and among others, keeping and improving your reputation, and even securing the goodwill and trust of others is all a walk in the park for you. This extends beyond the large-scale however, even in personal interactions you know how to put your best foot forward and keep it there, regardless of what happens. As an additional benefit, the reputation of yourself or an organization that you either head or are a part of cannot take a hit to their reputation and image unless it was something directly related to their actions. Random misfortune and circumstance will never be blamed on you, as long as you didn't cause it.
  70. Meh, I Can Take You (300cp, Discounted Villain): People always fail to properly grasp and respect the threat you pose, whenever doing so would be to your benefit. You can still garner a reputation, have your name talked about in fear, so on and so forth, but even when you're face to face with an enemy they make the same mistake time and time again. You can expect to be overlooked until it’s too late, fatally underestimated at the worst (for them) times possible, and in general not learn their lesson as well as they should. Individuals will catch on over time, but anybody who hasn’t tangoed with you personally is going to make this mistake. Even if said individual warned them about you, they’re liable to not pay as much attention as they should have.
  72. Welcome to the Underside (300cp, Discounted Villain): Fate tends to lead useful people your way, and to enable securing their services, or at least their cooperation. These people tend to be the kind that would be very difficult to acquire otherwise, such as people with powers or gifted individuals within their field. These are not necessarily the best of the best, but fate separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to personal, giving you a workforce of talented experts. Those with extraordinary abilities such as powers will be more common than by all rights they should be, if not exactly plentiful.
  74. Nothing Personal, Just Business (300cp, Discounted Rogue): You are effectively immune to being the target of grudges and vendettas barring some truly extraordinary measures on your part. Unless you cross a very serious line like attacking somebodies family any conflict or opposition between you is considered nothing more than business as usual, with no hard feelings. Attempts to retaliate might still happen as a matter of due course, but these will never be motivated by a personal desire for revenge. You are also able to negotiate and talk with even your worst enemy like they were a neutral if friendly party and they'll always consider your terms based on their merits rather than snubbing or ignoring you. Bargains struck are honored to the spirit of the deal, and all of these benefits also extend to when you act as a mediator between two parties, and to people who are directly associated with you.
  76. Always a Market (300cp, Discounted Rogue): No matter how exotic, hard to find, or rarely traded a commodity is, whether it be black market tinker tech, or your own unique powers, you can always find a way to profit from it. That incredibly rare piece of Tinker-Tech won't go unsold just because there isn't a market for it, your powers always have ripe opportunities to be used for business, and people are always willing to deal with you regardless of other circumstances. This also includes finding such commodities, meaning you'll never be at a loss for resources simply because you couldn't locate them. Although hunting down black market nukes is probably a bad idea for several reasons, so shop responsibly.
  78. Spanner in the Works (600cp, Discounted Drop-In): You are the wrench which completely ruins the designs of others. You're completely immune to attempts to predict or plan for your future actions or events involving you rather that be from precognition or simply raw intelligence. You have a preternatural sense for the designs in motion around you, and with a little effort can easily figure out how to unravel or disrupt them. This can range from subverting a villain’s scheme to take over the city and potentially walking away with all of his resources, to fucking up a precog’s Rube Goldberg like plot’s to cause chaos and devastation. This awareness isn’t automatic, but if you think to look for it then you’ll find it.
  80. Perfect Communication Skills (600cp, Discounted Drop-In): Your communication skills are god-like. People around you are all but literally an open book for how easily you understand them, every action and word expressing infinitely more than its base meaning. You know exactly how to best express and communicate even the most complex and nuanced of ideas, letting you talk people into or out of nearly anything physically possible for them. These skills render you immune to misunderstandings or miscommunication unless you've done so on purpose, and your ability to convince and manipulate people is the next best thing to mind control. These skills even work on beings that aren't human. As long as it has the cognitive capability (even if only in theory) to comprehend something, you can not only communicate with and understand it, but manipulate it as well. You are easily the equal of Jack Slash and Dr. Yamada in your ability to influence people.
  82. You Can Be More (600cp, Discounted Hero): Whether or not you actually are, your presence seems to be that of the very ideal of a hero. People around you will never give up as long as you're around, always having hope, and even the darkest heart can be inspired to leave their past behind and become something better. You influence people to become the best they can be in all aspects, growing beyond their issues and weaknesses to keep going. Even if the day was lost, the world was ending, and an invincible foe was bearing down on them, seeing you would fill them with enough hope and courage to charge, let alone stand their ground. This aura of yours also tends to mean that you are always seen in the best possible light. Even if you were a villain people couldn't help but respect you as a person, even if they were fighting you to the death. Your charisma and force of presence are off the charts.
  84. We Stand Together (600cp, Discounted Hero): In anything you are personally involved in, you can ensure effectively perfect cooperation and teamwork among those around you. Even bitter enemies who want nothing more then to see each other dead will stand side by side and work together like they've been doing so all their lives as close comrades. The results of this cooperation tend to be the best physically possible with everyone involved. The effects of this perk will tend to rub off over time if you allow it, encouraging cooperation and discouraging infighting or conflict when there are more serious matters that require everyone to work together.
  86. Parahuman Feudalism (600cp, Discounted Villain): You have the skills of a modern day conqueror. You know how to maneuver and use your assets in all the right ways to win yourself territory, influence, and power, and how to do so completely unseen. Dirty politics, corruption, criminal operations, street warfare, and their more legitimate equivalents are child's play to you. Taking over a city’s underworld, and then the city would be easy enough for you, and with sufficient time and effort there is (in theory) little limit on how far your reach could extend.
  88. Bolstering The Boardwalk (600cp, Discounted Villain): Regardless of how it needs to happen your interests find themselves armored against misfortune and malice like an immense fortress. Attacks against your power at best have an uphill battle against them as misfortune, circumstance, and your own skill blunt their edge to almost nothing, and anything they do gain they will find almost impossible to properly hold. Aside from their resistance to hostile efforts however, your interests find themselves flourishing with a similar amount of good fortune. Stocks will take off, businesses will prove lucrative, territory will find itself improving by the day, and even your subordinates will find they don’t have to worry about bad luck as long as they are loyal to you.
  90. Enlightened Self Interest (600cp, Discounted Rogue): At all times you possess a perfect awareness of how to advance your own interests in ways that benefit others. At the same time the beneficial effects on others of your actions is greatly magnified, particularly on the large scale. Just sponsoring a local neighborhood watch by buying them all new shirts and flashlights would result in a noticeable drop in local crime and increase in public safety, while your employees and business partners find themselves benefiting immensely from association with you, far more then they would working for anybody else. The effects of this perk snowball over time, as these effects build on each other.
  92. Best in the Business (600cp, Discounted Rogue): The greatest advantage you could have is having the best and brightest out there on your side, but sometimes that isn't possible. This perk causes everyone working for you to rapidly gain in skill and capability, reaching the levels of a top tier professional in a week or two, and from then on showing noticeable increases over time within the fields they are operating in. Even scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to human resources isn't a problem, they'll be the equal of anyone else in the business quickly enough, and with sufficient time will make the former best look like amateurs.
  95. Gear
  97. Worm (50cp, Free Drop-In): A tablet computer that contains the entirety of the Web Serial along with an archive of every statement Wildbow has ever made about the setting. Fairly useful if you haven't read the series yourself. Releasing this on the internet could be fun for a laugh or two, maybe even worth it despite the scrutiny and chaos it would cause.
  99. Funds (50cp, Free Rogue): 50,000 dollars either in cash or in an account. Can be purchased multiple times. Rogues start off with 100,000 dollars free.
  101. Costume (50cp, Free all but Drop-In): An extremely well designed cape costume fitted to your preferences, powers, and cape identity. The materials and construction render it extremely resistant to electricity, fire, cuts, stabs, bullets, the weather, and general wear and tear. Best protection you could get barring tinker tech power armor, or Brute abilities. You know how to make more.
  103. Little Black Book (50cp, Free Rogue): A small tablet computer that contains a complete database on capes everywhere, not including secret identities or anything that would be inside information. Contact information for every cape who has some manner of reaching them is in here, and for any other sort of contact that might be useful. All the way from contractors, to lawyers, to PRT officials. Uses the Internet to automatically update this database to stay current.
  105. Weapons (50cp, Free Hero, Villain): One or two basic weapons. Nothing fancy. Handgun or rifle, collapsible baton, taser, blades, etc. Solid and dependable as a mundane weapon can be. Comes with enough of any needed ammo to last you quite awhile. Heroes who are a part of the PRT or Protectorate should keep in mind that lethal weapons are frowned upon, and even independents quickly attract scrutiny at the first hint that they're using lethal methods.
  107. Containment Foam (100cp, Free Hero): A set of not only six containment foam grenades, but also a back mounted sprayer and the solution needed to dissolve the foam. Containment foam rapidly expands to cover whatever its struck, and is strong enough to withstand all but the highest level Brutes. Targets trapped inside can still breath as the foam is air permeable even in its hardened state. You know how to not only make more of the foam mixture and solvent, but also how to build the sprayers and grenades that use it. With a little experimentation you'll be able to figure out how to make other weapons or devices that utilize it.
  109. Lair (100cp, Free Villain): A hideout or base you've set up, either in an abandoned building or somewhere else you have access to and isn't at risk for others just waltzing through. It's got electricity, water, and other basic amenities for if you need to live there. Supplied well enough to last you a few months, and a workshop if such would be appropriate. As secure and secret as you can get without some more significant resources, and perfectly suited as a place to plan and store your ill gotten gains. Large enough to accommodate about ten people. If purchased with Business then you can choose to have a perfect and legitimate front as well.
  111. Business (100cp, Free Rogue): A medium sized if stable and well off business that you own. Starts out turning an okay profit on its own without your input. The business itself synergizes with your abilities allowing you to gain the maximum financial revenue from using any powers you might have. Getting the most out of it will require your personal attention and involvement, otherwise it's basically treading water. You have all the necessary documentation, permits, and forms. Drop-Ins still have these, somehow.
  113. Powered Armor System (300cp, Discount Hero): A suit of power armor. The physical enhancements are enough to give you a mid-tier Brute rating. Choose one of the other eleven power categories to define what other systems it has. Blaster for ranged weapons, mover for flight or teleportation, stranger for stealth systems, etc. These are equal to mid-range abilities of the appropriate type. You can either add additional systems or integrate other items you have for 100cp each. Each morning its completely restored, including any expended resources such as ammo, or appears in your warehouse in pristine condition if it was destroyed or lost.
  115. Corona Stimulants (300cp, Discount Villain): A case containing five small disposable plastic injectors, which when used boost a parahuman’s powers by around fifty percent for several hours. You can only use one every twelve hours, any additional doses resulting in incredibly painful migraines that will leave you effectively helpless for hours. The case replenishes itself every morning. These can potentially boost other powers as well, as long as such powers have some sort of neural/biological basis. Ex: Raildex Esper powers would be viable, your magic would not. Reappears in your warehouse if lost or destroyed.
  117. Tinker-Tech Cache (300cp, Discounted Rogue, Free Tinker): You get a decent sized cache of Tinker-Tech whose nature is up to you. Whether you want a large variety of computing and programming devices, an armory full of futuristic guns and weapons, or maybe just a ton of Tinker tools for your personal use. There is nothing crazy in here, but even basic Tinker tech is far more advanced than anything on modern earth. If you have a Tinker ability, you get one purchase of this free for tech that corresponds to your specialty, giving you more than enough to get started.
  119. Dimensional Breach Controller (600cp, Discount Hero): This device comes in whatever form you prefer, and is capable of opening and closing dimensional portals. Its software is sophisticated enough that you can define locations or what parameters you'd like to find in a destination, but it'll take a little while to figure out how to properly utilize its functions. This device is keyed only to physical dimensions, spiritual ones like a settings underworld will require serious experimentation and innovation on your part to access with this, assuming it’s possible at all. No matter where you go this device can always open portals to Mirror Worlds like in the Wormverse. Post-Spark you'll be able to use it to open portals to anywhere in the multi/omniverse. Indestructible and reappears in the warehouse if lost.
  121. Cauldron Vials (600cp, Discount Villain): A case containing five vials of Cauldron formula. Unlike other formula these have no risk of mutation or death, being perfectly stable. Whoever drinks these is guaranteed to get a power that would be among the top of a cities parahumans. Aside from the powers suiting their host in some way (more aggressive people getting more aggressive powers for example) these are completely random. These have no effect on you. The case refills itself once a year. Outside the jump these still work despite the lack of shards or entities, simply giving the equivalent of a parahuman power. The case itself is indestructible, and unless purposefully given away will reappear in your warehouse if lost.
  123. Tinker Data Core (600cp, Discount Rogue): A computer containing a database of Tinker-Tech, including documentation, analysis, and blueprints. There's enough information here to advance science several centuries should everything in here get properly examined and reverse engineered, although doing so would be the work of a lifetime or two. Still enough to keep a company several years ahead of its competitors for a very long time. This doesn't include all such tech in the Wormverse by any means, but barring some extraordinary effort or circumstances on your part its the closest you'll ever get.
  125. Companions
  126. Imported non-human companions get a human alternate form as normal.
  128. Cape (100/200/300cp): Hero, villain, or rogue, you either have or will quickly meet a cape who you'll find yourself becoming natural friends and allies with. They can have any origin other then Drop In, with freebies and discounts as normal. They receive one roll for a power for free, 300cp to spend per 100cp you're spent on them, and may pick instead of rolling for 300cp as normal. If a power that you or another companion already possess is rolled they reroll until they gain a unique one. Companions may be imported into this option, and if so may be Drop-Ins. Incredibly loyal regardless of what issues they may have.
  130. Full Line Up (300cp): You may import up to 8 companions, each one gaining an origin for free, including their associated freebies. Beyond this they have an additional 300cp to spend, but in all other aspects function as the Cape import above.
  132. Richter Artificial Intelligence (300cp): An AI that is fully sapient and sentient, with enough intelligence and processing power to put any other computing device to shame. It begins housed in a data bank in your warehouse, but is easily able to connect to other networks and work its magic. For an additional 300cp it's body is upgraded to a Dragon-Mech, which can be anything from one seen in series (even the Azazel), to a unique one that fits your own specifications. Counts as a companion.
  136. Parahuman (Roll 1d12 for power category, then 1d8 for power. 200cp to choose category, 400cp to choose power. Optional): It seems that you've triggered, and gained some rather impressive powers. This is optional, you can go without becoming a parahuman if you wish, although that means you won't be getting any impressive new abilities to help keep you alive in this world. You can only have a single parahuman power.
  138. While only a few people in universe know this, powers are the result of a portion of an alien entity, known as a shard, reaching through dimensions and connecting itself to you. By examining how you use some of its functions to advance your interests and participate in conflict, it is capable of improving itself and budding off better shards, using your efforts to fuel its own evolution. In order to encourage this it will be influencing you mentally in ways that encourage conflict, your highs being higher and your lows lower, and while it might go out of its way to aid you if you're particularly helpful, avoiding what it wants will result in the constant build up of mental strain and stress in a manner that eventually either leads to you giving in or self destructing. Perks can help with this, but even then its influence is hardwired into your brain now, making it much more difficult than it otherwise would be. At the bare minimum you’ll have to keep an eye on your self control to keep this from getting out of hand and to ward off the worst parts of it. Trying to remove your shard is not recommended, so it’s probably best to simply grit your teeth and continue on until your time here is done.
  140. (1) Mover: Mover powers allow their users incredible or impossible movement abilities. Teleportation, super speed, anything that results in getting you from one place to another. Movers are incredibly tough to pin down, with the strongest effectively impossible to contain and hinder. Mover powers allow their users to maximize their positioning and those of their allies. Safety functions of the powers prevent you from telefragging yourself or similar issues.
  142. 1 & 2: Blink - You are capable of teleporting to any location within a hundred yards with only an instant's thought. When you Blink you may modify your physical orientation and momentum to anything that is physically possible for you. This power is especially suited to rapid teleportation chains, and you are immune to any disorientation or imbalance that might result from this. Secondary Thinker aspects grant you incredible spatial and situational awareness needed to use this ability to its fullest, along with the capability to handle sensory input faster.
  144. 3 & 4: ???
  146. 5 & 6: Transporter - While technically a Thinker ability, it's use means we're putting it over here. You basically have full fledged Contessa level Path to long as said victory is getting something from point A to B. These are always the quickest, safest, and most efficient ways to do so unless you specifically wish otherwise. As long as it is in some way possible for you to do so, you can, and do it perfectly. Thinker headaches are also a thing. Anything beyond transporting a target to its destination is beyond the scope of this power, although that doesn’t mean that clever thinking can’t make this of this offensively in combat.
  148. 7 & 8: Doormaker - You are capable of opening portals to any destination you can think of. These portals may remain until you decide to dismiss them, and their size is limited only by your powers growth and the effort you put into them. These portals are capable of crossing dimensional boundaries into alternate mirror worlds. Post Jump you can still reach such destinations, but note that peculiarities of the particular world may change the fundamental nature of how these might function. Post-Spark these portals can connect anywhere in the multiverse/omniverse.
  151. (2) Shaker: Shaker powers are those who control or effect the environment. Battlefield control, force fields, telekinesis, and the like. Shakers are significant tactical assets, able to manipulate the flow of battle and shut down opposition with relative impunity. This tends to make Shakers high priority targets in pitched battles, but it doesn't change their capability to decide exactly on what terms a battle's fought on.
  153. 1 & 2: Air Control – Don’t laugh at it, the power to sense and manipulate air within a large radius is incredibly potent. The range of your power is roughly several city blocks, and its strength is enough to shred stone within an instant and tear apart metal shortly after. Of special note is your ability to compress air to the point that it’ll act like a liquid or solid, granting it incredible strength from the raw pressure. Releasing this compressed gas makes for incredibly dangerous aerokinetic explosions. Your power’s strength and control is much greater in areas with large open spaces and strong winds. If an airborne opponent was stupid enough to fight up high up in the atmosphere in the global slipstreams you’d be almost unbeatable.
  155. 3 & 4: Gravity Manipulation - You can manipulate gravity, increasing it immensely in an instant or completely nullifying it. Your ability to change its direction also means you can do things like fly, make it so that along a particular street people can walk on the building’s sides like it was a sidewalk, and much more. The effects of this power on an area can either be temporary, or last until you reverse them. The upper limit of how strong you can make gravity increases with time. You start with ten times earth gravity being your upper limit. This powers range is a radius equal about two city blocks around you, which will increase slowly over time.
  157. 5 & 6: Orbital Lock - Your power lets you lock a target’s position relative to something else. No matter how the object moves, whether that be normally, through teleportation, or other exotic means the target will always remain in that exact relative position. You’re strong enough to lock up to large buildings with you power, and there is no limit on how many targets you can effect at once. Unless you make it otherwise targets under the effect of this power are incredibly durable, the spatial lock rendering them almost immune to kinetic damage. Other forms of damage are not impeded in the slightest.
  159. 7 & 8: Topography Manipulation - You are capable of warping and manipulating topography. You can warp things so stepping across a football field takes only a single step, loop space back on itself, make circles square and squares circles, and other uses. Living matter makes it harder to warp space when present in large quantities. If Times Square was empty it would be your personal playground, but when its in the middle of rush hour you'd be limited to "just" warping it into an inescapable loop. Has extremely large range that only grows with the lack of living beings in the area.
  161. (3) Brute: Brute powers are those that grant a parahuman impossible strength, durability, or regeneration. These abilities allow Brutes to tear apart armored vehicles with their bare hands, endure barrages of weapon fire unscathed, and recover from grievous injuries in minutes instead of months. As heavy hitters and enforcers they are the capes right in the thick of any parahuman conflict, and require either specialized gear, sufficient force, or specific powers to neutralize and counter. Although it'd be wise to note that when people know you're a Brute they tend to lose any compunction about what constitutes acceptable force.
  163. 1 & 2: Browbeat - How does personal biokinesis, a protective forcefield, and tactile telekinesis sound as a powerset? You're nearly impossible to completely incapacitate or subdue due to your combination of powers, and any one facet of your power being negated tends to be covered by the others. Nullifying your forcefield and telekinesis doesn't change the fact that you're already shifted into a superhumanly strong hulk, and at any other time you're a juggernaut who can wreck opponents with just the tiniest glancing blow. Strength for your telekinesis is 30 tons over your normal strength, and your forcefield is durable enough to tank...well a tank. The creative uses of your biokinesis are nearly limitless.
  165. 3 & 4: Internal Charge - While stationary you're able to "charge" yourself by focusing, with said charge then able to be spent for 5 seconds of invulnerability, super strength, and super speed per second you’ve been charging. You're the equal of pretty much any other brute or mover while this charge is active, being completely invulnerable and faster then even most electronic devices can track, but once you run out you're just a normal human until you generate more. Stored charge beings to slowly dissipate over time after awhile, and starting out you'll only be able to hold about ten minutes worth of charge at any one time. This charge will also enhance any other extraordinary abilities you may have, although not as much as your strength, speed, and durability.
  167. 5 & 6: Warp Spasm – By activating your power you are able to enter a berserker rage that warps you into a monstrous and incredibly destructive form wreathed in fire and lightning. This transformation continues to build over time, with no upper limit as long as you don’t calm down, and have the stimulous to feed your aggression. Lacking said stimulous your power will begin to reverse itself. This rage doesn’t impede your intelligence, skills, awareness, or cunning, even sharpening them as time goes on, but while you are in this state the only methods you can bring yourself to use involve violence, aggression, and destruction. You can snap yourself out of this rage at any time you want, although this doesn’t stop you from losing yourself in it if you are not careful. The exact details of your monstrous state is up to you, whether you want it to be a demonic winged monster, dragon like, or something else. The intense heat and electric discharge you are generating is controllable by you, and gets stronger as you do.
  169. 7 & 8: Alexandria Package - You possess incredible strength and durability, requiring high explosives before you'll even start getting injured, and able to lift and throw somewhat over 30 tons easily. You’re capable of flying at around three hundred miles per hour, and you also possess a completely perfect memory and enhanced intelligence. As a final benefit your power enforces the Manton Effect, meaning that regardless of if someone is capable of it they can’t just incinerate you from the inside, or pop your brain with telekinesis.
  172. (4) Breaker: Parahumans who are capable of ignoring, breaking, or manipulating physical laws are classified as Breakers. While an argument could be made that all parahumans do so, Breakers are classified based more on their nigh immunity to large subsets of forces and vectors of assault. Becoming intangible, absorbing and releasing energy, transformations into exotic forms of matter, etc. While the Brute classification is used to signify parahumans who require significant force or firepower to bring down, the Breaker classification denotes parahumans who require highly specialized counters tailored to their peculiar nature.
  174. 1 & 2: Phase State - You're able to transition into a immaterial state that is incredibly hard to see, and is completely untouchable by any physical force or object. In this state physics hold on you is very loose, letting you leap incredible distances and glide and float. You can transition things you touch into this state as well, at which point you can interact with them as normal, not counting the nature of their new state. Objects and other targets revert back after awhile based on how much juice you put into changing them, with very nasty consequences for anything they happen to be passing through at the time. You can also do the reverse, with the targets having insanely more pronounced effects on their surroundings, almost like whatever they hit was only partially real and substantial compared to them. You can do this to yourself as well, at which point you could probably walk through solid steel like it was melted butter.
  176. 3 & 4: Soft Physics - You're able to "soften" physics on targets, whether that be yourself, or another person or object. This is really fascinating as you're basically scaling up quantum improbability to the macro-scale and using the resulting physical uncertainty to...ugh. Look, the long and short of it is that you basically run on cartoon physics. Expect some really odd stares and reactions from people. I guess you don't really care about the sheer raw potential that lies in how your power actually manages to pull a giant hammer out of your formerly empty pocket, or how the resulting data would revolutionize physics. For the love of god please use this responsibly. I don't know exactly what will happen if you fold somebody up, then trap them in a can and leave, but I know that it is not going to be healthy for the poor smuck. Also while clever use of this power makes you the next best thing to unkillable, it only functions while you’re conscious, and non-physical effects aren’t impeded in the slightest.
  178. 5 & 6: Energy Shadow - Your power allows you to absorb nearby energy within a large radius regardless of its nature or form, a process which empowers you based on how much you take in. This starts as becoming stronger, tougher, and healing damage, but swiftly begins to transition you into a living energy being that can keep growing stronger and larger as long as there is enough energy to fuel your growth. The only form of energy you can’t absorb is the kinetic energy in solid objects, meaning you’ll have to rely on your durability to protect you from physical assault. Your power absorbs most energy automatically if it would be dangerous to you, but over a certain threshold you need to dedicate all of your focus to properly absorb it all. You are capable of expending energy in the form of intense blasts, the nature of which is under your control.
  180. 7 & 8: Personal Force Manipulation - Within a the space around an inch from your body you are aware of all forces currently active, and you may magnify or lessen them by up to a factor of ten. This lets you turn blows against you into mere taps, while increasing your own into incredibly destructive attacks. You can extend this power to targets you are touching, up to the size of a very large vehicle. You’ll get more bang for you buck by increasing or decreasing multiple forces at a time, like increasing the kinetic force of your strikes while decreasing the physical resistance of the target at the same time.
  182. (5) Blaster: Parahumans who possess abilities that allow them to project force at long ranges are classified as Blasters. Valued as fire support and living artillery in conflicts, Blasters often possess a raw destructive ability and an ability to use it that dwarfs most others. Any power that can be used to subdue opponents at long range, violently or otherwise qualifies. Despite their ability to shut down opposition, most tend to be personally vulnerable.
  184. 1 & 2: Stellar Fusion -
  186. 3 & 4: Ballistic Transmission -
  188. 5 & 6: Sting -
  190. 7 & 8: Power Well -
  192. (6) Striker: The other side of the coin compared to Blasters, who while dangerous are often at a severe disadvantage in close quarters. Strikers trade range for overwhelming effectiveness at knife fight distances. Powers whose effects require physical contact also fall under this category. A Striker typically needs only a single touch to completely subdue an opponent, if not worse.
  194. 1 & 2: Decoy -
  196. 3 & 4: Corrosive Contact -
  198. 5 & 6: Stasis -
  200. 7 & 8: Biosculpter -
  202. (7) Master: Whether its controlling others or creating some sort of monster Masters are parahumans whose power gives them access to and control over some sort of minion. Manipulating minds, turning piles of metal into golems, turning enemies into allies, Masters are some of the most feared parahumans out there, and for good reason. Like Strangers special protocols are followed to stave off Master influence, and any parahuman who can control human beings is automatically considered a significant threat by society at large.
  204. 1 & 2: Thought Implantation - You are capable of sensing all minds within a one hundred yard range, along with their emotions and their thoughts, conscious or otherwise. You can implant emotions and thoughts into peoples minds, which from their perspective are indistinguishable from their own. These can be conscious or subconscious, and as complex as you yourself are capable of imagining. Note that thoughts include a lot more then just mental dialogue. Subtlety and finesse will pay off more then brute force with this power, but you should never underestimate the ability to just overwhelm somebodies mind with a particular emotion or thought. As a side effect of this power you have an incredible understanding of how the mind funtions and the nature of emotions and thought. Range increases with time.
  206. 3 & 4: Boogie Manimal - You are able to produce a strange black fog like substance which you can then shape into creatures, their natures being limited only by your imagination and how you craft them. These are under your mental control, and you can sense everything they do. The more of the fog you invest into a creature, and the longer you take in its creation, the stronger and more powerful it will be. Creatures may have certain abilities of their own based on how you've made them, and at any time you may invest more fog into them to strengthen them further, with no (in theory if maybe not so much in practice) upper limit.
  208. 5 & 6: Thanatos - Currently being edited
  210. 7 & 8: Queen Administrator - You have an absolute awareness of and control over not only insects, but pretty much any and all invertebrates in a radius around you that begins at roughly the size of two city blocks, and will grow with time. You receive their sensory input, and are able to flawlessly interpret it despite the differences between you. Your control even extends down to involuntary processes of your targets, such as breathing, heartbeat, and hormones. This power comes with infinitely scaling multitasking, letting you keep track of any number of different things at once, and micromanage your swarms down to the movements of each individual limb. This also means you're incapable of being overwhelmed by the vast amount of sensory input your power gives you.
  212. (8) Stranger: Parahumans whose powers make them difficult to detect or manipulate perception in some way. Strangers are the single greatest cause of paranoia in the cape world, often able to walk up and slit your throat with even their targets none the wiser. Along with Masters special protocols are followed by government organizations whenever Stranger influence is suspected, and Strangers are high priority targets in parahuman encounters. Note that the exotic senses that come with some powers often bypass a Strangers concealment, depending on their nature.
  214. 1 & 2: Sensory Illusions -
  216. 3 & 4: Relationship Modification -
  218. 5 & 6: Memory Blanking - When active, your power actively blanks you from the memory of everybody around you, including short term recognition. You could walk right up to someone with a knife in broad daylight, and cutting them would leave them wondering how that happened, completely unable to register your presence. This power works only on living beings, sensors, cameras, and robots will be able to perceive you just fine. Other exotic senses may bypass this as well, although that depends on their nature.
  220. 7 & 8: Geist - At will you can shift into a ghost like state where you are completely intangible, invisible, and inaudible, and can fly at three times the speed you could sprint without effort. Aside form being effectively undetectable and untouchable, you can also possess targets that you can touch, controlling them completely, and able to access their memories and thoughts. This control is perfect, you'll never have a host make a mistake that results in people noticing that something is off. Possession works on any living creature, although note that particularly powerful beings and wills might be able to resist your control. You can selectively ignore your intangibility, letting you physically interact with things without revealing yourself.
  222. (9) Thinker: Thinkers are parahumans whose powers enhance their mind, senses, or otherwise deal with the gathering and processing of information. Thinkers are simultaneously the most dangerous and weakest of parahumans. Barring additional powers they are just as vulnerable as a normal person, but they are capable of formulating impossibly effective plans, discovering nearly any secret or weakness, and in general are the major force multipliers when it comes to parahuman conflict. Assuming all other factors are equal, a Thinker can expect to be the first to be targeted on a battlefield. Overuse or pushing your Thinker powers beyond their normal limits can strain the brain, leading to Thinker headaches, which can get painful enough to leave you bedridden for days if you seriously overdo it. Your brain will acclimate over time, lessening strain and letting you push your abilities further. Note that precognitive abilities have an hardwired in limitation preventing them from seeing the future of Zion, Eidolon, and the Endbringers.
  224. 1 & 2: Mathematical Calculation – You are now completely aware of the numbers and math in the world around you, from the trajectory of the bullet whizzing past you, to its measurements, vector, and the probability of it striking various targets. Your ability with mathematics is superhuman, allowing you to do even the most theoretical and advanced forms of math instantly with the same ease that you’d breath. Combined with your powers senses this lets you do things like deflect a bullet with your cuff link so it ricochets to strike the shooter, know exactly where the rubble from the explosion will land and where to move to avoid it, surviving very large falls by landing perfectly to dissipate the force safely, and much more. Potentially far more useful though is the manifold uses of this power in areas other than combat. Seriously, your power is math now. The uses of that are incredible. Keep in mind that Thinker headaches are a bitch though, even with your power doing most of the heavy lifting.
  226. 3 & 4: Compounded Computation - Whenever you are dealing with a problem, your intelligence scales based on its complexity and scale. The bigger the problem, the easier it is for you. Aside from researching the data to do so, creating a plan to eliminate world hunger would take only as long as necessary to type it all up. This power allows you to make impossibly effective plans, and is even more valuable when dealing with large scale issues. Managing an intergalactic empire’s logistics would be as easy as simple arithmetic for you, and it continues to scale from there. This power is basically useless on small and simple things however. Do note that while you could easily think up a plan to solve world hunger, actually putting it into effect is a whole other story. You need resources and skill to actually use what your power provides you, but you’re easily able to handle things that would be impossible for anyone else due to their sheer scale and complexity.
  228. 5 & 6: Inference Engine - Your power provides you with a massive subconscious database of everything you have every experienced, and is constantly examining all of the various data to come to make deductions based on the facts you have. Your power feeds these conclusions and the relevant information to you, providing you with nearly perfect inference and deduction capabilities, far beyond what is possible for even the smartest human being. Your power is able to work off of incredibly small bits of data and information, most times seeming to pull information out of thin air, but inaccurate information can result in incorrect conclusions. Sherlock Holmes in his wildest dreams looks like a toddler compared to you, and not a very bright one at that.
  230. 7 & 8: Path To Victory - Your power, when queried with a goal or intent, searches possible futures for the one where you succeed and feeds you information on what you need to do to make it happen. This isn't perfect, being more like playing a video game with detailed set of objectives and the perfect strategy guide than Contessa's canon plot device level Path to Victory, but assuming there isn't any interference from factors outside of your powers precognitive sight successfully pulling off the objectives it feeds you will always result in success. You can still make a mistake, or fuck it up, but the part of your goals where you need to know what to do to make it happen is handled for you. Just remember that it relies on your ability to pull it off, and while a path will adjust and modify itself based on the circumstances fucking up might result in completely ruining your shot at victory. Paths given are the most efficient and effective method possible based on your desires, but your power decides those parameters by analyzing you. Your biases can very well leak into the path, and even ignoring that you can screw yourself over by not asking the right questions. Post-Spark this evolves into a full fledged perfect Path to Victory.
  232. (10) Tinker: Whereas other parahumans get the power to do incredible things, Tinkers get the ability to build incredible things. Tinkers essentially have a database of extremely advanced scientific data and technology in their heads, letting them build and create things far ahead of their time. This data follows a certain theme, whether that be bombs, efficiency, vehicles, or otherwise which defines what their power lets them build and work with. Tinkers need resources, time, and effort to do what other parahumans can do casually, but they are incredibly adaptable, able to show up to the next fight able to completely shut down opponents that were untouchable in their last encounter, all because they can build the right tool. Within their specialty a Tinker can build nearly anything they can imagine. Tinker abilities seamlessly integrate any such knowledge of technology and science you possess, meaning you don't have to make any extra effort to use your powers along with any other tech based perks you might have. The knowledge you gain is basically the collected science of hundreds of advanced civilizations within your area of expertise. You don't necessary have the capability to process and sort through it all at once, but your power will continue to feed you data and knowledge relevant to your endeavors and what you're building.
  234. 1 & 2: Miniaturization and Efficiency - You can miniaturize anything down to levels that any sane man would consider impossible. A fusion reactor the size of a watch battery would be the absolute minimum of what you are capable of, and you'd be able to make it far smaller then that.. Your power also makes you a master of technological efficiency, anything you make needing barely any energy to run and continue to do so for a very long time. These specialties also make you a master of nanotechnology and similar pursuits. Of course you aren't barred from building something big like a giant robot, just that it'll be impossibly efficient and crammed full of more weapons and subsystems then should be possible.
  236. 3 & 4: Programming and Computer Science - Supercomputers are your bread and butter, and Artificial Intelligence is your idea of a PDA. Data, programs, and digital devices are your playthings, not to mention that your understanding of such systems mean you can hack anything that could possibly be hacked. There isn't really any limit on the extent you could push computing hardware, and any kind of software you can imagine is within your grasp. Please do note that flaunting this is likely to attract some attention from a few major players in particular. Then again that might not be a bad thing depending on your disposition and plans.
  238. 5 & 6: Medical and Biological Science - You know how to cure cancer, AIDS, and pretty much everything else. The working of flesh and bone is casual to you, with even the most difficult procedures capable of being performed half asleep and blind in one eye as easily as you breath. You're the perfect medic and doctor, but your skills and knowledge extend much further then that. You could create some truly incredible monsters if you wanted to, whether out of whole cloth or test subjects. Lets not even get started on biological warfare. Biology and anything to manipulate or interact with it are all within your capabilities. From genetic engineering, to human enhancement, to even cloning with a little effort.
  240. 7 & 8: Reverse Engineering - While you still possess an amount of scientific knowledge beyond the curve of modern society, your base technical knowledge is less the other Tinkers. This is however because your power lets you reverse engineer the principles and workings of anything you can get your hands on, and then apply that knowledge and understanding to your own work. Just seeing a device and watching it function gives you a solid idea as to how it works, and examining something means you can easily derive the hows and whys as to its functions. Your Tinker abilities will continue to expand as you gain access to new technology and knowledge, with potentially no upper limit as long as you can keep gaining samples to work with.
  242. (11) Trump: Parahumans whose powers effect or manipulate abilities in some manner. Whether their powers adapt to their opponents, nullify other parahuman abilities, temporarily grant them, or simply gain new skills out of thin air. Trumps are notoriously dangerous, considered by many to be the strongest category of parahumans. An opinion that is in no small way influenced by the most powerful parahuman in the world being a Trump. Outside of this jump powers that manipulate others work on any kind of otherwise extraordinary ability.
  244. 1 & 2: Instant Mastery - Your ability allows you to nigh instantly master any skill or field of endeavor you care to name, and to keep growing your skill from there. Within a day of studying or practicing something you’ll be on the level of the experts in the field, and within a weak you’d have left behind the best there is. Your ability to learn means that you always see noticeable increases in your skills whenever you put effort into them, with continual refinement always possible. Your power seemingly grabs a lot of the relevant knowledge and ability out of thin air, and while this means you can be the equal of somebody with a Doctorate by studying a bunch of high school textbooks, you do need something to build off of for your power to work. Your ability to learn and develop your skills though is superhuman.
  246. 3 & 4: ???
  248. 5 & 6: Iterative Improvement -
  250. 7 & 8: Complete Arsenal -
  252. (12) Changer: Parahumans who are able to manipulate and change their physical form in some manner. Changers are in many ways the same as trumps, possessing a adaptability that makes them difficult to completely subdue. The nature of changer powers means that nearly all of them also qualify as Brutes, able to take incredible punishment, dish it out, and simply make any damage disappear with a little effort. Most changers have a core that functions as their only real vital organ.
  254. 1 & 2: Quantum Evolution - Your body exists in a perpetual state of quantum uncertainty, and suddenly warps and evolves based on the stimulus around you to better fit your needs and desires, primarily survival. Falling off a building would result in you growing wings, bullets find themselves flattening on bio-armor that wasn't there when the weapon was fired, and strikes in combat will find natural weaponry perfectly suited to their target shaped by the time they land. The nature of this power means you can casually switch back to your base form, and regenerate at high speeds. Retaining a change will result in its constant refinement and enhancement, the effort and energy that would be spent on adapting instead being constantly funneled into improvement. Issues like muscle memory and being unused to your forms changes aren't a problem, you are able to use them instinctively.
  256. 3 & 4: Imaginary Form – You’re capable of replacing your body with a projection created mentally by you. This projection can be anything you can imagine, and is capable of possessing unnatural or unique qualities, should you possess the skill to design it properly. Forms that are otherwise impossible still function, your power picking up the slack in their operation. These forms are easily and quickly restored to their prime state due to their mental nature, but should your focus be broken your power will deactivate. Note that designing in unique qualities and abilities requires effort and experimentation. A very thorough knowledge of physics would allow you to pull off some pretty cool stuff, but you can’t just “imagine a form that does X” and get the end result. It takes effort and knowledge on your part. On the upside you’re basically unkillable until your focus is impeded for some reason, assuming you’re not being hit with anything powerful enough to completely vaporize you.
  258. 5 & 6: Assimilation – Your body is able to assimilate technology into itself, modifying and adapting it to make it a part of your form. The capabilities of the device will remain the same, even if it is miniaturized or shifted into a form vastly different to accomadate its integration. You can negate or remove your bodies changes, and your power assimilates the data from the particular piece of technology, allowing you to form and manipulate it whenever you would wish. You could consume a machine gun, and integrate it into your arm until you need to switch it to the other in the middle of a fight for example. Other inorganic materials are also viable, letting you render your skin strong as steel, or turn into a living flexible stone statue. Devices that require consumable resources have them provided automatically as a part of your power, as long as some sample of that resource was ingested by your body. You have a rather impressive control over the results of this, and creativity can let you do some very impressive things.
  260. 7 & 8: ???
  263. Drawbacks
  264. Earth Bet is bad enough, but if you really insist I could make it even harder for you in exchange for some more points. You may gain up to 600cp, 800cp if you take Everything Gets Worse. Any additional drawbacks are only for your personal masochistic pleasure.
  266. Personal Problems (+100cp): You have some personal circumstances that are less then ideal. Maybe the bullies who made you trigger are still around, you and your only parent are still distant, or maybe your life situation just isn't all that great. Drop-Ins suffer from arriving in probably the worst parts of their starting location, and will be running into trouble right out of the gate. Dealing with this is simple enough in theory, but its gonna be a thorn in your side that takes up more of your time and effort then you'd like to spare. You also tend to just suffer these sorts of issues more then normal. Enjoy the Drama.
  268. No Respect (+100cp): Your reputation is roughly around the same level as Uber and Leet. Getting anybody to take you seriously is an uphill battle at best. This reputation seems to stick with you a bit more persistently then is otherwise normal, but you can change it with effort. No matter what you're starting out as a laughingstock though.
  270. Aggressive Recruitment (+100cp): Somehow you've been shanghaied into working for somebody you don't want to. Forced to join the Wards or Protectorate on probation, recruited at gunpoint into one of the gangs, or strong armed into working for a particular company. With effort you'll be able to get out of this, but in the meantime somebody is holding your leash. Somehow there are some nasty consequences if you just decide to violate this, ones that you don't really want to deal with. Alternatively instead of being drafted you simply owe Cauldron three favors, with serious consequences if you refuse to fulfill one when its called in.
  272. Uber and Leet’s Jumper Special (+100cp): Uber and Leet know about your jumper nature, and they are incredibly jealous that you’ve been (or will get to go) to the video game universes that they love so much while they are stuck here on Earth Bet. They’ve made it their personal mission to cause as much trouble and misery for you as physically possible. It seems that something about this has effected Leet’s power, he doesn’t seem to be limited in what he can build anymore, almost like his Tinker abilities were ecstatic at this turn of events. Expect a whole lot of Tinker bullshit to be thrown your way in these two’s personal vendetta. Every single moment will be captured on film and streamed to their web show. You’ll be pretty famous pretty quickly. Even if you don’t start in Brockton Bay, they will find you, no matter what they have to do.
  274. On the Radar (+200cp): Cauldron knows about you and you are officially a person of interest to them. Expect things to be manipulated behind the scenes to influence you in accordance with their agenda. Granted they're technically on the side of humanity, but they have a distinctly ends justify the means attitude. Hopefully you fall into that sweet spot where you're equal parts too useful/dangerous to kill or try and forcibly draft.
  276. "Meh, I can take her" (+200cp): You have a dangerous habit of underestimating the threat certain people pose, and this always ends up biting you in the ass. Big players like Kaiser, the Triumvirate, Lung, etc are exempt from this. Instead this drawback triggers whenever you go against somebody like Uber and Leet, Circus, Parian, the Undersiders, etc. This drawback always activates against Skitter, no matter what. Expect a lot of humiliation to come your way that could have been avoided, and to get yourself killed if you're not careful.
  278. Being Taylor is Suffering (+200cp): You are now Taylor Hebert. You retain your origin to decide what your discounts and freebies are, and wake up in bed the morning of the start of your jump. Her memories and personality will influence you more strongly then an origin normally would, for the duration of your stay here you are just as much Taylor as you are yourself. Fate seems to conspire to put you through the ringer just like Taylor in canon, so you can expect conflict to find you if you don't find it first. Also take Personal Problems without gaining any points from it. I know, sucks right.
  280. Wanted (+200cp): Well I guess you'd technically be wanted by the law anyway if you were a villain, what this drawback means is that right out of the gate you're a primary target for whatever the local powers that be are, and they're taking it seriously. Time and resources are openly dedicated to hunting you down specifically, with other priorities falling by the wayside. Barring very pressing matters you're on the top of somebodies shit list. Heroes and Rogues are targets for a local criminal faction, and will have to deal with open attempts to take them down. Villains can have either other criminals or the PRT after them, and Drop-Ins wind up making some powerful enemies rather quickly.
  282. You Needed Worthy Opponents (+300cp): Something about your presence seems to attract the attention of the Endbringers, and just to be clear that is not a good thing. Nine times out of ten their attacks will be focused on you, and while they'll still be aiming to advance their particular goals at the same time, you're effectively their high priority target. They'll be specifically modifying their tactics to force you to confront them, and if they aren't able to follow you they'll neglect their self imposed limits to cause as much death and destruction as possible. When, not if, people catch on to this, you can expect to be dealing with some serious scrutiny and unwanted attention on top of everything else. If you're particularly skilled at evading confronting them, then they'll ignore the attack cycle to take you down.
  284. Fucking Jumpers (+300cp): Your nature as a Jumper is revealed to the world at large, including every organization and faction on the planet. On the upside everybody believes it, and people won't think you're crazy when you talk about your adventures. On the downside, a lot of people now believe you're an extra-dimensional S-Class threat in the making whose only going to grow stronger as time goes on. This includes the PRT/Protectorate having a full rundown on all of your capabilities, complete history, favored tactics, and psyche profile included. There's also all the interested parties who want you under their thumb and might not exactly be nice about trying to accomplish it. I'm sure that file they have on you would be one hell of a read though. Hopefully it paints you in a decent enough light.
  286. Kill Order (+300cp): I don't know how you did it, but there's a kill order on your head. Anybody in the world can murder you with no consequences whatsoever, and in fact will be rewarded for doing so. Heroes especially will be gunning for you whenever they have a chance. All those unwritten rules which discourage actually killing someone in a cape conflict no longer apply to you, and your opponents will be going all out. Best go to ground and keep out of sight. This includes your identity being known, so just trying to live out a civilian life isn't going to keep you safe either.
  288. Case-53 (+100-300cp): You are a Case-53, with mutations that while not necessarily grotesque definitely makes you stand out. For 100cp these are minor, like Canary having abnormally yellow hair with a feather or two in it. For 200cp these are major, putting you up there with the likes of Gregor, Newter, and Weld, inhuman but otherwise fine. For 300cp these mutations are severly debilitating to you, like Sveta and Noelle you'll actively have to struggle with them every day of your life. There's a high chance you're a serious danger to everyone around you at this level. For +0 points you can choose to just have the tattoo and no physical mutations, which may be helpful if you’re a Drop-In.
  290. OH SHIT! (+600cp): You don't have anything from any previous jumps aside from your experiences, knowledge, memories, and skills, including your warehouse. Only imported companions are with you, and they lose access to anything that isn't gained from this jump as well. You're gonna have a long hard road ahead of you. Hope you don't die. Yes, this also includes Body Mod. If it wasn't bought in this jump you just don't have it, period, no exceptions. Oh, and all those powers and perks you don't have anymore? People are starting to trigger with them as their parahuman ability.
  292. Golden Morning (+600cp): It seems that your benefactor got into contact with Zion and has told him that if he kills you then not only will they bring his mate back to life, but will send them both along the chain in your place. He will be seeking you out constantly to eliminate you, and does not care in the slightest about how much damage he does in the process of killing you. Fortunately he doesn't seem to have realized that he could just blow up the planet you're on, so let's hope he doesn't figure out that option.
  294. Everything Gets Worse (+800cp): No exceptions. You're gonna face the absolute worse the Wormverse has to offer, and nothing you do can avoid it. You will regularly be right in the middle of horrific and terrible conflicts and disasters, and expect to wind up face to face with multiple S-Class threats, even ones that weren't seen in canon. If you're in North America then you're nearly guaranteed to be involved in the Slaughterhouse 9000 incident, and Jack Slash is not only going to survive up til that point no matter what, but Golden Morning is going to happen, and you'll be right there on the front lines facing the full brunt of it. It's do or die time, because if you don't fight with everything you have you will die. Even then it'll probably be a close call...
  296. So you survived 10 years in this hell hole and now you've got a few choices. There's a few additional rewards too for completing your stay here. All drawbacks are removed as normal.
  298. Consolation Prize: No matter what you leave here with perfect mental health, all psychological issues, trauma, and scars removed like they were never there, even any you might have gained before this jump. You'll even find yourself simply much more psychologically stable in the future, and recovering from similar issues much easier. Same for all of your companions and anyone you take with you. You get this if you stay as well.
  300. I want to go home: After all of this you realize just how much you need the people you care about, and you wake up in your bed with everything you've gained up until this point. Reconnecting with them might be difficult after everything you've seen and done, but maybe that's what you really need the most.
  302. There's still work to be done: This place is terrible, full of violence, suffering, and worse. But maybe that's why you decide to stay, wanting either to make a difference or keep whatever empire you carved out. Back home you just vanish, and your loved ones find peace and move on after awhile. Jump-chan makes sure of it.
  304. I'm not finished yet: Plenty of better worlds out there, and plenty of worse ones. You move on to the next jump, keeping whatever you gained here. Maybe you'll find your way back someday.
  306. Notes
  308. After this jump any powers are now part of you instead of your shard/passenger, and its connection is severed completely. All other shard limitations are released, even if you stay, letting Tinkers mass produce their tech, precogs see the Entities and Endbringers, etc. This doesn't enhance your power, only removes things like the Manton Limit that held it back before. The same applies to your companions and anyone you bring with you.
  310. It's up to you on how powers budding off works in your jumpchain. Whether they do, or don't, or there are limits to it. You don't personally control this, but you can fanwank whatever you want. Your Jumpchain, not mine.
  312. Powers do grow with time and use, but this only expands already present parameters, it doesn't allow the development of new ones. Range, area, precision, strength, etc all increase, but your power only does what it could always do better, not gain new capabilities.
  313. Assume that outside of this jump powers adjust to still be functional. Being able to nullify parahuman abilities would mean you can do the same to other incredible powers for example. Fanwank something.
  315. If you purchased Cauldron Vials the same points above apply to powers granted by them. As an additional clarification the powers granted by this are roughly what would be considered top tier among the parahumans of a given city. Powers will rate around 7-8 within their primary category, but no higher. You'll have great capes, but nobody like Narwhal, Dragon, or the Triumvirate who are the top-tier parahumans in the world. If that’s not good enough for you then I don’t know what to say.
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