Binoboost - Speed Glitch

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  1. Binoboost: Binocular Boost
  2. This glitch uses Binoculars to increase the movement speed of the player for a short duration, but can be chained back-to-back.
  4. (Patched in Calibrations 1.07)
  6. - How to perform:
  7. (Walk/run the whole time) Zoom in with Binoculars > Tap Roll + (any Attack or Parry) at the same time > Unzoom the Binoculars right before the roll ends. The unzoom timing affects distance.
  9. - Faster execution:
  10. Tap Roll + (any Attack or Parry) at the same time > IMMEDIATELY zoom in with Binoculars nearly at the same time > Unzoom the Binoculars right before the roll ends. The unzoom timing affects distance. The overall execution time should be faster and easier to chain. The duration and speed is the same. It's more consistent as well.
  11. *Alternatively you can just try pressing all 3 buttons at the same time.
  13. - Storage:
  14. Attack or parry at any time in any way and it will be stored. Switching weapons will keep the originally stored attack.
  15. Binoboosting the normal way will keep the attack in storage. It doesn't appear stackable in any way.
  16. Using the Binoculars normally will reset storage. Loading screens also reset storage.
  17. The normal Binoboost can't be done by getting storage then trying to perform it with only a roll and Binoculars because using only the roll with Binoculars will operate them normally and reset storage.
  18. Efficient ways to get storage without slowing down (for speedrunners): Roll + Attack or Binoboost normally.
  20. A way to test if you have storage is to use the Bonfire Boost(seen below) as it's easy and requires storage. Use the Binoculars normally to reset storage and whatever else to gain it. If the Bonfire Boost fails, you don't have storage.
  22. - Consumables execution and no attack: (Requires storage)
  23. Get storage.
  24. Use Consumable > Zoom with Binoculars as it's about to get consumed > Roll near the end of the animation or queue it > Unzoom the Binoculars right before the roll ends.
  25. The result is no different but is usually tougher to get long duration.
  26. Works with most consumables including throwing knives, firebombs, lifegems, estus, weapon buffs, etc..
  28. - Jump roll execution:
  29. Jump > Attack or Parry mid-jump > Zoom Binoculars mid-jump > Unzoom the Binoculars right before the roll ends.
  30. Duration and speed is the same as other methods. It's a bit tougher to learn the input on this one but it can be done very consistently.
  32. - Backstep execution:
  33. Backstep + (Attack or Parry) + Zoom Binoculars at the same time > Hold forward and unzoom Binoculars
  34. It's possible to get a good duration with this but it's much harder to execute.
  36. - Bonfire Boost execution: (Requires storage)
  37. Get storage.
  38. Rest at bonfire > Zoom in with Binoculars at any time > Unzoom Binoculars during the stand up animation.
  39. Does not require a roll or attack.
  40. Obviously you need to be attempting to walk in the direction you want to go or you won't move at all.
  42. - Notes:
  43.    - Works with any hand.
  44.    - Does not use stamina.
  45.    - The weapon's attack CAN affect duration, but there seems to be a limit no weapon can pass.
  46.    ****  At the bottom of this list, there's another list with weapon tests.
  47.    - Roll speed/equip load makes no difference in the duration or speed of the effect, but it may change the timing. 120%+ Equip load means you can't roll, and can't Binoboost.
  48.    - Jump distance is not increased. Jumps reset your speed.
  49.    - Roll distance is not increased. Rolls reset your speed.
  50.    - Attack speed is not increased. Attacks reset your speed.
  51.    - During the effect, you can jump without using the sprint button.
  52.    - Consumables can be used during the effect.
  53.    - Can not be triggered with spell casts, gestures.
  54.    - Can be used with bare fists and anything with punch attack(like pyromancy flame and chimes).
  55.    - Momentum is kept when running off a ledge.
  56.    - No matter how quick you are, using a consumable during the effect will eventually bring you to a complete stop, or slow you down to normal speed(Repair Powder).
  57.    - Lets you run through rocks, tombstones and poison-spitting statues, destroys wooden chests.
  58.    - Lets you run through *some* breakable objects. Can't run through destructible doors or BCT Church benches, some crates. Dragon Aerie eggs require the very beginning of the boost to break, as do wooden chests.
  59.    - Can not be used with any crossbow.
  60.    - Attempting to trigger with a normal bow as the attacking weapon will only make you two-hand the bow.
  61.    - Can not be done with the bow sight zoom.
  62.    - There is no currently known way to increase duration or alter the effect in any way. (I've tried a lot of different setups and tried inserting extra actions in the execution and nothing seems to work)
  63.    - Water/liquids do not slow you down.
  64.    - Dual wielding Binoculars or weapons does not work.
  65.    - Works on Dragon Aerie's final bridge but at a lower speed, faster than rolling.
  66.    - Doesn't work with melee weapon special attacks that use a projectile(Spider's Fang, Curved Dragon Greatsword)
  67.    - Doesn't work with Lance heavy attacks or Pate's Spear heavy attack. (Same animation, walks 3 steps before attacking)
  68.    - Agility stat does not affect results.
  69.    - Can swap weapons and binos during effect, but it changes nothing.
  70.    - Can unequip all equipment during effect, but it changes nothing.
  72. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. Update: This section is really old and probably not accurate.
  74. - Weapon Tests: (DONE WITH A MACRO) (In order of weapon type)
  75. Weapon Name(Light or Heavy attack)Percent% of Normal Duration
  76.    - Dagger (L)100%, (H)~75%
  77.    - Parrying Dagger (L)~75%, (H)100%
  78.    - Moonlight Greatsword (L)100%, (H)~33%
  79.    - Shadow Dagger (L)100%, (H)~75%
  80.    - Manikin Knife (L)100%, (H)~75%
  81.    - Shortsword (L)100%, (H)~75%
  82.    - Foot Soldier Sword (L)100%, (H)~75%
  83.    - Blue Flame (L)100%, (H)?
  84.    - Thorned Greatsword (L)100%, (H)~75%
  85.    - King's Ultra Greatsword (L)100%, (H)~75%
  86.    - Crypt Blacksword (L)100%, (H)~75%
  87.    - Spider Fang (L)100%, (H)0%
  88.    - Murakumo (L)~90%, (H)~90%
  89.    - Arced Sword (L)~90%, (H)~90%
  90.    - Curved Dragon Greatsword (L)100%, (H)~25%
  91.    - Uchigatana (L)100%, (H)~33%
  92.    - Washing Pole (L)100%, (H)~33%
  93.    - Chaos Blade (L)100%, (H)~33%
  94.    - Manslayer (L)100%, (H)~33%
  95.    - Berserker Blade (L)100%, (H)~33%
  96.    - Darkdrift (L)100%, (H)~33%
  97.    - Estoc (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  98.    - Rapier (L)~75%, (H)100%
  99.    - Mail Breaker (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  100.    - Ricard's Rapier (L)~75%, (H)100%
  101.    - Chaos Rapier (L)~75%, (H)100%
  102.    - Espada Ropera (L)~75%, (H)100%
  103.    - Black Scorpion Stinger (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  104.    - Spider's Silk (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  105.    - Butcher's Knife (L)~90%, (H)100%
  106.    - Crescent Axe (L)~75%, (H)100%
  107.    - Black Knight Greataxe (L)100%, (H)~75%
  108.    - Mace of the Insolent (L)100%, (H)0%
  109.    - Archdrake Mace (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  110.    - Giant Warrior Club (L)100%, (H)~75%
  111.    - Sacred Chime Hammer (L)100%, (H)~75%
  112.    - Iron King Hammer (L)100%, (H)~90%
  113.    - Spear (L)~75%, (H)100%
  114.    - Winged Spear (L)~75%, (H)~25%
  115.    - Pike (L)~75%, (H)~3%
  116.    - Partizan (L)~75%, (H)100%
  117.    - Stone Soldier Spear (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  118.    - Silverback Spear (L)~75%, (H)100%
  119.    - Heide Spear (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  120.    - Pate's Spear (L)~75%, (H)~2%
  121.    - Channeler's Trident (L)~65%, (H)100%
  122.    - Dragonslayer Spear (L)~75%, (H)~50%
  123.    - Gargoyle Bident (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  124.    - Lucerne (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  125.    - Scythe (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  126.    - Halberd (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  127.    - Mastodon Halberd (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  128.    - Santier's Spear (L)~60%, (H)~75%
  129.    - Dragonrider's Halberd (L)~60%, (H)~75%
  130.    - Old Knight Halberd (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  131.    - Old Knight Pike (L)~60%, (H)~75%
  132.    - Black Knight Halberd (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  133.    - Roaring Halberd (L)~50%, (H)~75%
  134.    - Helix Halberd (L)~50%, (H)~50%
  135.    - Great Scythe (L)~75%, (H)~90%
  136.    - Great Machete (L)100%, (H)~90%
  137.    - Full Moon Sickle (L)100%, (H)~90%
  138.    - Crescent Sickle (L)100%, (H)~90%
  139.    - Scythe of Nahr Alma (L)~75%, (H)~90%
  140.    - Bone Scythe (L)~75%, (H)~95%
  141.    - Scythe of Want (L)~75%, (H)~90%
  142.    - Heide Lance (L)~50%, (H)~25%
  143.    - Grand Lance (L)~50%, (H)~25%
  144.    - Chariot Lance (L)~50%, (H)~25%
  145.    - Red Iron Twinblade (L)100%, (H)~3%
  146.    - All Whips (L)~75%, (H)~75%
  147.    - Pyromancy Flame (L)0%, (H)100%
  148.    - Dark Pyromancy Flame (L)0%, (H)100%
  149.    - All Chimes and Staves (L)0%, (H)100%
  150.    - Disc Chime (L)0%, (H)0%
  151.    - Bows and Crossbows don't work at all
  152.    - ALL Shields (L)0%, (H)100%
  153. - Confirmed weapons that have a normal boost from both attacks.
  154.    - Unarmed/Fists, Twin Dragon Greatshield, Bandit's Knife, Thief Dagger, Broken Thief Sword, Royal Dirk, Mytha's Bent Blade, Longsword, Broken Straight Sword, Broadsword, Heide Knight Sword, Red Rust Sword, Sun Sword, Bastard Sword, Flamberge, Claymore, Royal Greatsword, Old Knight Greatsword, Mastodon Greatsword, Drangleic Greatsword, Mirrah Greatsword, Bluemoon Greatsword, Black Knight Greatsword, Defender Greatsword, Watcher Greatsword, Key to the Embedded, Zweihander, Greatsword, Black Knight Ultra Greatword, Smelter Sword, Lost Sinner's Sword, Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword, Drakewing Ultra Greatsword, Falchion, Shotel, Scimitar, Monastery Scimitar, Melu Scimitar, Red Rust Scimitar, Warped Sword, Blacksteel Katana, Hand Axe, Battle Axe, Infantry Axe, Bandit Axe, Gyrm Axe, Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe, Greataxe, Lion Greataxe, Gyrm Greataxe, Drakekeeper's Greataxe, Giant Stone Axe, Club, Mace, Morning Star, Reinforced Club, Craftsman's Hammer, Aldia's Hammer, Handmaid's Ladle, Blacksmith's Hammer, Barbed Club, Large Club, Old Knight Hammer, Dragon Tooth, Malformed Shell, Twinblade, Curved Twinblade, Stone Twinblade, Dragonrider Twinblade, Claws, Work Hook, Caestus
  155. Weapon tests complete. Message me if you want information on one I missed.
  158. ~ CptBrian
  159. Will update upon new findings. Message me on Twitch if you wish.
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  162. Requires: Stylish
  163.    - FireFox:
  164.    - Chrome:
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