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Oct 12th, 2011
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  1. "You confuse me. I no longer have any inkling of what it is you want."
  2. Because she was an undercover Watsonista all along you dummy!
  4. Put the dots together Franc. I gave up on her she makes no sense almost too "well"...
  5. The Watson Mob recruits people worse than me, until we see her at the podium we can take for granted she was a Watson sockpuppet trolling us all, ("disinformation" they call it.)
  6. Mee thinks this whole tweeter war is Rebecca self smearing and the elevator guy never existed, remember, the communications studies she allegedly completed.
  7. I regret (fuck that I don't) to tell you she trolled us all Franc-kie boy!
  8. Bo-ho! It is not easy to be a trolled troll...
  10. PS
  11. Watsonistas mass flagged my last throwaway account then tweeter unblocked it, they are sooooooooooo eager to supress what butthurts them! ha ha! take that you Watsonianbitches twitter likes me! (mee thinks?)
  13. Are you on the tweeters Franc-kie boy?
  14. Or the tweeters is a too complicated for old farts like yee? c'mon join us, you are a classier troll but still one of our kind!
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