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Jul 1st, 2013
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  1. You wake up. First thing you feel the wood at your back and the straps around your ankles and wrists. After a second of uncoordinated struggling you yelp in surprise.
  2. That is, you would have if you had not been gagged. What had happened here? Where were you? Last you remembered you were going to sleep in your bed. You try to scream, producing only a muffled exhalation. The reflexive struggling continues for what feels like eternity as the adrenaline builds in your veins, sharpening every little moment to crystal clarity. After a lifetime of hapless flailing, you collapse back on to the bed you are laying on.
  3. The wood is exactly body-warm, and its’ smooth enough that you’re not worrying about splinters. The room you are in is dim, the only light spilling in from under the door, what little is apparent is that the room is empty save for your bed, the whole of it done in a simple grey stone. You, on closer inspection, are totally naked. Fortunately you are not hurt visibly and you don’t feel any pain. You try for a tentative ‘Hello’, producing a patterned muffled sound that might mean something.
  4. Several hard somethings strike the floor outside in a steady rhythm, like a horses’ hooves on a hard surface. The sounds pause for a few moments, and you try for another Hello-sound. The rhythm starts again, fading briskly into the distance. You moan softly, someone had heard you, and someone had ignored you. You feel like this has to be some kind of crazy dream, but the low ache in your sore wrists and ankles mark this as reality. You lay there in quiet despair for what must be hours, because a slow, pressing thirst starts to work its way through you. You experiment with a few more sounds, each becoming progressively louder and a little more desperate. You begin to wonder if this is some kind of reality show or worse, but they can’t just leave you to die of thirst. Or could they? You remember reading dying of thirst takes three days, the last two of which were torment. That’s a lot of time to soften someone up for something.
  5. Just as those thoughts get cozy with your mounting paranoia the rhythmic striking sound returns faintly, syncopated as if several sources were doing the same thing. They approach, and pause in front of the door as the lock is undone, the sound extremely loud in the silent darkness you had been stewing in. The light is blinding, your eyes literally pained as the door is drawn open. You give a surprised, dry moan in shock.
  6. “Well hello there” A voice says, form indistinguishable in the glare. The voice is accented oddly, staying half a beat to long on the ‘s’ sounds. “I trust you find our guest room comfortable?”
  7. You try to squint through the glare, and you see several hunched shapes, the one in front the largest of a trio.
  8. “How rude of me, I had forgotten to provide you with a drink” The voice said placidly.
  9. You feel the gag being lifted, and just as you draw breath to scream a question a cup full of cool, clean tasting water is pressed to your lips. Of course you splutter most of the liquid away, but you manage to get a few drops of the tiny portion before the gag is returned to your mouth. You glare at the shape, indistinct in the harsh glare. You see it’s much to hunched to be a normal human, maybe some kind of extreme hunchback, three of them.
  10. “Let it never be said the king does not treat his guests well.” The voice continued as if it hadn’t nearly drowned you, a pair of muttered responses, unmarked by the same accent, affirmed his statement.
  11. You squint into the light and manage to see the figure before you as you adjust to the light. If you were not gagged your mouth would have fallen open. Before you stood King Sombra, of brief and badly scripted MLP:FiM fame. Not only that, but two ponies flanked him. The one on his right a pegasis, heavily muscled and dark brown of coat and mane; On his left, an earth pony with a muddy green coat, a washed out lime mane and slightly hollow looking blue eyes, like he wasn’t quite in the room with you.
  12. Sombra smiled reservedly. “Ah, I should explain how I got here and my purpose in bringing you to the castle. You know me, and you know what…” He smiles a little more sharply for a moment, looking strained “…transpired between the bearers and I. However one can no more kill a shadow then one can capture a breeze; but the elements combined are a bothersome force, I was driven from Equestria and came to find myself here.” He starts a slow circuit around you, seeming to enjoy your look of confusion and disbelief; you can’t but help to feel like he’s appraising you like livestock. “Ugly little world, populated by the strangest creatures; bent on their own destruction and totally without purpose. As your… French say, nobles oblige; it falls to me to rectify your way of life.” He pauses next to your head, voice dropping to a whisper “Do you fear me, little thing?” His eyes carry the villainous luminance seen in the cartoon, a barely glowing flame flaring up around the edges. In this setting it doesn’t look so silly.
  13. You manage a nod, answering truthfully, you know the unicorn a foot from you could quite literally subject you to your worst nightmares for as long as he saw fit.
  14. He smiles widely “They all say that, of course they all mean it”. He continues his circuit, beginning to scrutinize every inch of you, looking mildly perplexed at your hands and feet and just observing the rest of you as he continues to speak. “Fear is the strongest emotion a pony can feel, did you know that? The alicorns like to prattle on about love, loyalty and charity but it’s all based in fear. Fear that you’ll be left alone, or not loved enough, or that the sadness of others will impact you.” He stops in front of the duo he brought in, looking into your eyes “And you want to know a secret? I’ve found the same is true in humans.” He beckons the mud-green pony, who walks to near your midsection as Sombra paces closer to your head. “Fear is the true power, human; and it comes in so many subtle, delicious varieties. My growing army fears my displeasure, my commanders fear my wrath and, my court fears failure.”
  15. You try to shy away from the unicorn, his eyes glow a little brighter and his smile gains a more keen edge. “But one can not live on bread alone, I desire a very special kind of fear. In the old days a pony would volunteer themselves, but now I must make due with what I have; and you, human, have the seeds of what I desire”
  16. Sombra leaps up on the table, landing nimbly with his left and right hooves to either side of your body. You’d never understood how big he was until now, while he was face to face with you his hips were centered slightly below yours. Your renewed struggles seem to only amuse him. He grins widely and says “Dewdrop, we are ready to begin”
  17. Immediately, you feel a warm wetness on your shaft. It’s sudden and shocking enough to stop your stuggles. It’s almost beyond comprehension but the mud-green pony is giving you a blowjob. And by god… it’s a good one, maybe even a great one as the green pony works around the awkward position and begins to work with his tongue. The fact that this is a pony, not to mention a male pony doesn’t seem to matter to your instincts, the attentions have you rock hard in moments.
  18. Sombra leans down, head next to your ear as a few wisps of his unruly mane brushes your cheek and neck “Dewdrop is one of the finest court cocksuckers I’ve ever had. Good, isn’t he?”
  19. You look up at him in shock, moaning a little.
  20. “Oh don’t look so surprised, little human. The alicorns like to act like they’ve never known the touch of another but I know… the deep, deep lust you’re feeling; the little worry you’ll never slake your thirsts. I can offer you that, and more; security and a place in the new order when it comes.” At those words, he does something surprising as he nuzzles your ear gently, the fur on his nose startlingly soft. As he lifts his head your gag is removed, the thick band in Sombra’s mouth, then he throws it into a corner carelessly.
  21. “I… ahh… I…” You manage, the sucking feeling like your shaft is being attended to by someone with a lifetime of experience; somehow yelling for help seems an unimportant detail right now. Besides, Sombra’s eyes were fascinating…
  22. The unicorn above you shifts a little, a sudden firm warmth on your inner thigh as the sucking on your shaft ends, Sombra shooing away the earth pony with a soft kick. The next thing you feel is his chest and belly to yours as well as a firm warmth that is impossible to mistake for anything other than his maleness; his whole being carrying a disquieting chill-warmth. “Now, human. You have a number of choices facing you; you can please me and live a life of ease and security, or you can anger me and be given to my garrison for their amusement.”
  23. “I… I-I’m not gay” You manage to stammer “I’ve never even thought about guys! Or stallions, whatever the fuck.” As much as you try, you can’t keep the edge of panic from your words. You don’t want to consider what he’s hinting at, the shaft you feels massive, even considering the act causes you to tense up.
  24. “Gay?” The unicorn says, eyes boring into you uncomfortably. “It’s endearing that so many say that, but a king has no interest in what his lesser has to say, what his bed-warmer has to say, especially when its’ an opinion.” His hips shift, your member feeling the play of his muscular belly keenly, the firm warm settling between your asscheeks. “I will take what I desire from you” He says, smile growing acidic as he puts gentle emphasis on the words. “And human, I can make you want it”
  25. Just as he says the words, his eyes go a little more yellow, throwing off a dim radiance as your head is crushed by images of being taken by your king, kneeling at his hooves and begging him to do whatever he pleases; but even more these images come with a breathtaking desire to have him mount you, to have his shaft within you. The assault continues for an objective eternity before it evaporates. The lust you’d been feeling just a second before is replaced by the realization he can keep his promise to you. You squeak a little nonverbal sound of bone-deep alarm as the unicorns’ eyes cool off to the usual emerald shade.
  26. “You see? Piss me off, little human, and that will continue until your head is empty, then my guards get you. Please me and I let you keep some Will.” The warm shaft on your butt begins to press on your asshole, at first the soreness mounting as he simply presses against the closed orifice. Then there’s a hideous feeling as the soreness doubles, but it’s accompanied by the sensation of his shaft being within you. You’d never as much as fingered yourself before this, your virginal hole is unready for this treatment.
  27. You manage a couple breathless gasps as his warmth presses deeper into you, the sensation of his maleness overriding your other thoughts until his shaft presses against your prostate, the feeling suddenly delicious, a feeling oddly akin to masturbating. You gasp and whimper “P-please stop…” you say between gasps as your body grows accustomed to the unicorn, the soreness slowly eroding into a pleasurable feeling. You don’t want to admit it, but this is rapidly beginning to feel good.
  28. Sombra stares down at you, his expression unreadable “I like a little bit of resistance in my bed-servants.” His shaft starts to pull out slowly, when he’s nearly out he starts to thrust back in roughly, the pace causing you to howl your pain. “But enough foreplay…” His eyes burn brighter then you’ve seen as your whole body starts to feel strange, that is beside the cock in your ass. His thrusts increase in pace, your body never easing back into the earlier pleasurable sensation, now all you feel is a deep, constant soreness in your ass and an impossible liquid feeling under your skin, as if a warm gel was sliding disquietingly , moving into your bones and joints.
  29. You yelp and try to move, but your ankles and wrists remain held fast. You begin to breathe faster, partly from panic, partly from Sombra’s pace slowing enough to let the pleasure creep back in. Every breath in feels deep, cleansing; every one out feels a little shallow. Looking at your chest you see it’s bowing out, center rising and the rest following just enough to make your chest look more like a barrel then any human anatomy. You scream, the horror to much as your body seems to be destroying itself.
  30. Sombra, for his part, keeps his breakneck rhythm in and out of you and howls a mad cackling laugh, the sound somehow complimenting your sound of terror.
  31. Your chest becomes the least of your worries as you feel the liquid sensation intensify on your hands and feet, like warm, shifting sand moving under your skin. When you look to your left hand, you see your fingers slowly retracting, your palm puffing out. You maintain your scream as you see your right hand to be doing the same, and what you can feel of your feet suggests them to be -growing- in ways you can’t put words to. Your hips and shoulders suddenly feel like they’re melting, a series of loud but painless pops echoing in the chamber as they seem to rearrange somehow that you can’t describe, the joints suddenly feeling solid again.
  32. Sombra suddenly looks into your eyes, honest to god foam at the edges of his mouth as he hisses “Yesss… MINE” without slowing his pace. By now, it’s become a bizarre pleasure, the only solid thing in your rapidly decaying body on top of honestly feeling pleasing, your own shaft dribbling a little precum as you feel a building orgasm.
  33. Your mouth, as if to respond on its’ own fills with the liquid sensation, a perverse pulling on your nose and chin filling your senses as they bulge out, filling the lower part of your field of vision as the two stop, flush with each other, nearly 10 inches from where they started. Your jaw, cheeks and brows followed suit to make this new face, that of a pony, look right. You are breathless by now, only whimpering as your scalp, neck and, ears itch maddeningly; your ears migrating up and lengthening, your neck and head feeling like they’re pushing something out as a blue mane falls to the side of your vision.
  34. Sombra makes deep, incoherent sounds of approval as he bucks spasmodically for a few thrusts, then suddenly you feel a massive rush of warmth in your belly, accompanied by a buzzing warmth across your entire skin and a embarrassingly pleasing pushing on your spine. It’s to much for you to stop, as you feel your fur and tail grow out, you cover the Unicorn kings’ belly with your seed.
  35. You pant softly, the Unicorn atop you underlaying his breathy pants with growls of approval, you with soft whimpers as the cold, hard and, unbelievable reality starts to sink in. The buzzing is slowing down, leaving you in a new body. You only mutely feel the bindings being lifted from your wrists and ankles, the soft buzzing of a unicorn spell easy to hear. You feel clearly Sombra drawing out of you, the feeling a dull reverse stabbing pain. There’s a rough shove on your side, and you catch yourself on four hooves on reflex. You experimentally try to stand normally, but find that your body does not seem to balance right anymore.
  36. Sombra is standing at the door, cloak synching itself back around his neck. “Make him presentable, have him sent to my chambers. I’ll properly break him in after court business.” He says offhandedly to the large brown pony, not looking at or even acknowledging you as he leaves the room.
  37. The large pony sort of menaces in your direction, head jerking to indicate the door of the chamber.
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