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Email from VASO State Director re: Coronavirus

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Mar 10th, 2020
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  1. Good morning. Please feel free to share this with your teams as appropriate.
  3. We want to let everyone know that VASO is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it pertains to the State tournament. We are in touch with UVA, the National Science Olympiad organization, and other state organizations, as well as keeping track of CDC and local health department recommendations.
  5. Our intention is to be guided by UVA policies on their campus and safety is their and our primary concern. We will respond to fast-moving developments as they arise and communicate promptly. You can see their announcements at the link below my signature.
  7. We are pre-selling lunch tickets to the UVA dining hall. If the dining hall is inaccessible (for whatever reason), we will give purchasers the opportunity either to request reimbursement or to [...unable to see text...] VASO.
  9. VASO is also pre-selling commemorative States t-shirts. Those are a keepsake to honor those teams who have qualified for States. As such, that order will be completed and gotten to teams.
  11. We know that teams are very excited about States, but that this situation is causing anxiety. As we said, we are closely monitoring the announcements about the virus and will stay in touch. Please stay well and wash your hands frequently.
  13. Sincerely,
  14. Karen Emmons
  15. VASO State Director
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