NeoVegelion 1.5: You Can (Not) Recover

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  1. [18:59:14] <Nixie> It's a bright and sunny day.  It's not as bright and sunny inside a gloomy hospital, where a bandage-smothered black-haired girl prances the halls.  She hums a catchily familiar tune as she goes, and seems to either not be acknowledging the cast on her arm, or trying to distract herself from it on purpose.
  2. [19:04:00] <Emily_Borg> And as the girl makes her way through the sterile, austere place of healing and life saving, Nixie is more or less left alone; the nurses, doctors, and techs in the halls seem to nod greetings at her at most, and other patients throw her waves or otherwise are friendly to the girl. No point in behaving otherwise, after all. +
  3. [19:07:08] <Emily_Borg> But as she wanders, she stumbles across something curious; across the hall, there's a small blonde girl slowly making her way on crutches as two nurses seem to almost... coddle her, as though her porcelain skin were as fragile as the analogy would suggest at face value. After another step, the girl stops and glances around, +
  4. [19:09:01] <Emily_Borg> Her eyes hidden behind a pair of thick perscription sunglasses. Her gaze falls on Nixie, and she tilts her head at the girl, seeming to stare at her and whisper something to one of the hovering therapists, who points at the casted girl across the hub room and replies to the blonde's query, whatever it may have been. +
  5. [19:12:36] <Emily_Borg> Another whisper to the flanking nurse, and the man nods and takes a step back. Now with an unobstructed view of this strange blonde, it's abundantly clear that she was just recently in some sort of intense surgery or accident; her chest is wrapped tightly in bandages, her legs in some sort of supporting brace that allows her to put weight on them with a pair of canes or crutches
  6. [19:14:23] <Emily_Borg> . After taking a deep breath... she gives Nikki a small wave. Trepidation fills her stomach as she does this; the techs said she was a nice girl, that her and Emily could be great friends... but dhe just can't shake this feeling of... fear, of paranoia that makes her wary, unwilling to go beyond a wave...
  7. [19:18:42] <Nixie> The hummer stops in her tracks as this happens.  Indeed, there's plenty to fear because there's a scowl on her face as she goes, and despite the cheery tune she doesn't return any of the greetings to anybody.  This time, she gazes forward, and follows it up with a step.  Then another.  She's not very tall so it's not like she towers over the blonde or anything, but the irritated look in her eyes is condescending enough to where she might as well be looking straight down.  Inhaling a bit, she speaks up.  "Do I know you?"
  8. [19:19:20] <Nixie> "... Look, I'm not giving out autographs in a place like this if that's what you're after."
  9. [19:22:37] <Emily_Borg> That tone! Immediately, Emily regrets her choice, flinching momentarily and recoiling back into her supporting crutches. So... it's gonna be like that, huh? Emily's silent as she stares at the girl with an outwardly neutral expression, silent for long enough that it rapidly becomes awkward waiting for her to respond, but not long enough for Nixie to say anything before Emily says, +
  10. [19:24:37] <Emily_Borg> "N-no... but..." Emily blinks. "Why would I want your autograph, anyway? You're just a pilot. Like me. But... uh..." But worse. But worse! The clincher to the retort, the two words that would make Tom Sawyer and his ilk proud of her sits there, ready to be spat out in this battle of wits, but... she just cant say it. Shame, really.
  11. [19:28:31] <Nixie> "Pilot?"  Outwardly scoffing, Nixie reaches with her non-casted hand and maneuvers a lock of her own hair in front of her face.  She looks at it a second, acknowledging that it's black, which answers all the questions she'd have for herself.  When she lets it down, she takes a step forward.  "Oh... So YOU'RE the one that bastard told us about?"  Her scowl turns into a smirk.  At this point she's probably wearing one of those godawful hospital gowns, but wears it comfortably, as though it were some kind of cosplay, and leans against a wall nearby.  "Nice coincidence, I was gonna go hunting for the other one to ask something."
  12. [19:37:45] <Emily_Borg> Bastard? What bastard... The girl visibly relaxes as Nixie starts to smile. "Well... I was on my way to visit you, so... not much of a coincidence, really." Emily gives a light smirk.
  13. [19:40:38] <Nixie> "Oooh!  Aren't you sweet?"  It's hard to tell if she's being sarcastic or genuine from her voice.  Maybe a mixture of both.  After a little giggle - which she follows up by wincing at visible pain as she forgot she was wearing a cast - she speaks again, "Well... Why?  Why'd you sign up for this?  I mean, if you don't know who I am you might be as braindead as the other girl, but it's not like I can blame anyone for not recognizing me.... like this.  So maybe I am 'just a pilot' right now.  But...!"
  14. [19:45:07] <Emily_Borg> Emily squints, but foists herself up a little on her crutches. This girl is... strange. She... well, she makes Emily feel not quite right, like there's an undercurrent here that her subconscious is picking up on. Still though- braindead? +
  15. [19:48:47] <Emily_Borg> Anyway, Emily quirks her head a little. Signed up for this? "Ummmm..." A bit... frazzled, and definitely uncomfortable with this, Emily keeps her gaze on Nikki as she picks up one crutch and sets it back behind her, almost as though she were about to turn and run... though thatd be tough in splints.
  16. [19:50:04] * Nixie keeps an eye on the girl, but doesn't pursue. As she leans, her visage returns to its former scowl. "... Okay, so you're not the talkative type."
  17. [19:55:05] <Emily_Borg> Emily blinks from behind her glasses. Maybe that's true... but she doesnt have problems talking to her mom usually! Nixie is just... really hard to talk to. The debate rages inside Emily visibly for a moment, but after a bit, she retorts, "No... I'm plenty talkative." It's supposed to sound confident and poised, she even swaggers herself a little on the crutches and stares up at Nixie, but her voice sounds just a touch squeaky and m
  18. [19:59:16] <Nixie> "Nope."  NOW she gets up from her rest and stomps toward Emily like a kaiju, trampling imaginary buildings in her path.  "The girl from the other day who got torn apart and punched in the head repeatedly was plenty talkative.  Actually she was TOO talkative, I wished she'd shut up."  She speaks without caring about the doctors and whatnot in the room, and tears start to well up in her eyes a little bit.  She wipes them and then wears a devilish smirk again, almost right up in the girl's face by now.  "But you, you're not even answering my question!  Why is that?  Something you're scared of?  Something you KNOW?"  The last word exudes all the stress built up in Nixie's system, coming out almost as a growl.
  19. [19:59:46] <Nixie> ... And then she realizes she moved her broken arm in the process, and yowls in reaction.  "Ow!  Fuck!"
  20. [20:05:44] <Emily_Borg> Nixie's outburst is more than enough to make Emily freak the fuck out. Her heart pounding in her chest, she squeals loudly and throws herself down behind the nearby reception desk as one of the nurses accompanying Emily intervenes. "Hey! Kid! Calm down, she's..." there's a soft +
  21. [20:07:58] <Emily_Borg> 'crick' sound as Emily hits the ground. The two nurses glance at each other, and the one not occupying Nikki flops down and immediately starts trying to speak softly to the small blonde, only for her to lamely swing a crutch at him. +
  22. [20:08:24] <Emily_Borg> Nurse #1 rolls his eyes. "Fragile. She's fragile."
  23. [20:11:29] <Nixie> "Whatever."  Nikki just turns around with a 'hmph,' not even watching the ensuing carnage anymore.  "I think I'm done with her anyway, if she's going to be like that.  Why even bother talking to someone who can't answer a simple question?  Sheesh."  As tough as she acts, on the other side of the nurses' vision she's cringing and maybe tearing up a bit at the sheer pain.  She also manages an unseen grimace as she notices a spot of blood appearing on her cast, which is the last thing she wanted.
  24. [20:11:49] <Nixie> "Tell her to come back if she's actually gonna talk," with a wave using her good arm.
  25. [20:17:42] <Nixie> Many hours, maybe days(?) later, Nikki's gotten bored of roaming the halls and being pissed off at everybody, more content to be pissed off at herself.  No longer humming, anybody near her room can hear a faint song in her voice.  Or in the voice of the idol Nikki, if they listen to whatever the modern radio is.  "Shine, bright morning light, now in the air the spring is coming♪"
  26. [20:17:55] <Nixie> "Sweet blowing wind, singing down the hills and valleys~♪"
  27. [20:19:50] <Emily_Borg> More likely it's been a day or two since Nikki and Emily had their first abortive meeting. Taking a deep breath, the bandaged blonde stares through the window into her co pilot's room, wondering exactly how she should enter, and then just deciding to knock and crack the door open. +
  28. [20:20:08] <Emily_Borg> "Hey." She says softly. "Mind if uh... I come in?"
  29. [20:20:57] <Nixie> "Keep your eyes on me," instead of cutting off, her voice softens and transitions out of the line.  "It's you?  Yeah, go ahead."  There's no malice in her voice this time- if anything it's just boredom.
  30. [20:21:13] <Nixie> "Door's open."
  31. [20:24:30] <Emily_Borg> Emily blinks. Of course the door's open, she just opened it... But hey, painkillers do funny things to the mind, and Emily's no stranger to that, so she just... steps in, her oversized hospital gown nearly dragging on the floor as she slowly hobbles her way towards the girl. +
  32. [20:25:52] <Emily_Borg> After an agonizingly long time, Emily sits down next to Nixie, heaving herself into a chair carefully. She stares at the girl from behind her glasses and swallows hard. The nurses said it was just a bad time, so... +
  33. [20:26:46] <Emily_Borg> "Was that... you singing?" She ventures, her tone more than a little plaintive as she tries to tamp down the worry building within her from the memory of yesterday.
  34. [20:27:04] <Emily_Borg> *"Were you just... singing?"
  35. [20:27:59] <Nixie> Wordlessly, she nods.  And then, giving no warning, picks back up, "... now we are on the edge of Hell. ♪"
  36. [20:28:07] <Nixie> "Dear my love, sweet morning light,"
  37. [20:28:17] <Nixie> "Wait for me, you've gone much farther, too far... ♪"
  38. [20:28:44] <Nixie> With a much peppier smile than last time, she looks Emily in the eyes.  "You like it?  I'm not famous for nothing."
  39. [20:34:27] <Megaman3300> Emily bites her lip. Nikki said something about being famous before, but... "Oh. Well um... it sounds... pretty okay." Emily smiles a little, then gives a quicj little "eep" as she realizes the error in her grammar. "Your... voice, I mean. But the song is uh... pretty okay too." Boom. Nailed it. Emily would give herself a fistpump if she knew what that was; but she got the first rule of cool right: always understate. Fuck yeah.
  40. [20:35:03] <Emily_Borg> Her smile broadens, and she laughs a little as she brushes a stray lock of hair out of her face.
  41. [20:35:17] <Emily_Borg> *giggles just a touch as she...
  42. [20:36:15] <Nixie> "Just OKAY?"  Nikki SNAPS TO ATTENTION... and then pulls back and giggles.  "... Kidding.  My voice isn't the same as it should be after the... incident.  I'm just pissed off about the whole thing, I guess."
  43. [20:38:02] <Emily_Borg> "EEP!" Emily squeals and pulls back, kicking herself away as best she can and bringing her arms to defend herself, then.
  44. [20:39:22] <Emily_Borg> then... staring a little sheepishly as Nikki says she was "just kidding." Quickly, her expression turns to a pout. "Don't... don't do that!"
  45. [20:39:56] <Emily_Borg> *Nix the last sentence
  46. [20:40:29] <Emily_Borg> *that is, nix the dialogue
  47. [20:41:09] <Nixie> "Relax," Nixie lets out a disappointed sigh but doesn't stop smiling.  "I don't bite.  Well... okay, sometimes I do, I guess."  Her arm reaches out and pokes at the sunglasses with a fingernail, as if trying to lift them up.  She doesn't go all the way with that though, satisfied with tapping them if she can even reach that far.  "But not when I'm bored out of my mind, I swear I'm gonna die in here.  Talk to me."
  48. [20:44:06] <Emily_Borg> Giving a soft "meep" of discontent, Emily swats away the offending finger as soon as it pokes her, then retaliates with a poke of her own. "I'll..." The terror is subsiding now, the blonde can actually think. So, with a pouty tone of voice, Emily says, "You promise you're not gonna bite?"
  49. [20:44:56] <Nixie> "For now," she retorts with an amused smile.
  50. [20:46:16] <Emily_Borg> Still pouting, Emily looks away, then back at Nixie. "A... alright. I'll talk, but..." She crosses her arms. "You gotta apologize for... yesterday and... and right now." Her voice drops to a soft mumble as shr tightens her self-hug.
  51. [20:46:32] <Emily_Borg> She really wants to be friends with Nixie, honest!
  52. [20:48:11] <Nixie> "What, you couldn't tell that was what I was saying?  Sheesh, I gotta spell it out for you?"  Sitting on her bed, she leans back, and lets out what might be a soft groan.  "I said I was stressed and pissed off.  So I shouldn't've snapped like that.  ... But it doesn't change that you might know something I don't."
  53. [20:50:08] <Emily_Borg> Emily blinks, and... relaxes, dropping her arms off herself just a little as she huffs. "Well... okay. Apology accepted." She pouts a little more, then adds, "... know something about... what?"
  54. [20:52:03] <Nixie> "Um, about those... THINGS we're piloting, for one!  I thought I was just gonna be in a giant robot to show off for crowds, but then..."  She cuts herself off to shiver deeply.  In the process she moves her broken arm again, and yelps reactively.
  55. [20:52:26] <Nixie> "... And now I'm in HERE.  I'm supposed to be outside, doing important stuff!"
  56. [20:54:31] <Emily_Borg> Perhaps before either Emily or Nixie can even percieve it, Emily's hands have gone to Nixie's cast and pushed it back, immobilizing her arm with the help of the blonde's lightning quick reflexes. "Stop moving this! You're... you're just gonna break it worse"
  57. [20:55:15] <Emily_Borg> As soon as Nixie yelped like that, Emily kind of... stopped paying attention to what the girl was saying!
  58. [20:55:19] <Emily_Borg> *worse!"
  59. [20:55:53] * Nixie lets out more of an 'mmph' than anything. "Oh uh.... er... thanks. I gotta take care of my body, so I've never had stuff... like this happen before."
  60. [20:57:01] <Emily_Borg> "Well... get used to it." Emily says in a defeated tone of voice.
  61. [20:57:14] <Emily_Borg> And still pressing down on Nixie's arm, of course.
  62. [20:58:11] <Nixie> A deep sigh.  Ni(kki/xie) actually pauses a moment herself, but doesn't make any effort to move.  She just keeps looking forward with a neutral expression.  "So uh... you gonna answer the question?  Y'know, you're gonna sound really suspicious if you keep avoiding it."
  63. [21:00:26] <Emily_Borg> "Well... if you're a pilot, then... that means you gotta fight." Emily says as she lets off of Nixie's arm and continues to stare at it with a quirked lip. "Because... we're the only ones who can pilot them." +
  64. [21:01:19] <Emily_Borg> Now giving a soft "mph" of discontent, Emily opens the drawers next to the hospital bed and searches through them for... something. She finds some gauze and pulls it out, then hmphs and puts it back.
  65. [21:03:59] <Nixie> Nikki just kinda headtilts during this, but looks deep in thought.  Something on her face looks surprised, but the shock struggles with acceptance and within seconds the latter wins.  "The... only ones, huh?  That explains a lot.  I wouldn't wish piloting that thing on my worst enemy."  She shuffles uncomfortably on her bed-seat.  "B-But... I'm still gonna tell 'em I quit once I get outta here.  I am just TOO important to risk on this crap."
  66. [21:07:34] <Emily_Borg> "Quit? But... how?" Emily says, her tone blatantly incredulous as she slams the drawers shut and gives another annoyed "hmph." She can't find anything to properly immobilize that cast... but she did find safety pins and a pair of scissors, and within moments the girl starts unbuttoning her +
  67. [21:07:53] <Emily_Borg> hospital gown. That arm is gonna be immobilized right fucking now.
  68. [21:08:32] <Nixie> "Whaddaya mean how?  I'm gonna get ahold of my lawyer an- ... h-hey, wait, what're you doing?"
  69. [21:11:19] <Emily_Borg> "Immobilizing your arm." Emily says matter-of-factly as she pulls off her hospital gown, revealing her lithe torso covered in the scars of both medicine and injury. She takes the scissors and starts cutting lengths from the gown.
  70. [21:11:40] <Emily_Borg> +
  71. [21:11:56] <Emily_Borg> "You cant just have your arm free like that! You'll mess it up again!"
  72. [21:12:55] * Nixie just watches in disbelief, blinking more than a few times. "You're... a really weird person, you know that? And here I thought my fanclub were nutcases."
  73. [21:15:12] <Emily_Borg> "..." And it's at this point that Emily remembers what she was told. 'No, most people find nudity uncomfortable...' With a slightly reddening face, the girl sheepishly puts her gown back on and says. "S... sorry. Just... Ive broken my arm a few times before, a-and sometimes the docs forget to immobilize it, so um..." She looks away.
  74. [21:17:15] <Nixie> "... Nah.  It's just... weird that you're trying to help me when you don't even know me.  Not doing it for an autograph or anything, either."  She lets out a little giggle.  "But thanks, I guess.  It's the thought that counts and all- I'll try to be more careful with it."
  75. [21:20:15] <Emily_Borg> "O-okay." Emily says softly. The two girls sit there in an awkward silence for a bit, until Emily tries to break the ice by saying, "Um... your lawyer...?"
  76. [21:23:08] <Nixie> "Oh, yeah, to figure out all the kinks in the contract and get me out.  There's gotta be something in there, and getting injured is gonna hurt my public image more than piloting a robot is gonna help it, you know?  So I guess we're not gonna see each other again after this."  Nixie pauses to look up at the ceiling, pondering.  "... I haven't heard if the other girl made it out okay.  She was a real freak of nature, but if she's not six feet under I guess you two'll get along."
  77. [21:30:13] <Nixie> And for the first time in what may have been years, the prissy diva idol had a conversation with somebody she'd later be able to admit she enjoyed.  Not that she stopped thinking the other girl was a complete weirdo, but given so much alone time and being a social butterfly, the boredom was nigh-crushing.  Unfortunately for her case, she never learned anything about the Evangelions she didn't know already.
  78. [21:30:34] <Nixie> TO BE CONTINUED?
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