[EN] Rules Mistaken

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><link=""><color=#5abffd>MISTAKEN</color></link></align></size=40></b>
  2. <color=#FF8000><b>Links:</b></color>
  3. <b><link=""><u>Discord</u></link></b> | <b><link=""><u>Steam</u></link></b> | <b><link=""><u>Website</u></link></b> | <b><link="><u>PayPal</u></link></b> | <b><link="><u>Donation</u></link></b>
  5. <color=#fd6a5a>Rules:</color>
  6. [1] Use English on the server.
  7. [2] Class D personnel is allowed to kill each other.
  8. [3] Killing members of your team while playing as MTF, CI or Scientist is not allowed at all.
  9. [4] Killing a team upon spawning gives an unfair advantage, don't do that.
  10. [5] Toxic/offensive behaviour is not allowed. Treat all players with equal respect and try to keep good manners at all times.
  11. [6] Never provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage.
  12. [7] Zombie ( SCP-049-2 ) suiciding is not allowed
  13. [8] This is not permitted:
  14.     - To make/play annoying noises through microphone/intercom.
  15.     - To use any bugs/exploits/cheats to gain advantage over other players.
  16.     - To use offensive nick names.
  17.     - To launch Alpha Warhead in first 10 minutes of the game.
  18. [9] It is not allowed to cooperate:
  19.     - As Scientist with CI and SCP.
  20.     - As Class D personnel with MTF and SCP.
  21.     - As MTF with CI, SCP and Class D personnel(except disarming Class D personnel)
  22.     - As CI with MTF and Scientists
  23.     - As SCP with anyone(expect CI)
  25. <color=#00ff00>Anti-TeamKill:</color>
  26. <color=#00ff00>2</color> kills = gun removed,
  27. <color=#00ff00>3</color> kills = observator role,
  28. <color=#00ff00>4</color> kills = 30 min ban.
  30. By joining our server you accept the rules and allow us to gather statistics.
  31. You can report something on discord or using: <b><link=""><u>E-MAIL</u></link></b>
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