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  1. Education does not need more money thrown at it. We spend the 5th most per student globally. It needs a redesign and an assessment of what exactly its goals are.
  3. At the moment, it seems as if it were designed around these goals:
  4.     -Keeping kids occupied with busy-work
  5.     -Learning a few necessary skills and many assorted factoids
  6.     -A 4 year metric to help employers quickly weed out undesirables:
  7.         "unintelligent" people
  8.         unconventional people, creative thinkers, and people who don't submit well to authority
  9.     And to identify these qualities:
  10.         -Complacency, submissiveness, obedience
  11.         -Willingness to do tedious, repetitive, meaningless work; to do that work well; and to complete it on time, even if you don't like it
  13. Year amounts denote totals. Ideally, classes should be sliced up to be semester, or maybe even quarter, classes instead of full year classes and interspersed. This would enhance retention.
  15. Mandatory courses:
  16. -Remove PE? Shorten?
  17. -Remove English
  18.     -Grammar and writing skills should still be taught in one of the classes or a new class not listed
  19. -Remove language
  20. -Remove math higher than algebra (except as requirements for other courses)
  21. -Remove geometry
  22. -History:
  23.     -Cut down on ancient history: gloss over it briefly
  24.     -No memorizing of details like dates and places
  25. -Science:
  26.     -Needs a redesign: there's too much rote memorization and too many niche topics that students will simply forget and relearn in college if they really need to know them
  27.         -Ex: Instead of memorizing all the parts of the cell, aim for a general understanding
  28.     -Teach the scientific method
  30. -Add economics: 1-2 years
  31. -Add government: 1 year
  32. -Add personal finance: 1 year
  33.     -Buying a house/Mortage payments
  34.     -Retirement funds and predatory practices
  35.     -Buying a car and predatory practices
  36.     -Paying taxes
  37.     -etc.
  38. -Add reasoning/rhetoric: 2-3 years, Teaches about:
  39.     -Logic:
  40.         -Premises, Conclusions, Arguments
  41.     -Cognitive dissonance
  42.     -Beliefs as part of identity
  43.         -Attacking the belief becomes attacking the person
  44.         https://news.usc.edu/114481/which-brain-networks-respond-when-someone-sticks-to-a-belief/
  45.     -Cognitive biases
  46.         -Confirmation bias
  47.         -Backfire effect
  48.     -Logical fallacies
  49.         -Ad hominem
  50.         -Strawman
  51.         -Fallacy fallacy
  52.         -etc.
  53.     -Role of tribalism in ethics and reasoning and how it evolved
  54.     -Constructing rational arguments
  55.         -Find the core premise of the other side's argument
  56.         -Find inconsistencies in their reasoning (ex: under that logic)
  57.         -The socratic method
  58.     -Common scams and bullshit
  59.         -Multilevel marketing pyramid schemes
  60.         -Homeopathic and other alternative medicine
  61.         -"Natural" foods
  62.         -Car salesman's book of tricks
  63.         -Fake online reviews
  64.         -The placebo effect
  65.     -What open-mindedness looks like
  66.         -Avoid reading things that you already agree with, and instead read opposing opinions more.
  67.     -Emotional reasoning and statements devoid of content (ex: new age drivel)
  68.     -Identify the assumptions in a statement
  69.     -How to identify if a source is reliable
  70.     -How to identify bias and spin in a source
  71.     -Identifying and avoiding echo-chambers
  72.     -The filter bubble
  73.     -Disinformation on the internet
  74.     -What makes a valid scientific study
  75.         -Vaccines/autism study
  76.         -Problems with media reporting of science: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rnq1NpHdmw
  77.         -Grants, incentives, and replication:
  78.         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42QuXLucH3Q
  79.     -How to disagree (many seem unable to)
  80.     -The urge to have an opinion on matters one knows nothing about (eg: adhering to a political party)
  81.     -Evaluating motives
  82.         -Conspiracy theories
  83.         -Who benefits from this?
  85. General changes:        
  86.     -School will start at 9:30 and end at 3:30 (Teenagers are biologically predisposed to going to bed later and waking up later):
  87.     -Sports will not be funded using public money
  88.     -Minimal or no homework
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