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  1. Hip Hop Crime Syndicate and the Drug Council
  2. The African American Mafia is an influential organized crime group in the United States operating the defense for La Cosa Nostra. The Corsican-Sicilian mafia which is operating in Baltimore and is overseen by corrupt CIA and FBI agents sell the opium to the Lucchese crime family in New York City and they provide a portion of it to D-Block which is a rap group and organized crime group operating out of Yonkers with Sheek Louch (Lucchese), Jadakiss, and Styles P as rappers and bosses and them and their associates then run it to the block gangs in various cities on the East Coast. The Lucchese crime family operate in Yonkers with their Tanglewood Boys. D-Block are selling heroin to various block gang sets in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and these block gangs then fight each other for dominance in the cities. Back in 2005-2006 they turned nearly every street in my nearby city into individual gangs with the most dominant block gang calling itself D-Block. Once the crime increased the local police brought in the federal agents which federalized the local police. D-Block has a gang in New Orleans called D-Block. They have female agents in the New Orleans Port Authority which is involved in human trafficking. D-Block then launders their money at their D-Block Car Wash and Gas located in Yonkers as well as launder drug and criminal profits through their D-Block Records. Businesses like car washes, bars, and strip clubs deal in mostly cash and this is useful in laundering dirty money. D is for Diesel and D is the most common street term for heroin. D-Block is the largest African American organized crime syndicate in the United States.
  4. Joseph Lubrano runs the Lucchese Yonkers division today. The Tanglewood Boys of Yonkers deny he is a member however they said that to protect him. D-Block are probably the highest level black mafia in the United States and are the most powerful mafia organization in the rap industry. As the heads of the Black Mafia in the United States Sheek Louch represents the Lucchese crime family, Styles P represents the Gambino crime family, and Jadakiss represents the Genovese crime family and they are the reformed Council formerly headed up by Nicky Barnes. The Diplomats are a Harlem rap group and them and their Purple City Productions associates are like a continuation of the East Harlem Purple Gang which was allied with the Council. Dipset includes the rappers Cam'ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana. Herb McGruff is a Harlem rapper that works with the Council and their marijuana trafficking. Cam'ron worked with McGruff in the early 90's along with Big L who was murdered. Big L was intended to be the head of the Council. Frank Lucas was a hidden front man for the Council. The Cuban and Puerto Rican rapper Fat Joe who is from the South Bronx along with his group Terror Squad work with the Cuban Marielitos gangs which also operate out of the South Bronx. Members of Terror Squad include the rappers Cuban Link, Triple Seis, Prospect, and Armageddon and they work with the African American Mafia. Some high level Puerto Rican mobster rappers also include Joel Ortiz, Chris Rivers the son of Big Pun, and Termanology who works with the Irish Mafia in Boston through Statik Selektah an Irish music producer from the same town as Termanology.
  6. Slaine is a rapper and actor as well as a Irish mobster that works with them as well as the Irish rapper and mobster Danny Boy in the group La Coka Nostra. Reks is another Boston rapper and member of the African American Mafia. The Alchemist is a rap music producer connected with many East Coast gangster rappers and he is a white Jew. Alchemist is a Jewish mobster and middle man between the African-American Mafia and the Jewish Mafia. Action Bronson is a Jewish-Albanian mobster and rapper as well as a boss of some Albanian gangs. The movie American Gangster was about Frank Lucas and Jay Z made a music album associated with the movie. Jay Z is like the modern Councils "Frank Lucas." D-Block are also working with P Diddy who they were originally signed to under Bad Boy Records.
  8. P Diddy is a front man for the Genovese 116th Uptown Crew headed up by Liborio Bellomo. P Diddy was signed to Andre Harrell's Uptown Records and today Diddy is worth over 800 million. P Diddy and the rapper Shyne who was signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records were arrested for gun possession and attempted murder. P Diddy got off on all charges and Shyne did 10 years in prison and took the fall as P Diddy's patsy. Shyne is still a criminal even though he took the fall for Diddy. Shyne's father is the Prime Minister of Belize. Belize has a lot of street gangs and the drug cartels operate there. The Lucchese crime family supplied opium and heroin to the Council and they still do to this day. Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P are known in the Council as the Three Wise Guys. They are probably the most legitimate mafia organization comparable to the Italian mafia. Members of Wu-Tang and Dipset are members of the modern day Drug Council including Jim Jones, Hell Rell, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah as members. Hell Rell works as Jim Jones' middle man.
  10. Other criminal members of Wu-Tang include Method Man and his associate Redman, U-God, GZA, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, and Cappadonna. They are all criminals and Wu-Tang specializes in prostitution of white women and trafficking of Angel Dust or PCP. Masta Ace is an associate of Wu Tang and also a criminal tactician. M.O.P. are a Brooklyn rap duo involved with organized crime. The rapper Kool G Rap is an elder and like a consiglieri for the African American Mafia. The rapper AZ is likely a member of the Council and he operates in New Jersey and also works with Nas. Their influence and credibility with street gangs has put them high up within organized crime. D-Block are connected with Ruff Ryders with the psychopath and career criminal DMX and Cassidy a Philly rapper as a former member. Cassidy and his Larsiny Family rap group oversee some street gang's criminal activities in North Philly as a proxy for the Greek Philly Mob which operate in North Philly and they also work with Albanian Mafia associates. Cassidy was tried for murder and got off on time served during his trial.
  12. Meek Mill is a South Philly rapper with a long criminal history formerly overseeing some street gangs in his territory as a proxy for the Philly Mob. Meek Mill is a convicted criminal. Beanie Sigel is a South Philly rapper signed to Jay Z's Roc-a-Fella records and is also overseeing street gangs in the Philly region. Beanie Sigel takes his name to honor the Jewish gangster Bugsy Siegel.
  14. Lil Wayne is from New Orleans and signed with Cash Money Records along with Birdman its co-founder. Birdman was charged with possession of a pound of marijuana in 2007. Lil Wayne was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana and did one year in Rikers Island and later was arrested for possession of narcotics for sale. Trina is a female rapper from Florida that works with Lil Wayne and she is involved in trafficking children. Cash Money Records is a New Orleans crime family proxy overseeing criminal gangs in the New Orleans region. The New Orleans crime family is headed up by Joe Gagliano along with Marcello family associates. They run and infiltrate some Louisiana casinos and are involved with criminal trafficking with the Gulf Cartel. The Spanish Bourbons own the Gulf Cartel and their French cousins the House of Orleans own the New Orleans crime family. B.G. is another rapper signed to Cash Money and received 14 years for illegal gun possession and witness tampering. Cash Money is also located in Miami, Florida where the Trafficante crime family operate and they work with the Gulf Cartel and Cuban Mafia and have associates of the Five Families managing criminal operations. DJ Khaled is a Miami based music producer connected with Jay Z's Roc Nation, Terror Squad, and Cash Money. The mafia in Florida are involved with trafficking large amounts of cocaine. Rick Ross is a high level mafia associate and gangster rapper from Florida who has been charged with possession, kidnapping and assault. The rapper Rick Ross takes his name from the drug trafficker "Freeway" Rick Ross. The rapper Rick Ross is close friends with Chris Paciello a member of the Italian Mafia who was convicted of murder and now owns clubs and bars in Miami.
  16. The Trafficante crime family oversee the Georgia region as well with Vincent LoScalzo as a top adviser. T.I. is an Atlanta rapper signed to Jay Z's label. He was convicted of federal weapons charges and recently opened a strip club. The mafia run most of the strip clubs in the United States and use them for money laundering, prostitution, and drug dealing. Detroit's Black Mafia operate in Georgia. Gangster rappers and their record companies are criminal fronts. They promote crime and then use their associates to provide drugs, weapons, and organized crime skills to the street gangs. La Cosa Nostra is using the Black Mafia as a line of defense similar to the way the Sicilian Mafia use Camorra and N'Drangheta as their defense in Italy. Canibus is a Jamaican born rapper in the US that works with the Jamaican posses. Damien Marley is another boss of the Jamaican posses. The Black Mafia Family are an African American Detroit organized crime syndicate involved with the rap industry and have been associated with the rappers Jay Z, T.I., Young Jeezy, and Fabolous who worked with the Black Mafia Entertainment's Bleu DaVinci. The Black Mafia Family are a proxy for the Detroit Partnership. Dr. Dre runs the Crips in Los Angeles and is worth over 800 million.
  18. Dr. Dre is pure evil and he works with the Italian Jimmy Iovine who is an agent of the Gambinos and their Brooklyn faction run by Gotti and Louis Vallario. The rapper the Game is an admitted Blood and he runs the Bloods in Los Angeles. Dr. Dre and the Game are both closely connected with G-Unit which are involved with the Bloods and Crips on the East Coast. Snoop Dogg is a high level Crip. Suge Knight is a top boss of the Bloods and also a boss of the Crips. The rappers Necro and Ill Bill are Jewish gangster rappers that work with the African American Mafia. Vinnie Paz is a well respected gangster rapper in the US and he is a made man in the Sicilian Mafia. He was born in Sicily. Jay Z, P Diddy, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent are top leaders of this criminal group. La Cosa Nostra profits from all these criminal fronts and uses these rappers to manage gangs which operate as their defense.
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