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  1. ← Javier
  2.       bumps into.
  3. → Javier
  4. drops smoothie. Fuuuck. "I'm sorry!"
  5. ← Javier
  6.       "Hindi, sige, okay lang!" Brushed himself off slightly, trying his hardest to put up a smile. "It's okay, we're okay."
  7. → Javier
  8. face turned two shades of red in embarrassment. Hopefully it shouldn't.. stain. "I uh.. shit," handed him a bunch of napkins.
  9. ← Javier
  10.       thankfully took the napkins, and began wiping himself off. Bit his lower lip slightly. "Maganda ka naman eh--" Winked once. Eyes kept trained on her. "--so all's forgiven."
  11. → Javier
  12. had no idea what he was saying, but would crouch down briefly to retrieve the fallen plastic cup. RIP. Returning to her normal height, and swiping lock of hair over ear. "I.. uh.. hope so," forming an apologetic smile. "I could get that.. dry cleaned for you?" as it was a nice shirt he was wearing.
  13. ← Javier
  14.       "Oh." Leaned down to help her pick up the cup, but she had already taken the liberty of doing so. It was the thought that counts, right? Shook his head slightly. "No, it's fine. I have an extra one in the car anyway." Lamborghini, imported. Long story. Maybe if she gave him the time of day he'd tell her all about it. "Why don't we just... get to know each other a little more. I could get that refilled for you. Or Coffee, maybe." A smirk graced his lips. "Tayong dalawa lang?
  15. → Javier
  16. hadn't expected the attempted aid, but appreciated it. Most guys would have just yelled at her for being clumsy, or some shit. Brightened a bit, even as he indicated there was a spare. Smart, one should always be prepared for the unexpected. "I.. um.. well, I spilled it on you? So maybe I should buy you a coffee as an apology?" somewhere fairly confident Kendall was whooping, because he was a cutie.
  17. ← Javier
  18.       "Well let me tell you something." Moved closer to her, and looked down on the cup she held, palm cupping underneath it, and the free hand over it. Effectively caging a single hand in his grasp. "I-- because I'm the most tanga person in the world, bumped into you." Eyes glistened against the street light, reflecting the absurdly light brown eyes that he held. "So how about--" Took the cup, releasing his hold upon her. "I buy you the coffee, and I get to call you by your first name. Does that sound fair?" Smiled ever so charmingly. "Pwede ba?"
  19. → Javier
  20. the soft press of warm hand over hers was gentle, and silently coaxed the cup from fingers with an imploring look in brown eyes that made a girl feel a little light headed. Her face felt like it was on fire, and lower lip was bit out of reflex. Jeeeesus. He was exotic in a way she couldn't put her finger on, and there was a seductive curl to his words in the native language he spoke. "I.. umm.. yes," mind flicking towards Kian briefly, before a shy smile was afforded. "I'm Gemma Asheton. I'm so sorry for what I did to your shirt. And coffee sounds nice.."
  21. ← Javier
  22.       "Javier." He instantly replied as an introduction of himself. At first glance, his accent wouldn't be so obvious, but the more he spoke, the more it would become clear to anyone who would listen, that he indeed held some form of it. Hard to determine, yet it was there. "I'd tell you my last name, but--" Shrugged slightly. "--I'd like to leave a few things to the imagination." Shook his head once more, tugging at the --or at least, what used to be-- pristine white shirt he wore. "These things are replaceable. Mabilis lang palitan. But from the looks of it? Sa ganda mong yan, mahirap kan palitan." A stifled laugh escaped him. "Sorry, I'm just messing around. I do that a lot. Especially to pretty girls like you." A hand was offered. "Shall we?"
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  24. → Javier
  25. Javier. The name was rolled experimentally over tongue as one would a sampling of wine, as if to pinpoint the origin of its flavor and whether or not a second taste was warranted. It was honestly one of the sexier names she had ever heard, especially coupled with the sensual quality of his words as he slipped between English and whatever he was speaking. Nose scrunched, as green eyes flickered with amusement, obviously charmed by his teasing nature. Because sometimes it was that damn easy. "It's nice to meet you.. Javier," echoing his enunciation perfectly. Just don't ask her to repeat the rest. "Absolutely," slipping slender hand into his, as it was only polite. "I don't mean to be rude, but are you new here?" he had to be, or Javier would have been all over the sorority house feed for babe alert.
  26. stαrToday at 4:03 AM
  27. ← Javier
  28.       Didn't once ever think that his name was sexy, mostly since when he was in the vicinity of women, it wasn't his name that would be brought into the limelight. Well, at least not until the bedroom was involved. Fine wine wasn't one Javier would use to describe himself. More like the brooding notes of a piano long since played. She'd find both comfort of a longing heart, as well as the hunger of a lustful beast in Javier. Taking her hand into his, allowing the soft touch of her's to be embraced by the warm sensation of palms. "New here? Yes. But it almost felt like I've known you for a long time, you know? Parang matagal na kitang kilala. Parang matagal na kitang minahal." Smiled as he lowered his head. "What did you say your name was again? Gemma?" Her name was spoken in a manner only those of foreign accents could attest. A way that her ears never would have once picked upon such grace. Such fluidity. Such... raw energy. "It's a beautiful name. Napakaganda."
  29. stαrToday at 4:18 AM
  30. → Javier
  31. if Javier was the brooding notes of a piano, in a forgotten room left to ruin by the elements. Gemma was a playful breeze on a summer's day as it whispered through the trees, carrying with it the promise of a refreshing rain. Or as her freshman boyfriend had murmured in the shell of ear, the golden hour when the sun first winked over the horizon in the morning.. conjuring forth such vibrant colors that no artist could ever truly do it justice. Tongue flicked over lower lip as palms cradled her hand, forgetting for a moment that they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk. Laughter bubbling up in soft notes that indicated just how ensnared she was from the smallest displays of flattery. "You're.. very, very good," free hand waving off the full Javier experience, as she might need to sit before her knees buckled from the charm he was laying on. "If you want, maybe after coffee or later on.. I can show you around campus?"
  32. stαrToday at 4:29 AM
  33. ← Javier
  34.       Would never even dare go as far as to call her the golden hour when the sun winked over any horizons. Because that meant she was fleeting. And if Javier could resort to whispering sweet nothings, the truest of gathered words that even Shakespeare would trmble under the weight of, he would --most probably-- tell her that she was not the golden hour, but air itself that breathed life into every living creature. The air that gave purpose for the many many creatures that could learn to live, that could learn to laugh, that could learn to love. Perhaps words wouldn't be enough to describe the precious stone that had been mined. The precious gem that was Gemma. However, even without conveying words, if she so looked into his eyes with intensity that could break down diamonds, she would find all the things he needed to say. The full-full Javier experience, if you will. "That's because I have a reason to be very good." Her hand in his was lifted for lips to be pressed against them. "Bigyan mo ako ng oras, and 'good' will be 'better'." Another wink was offered before her hand was slowly lowered. Eyes were maneuvered to take in the sights of the campus. "Before you do give me the tour. I'd like to make it perfectly clear that nothing can impress me as much as you have. So--" Open palm from free hand was used to point towards the direction of the cafe. "After you."
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