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  2. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  3. nyas a bit, a mawwed tail emerging out of his tailfloof and giving you a big lick
  5. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  6. Mewls a bit at the lick of the tail and smiles to you~
  8. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  9. the floof purrs some as his tail licks you more deeply, focusing more on your chest and crotch
  11. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  12. he moans as the tail licks into his fur focusing on his chest and crotch where his member was starting to emerge from~
  14. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  15. the tail starts focusing on licking your shaft, while another mawwed tail emerges and starts licking your balls gently
  17. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  18. He let's out a soft moan as his member is slowly licked by the first tail as a second tail emerges and licks his balls gently that hung below his length~ "That feels amazing~"
  20. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  21. the first tail starts gently sucking on the tip of your shaft, the floof gently petting your head with his paws as his tail sucks you off, a third tail, this one looing like a more normal zangoose tail, emerges from his floof, starting to gently press against your tailhole~
  23. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  24. moans as the first tail begins to suck on the tip of his shaft and he squirms and bucks into that tail purring and relaxing as you pet her head while a third tail gently presses against his backdoor and he smiles and relaxes against you~
  26. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  27. the zangoose smiles a bit as the third tail works it's way into your rump, the other two tails sucking you off, trying to make you cum, his own shaft hard at this point
  29. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  30. he eventually sighs and releases him cum into those hungry tails that were sucking him off purring as you work that tail deeper into her rump~
  32. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  33. his tail drinks the cum eagerly as the tail in your rump fucks you slowly, the floof guiding your paws and head towards his throbbing shaft, the two mawwed tails disappearing into his floof
  35. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  36. He smiles as he's guided towards your own shaft and he giggles lightly~ "Want me to service you too?"
  38. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  39. he blushes and chuckles slightly "If you wouldn't mind~"
  41. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  42. Smiles softly and nods enveloping your length and gently suckling on it for you~
  44. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  45. purrs a bit, his blush deepening as he rubs your head, his shaft throbbing in your maw~
  47. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  48. Smiles and sucks happily over your length purring into it and sending lots of pleasurable vibrations through it while doing this~
  50. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  51. The floof starts panting and moaning lewdly, not used to thosr pleasurable vibration along his shaft. His pre starts leaking on your tongue as his tail starts fucking your rump a bit faster~
  53. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  54. He moans happily and smirks as his maw starts to glow a soft yellow as electricity gently runs along your length relaxing you quite a bit as he suckles moaning as your tail fucks his hole a bit faster~
  56. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  57. he blushes more deeply, his shaft twitching as more shocks run across it, more pre starting to coat your tongue as the floof gets close to cumming~
  59. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  60. he eagerly works your length gently vibrating it with relaxing electricity as you get close to cumming. He then works your length even harder to get you to cum for him~
  62. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  63. he pants and moans, his balls tightening as he cums, filling your maw with his seed, his tails twitching a bit in your rump~
  65. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  66. purrs and swallows the warm cum with a happy purr before pulling off gently with a smile~
  68. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  69. the zangoose pulls his tail out of you slowly as he brings you over to snuggle for a minute or two, blushing and purring happily~
  71. licks back, giggling slightly
  73. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  74. purrs and smiles~ "Cradle me?"
  76. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  77. he smiles a bit, nodding as he picks you up and cradles you gently
  79. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  80. purrs softly as you cradle him. While you did this you would notice he was hard again~
  82. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  83. he smirks a bit, petting your head a bit with a tail "Such a lewd little Pichu~"
  85. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  86. Blushes and mewls slightly~
  88. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  89. he grins a bit, the floof shifting you so that his shaft is pressing against your tailhole, one paw holding you steady as the other paw rubs your head some more~
  91. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  92. Blushes brightly as you press against his rear hole~
  94. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  95. starts to gently press you down onto his cock, the tip of his shaft pushing into you as a few tails lined with runes emerge from his floof, tapping you before disappearing, making you feel more sensitive~
  97. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  98. lets out a squeal of pain as you push him down onto your length pushing into her as you tap her with some tailed lined with runes that make him feel more sensitive and he shivers upon feeling this~
  100. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  101. gently pets your head, slowing down so he doesn't hurt you too much as a fluffy zangoose tail gently rubs your shaft~
  103. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  104. purrs softly as you pet her head gently and slow down so you don't hurt him to much all while rubbing his shaft which makes him moan in bliss~
  106. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  107. once you're no longer in pain, he starts pushing further into you slowly, a paw gently rubbing your back as he does, while his tail keeps stroking you~
  109. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  110. Sighs and relaxes in your arms as you push further into him while rubbing his back and stroking him with your tail~
  112. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  113. gets as much of his shaft into you as he can without hurting you, then starts to slowly fuck you, his paws on your back and gently rubbing your head as his tail coils around your cock, starting to squeeze and stroke it
  115. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  116. moans happily as you get as much of your length into him as you can without hurting him before slowly starting to fuck him all while you gently rub his head and back which helps him relax while he moans as your tail coils around his cock and begins squeezing and stroking it~
  117. sorry for the long pause
  119. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  120. (It's fine)
  121. murrs softly, his shaft leaking pre as he slowly starts speeding up his thrusts, being careful to not hurt you as his tail strokes you faster
  123. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  124. Moans louder as you continue to thrust into him being very careful and also stroking him faster as he nears release~ "I'm getting close~!"
  126. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  127. the floof purrs a bit as he speeds up, fucking you as fast as possible, getting close to cumming "Then cum~"
  129. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  130. moans heatedly as his cum fires into the air as you fuck him as fast as you possibly can~
  132. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  133. hilts his shaft in you, moaning a bit as he cums, filling you while his tail gets coated in your seed
  135. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  136. purrs softly and snuggles into your chest happily as you fill him~
  138. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  139. smiles, snuggling with you happily as he rubs the back of your head "Such a cutie~"
  141. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  142. purrs happily and snuggles even closer~
  144. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  145. smiles a bit, a few fluffy zangoose tails wrapping around us as we snuggle~
  147. Holly, The Growlithe08/10/2019
  148. purrs and nuzzles into your fur happily
  150. EmileTheShifter08/10/2019
  151. gently pets your head, purring happily
  152. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. :3 lays against you happily~
  155. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  156. grins a bit, gently petting you
  158. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  159. purrs and melts into the pets as he slowly gets hard
  161. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  162. the floof giggles softly as his other paw goes to your rump, a single digit very gently starting to tease your rear
  164. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  165. mewls as you begin to tease his rear hole which makes his length twitch and grow to full size~ "mmmm I wanna feed that hungry tail again~"
  166. (Also can you cradle me while doing it?)
  168. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  169. the floof nods a bit, a mawwed tail emerging from his fluff, and it starts to lick your shaft. The Zangoose shifts your position a bit, cradling you, while the digit pushes into you~ "As you wish"
  171. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  172. he sighs as that mawwed tail begins to once more lick his shaft as you shift him into a cradling position and he lays his head on your chest purring as you push that digit into his rear hole~
  174. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  175. he smiles a bit as his paw fingers you, his tail eagerly licking and sucking on your cock
  177. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  178. he sighs blissfully as your paw fingers him while the tail eagerly licks and sucks on his cock~ "mmmmm it feels so good~" he humps a bit into the tail~
  180. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  181. he purrs a bit, his tail sucking more quickly as another tail comes out, starting to gently rub and tease your balls
  183. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  184. he moans happily and relaxes as the sucking tail sucks quicker while another one rubs and teases his balls~
  186. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  187. the paw on your rump pressed a second digit into your tailhole, slowly pushing it in, while his tails continue to suck you off
  189. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  190. his length continues to twitch inside of your sucking tail as you press another finger slowly into her rear~
  192. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  193. he purrs a bit the mawwed tails sucking and licking faster, trying to get you to cum
  195. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  196. he pushes as far into the tail as possible before releasing a powerful flood of potent cum~
  198. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  199. the floof purrs happily as his tail eagerly drinks up the cum, while he pulls his fingers out of your rump
  201. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  202. happily sighs as pleasure flows over him as his orgasm fades he feels your fingers pulling free and smiles yet he was still hard~
  204. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  205. the zangoose smiles, giggling softly as he sees that you're still hard, still cradling you against his chest "Such a naughty little Pichu~*
  207. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  208. nuzzles against your chest as you cradle him noticing he was still hard and calling him a naughty little pichu~
  210. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  211. gently pets your back, letting you nuzzle into his chest as he continues to cradle you, one tail idly stroking your shaft, not enough to make you cum, but enough to keep you hard
  213. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  214. he sniles softly as he is continued to be cradled as one of your tails idly strokes his cock just to keep him hard~
  216. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  217. he grins a bit, rubbing your head a bit as his tail strokes you faster "Now, what sort of lewd things should I do to you, I wonder?~"
  219. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  220. "Mmmmm~" the pichu murrs softly as the sweet pleasure is forced into him from the stroking~
  222. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  223. he smirks a bit, a normal tail emerging from his floof, and pressing into your tailhole as his other tail keeps stroking you~
  225. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  226. enjoys all this greatly as you pleasure him
  228. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  229. starts fucking you with one tail as the other teases your shaft, still gently cradling you
  231. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  232. (Uhm in your character info you said you could get pregnant if one comes inside your tail~ wanna do that?) he moans happily as you fuck him with one tail as the other teases his shaft as you cradle him~
  234. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  235. (Sorry for the late response, and sure) he grins, the tail stroking your shaft leaving for a minute, disappearing into the floof to be replaced by a cunted tail, that proceeds to start fucking you
  237. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  238. he moans as his tail is pushed into a tail specifically used for reproduction. He moans as the wet and warm walls surround his length pleasuring him greatly~
  240. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  241. the floof purrs softly as the tail fucks you, his other tail fucking your ass more quickly~
  243. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  244. (I gotta vacuum I'll be right back)
  246. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  247. (Gotcha)
  249. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  250. (back)
  252. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  253. (Welcome back)
  255. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  256. purrs even louder as he's fucked from both ends~
  258. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  259. (10m ping)
  261. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  262. (Sorry, I didn't see the message, I'm really sorry)
  264. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  265. (it's fine :3)
  266. (please let's continue~)
  268. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  269. his tails keep fucking you faster snd faster, while his paws rub your head and back gently, a third tail rubbing your balls~
  271. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  272. he moans happily as your tails continue to fuck him while his balls are gently rubbed by a third tail which makes him mewl in bliss~
  273. "I'm Getting close~!"
  275. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  276. the floof grins, his tails keeping up their quick pace, trying to make you cum~
  278. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  279. he eventually thrusts as deep into the cunt shaped tail as he can and releases his potent cum deep inside of it hopefully impregnating you with a little chu as he mewls and pants in bliss~
  281. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  282. the zangoose purrs happily, his tail drinking up all your cum, the tail getting pregnant with an egg deep inside it as he giggles a bit "Such a cute chu~"
  284. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  285. purrs softly as you call him cute~ "Can you hold me with your tails~?" (Specifically ninetales' tails~)
  287. EmileTheShifter08/11/2019
  288. the zangoose nods, forming a few ninetales tails that he places you in, gently cradling you in them
  290. Holly, The Growlithe08/11/2019
  291. I fell asleep OwO
  292. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  293. holds you in his arms, three tailcocks emeging from his floof, as he gently rubs your back~
  295. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  296. blushes brightly and mewls reaching for one of them with her paws~
  298. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  299. grins slightly, letting you grab one while the other two go to start teasing your other holes~
  301. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  302. Attachment file type: document
  303. Zeroless_op_Statistic_sheet.rtf
  304. 2.66 KB
  305. She takes the tailcock into her maw and begins to gently suckle her eyes closing peacefully as she suckles moaning as the other two start to tease her holes~
  307. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  308. gently rubs your head as you suckle, moaning a little bit as the two tails shift, the one teasing your cunt becoming more canine, while the one teasing your backdoor becomes more feline~
  310. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  311. She mewls as you rub her head while she suckles as she begins to purr and moan as the one teasing her slit becomes canine in shape and the one teasing her rear becomes feline with barbs lining it~
  312. ( )
  314. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  315. the twin tails slowly start pushing into you, the floof still rubbing your back as he cradles you, trying to make you comfortable while his tails fuck you~
  317. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  318. she purrs contentedly as she suckles for her milk all while those tails start to gently push into her depths she smiles up at you as you cradle her making her even more relaxed than she already was~
  320. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  321. the zangoose purrs and pants a bit, the pleasure from three cocks starting to get to him a bit, with the two that are fucking you starting to go a bit faster~
  323. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  324. purrs happily and purrs to you happily still eagerly suckling and pulling on that tailcock~
  326. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  327. (just like bouncing on a cock OwO)
  329. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  330. he moans lewdly, his cocks starting to leak pre into you as he rubs your head "Drink all you want, you little cutie~"
  332. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  333. purrs happily and drinks from the one in her maw moaning softly as you take her holes~
  334. Are you there?
  336. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  337. I'm, here, hold on
  339. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  340. ok
  341. what happened?
  343. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  344. Can you hear me?
  346. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  347. he moans more,  the one in your maw leaking more pre onto your tongue as he gets closer to cumming
  349. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  350. She purrs and continues her gentle suckling as you moan more while leaking pre onto her tongue for her to drink and drink she does~
  352. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  353. blushes a bit as his canine cock knots you, all three of the tailcocks filling your holes with his seed~
  355. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  356. She mewls and swallows what you feed her purring happily as she's fed~
  358. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  359. he smiles a bit, petting your head as you continue to drink down his cum
  361. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  362. smiles back purring happily as she peacefully drinks her eyes closed happily~
  364. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  365. he gently rubs his paw over your belly, feeling how full it must be with his cum, while a few ninetales tails wrap around you~
  367. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  368. She purrs and paws at your face gently
  370. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  371. he giggles softly, playfully pawing back at you gently
  373. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  374. she continues to happily paw at you~
  376. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  377. He smiles a bit more, licking you a bit~
  379. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  380. purrs happily and continues to paw away at you~
  381. "mew~!"
  383. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  384. grins a bit, his two tailcocks keeping you filled with his cum while he hugs the mew~
  386. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  387. hugs you back just as tightly and mewling softly~
  389. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  390. grins a bit as he gives you a different tailcock to suckle on if you want~
  392. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  393. begins to suckle on that one now
  395. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  396. he has his other two tailcocks start fucking your holes again, the floof cradling you gently "Such a good little Mew~"
  398. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  399. purrs happily as she suckles and mewls at you~
  400. Mewwwww~
  401. suckle suckle~
  403. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  404. blushes a bit, cradling you as he lets you suckle on a tailcock~
  406. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  407. mewls as she happily sucks~
  409. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  410. gently rubs your head, purring slightly as another tailcock teases your slit~
  412. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  413. mewls softly as she didn't have a slit rn but a massive cock~
  415. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  416. the second tailcock moves to tease your tailhole then, while a fluffy tail wraps around your shaft~
  418. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  419. mewls softly "Suck me with a mawwed tail~!"
  421. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  422. nods a bit, the tail on your cock pulling away, being replaced with a mawwed tail that starts gently licking your shaft
  424. Holly, The Growlithe08/12/2019
  425. Moans happily and eagerly~
  427. EmileTheShifter08/12/2019
  428. starts gently fucking your rump with one tail, while the mawwed tail starts sucking you off
  429. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  430. A young eevee was in a clearing in the dense forest. Having just moved out they found a place to make a den right by a berry bush~ They had their guard down since they were gathering berries for the time being~
  432. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  433. The Serperior slithers into the clearing behind the Eevee, having been headed to grab some berries, but having found a little Eevee totease and eat instead. His vines extend from his collar, wrapping tightly around the Vee as he gets ever closer~
  435. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  436. She meeps and struggles as the vines grab her~ "What is this~" She struggles clearly unaware of the morning and night predators~
  437. She attempts to use dig
  439. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  440. He licks his lips, a vine starting to rub her slit while the other lifts her off the ground, cutting off her escape "A predator little Vee, and you will be my prey~"
  442. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  443. She gulps and whines crying out for someone to save her but of course as nature goes this is what happens soon her crying is cut off by a moan as you rub her slit with one of the vines attempting to dull her crying~
  445. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  446. the snake grins, coiling around her, completely cutting off her escape as each of his twin shafts press against her holes "Now, before I eat you, little Vee, I think I'll breed you first~"
  448. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  449. She just squeaks a bit as you press against her holes telling her that you were going to breed her first and she knew that this was going to hurt
  451. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  452. He leans over, licking the Vee's forehead as he pushes his shafts into her, stuffing her holes absolutely full
  454. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  455. She cries out in a mix of pain and pleasure as you push all the way into her stuffing her full of your serpentine cocks~
  457. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  458. He hisses in pleasure, the snake's coils shifting here and there as he keeps thrusting in and out, licking over her more, apparently loving her taste~
  460. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  461. She continues to whine as your coils shift as you keep thrusting into her tight holes breeding her hard as you lick over her more loving her taste as she stops whining now only moaning~
  463. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  464. thrusts faster and faster before gunting, thrusting into her as deep as possible as he cums, filling her with his seed "Mm, very nice~ Perhaps if I weren't hungry, I would keep you little Vee~"
  466. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  467. She accepts her fate crying out in bliss as you thrust deep into her filling her with your cum and impregnating her mocking her tiny form with kits she'll never birth~
  469. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  470. he grins, his vines wrapping around her again as he lifts her towards his maw, the ends of the vines pressing against her holes, making sure none of his cum leaks out of her holes until she's inside him. He grins a bit, licking his lips, then lunges forward, capturing her front half in his maw, slowly swallowing to force the vee down
  472. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  473. She feels you lift her up keeping her filled with your cum with your vines as you lick your lips then lunge forward taking her front half into your maw then it starts as you start to slowly swallow her down forcing her down and she resigns to her fate unable to escape at all
  475. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  476. starts pushing her deeper with his vines, before eventually letting his throat muscles do the work, working the Eevee down into his stomach, his vines rubbing his belly once she's fully been swallowed "You were a tasty little vee~ I just have to enjoy you for as long as I can~"
  478. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  479. Eventually she reaches your throat which tugs her closer to your stomach with each rippling pulse as she soon reaches your belly that was just big enough to hold her comfortably~ She hears you speaking telling her that she was a tasty little vee~ (One last idea before you get rid of her)
  481. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  482. (Oh? Do tell~)
  484. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  485. (maybe inside of you there are tentacles used to weaken prey with sexual stimulation maybe we can do that)
  487. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  488. (That could work, yeah~)
  490. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  491. (hehe)
  492. (Also it's meant to provide the greatest pleasure possible)
  494. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  495. As the large snake makes himself at home in the now vacant clearing, inside his stomach, a few tentacle-like vines wrap around the vee, restraining her as a few vines start proding at her holes, before pushing into her, stuffing her as full as possible, while being as pleasurable as possible
  497. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  498. She moans out in pleasure as those vines gently hold her and start to stimulate her calming her down~
  500. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  501. the vines start fucking her deeply and passionately, one vine going over to her maw that she can suckle on
  503. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  504. She takes it into her maw and suckles on it calming down even more as her eyes actually close~ (maybe it also leaks a sort of milk?)
  505. (Since she's a kit and all)
  507. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  508. the vine starts leaking a sort of milk like sap, while the other vines start leaking a pre like substance
  510. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  511. She begins to drink the milk like substance slowly as it's fed to her while the other vines leak a pre like substance into her depths while still fucking her gently and passionately being completely gentle with her body while also weakening her with pleasure before she's well gotten rid of~
  513. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  514. the vines seem to be slowing down, starting to fill the vee with a more cum-like substance as she drinks more and more of the milk, filling her before starting to fuck her all over again, keeping her full and pleasured~
  516. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  517. She sighs in bliss as they slow down filling her with more even as she peacefully drinks more and more of the milk that was being fed to her gently before those vines in her pussy fuck her all over again keeping her fed and pleasured~ "So nice~" She relaxes in your belly with the warm walls surrounding her and the milk being fed to her she was content~
  519. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  520. the Seperior sighs contentedly outside, as inside the various vines make the vee feel more relaxed and safe, fucking her over and over and filling her up, taking away her strength before she is fully gotten rid of~
  522. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  523. The Vee starts to loose power as she's fucked and fed repeatedly but this makes her feel relaxed and safe while she just drinks from the vines that was feeding her~ Eventually she was out of energy and the next process was ready to begin~
  524. (And even as you get rid of her she's continually fed until it's over~)
  526. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  527. there is a small gurgling sound as the serperior start digesting the little vee, the vines continuing to fuck and fill her as she's digested, keeping her feeling safe and relaxed the whole time
  529. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  530. (I actually had an idea for the digestion)
  532. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  533. (Oh? Do tell)
  535. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  536. (maybe she's laid back against the bottom of your belly which is softer than most parts think of it like it was a bed and slowly she is covered by digestive juices while she's laid back relaxed~)
  537. (Sort of like how you put a kit to bed except their dead once they fall asleep)
  539. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  540. (Sounds really good, I'll go with that)
  542. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  543. (kk)
  544. (I'm just finding ways to make this much more relaxing for the eevee your voring and digesting~)
  546. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  547. the vines holding the Eevee in place start moving her, laying her her on a softer part of the stomach, as she slowly starts getting covered in digestive juices. The Vee starts feeling very sleepy, an after-effect of all the milk she drank~
  549. Holly, The Growlithe08/13/2019
  550. She snuggles up inside against the soft bed like wall of the belly as she starts to slowly fall asleep the juices feeling warm and relaxing like a blanket and eventually she falls asleep as the juices slowly dissolve her away~
  552. EmileTheShifter08/13/2019
  553. the serperior yawns softly, slithering off back towards his own den as the vee dissolves inside him, slowly disappearing as the snake licks his lips~
  554. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  555. The zangoose stalks silently through the bushes, following around a small Pichu he saw, while he waits for a chance to capture him
  557. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  558. Was finally settling down and starting to eat a berry that he had recently picked from a bush he was unaware of your presense giving you the chance to pounce him~
  560. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  561. seems to wait for a moment, making sure you didn't notice him, before pouncing on the little chu, wrapping a tail around him as his paws grasp him tightly
  563. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  564. he gasps noticing you and attempts to run tripping over himself as he gets up to flee~
  566. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  567. he grins a bit, making sure the little chu can't run now that he's been grabbed, the large cat licking his lips "Now now, no running little one~"
  569. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  570. He tries to struggle hard "Let me go~" he attempts to shock you but being so weak it just felt tingly
  572. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  573. the shocks sink into the Zangooses fur, before he lets out a thunder wave, keeping him paralyzed as he toys with him "Now, the prey shouldn't be talking to a predator like that~" His tail starts teasing your tailhole as he licks his lips again
  575. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  576. he is paralyzed and cries out as you toy with him teasing his tailhole with your tail as you lick your lips again as he soon becomes hard from the teasing
  578. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  579. sees you getting hard, and brings him closer towards his maw, purring slightly before giving his shaft a lick, the tail slowly pushing into the Pichu
  581. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  582. He mewls as you give his hardening shaft a lick as the tail slowly pushes into him while he squirms~
  584. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  585. purrs a bit, starting to suck on the shaft in front of him as the tail fucks the chu hard and fast
  587. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  588. He squirms in pleasure as you start to suck on his cock as your tail fucks him hard and fast making his length twitch and spasm a bit~
  589. "T-That feels good~" he relaxes a bit~
  591. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  592. he smiles before returning to sucking off the chu, letting a paw start rubbing the small rodent's balls as the floof tries to make him cum~
  594. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  595. he sighs and tries to gently hump into your maw enjoying this greatly as you rub his balls which makes him cry out and cum hard filling your maw with his creamy cum~
  597. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  598. the floof drinks all the cum given to him, swallowing it before pulling away, pulling his tail out of him and lowering him, pressing his now vacant hole against his zangy cock~
  600. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  601. (wait... Aren't you gonna make me suck you first?) He squirms as you press against his now vacant hole~
  602. (I kinda want to...)
  604. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  605. (I can, yeah)
  606. he seems to think for a moment, before moving the chu, pressing his face against the throbbing cock "Now be a good little chu, and suck~"
  608. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  609. he gasps but does as you ask not daring to disobey as he licks your length finding himself to like the taste though he gently wraps his lips around it and begins to softly suckle~
  611. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  612. he purrs and pets his head a bit as he suckles on his shaft, while using a claw to tease his tailhole some more "That's a good boy~"
  614. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  615. he sucks hard and lovingly his paws gripping the sides and gently gliding along your length in a slow but loving manner as he attempts to milk your cock~
  617. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  618. moans and fingers your tailhole faster, his cock leaking more and more pre in your maw as you stroke and suckle "Mmm~ keep that up, and you'll get some milk to drink, little chu~"
  620. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  621. nods and continues the treatment stroking slowly and sucking gently upon the tip as he works for his milk~
  623. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  624. he pants and purrs, fingering the chu more quickly as he gets closer to cumming, while licking his lips at the thought of the meal to come~
  626. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  627. He continues to suckle peacefully as you finger him quickly while he sucks for milk~
  629. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  630. he moans lewdly as he cums, filling your maw with his milk, debating to himself if he wants to fuck your tailhole, or just eat you now~
  632. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  633. he swallows his milk and purrs pulling off and falling back his tight tailhole now exposed to you quite invitingly~
  635. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  636. he nods a bit, his mind made up as he crawls over, mounting the much smaller mon, his shaft pushing into your backdoor as his tail strokes your shaft
  638. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  639. he moans as you mount him and push into him his hole gently squeezing you upon entry inviting you into his depths as your tail strokes his shaft while he grips your fur tightly moaning softly~
  641. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  642. he starts fucking you quickly, licking you all over as he tastes his soon to be meal, his shaft throbbing inside you as your hole squeezes it, leaking a bit of pre, while his tail strokes you faster
  644. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  645. he moans as his cock is stroked faster by your tail which was giving him a nice pleasure as you taste him since he was soon to be your meal as his hole squeezes your cock lovingly in a wave motion making it feel like a heavenly soft hand was stroking your cock inside of him~
  647. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  648. he pants lewdly, the feeling of your hole around his shaft stroke him off as he fucks making him purr, already close to cumming again as he licks your ears snd head, ready to lunge and swallow you once he was done mating you~
  650. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  651. he purrs as you lick his ears and head as you get ready to eat him after filling him and painting him with your cum~ These thoughts filled your head as his hole continues to stroke your shaft as you fuck him his hole lovingly stroking your length in a loving manner almost like he wanted this~
  653. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  654. he thrusts deep into you, filling you with cum as he licks his lips again, pulling out after a minute to coat your body in cum as well, with his tail stroking you quickly, trying to make you cum one last time before you get eaten~
  656. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  657. he purrs as you coat his body with your warm white liquid and filling him with the same liquid before quickly stroking his cock as he stares into your eyes pleading to be sucked~
  659. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  660. hums a bit, then nods, deciding to be a nice zangoose and suck you off one last time, he movers a bit, before starting to lick and suck on your shaft again
  662. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  663. he sighs and rubs your ears in thankful pleasure as his warm cum fills your maw gently~ "Thank you~" he says as he accepts his fate and lays still ready for you to eat him because he knows for a fact he won't be able to escape
  665. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  666. swallows the cum, before steadying himself, then lunges towards you, engulfing you with a purr, before starting to swallow, each swallow drawing you deeper and deeper towards the zangoose's stomach
  668. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  669. He closes his eyes as you swallow him down pulling him deeper and deeper towards your stomach as your belly growls at the prospect of food~
  671. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  672. gives one final swallow, dropping you into his stomach, as the zangoose goes to find somewhere to rest, while inside his body, a few tentacle-like objects start wrapping around and binding the chu
  674. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  675. (brb shortly grabbing dinner)
  677. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  678. (No problem)
  680. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  681. (back)
  682. he mewls as a few tentacles start wrapping and binding him getting ready to pleasure him greatly~
  684. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  685. a few tentacles go over and start prodding at the chu's backdoor, while another seems to latch onto his shaft, starting to suckle on it, while a final one goes over to his maw
  687. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  688. he takes the one in front of his maw inside and suckles on it feeling like something good would happen if he did while another tentacle latches onto his shaft and starts sucking which causes him to relax as his cock is gently sucked while his back door is prodded by a few tentacles~
  689. (Maybe he's layed back gently while he's pleasured?)
  690. (I would actually enjoy that btw)
  692. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  693. the tentacles push into the chu, a few more moving his so he's laying back, while the tentacle that you're sucking on start leaking cum for you to drink, you shaft being quickly sucked by the last tentacle
  695. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  696. He moans as those tentacles push into his tight little rear while a few more move him so that he's layed back on the soft walls of your belly while the tentacle that he's sucking starts to leak sweet and warm cum which he happily swallows gently humping into that tentacle that was quickly and quite eagerly sucking his cock~
  698. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  699. the various tentacles fuck the pichu roughly but not painfully, occasionally filling his rump with more cum, while the tentacle in your maw leaks more and more cum, the tentacle your humping sucking a little bit harder with each hump, definitely trying to make you cum more~
  701. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  702. he releases his cum into the sucking tentacle with a sigh and a purr as those other tentacles fuck him roughly yet not painfully filling his rear with more cum as the one in his maw leaks more and more cum helping him relax~ (mmmmm maybe there are different tentacles that fit his entire cock and balls which provide just enough stimulation to both his cock and balls instead of being aggressive though it's gentle and loving encouraging him to hump slightly~)
  704. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  705. the tentacle on your shaft pulls away, soon replaced by a different tentacle, this one going around your entire cock and balls, this one less aggressive in it's sucking, gently sucking on them as the chu continues to be filled
  707. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  708. He sighs as his cock is gently sucked and his balls are lovingly massaged as his rump is filled with cum as well as his maw which he drinks it down~ He begins to softly hump into the gently sucking tail holding it softly and slowly humping into it~
  710. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  711. the tentacles suckle on your shaft more, a few more tentacles rubbing your full belly as the other's fuck you, trying to make you feel drained so that the zangy can fully digest the little chu~ (sorry this took so long, stuff came up real quick)
  713. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  714. (it's fine~) He enjoys the sucking tentacles as a few more rub his full belly as he's continually fucked as he cums again into the sucking tail~ "mmmmmm So good~" he purrs as his cum pulses into the tail gushing heavily into it yet he still wasn't drained all the way as he continued to drink the warm cum as it was fed to him~ (mmmm I have another idea~ that will extend this rp~)
  716. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  717. (Oh? What did you have in mind?)
  719. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  720. (Mmmm The cum that your feeding me also transforms me after I'm out of cum into a female chu and then you know what happens from there~)
  721. (maybe instead of being digested I'm somehow pulled into your balls and churned away into cum~)
  722. (Hehe~)
  723. the zangy seems to sit up, an idea having popped in his head, as a few runed tails appear. The tails touch his belly in a pattern, before he reaches through his belly, pulling the Pichu out of his belly without harm to either of them. Meanwhile, all the cum those tentacles pumped into him seems to be changing him, slowly turning the male pichu into a female
  725. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  726. he watches as his cock vanishes and a slit replaces it slowly his cock sinks into the new slit and he cums his final load as he transitions into a full female fitted with ovaries and a womb for you to impregnate her~
  728. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  729. he mounts the now fetile chu, grinning a bit as his cock throbs, while it presses against her new slit. "I have a new plan for you little chu.~ I'm going to breed you,~<3"
  731. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  732. She sighs softly and stares at you expectantly~ "Will you promise not to eat me then?"
  733. She looks at you pleadingly
  734. "Please~ I promise I won't leave you~!"
  736. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  737. he hums a bit, then grins and nods "Alright then little chu, we have a deal~" he purrs and thrusts his shaft into your slit, while he moans lewdly~
  739. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  740. Smiles and purrs~ "Thankyou~" She smiles to you and leans up to kiss you~
  741. She squeals as you thrust into her soft pussy~
  743. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  744. he kisses back as he fucks the fertile chu, two runed tails tapping her as he fucks her, one making her more sensitive, and the other making her even more fertile~
  746. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  747. she cries out in bliss and mewls happily~ "Breed me~ Give me your kits~" She begs you~
  749. EmileTheShifter08/14/2019
  750. he fucks her fast and hard, moaning lewdly as he does, before cumming again, filling her womb with his potent seed~
  752. Holly, The Growlithe08/14/2019
  753. She mewls softly and begins to purr as you fill her womb with your potent cum~
  754. the zangy hums and stretches, thinking on what he wants to do today, then grabs the little pichu that was sleeping nearby, a little while having passed so she would have layed the egg, with his cock hard and throbbing
  756. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  757. would awaken as you grab her and she smiles "Morning~" She stretches a bit and leans in to kiss you~
  759. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  760. he giggles and kisses back, his cock pressing against your tail a bit as he holds you Good morning little chu~
  762. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  763. "want me to suck you off and give you relief this morning~" She asks you softly feeling your cock pressing to her tail
  765. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  766. he hums and nods, letting the chu go so that she could suck him off, already thinking about stuffing her down his shaft, turning her into cum that he might use to breed her daughter at a later point~
  768. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  769. She smiles and slowly licks your shaft from the base of it to the very tip as her paws grip the sides of it and she stuffs the tip in her maw and starts to eagerly suckle and pull on your shaft~
  771. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  772. he purrs a bit, petting her head with one paw, while a tail starts teasing her slit, pushing into it slightly, the zangoose relaxing on some of his floof
  774. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  775. She strokes it slowly from the base to the tip milking out drops of pre as she sucks purring as you tease her slit pushing into it slightly as she suckles~
  777. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  778. he moans softly, pre dripping onto your tongue as you suckle his tip, while his tail starts thrusting in and out of your cunt
  780. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  781. She mewls as your tail begins to thrust into her while she suckles on your tip milking the pre from it eagerly~
  783. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  784. he murrs, humping against your maw slightly as his tail quickly fucks you, his shaft throbbing as you suckle on it more~
  786. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  787. She strokes it while suckling as your shaft throbs while you hump against her maw using your tail to quickly fuck her making her mewl in bliss~
  789. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  790. he moans lewdly, his cock twitching as he cums, filling your mouth with his seed, while his tail tries to get you to cum as well~
  792. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  793. Looks into your eyes as you feed her your warm milk which she eagerly milks out with her paws before she cums hard on your tail with a squeak~
  795. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  796. he pets you gently, pulling you off his shaft once he's finished cumming, and pulling his tail out of your slit Such a good chu~
  798. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  799. purrs at you and snuggles into your chest~
  800. "Cover me?" She asks you hoping to be covered in your cum~
  802. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  803. he hums a bit as he adjusts you, his cock throbbing as the zangy uses a few quick spells, before starting to stroke his shaft, willing to cover her if she wanted it~
  805. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  806. She smiles softly and purrs to you nodding eagerly~
  808. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  809. he purrs and moans, pre already dripping from his tip as he strokes his shaft, letting his tail pet her as he bucks his hips
  811. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  812. (idea for this)
  813. (So my idea is that your cum shrinks her down small enough to be cock vored and you take this and instantly holding her in place you thrust forward pushing your shaft around her starting this~)
  814. She watches in anticipation awaiting your cum happily as you buck your hips stroking your shaft as you prepare to cover her~
  816. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  817. he moans as he cums, covering her in his cum, which he already coated in a spell to shrink her. He purrs and holds her until she's small enough to fit down his shaft, then presses her against the tip of his cock~ Now little chu, you'll get to be my next load~<3
  819. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  820. She feels herself shrink as your cum comes into contact with her and she mewls becoming small enough to be cock vored hearing you tell her that she'll get to be your next load~
  822. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  823. he moans softly as he presses you into his throbbing shaft, each throb and twitch drawing you deeper down towards his balls~
  825. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  826. She doesn't struggle as you press her into your throbbing shaft each throb and twitch draws her deeper in as she travels to your balls~
  828. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  829. the floof moans more the further down you get, before you finally get to his balls, being deposited in a pool of cum, while the zangy rubs his shaft~<3
  831. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  832. She feels the warm cum around her and she smiles slowly churning down as you stroke your shaft speeding up the process~
  833. Holly, The Growlithe started a call.08/19/2019
  835. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  836. (Emile?)
  837. She begins to drink the cum that was around her purring at it's taste~
  838. ...Emile?
  839. call me when you return
  841. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  842. (Sorry, I had to do something, I'm back now, but still can't call, because my sister invited her girlfriend over)
  844. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  845. awwwww
  846. ok
  847. in a small bit?
  849. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  850. he blushes and moans, feeling the chu moving around in his balls, and purring as she starts to grow a little bit as she drinks the cum, his balls expanding so you still fit in them (probably not tonight)
  852. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  853. (oh alright) She continues drinking enjoying it's taste as she churns away~
  855. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  856. he gently rubs his balls, feeling you being reduced to cum as he strokes himself, the floof purring as his mind is filled with lewd thoughts~
  858. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  859. she eventually fully churns away into cum as you relax her by rubbing your balls which helped her relax~
  861. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  862. he purrs softly, no longer feeling the pichu, only feeling his large and rather full balls at this point~<3
  864. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  865. She was now in heaven~
  867. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  868. the zangy hums, gently petting the nearby egg She was a good chu~
  870. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  871. now that she was gone only the egg remained~
  873. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  874. he hums a bit, using a bit of magic to accelerate the egg's growth, wanting to make it hatch~
  876. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  877. Eventually it rattles and the egg cracks a small and little pichu rolls out it of confused
  879. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  880. he picks up the chu, cradling it gently in his arms, and petting it with a tail~<3
  882. Holly, The Growlithe08/19/2019
  883. it mewls softly and begins to purr~
  885. EmileTheShifter08/19/2019
  886. he smiles, letting it gently suckle on his tail if it wants~
  887. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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