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Feb 12th, 2017
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  2. FINAL
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  5. MAP01
  6. - Removed a few rocket boxes from the starting area. Some were replaced with smaller clusters of single rockets.
  7. - Added a HK on UV near the switch in the starting area that opens up the rest of the map.
  8. - Added a few more Imps/Zombies that pop out after pressing the main switch in the starting area.
  9. - The metal bars that raised up to reveal the start of the RSK path have been replaced with a solid lowering wall. This wall also blinks so that it further sticks out from the background.
  10. - Blocking walls here added to the lower area near the BSK pedestal. These lower when the player enters the centeral BSK area for the fight (this is to keep the player from waking up the zombiemen too early from below).
  11. - Made the computer panel switch larger near the big lift/BK route.
  12. - Moved the switch that releases the Chaingunners near the start of the BK route trigger even earlier.
  13. - Changed the Demons to Shotgunners at the big lift/BK route (after the switch wall lowers).
  14. - At the hellish secret area, the RSK was moved next to the other two keys, and the Megasphere tooks in place on the lowering pedestal.
  15. - Fixed a stuck COOP Imp.
  18. MAP02
  19. - Lit up the lowering wall behind the Manc platform in the northern nukage area (start of YK route).
  20. - Added a trail of armor bonuses leading to the switch in the northern nukeage area.
  21. - Changed the switch texture for the early shootable switch secret from the green tek switch to the blue skull switch (to hide it a bit more).
  22. - At the Imp/stair builder trap, the blocking walls can now be lowered from the Imp's side (this is useful since its possible to get on that side before even triggering the trap).
  23. - Fixed the radsuit platform in the northern nukage area so that it doesn't do damage to the player.
  24. - The lift in the lowering nukage BFG secret fight now has a delay of 3 seconds (was 1 second).
  25. - Swapped the Soulsphere and the RL in the south-western~ish area.
  26. - Put some cell packs in the super secret.
  27. - The Demons that spawn in during the northern nukage fight should now only spawn once that big lift wall is lowered.
  30. MAP03
  31. - At the secret where the wall lowers to reveal a hidden lift (leading to the secret BFG), it was possible to get stuck between the lift and the wall. The gap has been made wider so that you can no longer get stuck.
  32. - Added blocking walls for the Manc cage and Arachnotron near the blood pit area (to better pace out the gameplay). The walls open up after the player presses the switch to raise the blood bridge leading to the RK area.
  33. - Tossed another Chaingun near the switch which raises the bridge out of the blood leading to the RK area (for players that miss the early one).
  34. - Added some cells on the Manc platform (which lowers after you press the RK switch to get out of the RK area).
  35. - Opened up the walkway near the Manc platform in the lava area, so that monsters are more able to see and hit the player.
  36. - Put the YK on a pedestal so its not as easily obscured by corpses.
  37. - Added a free computer map near the start.
  38. - Made the wall that lowers past the YK door (revealing the Archvile/Revs) a bit taller so you can't rocket them before it lowers.
  39. - Added a new secret.
  40. - Replaced the impassible fence near the GA/Barons with a normal blocking wall (that you can access after pressing the switch which raises up the first blood bridge) since it is possible for players to get caught on it from up above now.
  41. - Added a monster blocking line near the switch which lowers you down to the lava pit area (to keep the Chaingunners nearby from getting stuck on the ledge there).
  44. MAP04
  45. - At the northern part of the map with the Cell Pack and Revenants, that nook's lighting was changed so that you can clearly see the Cell Pack.
  46. - Added some blockings walls to the Imp alcoves near the BK. These walls lower once you grab the BK.
  47. - Tossed a few more medikits in the YSK arena (COOP ones too).
  48. - Coming from the YK switch area, if the door hasn't been opened yet, the Cacos should be set loose.
  49. - In the final fight, the Soulspheres in the east and west alcoves have been changed to Megaspheres.
  52. MAP31
  53. - Fixed a multi-part lift that was easily breakable (the one that gets you out of the nukage area after grabbing the YK).
  54. - Tossed a few more medikits out in the BSK fight.
  55. - Put up some monster blocking lines in the BSK outdoor arena.
  56. - Made a few more changes to help the Bubble Ship move around better.
  57. - Added a few more Skull Turrets.
  60. MISC
  61. - Added dew & Vargskelethor (Joel) to the list of credits in the readme.
  62. - Changed the Bubble Ship's obit (again).
  63. - Changed the Gate Master's obit.
  64. - Updated the readme.
  65. - Reverted the statusbar back to the vanilla width size. It didn't work properly in Zandronum and other ports, so I will be including the widescreen graphic as a separate .wad in the final release.
  66. - Added demos for the title carousel.
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