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  1. Below are the Chapter Master Patch Notes in our Lord Dukes Own Writing.
  2. Latest patch is at the top.
  3. ---------------------------------
  4. 0.6555
  6. Major Changes:
  7. None
  9. Minor Changes:
  10. An oversight caused the new 'scr_recent' script to crash the game. This script functions by saving down a few keywords that may be later referenced for marines to discuss a topic at feasts. With this fix the vast majority of the new crashes should no longer occur.
  11. ----------------------------------
  12. 0.6554
  14. Major Changes:
  15. None
  17. Minor Changes:
  18. Fixed fleets being able to be split up into smaller fleets.
  19. Fixed single-ship fleets being able to set destinations.
  20. Fixed non-player fleets being able to move.
  21. God dammit.
  22. ----------------------------------
  23. 0.6553
  25. Major Changes:
  26. None
  28. Minor Changes:
  29. Chapter icons should now work correctly.
  30. The game should no longer crash on startup or during Chapter Creation.
  31. Fixed a crash when Attacking or Raiding.
  32. Fixed a crash that occurred when ending the turn with an Imperial Crusade set to an area that has Ork fleets.
  33. Cheatcodes have been changed for August.
  35. ----------------------------------
  36. 0.6552
  38. Major Changes:
  39. You may now use several hundred custom icons at once.  Simply add in new .png files with the same name format into the \icons folder and you can find them in the new icon selector during creation.  Note that custom1-4 .png's are no longer included in the game; this means that when updating to future patches your first four icons will not be overwritten.  Also note that on old save games the icon may be bugged.
  41. Great Feasts have been added to the game.  You may now schedule the event through the Reclusium, setting a number of parameters in the process.  If the Chapter Master is present you may also spectate the feast, and see your marine's current thoughts on recent events.  More scheduled events soon to come, along with more flavor text, and possible interruptions and stuff to occur during the events.
  43. Reaching 0 Loyalty is no longer game over- instead you are given the option to become Penitent and return to 50 Loyalty or become renegade.
  45. When marines attack en masse they can no longer severely overkill a single enemy type, and deal more damage as a result.  Combat is a lot easier so expect balancing with upcoming patches.
  47. You may now join* the forces of Chaos.  Very bare-bones, but evil laughing, chaosy things, and chapter schisms will be coming in the near future.
  49. Minor Changes:
  50. Settings may now be changed in the Main Menu by clicking the icon at the bottom left.
  51. May have fixed the bug that built up 'ghost marines' in ships that used up space.
  52. Fixed a rare bug that could make Chaos fleets fly around pretending they are the Imperial Navy.
  53. Fixed a bug that would allow the Chapter Master to be a Psyker despite the Chapter having the Psyker Intolerant disadvantage.
  54. If you are renegade, and in control of a Forge World, you may continue to produce all the normal equipment, vehicles, and ships.
  55. If you are renegade, and have maxed out Wargear or Vehicle STC's, you may continue to produce the unlocked armor or vehicles.
  56. Ships now count as being in the Warp as soon as they are given a destination, as was intended.
  57. Fixed a bug that could allow en-route fleets to unload their marines while still in the Warp.
  58. More dialogue has been added, courtesy of our excellent writers- more Chaos Lord stuff and factions thanking you for STC Fragments.
  59. You may no longer spawn empty fleets by unchecking all ships and assigning none of them a destination.
  60. Cyclonic Torpedoes have been added to the game.  Pick them up from your local friendly Inquisitor Lord!
  61. Fixed a crash when Attacking/Raiding a planet with no enemy forces.
  62. The super-secret developer test chapter uses the correct icon once more.
  63. Restored the World Eaters Chaos Lord- it should be about a 50/50 split between him and the Black Legion one.
  64. Chaos Fleets should now allow the player to enter their star system to permit a meeting, when one is scheduled.
  66. Other:
  67. This version has several major changes.  Crashes are all but guaranteed- be sure to send crash logs and bug reports to the correct email.
  69. ----------------------------------
  70. 0.6551
  72. Major Changes:
  73. Some code was accidentally removed from planetary battle checking- Spyrers, Fallen, and Necron Tomb missions are once more working.
  75. Minor Changes:
  76. Cheatcodes have been changed for July.
  77. The 'Hunt the Fallen Mission Successful' popup now names the correct planet rather than just the first.
  78. Orks fleets no longer congregate on dead planets.  Srsly this time.
  79. The equipment list within Unit Settings has been updated to have two columns of equipment, like the Unit Settings in Chapter Creation.
  80. When changing default equipment for Captains, specialists, and Veterans, those in 1st company will hold onto any worn Terminator or Tartaros armor.
  81. ----------------------------------
  82. 0.6550
  84. Major Changes:
  85. The second Chaos Lord has been added, albeit with some missing dialogue, and PROPOSING AN ALLIANCE isn't functional yet.
  86. Attacking now reduces enemy forces by two stages rather than one.
  88. Minor Changes:
  89. Master Crafted Plasma Guns now have stats.
  90. The Inquisition can now discover if you consort with Heretics or use sorcerous/questionable powers.
  91. When at war with the Imperium, and you have units unloaded on a planet, battles with zero enemy forces will no longer occur.
  92. When changing equipment, all ranged weapons are now in tab 1, and all melee weapons are contained in tab 2.
  93. Weapons and equipment are now alphabetized.
  94. Master Crafted Power Swords are no longer Eldar by default- the Eldar equivalent is now the aptly named Eldar Power Sword.
  95. Lightning Claws have been added to the game.
  96. Artifact Power Fists now have a chance to be Artifact Power Claws instead.
  97. 'Star System Overwhelmed by Orks!' popups should no longer repeat.
  98. Eldar random event divinations should no longer repeat each turn.
  99. The mini Chaos Invasion random event, where 'The warp feels thin and tested', no longer spawns bugged fleets that can lock up the game.
  100. If certain conditions are met multiple enemy forces may now attack player forces on a planet in the same turn.
  101. The Sisters of Battle will now attack the player when applicable.
  102. You no longer benefit from Fortification levels when ground forces are attacked on a Chaos or Tau planet.
  103. Arch Heretics no longer count as 'Leaders' for Chaos, so killing them will no longer defeat that faction.
  104. Artifact Armor should once more appear in the marine management display.
  105. Bluhd Ravehns now start with three random artifacts rather than four.
  106. Acquiring many STC Fragments is no longer bugged.
  107. When presented with two infested planets, the Imperial Guard will choose the larger population planet if other factors are equal.
  108. When first meeting another faction you may now Praise and Denounce them.
  109. During chapter creation, if the first company captain is in Terminator armor, he will swap out pea-shooters for a Storm Bolter.
  110. ----------------------------------
  111. 0.6549
  113. Major Changes:
  114. Penitent Chapters now have time-based Penitence rather than an abstract 'kill score' that must be met.  This means there is no longer a decay threshold.  You can still play a Chapter with the old style of Penitence by taking the Blood Debt disadvantage.
  116. Minor Changes:
  117. If you select some units using the 'Unit Type' buttons, and clear your selection, other 'Unit Type' buttons should now work properly.
  118. Company Champions no longer have their own 'Select by Type' button in management.
  119. When selecting a premade/random/loaded Chapter, you may now skip through the various creation slides directly to gameplay.
  120. Lamenters are now given 10 Gene-Seed at the start of the game rather than 0.
  121. Double clicking on a unit in management will now select all similar units.
  122. Artifact Tomes now do fun* things when equip to psykers!
  123. Psychic powers are displayed more often in combat.
  124. Psyker Chapter Masters with the Paragon trait, and Default psyker powers, can now kamehameha.
  125. The marine display handles weapon positioning better.  Most weapons should now line up correctly with all armor types.
  126. Several new sprites have been added for wargear in the marine display, courtesy of Toni "TrashMan" Staničić.
  127. When an enemy faction leader is forcing a goodbye you may no longer click missing diplomacy buttons.
  128. Brothers, All advantage added.
  129. Founding Chapters now begin with a 10-man Honor Guard.
  130. Honor Guard now have pretty helmets.
  131. Blood Debt disadvantage added.
  132. Fixed a bug that would only grant the Born Leader Chapter Master bonus if Penitent.
  133. Failing to send forces on a Crusade, when Penitent/Blood Debt'ed, will now cause your Chapter to be considered traitor.
  134. A 'Cancel' button has been added to the Advantages and Disadvantages screens in Chapter creation.
  135. When the Star Selection screen is open, clicking anywhere not part of it will close out of that screen.
  136. Jump-Packs equip to units on the ground will no longer vanish from Management.
  137. Sanguinary Guard now begin with Jump-Packs, as was intended.
  138. The Blood Angels Chapter Master, Sanguinary Guard, and Dark Angels Deathwing now have special coloration.
  139. The method used to dispose of an assassinated Planetary Governor is finally displayed within the assassination popup.
  140. ----------------------------------
  141. 0.6548
  143. Major Changes:
  144. More work is being done behind-the-scenes for the other Chaos Lord(s) and Daemon Artifacts.
  146. Minor Changes:
  147. Krumpalots has been removed from the Astartes name list.
  148. Jump Packs should no longer vanish.
  149. Formations should be correctly load/saveable now.
  150. Inquisition Mission: Planet Recon now lists the correct planet target in the event log when accepted.
  151. Ork Ship construction rate reduced from 25% chance to 15% chance.  The WAAAGH! bonus has been reduced to +10% from +15%.
  152. Traitor Ship construction rate reduced from 25% chance to 20% chance.
  153. Cheatcodes have been changed for June.
  154. ----------------------------------
  155. 0.6547
  157. Major Changes:
  158. Custom Battle Formations have been added to the game!  You may modify the standard arrangements for Attack/Defend/Raid
  160. within Chapter Settings, but there is also an option to create new formations.  Once a new one is made you may name it,
  162. set it to work for Raids or Attacks, and then select it when performing an Attack or Raid during your turn.  Random events
  164. that cause battles, and special battles like that of Spyrers, Necron Tombs, or Ship Demons, will use the standard Attack
  166. formation.  Note that the standard Attack and Defend formations, that are selectable when your forces are attacked, may be
  168. customized.
  170. Minor Changes:
  171. Hitting 'T' while in menus no longer ends the turn.
  172. Hitting 'P' while in menus no longer forces the cheat popup and overrides string entering.
  173. Things.
  174. ----------------------------------
  175. 0.6546
  177. Major Changes:
  178. None.
  180. Other Changes:
  181. Fixed the crash when finishing a fleet battle with no assault rams launched.
  182. The Inquisition will no longer task you to prevent an already awakened tomb from awakening.
  183. -----------------------------------
  184. 0.6545
  186. Major Changes:
  187. Boarding has been implemented! Assign marines to be Boarders in management, set Boarding settings and automation under
  189. Chapter Settings, and enjoy. Ships with Boarders in them can be manually told to Board an enemy vessel by hovering over
  191. the enemy with your mouse and hitting the 'B' key. Commandeering enemy vessels soon to come.
  193. Other Changes:
  194. Fixed a bug that allowed Marines to mass equip non-existent weapons.
  195. Daemon Worlds may no longer have their heresy lowered.
  196. Daemon Worlds may no longer return to Imperial control.
  197. Player Escort ships have had their health doubled.
  198. New Lamenters banner courtesy of mainkilla.
  199. The number of player ships that can appear in fleet combat has been massively increased.
  200. The number of ships that can be saved in save games has been massively increased.
  201. When a ship is lost in the warp the marines and vehicles onboard actually become MIA now.
  202. *Planets that lower to 0 population with no present enemy forces should have their heresy reset.
  203. Companies may now be named and renamed in their respective Company Management screen.
  204. Fixed a bug that would incorrectly save and load Company titles.
  205. Blood Debt, Embargo, First In Last Out, and Rival Brotherhood disadvantages have removed from the Disadvantages list and
  207. will remain missing until they are completed.
  208. -----------------------------------
  209. 0.6544
  211. Major Changes:
  212. None.
  214. Other Changes:
  215. Fixed the 'en_fleet destroy' crash that occurred when loading a game.
  216. The Penitence meter will no longer increase past fullness.
  217. Enemy ships should no longer freeze player ships upon reaching 0HP.
  218. Ships in general should no longer lock up.
  219. Cheat codes have been changed for May.
  220. Equal specialist distribution no longer gives all your marines lots of experience.
  221. Equal specialist distribution gives the correct amount of dreadnoughts.
  222. -----------------------------------
  223. Version I Don't Care
  225. Major Changes:
  226. None.
  228. Minor Changes:
  229. Fixed a single bug.
  230. -----------------------------------
  231. 0.6543
  233. Major Changes:
  234. None.
  236. Other Changes:
  237. The settings bars in Options now display correctly at 0%.
  238. Removed the 'Leader?:' popup
  239. Removed the BLOODBLOODBLOOD debug popups
  240. The crash that occured when the World Eaters fleet first appears should be fixed.
  241. Ork Fleets should no longer congregate on star systems with a single Dead planet.
  243. -----------------------------------
  244. 0.6542
  246. Major Changes:
  247. Hive Fleets now arrive around turn 275, rather than anywhere from 10-100 turns, and now have more ships in each fleet.
  248. Periodic sector invasions have been added. Enjoy.
  250. Other Changes:
  251. The Khorne Chaos Lord has been added. Expect to encounter him in about half of the games. More Chaos Lord types soon to
  253. come.
  254. Fixed a bug that would instant-kill Chaos fleets when engaged in an AI vs AI battle.
  255. Fixed a bug where AI vs AI fleet strength would be improperly calculated. The victor of an AI vs AI fleet battle makes a
  257. lot more sense now.
  258. Fixed a bug that would prevent the player from losing a ground battle and being stuck within it indefinitely.
  259. The defeat screen will now display the correct icon.
  260. New Ork WAAAGH!'s can occur.
  261. The Penitence decay threshold has been slowed down by about two turns.
  262. -----------------------------------
  263. 0.6541
  265. Major Changes:
  266. Fixed the bug that sometimes saved games into a corrupt state.
  267. Sisters of Battle have been finished and added to the game. They can now properly attack enemy forces or the player, and
  269. be attacked in return.
  271. Other Changes:
  272. Dead Planet buildings actually cost requisition now, as was intended.
  273. The options when replacing an assassinated governor should ACTUALLY BE RESTORED NOW.
  274. A player fleet containing 2 or less escorts, and no other vessels, has a greatly increased chance of retreating safely.
  275. Renegade chapters may no longer produce all items in the armamentarium and those that they can are more expensive. More
  277. with this in the future.
  278. Fixed the 'fdis/pnear' crash.
  279. The original artist of the display marines, sinndogg, has provided some new updated marine outlines. Some of the armor
  281. types have been given new visuals. This has likely bugged some of the weapon positions, which will be fixed over further
  283. consecutive patches.
  284. -Iron Armor Mk3 has been updated
  285. -Terminator Armor has been updated
  286. -Tartaros Armor has been updated
  287. -----------------------------------
  288. 0.6540
  290. Major Changes:
  291. None.
  293. Other Changes:
  294. Saving/Loading/Restarting screen has been updated.
  295. A new Lamenters splash has been added, courtesy of Saushkin. Artist is TheMaestroNoob. Full picture can be seen at
  298. The Defeat screen has been updated.
  299. New games once more start on turn 1 instead of turn 40. Ork WAAAGH!'s shouldn't be nearly as bad now.
  300. The Debug Log entries now have better section keys- this allows the entire sheet to be correctly alphabetized by
  302. spreadsheet software.
  303. Tau forces may no longer spawn on planets with 0 population.
  304. Fixed a rare crash when starting a new game.
  305. Cheatcodes have been changed for April.
  306. The options when replacing an assassinated governor should be restored once more.
  307. While Genestealers may never become Ultramarines, they should no longer commit mass suicide because of it.
  308. -----------------------------------
  309. 0.6539
  311. Major Changes:
  312. Blood Ravens have been finished and are now playable.
  314. Other Changes:
  315. Librarians may no longer become Greater Daemons of Khorne by perils.
  316. Ghost vehicles no longer appear in company management.
  317. Archeotech Laspistols may now be equip.
  318. Sister Hospitalers are no longer listed within the Apothecarion considering they are placed in the HQ.
  319. Promoting a marine no longer removes their powers or special characteristics.
  320. Transferring a marine no longer removes their powers or special characteristics.
  321. Equipping Daemon Artifacts correctly increases corruption now.
  322. Daemon Artifacts have more stuff(TM) contained within their tags.  Stuff(TM) will be concurrently added to Daemon
  324. Artifacts in old saves.
  325. Artifact Tags no longer appear as part of the item name within the marine viewer, changing equipment, equipping an
  327. artifact, or in combat.
  328. Added in a more advanced music controller which will save some future headache.
  329. When Restarting a fleet-based chapter the original Flagship Name will be used.
  330. Ordering your Master of Sanctity/Master Adept to execute you will now give the game over screen.
  331. Four Adeptus Mechancius Missions have been added.  Chapters with the Tech-Brothers advantage are more likely to receive
  333. them.
  334. Scavengers advantage has been added.
  335. As awesome as it might be, Dreadnoughts may no longer become Techmarines or Techmarine Aspirants.
  336. Fixed a bug that sometimes made timers on planets count down faster than normal.
  337. Fixed a bug that made Eldar Useful Information only report on marine corruption- they've had a LOT of other things to
  339. report since one of the first patches.
  340. The 'marine_ranged' crash on combat start should no longer occur.
  341. May have fixed a rare draw event crash with the main controller.
  342. All Artifact Weapons, except for Relic Blades, have received a 50% damage increase.
  343. Daemon Artifact Weapons now have unlimited ammo when applicable.
  344. The Dialogue Options in diplomacy have been optimized and reworked, allowing for more options.
  345. Allied forces fighting alongside the player in ground combat has been implemented, but it only occurs under special
  347. circumstances.  Expect more in future patches.
  348. -----------------------------------
  349. 0.6538
  351. Major Changes:
  352. None.
  354. Other Changes:
  355. There are now only 5 Imperial Battlefleets, subject to more tuning.
  356. Under-construction ships no longer appear as fractions under the initial battle report.
  357. Daemon Worlds may no longer be taken back by the Imperial Guard.
  358. Daemon Worlds are no longer colonized.
  359. The Salamanders and Iron Hands battlecries have been fixed, finally.
  360. Perils of the warp may once more transform psykers into Greater Daemons of Khorne.
  361. Within Unit Role settings, the 'Gear' and 'Mobility' item lists are now correctly named.
  362. You may no longer assign Mobility items to unit roles that are assigned Terminator or Dreadnought armor.
  363. Item armor/experience restrictions are now properly applied to items within unit role settings.
  364. Mass Equipping will no longer remove Artifacts already equip.
  365. Chapter Management now displays the correct number of Wolf Priests for Space Wolves.
  366. Relic Blades and Eviscerators now show in the marine display.
  367. Power Fists have been updated and improved in the marine display.
  368. Fixed a bug that was detecting more fleets orbiting stars than there actually were. Most of the recently reported fleet
  370. bugs should be gone.
  371. You may no longer equip armor artifacts to xenos hirelings. Other types of artifacts remain unaffected.
  372. If you have Techmarines and Librarians set to be part of the command squad, and they are assigned to a company, they will
  374. join that column of marines.
  375. -----------------------------------
  376. 0.6537
  378. Note: Old saves are compatible (sort of) but it is highly advised that you clean them out and start anew.  Alternatively
  380. you may use that nifty 'Restart Game' feature.
  382. Major Changes:
  383. Map dimensions have been increased by 25%.  There are now around 70 stars on each map.
  385. The Imperial Guard/Navy rework has arrived.  In order to balance out the larger map size, and more planets, the Navy
  387. should actually help the player now.  The former stationary garrisons at each planet have been reduced to half their old
  389. size and renamed to Defense Fleets.  There are now six Navy 'Battlefleets' that will patrol around the map.  Battlefleets
  391. can:
  392. -Engage enemy fleets in space combat
  393. -Bombard planets to remove enemy forces, also potentially removing corruption
  394. -Unload/Reload Guardsmen onto/from planets to combat enemy forces
  395. -Visit worlds to recruit new Guardsmen
  396. -Go to Forge Worlds to replace lost ships
  397. -Be rebuilt entirely at a Forge World, should a Battlefleet be lost
  399. Other Changes:
  400. Inquisition Mission time requirements have been fiddled with.
  401. Dead Planets should no longer gain corruption.
  402. The code that handled Imperial Guard vs other factions, in ground combat, has been rewritten.  They should hammer enemy
  404. forces a bit more now.
  405. Random event generator has been rewritten and improved.  Can now roll for events off multiple lists and easily add new
  407. ones.
  408. When changing equipment, empty slots are denoted as (Empty) instead of being entirely blank.
  409. Tyranid units that are denoted as 'vehicles' may no longer be targeted by the Machine Curse power.
  410. Having war declared on you can now revoke the Recruiting rights / Control of a planet, unless the respective planetary
  412. governor has a high enough disposition.
  413. Fixed a bug that prevented Recruiting Worlds from working.
  414. Fixed a bug where a destroyed player fleet might still trigger consecutive space battles.
  415. Gene Tithes are no longer taken when at war with the Imperium.
  416. If you are only at war with the Mechanicus they refuse to take your Gene Tithe to the High Lords of Terra, building up an
  418. IOU and docking your loyalty.
  419. You are no longer asked to go on a Crusade if Excomunicatus Traitorus.
  420. Walls no longer prevent enemy units from attacking.
  421. Player vehicles may once more be attacked.
  422. Losing a ship in fleet combat should no longer grant an amount of ghost marines equal to your specialist count.
  423. Librarians may now be transferred to the various companies.
  424. Librarians may no longer become Greater Daemons of Khorne by perils.
  425. The Inquisition yelling at you when trading away Gene-Seed, or calling you traitor for trading it to Xenos, can no longer
  427. repeat each turn.
  428. In diplomacy, when you click 'Accept' for the number of trade items, it no longer also hits the 'Gene-Seed offered' button
  430. and overwrites the first item.
  431. Heavy Flamers have been added to the second Equip tab.
  432. Homeworld/Recruiting information is properly called when Restarting a game.
  434.     You may no longer edit the Battle Cry or Advisor names when Restarting a game.
  436. -----------------------------------
  437. 0.6536
  439. Major Changes:
  440. If your Chapter Master is present in a fleet battle all of your ships become controllable. You can rectangle-box select
  442. ships with left click, or select them individually, and then order them to attack or move by right clicking.
  444. Other Changes:
  445. Kings of Space advantage added. Allows control of ships, in a battle, even without the Chapter Master present, in addition
  447. to general buffs.
  448. Passwords have been changed for March.
  449. Dreadnoughts in Unit Settings may no longer be assigned all weapons, Gear, or Mobility items."
  450. -----------------------------------
  451. 0.6535
  453. Major Changes:
  454. The initial 'Load to Ships' code has been overhauled- it is now more flexible and intelligent with loading marines.
  455. Restart Game in the Load Game menu now works.  Note that this function will not work with games saved before patch 0.6535-
  457. it is only for future Chapters that you create and save.  By hitting this button a new, fresh sector is generated using
  459. the saved Chapter's initial settings.
  461. Other Changes:
  462. Removed some debugging popups from Trade Fleet Depositing that I accidentally left in.
  463. Removed a bug that occasionally prevented pressing any button while in Diplomacy with a faction.
  464. If you are Psyker Intolerant, or have no Chief Librarian, you will no longer be warned about incoming Tyranid Fleets or
  466. Chaos Invasions.
  467. If you have no Chief Librarian, but are a Psyker Chapter Master, you will still be warned about the above.
  468. You should no longer be tasked to kill Radical Inquisitors en-route to an undiscovered Eldar Craftworld.
  469. Fleets can now discover Planetary Features by being in orbit.  You are no longer required to fly away, and then back, in
  471. order to discover some.
  472. Shrine Homeworlds are no longer immediately flipped back to Ecclesiarchy control.
  473. The Adeptus Sororitas will now request an audience at the start of a game if the player has a Shrine Homeworld or
  475. Recruiting World.
  476. Equipment of killed hirelings no longer has a chance to be recovered.
  477. Retreating Fleets that are destroyed actually get destroyed now.
  478. The Marine Display in management has been somewhat optimized.  Babby machines should see a performance increase.
  479. Dreadnought coloration has been changed.
  480. Chainaxe Armor Penetrating tag removed, as it was unintentional.  Armor Penetration tag given to Powerfist(s), Close
  482. Combat Weapons, Plasma Pistols, and Plasma Guns.
  483. Damage of Plasma Pistols and Plasma Guns have been slightly reduced.
  484. The Libarium has been updated to take into account the removal of ARP.
  485. Fixed a bug that prevented some popup options from appearing.
  486. Ecclesiarchy Artifact interactions have been fully integrated- a couple lines of code were missing.
  487. Assault Cannons now have a graphic in the Marine Display.
  488. Specialist Aspirants are now displayed with the same visual changes as those fully trained.
  489. Servo Arms can now be produced and equip.
  490. Reverend Guardians, Slow And Purposeful, and Tech-Brothers advantages now display special features in the Marine Display.  
  492. A 'Modest Livelry' option has been added in Chapter Settings to disable these.
  493. Unequiping Terminator, Tartaros, or Terminator Artifact Armor will now unequip any held Assault Cannons.
  494. Wolf Wolves marine role names should work properly once more.
  495. Hireling weapons have been assigned stats once more.
  496. The calendar can now increase the millennium as needed.
  497. Imperial Colonists have been restored.
  498. Licenses and trade items from the Sector Commander cost requisition once more.
  499. Fixed an Exterminatus crash.
  500. -----------------------------------
  501. 0.6534
  503. Major Changes:
  504. Necron Fleets have been added to the game.
  506. Attack and Armor Penetration have been consolidated into simply 'Damage'.  Weapons that are especially armor piercing are
  508. now assigned the 'Armor Piercing' tag, or the reverse, 'Low Penetration' for weapons that cannot into armor.  The
  510. relationship with enemy armor is as follows:
  511.         Armor Penetrating tag against Infantry: Ignores armor
  512.         No tag against Infantry: Normal damage
  513.         Low Penetration tag against Infantry: Enemy has 6x armor against the attack
  515.         Armor Penetrating tag against Vehicles: Normal damage
  516.         No tag against Vehicles: Enemy has 6x armor against the attack
  517.         Low Penetration tag against Vehicles: Enemy is immune to the attack, no damage
  519. Other Changes:
  520. The additional Chaplains from 'Reverent Guardians' no longer have bionics by default.
  521. The Tartaros helm now has more secondary color applied with the default coloration.
  522. Ships in transit when you receive a 'Hunt the Fallen' mission no longer jump off the map.
  523. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented Demanding stuff from other factions.
  524. 'Hunt the Fallen' can no longer occur on Space Hulks or Craftworlds.
  525. Conducting multiple trades from the same faction in one turn will now combine the trade fleets if able.
  526. Select All with Attacking now properly adds or removes local forces.
  527. Skitarii are disabled from Trading until the upcoming Imperial Guard/Navy rework.
  528. All hirelings other than Orks now have management artwork.
  529. Techmarines are given Storm Bolters by default instead of Conversion Beam Projectors.
  530. Power Axes may now be selected under Change Equipment and Role Settings.
  531. Power Swords and Power Axes have been increased in price.
  532. Activated Force Weapons have been increased in price and given Splash.
  533. Purchased Crusades are slightly more responsive and should work against Eldar and Tyranids.
  534. Stars should no longer jump off the map when receiving a 'Purge Radical Inquisitor' mission.
  535. Necrons now ignore planetary defenses.  Being, you know, Necrons and all.
  536. Shrine Worlds have been added, and are eligible choices for Homeworlds or Recruiting Worlds.
  537. Adeptus Sororitas hirelings have had their equipment modified.
  538. Fixed a rare crash that happens when Space Hulks spawn.
  539. Stars now check for correct ownership at the start of the first turn.
  540. -----------------------------------
  541. 0.6533
  543. Major Changes:
  544. Added in a new Debug Log that has events written to it as they occur, such as ground and space combat, random events, etc.
  546.  Upon a crash, or experiencing weird behavior, this debug_log.ini file should be sent to the usual email.  And probably
  548. deleted afterwards for a fresh version.
  550. Other Changes:
  551. Some heavy ranged weapons have been increased in price.
  552. Fixed the 'explode string' crash on game launch.  I think.
  553. Post fleet combat 'ship_lost' crash has been fixed.
  554. Added a couple more colors to chapter livery.
  555. Captains are now assigned Bolt Pistols instead of Bolters by default.
  556. Some Chapter Advantages and Disadvantages are mutually exclusive once more.
  557. Finished Paragon and Reverent Guardians advantages.
  558. Psykers can once more use their weapons between casting to tear shit up.
  559. Built Land Raiders and Land Speeders now have their default weapons included.
  560. Fixed combo space battles; they should now be able to occur.
  561. Gene-Seed tithes are now a thing! :D  You automatically hand over 5% of your Space Marine gravy every two years (minimum
  563. 1), or if unable, take a small Loyalty hit and build up an IOU.
  564. Trading away or selling Gene-Seed can have repercussions now.
  565. You can no longer select marines from several companies, as this was not intended and doing nothing but causing errors.
  566. Planets should no longer jump off the screen at the end of the turn.
  567. You may no longer Attack Space Hulks.  Raid and Bombard should be the only options.
  568. Malcador Spyrer Web Spinners now use a more complex formula for incapacitation.
  569. Some missing dialogue has been added.
  570. Planetary Governors will no longer ask for help if player forces are already present.
  571. Planetary Governors can no longer ask for help the same turn the enemy forces are removed.
  572. 'Daemon Binders' changes power text violet rather than the normal blue.
  574. Other:
  575. Messed around with the Marine Damage Resistance formula a lot and determined that it works fine as is.  Variants tried
  577. involved different Damage Multiplier, removing half the armor from the starting damage and end damage, and so on.  If
  579. anyone wishes to mathhammer it themselves and try to find a better formula it currently works as follows:
  580. -Damage Multiplier: 0.7 - ((Marine Experience * Marine Experience) /40000), minimum of 0.25         Displayed damage
  582. resistance is ((1 - Damage Multiplier) * 100)%
  583. -Damage Result: (Damage * Damage Multiplier) - Marine Armor
  585. -----------------------------------
  586. 0.6532
  588. Major Changes:
  589. The top right 'Options' has been replaced with 'Help', which offers additional info on various topics. Taking suggestions
  591. in the GoogleDoc, towards the bottom.
  593. Other Changes:
  594. Assault Cannons are now 1H for Terminators, as was intended.
  595. Fixed a crash with Fleet Combat.
  596. Fixed the 'scr_powers_new' crash on chapter creation.
  597. You may no longer raid with vehicles, you damn Blood Angel.
  598. Supporters are now listed in the About/Credits page.
  599. Saving now takes into account fleet orbits, allowing fleets on future saves to act on the first turn the game is loaded.
  600. You may no longer get free Licenses or Recruiting Worlds if there is no valid origin/destination for the trade fleet.
  601. Baseline planet disposition is now saved. In future saves, upon loading, ???? disposition planets will not start a very
  603. low number.
  604. Attacking with Local Forces is once more functional.
  605. Hunt the Fallen can now have the mission timer increased by a local Warp Storm.
  606. You no longer have to click/enter a key twice to close out of a popup.
  607. -----------------------------------
  608. 0.6531
  610. Major Changes:
  611. The Raid and Attack panels have been updated.
  612. Stars can no longer be empty.
  613. Saving and Loading should now be bug-free.
  614. Power Fists and Chain Fists now also use up a ranged hand slot.
  616. Other Changes:
  617. Added in the 'Debug Mode' cheat.
  618. Fixed a bug where stars would jump off the map.
  619. Fixed a bug where control of the home planet could permanently change to the Imperium.
  620. Planetary Governors now request military assistance.
  621. Planetary Governor post-assassination options have been restored.
  622. Fixed the crash upon entering the Load and Save screen.
  623. Save games now properly show their screenshot.
  624. You may now sit upon your throne.  You egoist, you.
  625. Rune Magick discipline has been fixed.
  626. Fixed a crash when fighting Mechanicus sentries for STC Fragments.
  627. The 'Hunt the Fallen' mission is now completable.
  628. Dark Angel's THE ROCK no longer becomes Imperium Controlled after turn 1.
  629. Fixed a bug preventing Psykers from using attack powers.
  630. Fixed a bug that would prevent Psyker Powers from being displayed.
  631. Custom chapters over 5 Strength now have bonus Astartes, as was intended.
  632. Necron-owned stars will no longer generate a 'taken over by Tau' message every turn if Tau are present.
  633. "Capture a Gaunt" mission no longer overrides Tyranid Space Hulk battles.
  634. The Purge Dissenting Nobles mission completion no longer appears twice in the event log.
  635. The Lair Forge is no longer mentioned twice in lair descriptions.
  636. The first Necron Tomb excursion popup is no longer instantly skipped.
  637. Company Champions now count as part of the command squad.
  638. Promoted marines may now be viewed in management.
  639. Dreadnoughts have been given the 'Strength' attribute, and as such are no longer penalized for using two two-handed
  641. weapons.
  642. When promoting to a Dreadnought, non-compatible weapons and equipment are now taken off.
  643. Promoting marines to DoNotChange no longer deletes them.
  644. Bolter Drilling bonuses now appear with highlighted marines' weapons.
  645. Dreadnoughts are now promotable to Venerable Dreadnoughts at 400 exp.
  646. Save games may once more be deleted.
  647. Vehicles no longer appear undecupled when attacking from space.
  648. Crusades are slightly less fatal.
  649. Company Champions should no longer be eligible for becoming Librarians.
  650. Librarian Aspirants may now also be taken from 2nd company.
  651. Attack, Raid, and Bombard are now possible against inhabited Dead worlds.
  652. Terminator legs are now colored properly with Quadrant style.
  653. Equipping Terminator or Dreadnought armors/artifacts now removes any mobility items from that marine.
  654. Fixed the Exterminatus result popup crash.
  655. -----------------------------
  657. 0.6529
  659. Major Changes:
  660. The Attack/Drop selection script has been rewritten.  You may now Attack with vehicles directly from ships, as was
  662. intended.
  663. Eldar Fleets and Craftworlds have been fixed; you may now fully interact with them.
  664. You may now construct up to one Building on each empty Dead planet.  The current options are Lairs, Arsenals, and Gene-
  666. Vaults.
  668. Other Changes:
  669. Fixed a rare crash with exclamation mark Alerts.
  670. You can no longer scroll the window around in ground combat.
  671. Fixed the crashing upon finishing a space battle.
  672. Resource popups no longer appear while zoomed out.
  673. You can no longer click through Star/Planet selection and accidentally select a new planet or fleet.
  674. The Inquisition has been given new flags for tracking of past offenses.
  676. Other:
  677. The trade crash appears finicky.  If you get an 'error dialogue' from a faction leader, after trading, mention if it is
  679. error #1 or error #2.
  681. ---------------------------------------------------------
  682. 0.6528
  684. Major Changes:
  685. Added a short timer to hitting Enter in combat.
  687. Other Changes:
  688. No more infinite Slaughtersongs.
  689. Relic Blades are two-handed, as was originally intended.
  690. Fixed another max Ship STC Fragment crash.
  691. ---------------------------------------------------------
  692. 0.6527
  694. Major Changes:
  695. The client technically, sort of starts in Windowed Mode and soon after changes to match settings.  The client should no
  697. longer hang for some players on startup this way.  Probably.
  698. Primary and Secondary weapon names are no longer flipped in combat.
  700. Other Changes:
  701. The Welcome to Sector screen has been fixed.
  702. Star Selection buttons with Space Hulks have been fixed.
  703. Recruit bonus experience now properly saves.
  704. You can no longer gift infinite STC Fragments.
  705. Fixed a crash when opening the Promote popup
  706. Psyker Chapter Masters now use powers as was intended.
  707. Fully unlocked Ship STC Fragments no longer crashes the game when moving fleets.
  708. Fleet and Penitent based chapters no longer start the game with control over their home star system.
  709. The colors Sanguine and White have been fixed.
  710. Fixed a crash when Trading.
  711. Trade Fleets can no longer show up early (if Fleet or Penitent based) and lower their faction's disposition.  They can
  713. still chase the player fleet around and get irritated.
  714. Fixed the Apothecarion crash.
  715. Fixed the Ingame Menu left_mouse crash.
  716. Fixed (probably) the dudes_num crash.
  717. Fixed the 'clicking on a planet after buying a Recruiting World' crash.
  718. The Ingame Menu should no longer become blank.
  719. Necron Tombs can no longer awaken awaken awaken awaken awaken.
  720. Player-controlled planets can be recolonized.
  721. ------------------------------------------------
  722. 0.652
  724. Major Changes:
  725. None.
  727. Other Changes:
  728. Fixed Star Selection; it now displays the correct Buttons.
  729. You may now scroll by holding the cursor near the screen edge.
  730. Fixed the Liverly Color crash.  God dammit.
  732. ------------------------------------------------
  733. 0.651
  735. Major Changes:
  736. Within settings you may now toggle Full Screen on or off.  Slightly wonky.
  738. Other Changes:
  739. Fixed the obj_popup right mouse crash.
  740. Fixed the Reclusium crash.
  741. Fixed the non-existent Tutorial crash.
  742. The Management missing sprite crash should be fixed.
  743. Fixed the customize role crash in Chapter creation.
  744. The 'Unable to Draw Non-Existing Sprite' for saving/loading should be fixed.
  745. Faction Leaders should be hidden until discovered once more.
  746. Fixed being able to select new Recruiting Planets.
  747. Fixed the 'Hover over Loyalty' crash.
  748. Techmarines can be displayed outside of the HQ Company.
  749. Forge Masters may recover STC Fragments, as was intended.
  750. Fallen and Spyrers should now trigger battles correctly.
  753. -----------------------------------
  754. 0.65
  756. Major Changes:
  757. Specialist marines no longer count towards the chapter size; chapters are larger as a result.
  758. STC Fragments may be gifted or identified to grant bonuses.
  759. Gene-Seed Test-Slave Incubators have been added to the Apothecarium.
  760. Librarians have been buffed considerably- perils happen half as frequently, all attack powers do twice the damage, and
  762. buffs are only cast under particular circumstances.
  763. Chapters may have up to four Advantages and Disadvantages.
  764. Planetary Governors now have their own individual dispositions.
  765. If a Planetary Governor likes your Chapter enough they grant bonus Requisition in the form of tribute.
  766. Fleet Combat has been overhauled- it is now possible to have three or four-way battles.
  767. The 'Attack' button, in Star Selection, now works.
  768. Chapter Settings page has been added.  It is used to change company and Astartes settings, in addition to mass equipping
  770. Astartes.
  772. Other Changes:
  773. A few items have been increased in price.
  774. The Penitorium is fully functional.
  775. The Fleet Advisor screen has been completed.
  776. You may choose a specific Aspirant Trial for Neophytes.
  777. Iron Halos no longer suck the life from your marines.
  778. Daemon Binders, Lightning Warriors, and Psyker Abundance advantages added.  Never Forgive disadvantage finished.
  779. More ship names have been added.
  780. Bionics are fully implemented; they are equip in the management screen to restore health to your marines.
  781. The initialization overhaul gave Lamenters terminator armor.  This has been rectified.
  782. Iron Hands have been added to the available chapters.
  783. Integrated Servo Arms' Flamethrowers, underslung weapons, and Jump Packs should now work.
  784. Thunder Hammers are one-handed and require 70EXP to use.
  785. The Master of the Fleet and Master of Recruits are properly integrated as the 4th and 10th company captains.
  786. Lexicanum and Codiciery can be promoted as was intended.  New Lexicanum are assigned powers like they're supposed to.
  787. Master Crafted variants of all weapons may now be seen in Change Equipment and the Shop.
  788. Penitent Chapters can no longer recruit, as was intended.
  789. Space Hulks are now named and Imperial Colonists are no longer sent to them.
  790. If your Disposition or Loyalty is low enough Inquisition Missions become mandatory.
  791. Company Champions have been added.
  793. Other:
  794. The tutorial does not exist yet.  Choosing to enter the tutorial will crash the game.
  795. A few minor screens have yet to be updated, including the Sector Welcome, Post-Battle Fleet, and Company Settings screens.
  796. -----------------------------------------------
  797. 0.642
  799. Major Changes:
  800. None.
  802. Other Changes:
  803. Infinite Ruins has been removed.  ANCIENT STARSHIP result should now be completable.
  804. Artifact Terminator/Dreadnought armor should now use the correct amount of space.
  805. Specialist marines should no longer chill at "home" doing nothing.
  806. Teleporting marines bug may have been fixed.  Maybe.
  807. Select all ships for bombard-purging has been fixed.
  808. Fixed initializing dreadnoughts at chapter creation.
  809. -------------------------------------------------
  810. 0.641
  812. Other Changes:
  813. With Ancient Ruins, you should no longer be given blank equipment.
  814. Ancient Ruins Artifact crash has been fixed.
  815. Combat should no longer crash randomly.
  816. --------------------------------------------------
  817. 0.64
  819. Warning: Old saves are no longer loadable, due to behind-the-scenes array changes.
  821. Major Changes:
  822. Fortress Monasteries have been given additional defenses which are used in Fleet or local Ground battles.  The amount of
  824. weapons start relatively low, but increase over time.  This rate is boosted if you have the Crafters or Tech-Brothers
  826. Advantage, and the maximum number of weapons is increased by the Siege Masters Advantage.
  827. Chapter Initialization script has been updated.  New chapters start with less Dreadnoughts, and Terminators, but have
  829. spare sarcophagi.
  830. Loading/Unloading system has been updated.  Marines should no longer teleport.  Report any bugs this may have generated.
  831. Mechanicus Minor Artifacts, in trade, have been added.
  832. Select All (selection size) has been updated.
  833. The Penitorium has been added (mostly).
  834. Space Hulks have been completed.
  835. Ancient Ruins have been completed.
  837. Other Changes:
  838. Crusades have been given a range indicator for maximum fleet range.
  839. Restored dialogue options to the first Eldar quest.
  840. Removed some debugging stuff that I left in.  Oops.
  841. Perils of the Warp frequency has been halved.
  842. The rare 'Exterminatus across the sector' bug has been fixed.
  843. Star systems should no longer have blank names.
  844. Apothecaries/Techmarines are working again within ships.
  845. Tyranid forces now save correctly.
  846. Various bugfixes.
  847. --------------------------------------------------------
  848. 0.636
  850. Major Changes:
  851. None.
  853. Other Changes:
  854. During a battle, if the player/enemy army has only 1 unit remaining their health is displayed.
  855. Equipment changing has been fixed.
  856. Jump Packs no longer take additional space.
  857. Lamenters vehicles are usable once more.
  858. Can now exit from 'I want that artifact' trading.
  859. After exiting from 'I want that artifact', and giving up, marines are returned to their ship.
  860. Exiting out of trading for an artifact no longer messes up the next audience.
  861. The Spyrer =][= mission is completable once again.
  862. Gene-seed can no longer be recovered from asploded or daemon'ified librarians.
  863. The info_fragments crash has been fixed.
  864. Fixed a rare crash with fleet retreat.
  865. Artifact Dreadnoughts can now be equip.  May have generated new bugs- be vigilous.
  866. Various bugfixes.
  867. -------------------------------------------------------------
  868. 0.635
  870. Major Changes:
  871. Many new weapons have been added/fixed/included.
  872. Item stats can now be viewed in the armory.
  873. Unidentified STC Fragments can now be traded.
  875. Other Changes:
  876. Control can be returned from Necrons if there is no Awakened Tomb and no Necron Forces.
  877. Control may now be returned to planets by raiding.  Unloading is no longer required.
  878. Requisition income has been doubled.  Certain trade items are now more expensive.
  879. Unloading troops to a Daemon World no longer crashes the game.
  880. Selecting marines with an empty item slot, and other marines with a non-empty item slot, should no longer try to
  882. distribute gear.
  883. Sororitas Cathedrals properly slow the increase of heresy.
  884. Can now longer trade fractions of an item.
  885. Artifact weapons have been buffed.
  886. The experience-modifying-stats ceiling has been raised.
  887. Various bugfixes.
  888. --------------------------------------------------------------
  890. 0.634
  892. Major Changes:
  893. None
  895. Other Changes:
  896. Founding Chapters get 2000 requisition instead of 500
  897. Recruiting has been fixed.
  898. Damaged ships should no longer kill all marines onboard.
  899. You can no longer unequip Dreadnoughts.
  900. The second problem/quest of each world properly saves now.
  901. Various bugfixes.
  903. --------------------------------------------------------------
  905. 0.633
  907. Major Changes:
  908. Daemon Worlds are now functional.
  909. Exterminatus has been added.
  910. Imperial Navy better responds to player Crusades.
  911. Empty Imperial planets will be recolonized.
  913. Other Changes:
  914. Greater Daemons buffed considerably.  Enjoy.
  915. Force Weapons work as intended now.
  916. Several Perils of the Warp results have been fixed.
  917. Control can now be returned from Tau and Chaos planets.
  918. Dreadnoughts can no longer be Apothecaries.  Again.  Goddammit.
  919. Crash when Purge-Bombarding 0 population planets is fixed.
  920. Red Thirst requires more casualties in a battle.
  921. Fixed Inquisition trade bug.
  922. Sister Hospitallers and Techpriests now assist their marine counterparts.
  923. Crusades no longer give Gene-Seed to chapters with the Doomed mutation.
  924. Necron Tombs may now be sealed off with Plasma Bombs.  Might have broken the Necron =][= quest in the process.  Let me
  926. know.
  927. Inquisition missions properly save and load.
  928. Salamander and Space Wolf numbers adjusted.
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