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  1. Hi.
  3. 2.5 Years ago I was called by an undercover cop he wanted to sell me drugs. I wanted two grams of cannabis. He tried to get me into a lot of trouble. I have been intimidated by the BND (German secret service) since then. I knew him from some where else where we knew he is working for the police. Because he had told people and behaved suspicious. He tries to make an aggressive impression. We thought it was funny because everyone is friendly and normal and the police is selling weed, hash, speed, LSD and pills and being aggressive. I said I should complain about the police selling drugs over my lawyer for example. He got angry and told me not to mention it again and continued being aggressive and first had to ask me if I am a Jew then started asking me questions to get me into trouble like if I am by the al-Qaida, KGB or if I knew where someone could get a nuclear bomb. If the German government wanted to buy a nuclear bomb then I would have known that they should ask the American government. He made some calls trying to get out of trouble by getting me into trouble, which instantly distracted from the fact that I was just buying drugs from the police and wanting to complain about it, it started to get more like he was trying to get me to be the middle man for a nuclear bomb deal witch I didn’t ever want or intend to be, I just wanted to buy some weed.
  5. Later I found out that it is probably a political reason, that some politicians are selling drugs but the government will not arrest them and instead are killing the children close to them to teach them a lesson.
  7. A few days later I got kidney pains and was sick for a year, I noticed that I was getting electric shocks from somewhere on my head and penis. I stayed sick until my wife left me. A few days after my wife left me someone started punishing me. They were heavily intimidating and interrogating me with pains, electric shocks repeating tones and annoying voices and pathetic ticklish feelings on my dick and groin area and like someone was sticking a thin pencil in and out of my anus and penis and saying things like that they are going to fuck my wife and ill never get her back. They told me that they are going to kill me several times a day. Intimidation like we are going to kill you in 10 seconds 3, 2, 1 dead, then repeating many times, while causing pains. Sometimes I was radiated in the train or subway and shot with lasers that left spots on my dick. I noticed that I have more spots and some that felt like burns when I noticed them. Often they made me very sad then happy again then sad again and repeated throughout the day. They tried t break me down emotionally. Threatening me with cancer of kidneys, brain, lung, and abdominal passage, shortening life expectancy while being told I am never allowed to tell anyone about it or they will kill me, friends and family. This started in the morning seconds after waking up and continued white I was at work and after work. I was often held awake all night with this kind of intimidation then it continued the next day for 1.5 years. They pretended to be friends then made me feel sorry for breaking the friendship. They tried to embarrass me about things like when masturbating saying my dicks the size of a maggot, which is not the case. With girlfriend they are intimidating me even during make love telling me "watch out your loosing your erection" interrogating, electric shocking and laughing at me.
  9. The method used to intimidate and interrogate is called synthetic telepathy or psychotronics and uses BCI (Brain Computer Interface) where by it is possible to transfer a charge or radiation from one place to another. Wikipedia confirms that it has been kept secret since 1967 and has possibly existed even longer.
  12. It is possible to measure or apply charge to brain cells or regions of the brain, it can be used to transmit images into someone’s head or voices or feelings like pain or anxiety, emotions, smells, touch feelings etc. It is possible to apply charge or radiation to an object they use it to torture or make people sick by causing electrical shocks or radiation burns. People who have this are not just the girl from across the road that doesn’t like you its secret service and military stuff. There are loads articles in the internet and patents that confirm that this technology exists. I know that it was the BDN so I will have to confront them in court and ask them to pay for the time and bodily damage. According to the law this should be no problem, the problem is getting the government to tell the truth about there corrupt activities.
  14. After the last 2.5 years torture I had enough and have to ask everyone for help now and can no longer stay silent about it because its torture and my dick was totally hurting already / wife long gone and it is impossible to work while this is going on. Normally I was a software developer for java, php, c++ and web technologies. I cannot concentrate when this is going on and they keep telling me that they are giving me abdominal cancer, penis cancer, brain cancer and lung cancer etc and showing me harsh recordings like they strapped someone to a bed then they pumped the intestines out thought the anus then showed me the images and told me they would do the same to me. I have never had a court case about this and never told anyone. I have to go public on it now. We should not allow the government to do these kinds of things with us. I demanded the BND stop this interrogation and intimidation immediately it is against my will, human rights and further more I am currently in England and it is against the law to perform telepathic attacks over borders. There has been many human rights issues and crimes against humanity during this interrogation, please help me by posting this to all news agencies, Newspapers, news channels, churches, communities, organizations for human rights NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS. Please help me.
  16. I will be able to prove it was the BND because of the logs on my webpage, email provider hotmail and gmail and social networks facebook and probably They will have accessed my webpage. Because they were always talking to me when I wanted to post this story on and I noticed that they also have users there. They have also been on my webpage and probably my mother’s webpage They are going nuts about it because it is the way that I can then prove that they have something to do with it. It probable that since I noticed this the bnd have been accessing those servers and changing the logs but there are backups so it will be possible to see that the logs have been changed and those addresses removed incase the logs have been changed.
  18. The person I was buying drugs from probably also works for the BND or contacted them and perhaps so dose the girl I am with at the moment who brought me to a place where there was supposed to be some music, kind of punk scene people but there was no one smoking weed and the opening song was the BND song, the song of the German secret service. They are known for taking people to places like that, coming out about there identity then killing them. I went straight out of the room then they stopped playing the music and asked where I went. I escaped from there only to get tortured with electric shocks in the train. I wrote it up on paper that I had on me and told the person next to me on the train so that if I dropped down dead they would have known who it was.
  20. At the moment they are threatening to kill me with fatal brain calculation, electric shock, emboli or cancer, they always said they are putting cancer in and I have blisters on my bellybutton and side of my belly they claimed it to be radiation basically I’m on a black list of people who are getting killed by the German government. Please help me. If there is a list of people to whom the government were particularly evil to then I belong on that list. If you are being intimidated or interrogated in a similar fashion and told not to talk about it, talk about it immediately. Take care.
  22. Kind regards
  24. Silvester Muhlhaus
  26. My email: / / (user vbms)
  27. My website:
  28. Phone number: 017638845942
  29. Facebook Group:
  31. Please help me spread this message so I don’t get killed. We need to spam it around so as many people as possible are aware of it, and are aware of the fact that telepathy and mind control is a reality not just fiction, please keep in contact with me so you notice if I’m suddenly missing, then I’m probably dead. There are also other people in the internet who have reported this kind of a problem that they are getting abused with synthetic telepathy we should take up contact with them and try to make the public aware of it.
  33. Political deception.
  34. They are also trying to use me for political reasons. They want me to say that this communication is done with chaarp (Chinese haarp) but its probably just a small haarp haarp somewhere in Germany and they want me to talk about the tb3r as its owner is yet apparently unknown, they want me to say its Rockefellers spaceship. Other devices that I was supposed to talk about were the “glocke” that seems to be a hologram generator like I saw on the tb3r. The “produce” is a device that can make things and works similar to the quantum door. The ufo sighting was not real was just BCI brain computer interface and virtual reality environment to make me unbelievable in court if I mentioned it. It seems like I’m supposed to say something that will get all countries in trouble except for Germany and they are happy with me thinking its Americas or England or china or Russia just as long as I don’t think its Germany and the BND and Interpol.
  36. How to prove the BND and Interpol tortured me:
  37. To prove that the BND (German secret service) was torturing me. There will be backups of logs at the company menta where I used to work in the safe. The BND would have accessed the servers there on which web pages run that I made. The web server logs have IPs in them that are in the BNDs IP range. There is also a programmer watching sometimes when I use the internet, when I was posting the story trying to find help. I also noticed that the BND had been on the and they will probably also have been on wiki leaks when i logged in as vbms on the 25th or 24th and wanted to post my story. when I tried to post a link to the story then suddenly people started posting lots of links to distract the people or try to get people to click on the links. perhaps that was also the BND trying to distract them from publishing my story. They will have logged into my email account and and will have looked at my facebook profile and perhaps the profile as well as my homepage,,, they will perhaps also have downloaded my CMS (vbmscms)  from when you look in the logs you will notice that there are IPs from the BNDs IP range.  They were using phychotronics, synthetic telepathy to interrogate and intimidate me and make me sick using radiation. Search for the existence or "phychotronics" on Perhaps they wanted to find out about the place where i was born, there is a connection to drug trade in politics. They cannot arrest those people so they decided to kill the children in that area to teach them a lesson. Those in charge will probably not be affected. I was a software developer working in munichen, but my mother gave birth to me 27 years ago too near that village. I lived there the first few years of my life. They said they killed my father and they are going to kill my mother and brother. My mother was in the green party and wanted to legalize cannabis my brother also wanted to become a politician. They will have gone to all lengths now to cover up what they have done but I will probably die of the radiation attacks or the electric shocks that they give me. Currently I am getting electric shocks in my legs repeating at a rate of about 10hz. I assume this will damage my blood perhaps causing suffocation or heart attack due to damaged red blood cells. I wish I was not a German. Then the German government would not be allowed to do this to me.
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