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  1. username; @TataxChimmie
  3. name; Gabriella Hope Elizabeth "Gabbi" Lee [가브리엘라 호프 엘리자베스 리]  
  4. foreign name; Lee Ga Yeon [이건연]
  5. nicknames;
  6. ➴ Gabbi — It is her OFFICIAL nickname, Basically most of the people that know her call her Gabbi just because Gabbi is easier to say than Gabriella
  7. ➴ Smarty-pants — Most of her relatives tease her with the name "Smarty-pants" just because of her 'KNOW-IT-ALL' personality
  8. ➴ Pottah — It's not actually a nickname, But most of her friends sometimes tease her with that word cause Gabriella is just too obsessed and with Harry Potter
  10. birth year; 2001
  11. birth date; December 26
  13. blood type; O
  15. height; 170 cm / 5'7"
  16. weight; 45 kg / 99 lbs
  18. nationality; Italian — Korean
  19. ethnicity; Italian — Korean
  21. languages; (minimum of 3)
  22. — Italian
  23. — English
  24. — Korean
  26. personality;
  27. ➴ Compassionate — Gabbi is really a caring person, She show her love and concern for others
  29. ➴ Sweet — Gabbi is also very sweet which alot of people really liked about her, That's her official attitude since she's still little she's known to be sweet.
  31. ➴ Relaible / Trustworthy — Her friends find her really sweet, trustworthy, and reliable, In their town Gabbi is known for being sweet and kind hearted towards people. when it comes to ranting their problems too her. Whenever her friends are feeling down, it’s Gabbi's responsibility too help cheer them up and making them happy.
  33. ➴ Bookworm — Gabbi is a HUGE sucker for books, she’s always seen carrying books around with her or checking out books in the school library. She’s often recommending books to others or having her nose stuck in a random book, she really loves to read books because it drags her into a different world and seperates her mind off of things.
  35. ➴ Know-It-All — Gabbi was often called 'smarty-pants', Being the "know-it-all" in the family is hard for Gabbi especially that she is mostly gets teased but she often fights back  
  37. background;
  38. Gabbi is born on December 26,2001 in Rome, Italy. Gabbi grew up Italy and studied in The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) for 7th - 8th Grade, Later then moved to Korea to continue her schooling and to know more about Korean, Since she grew up in Italy so she still didn't know about something Korea but she did knew how to speak Korean cause she does take Korean classes.
  40. Gabbi grew up in a great household consisting both of her parents and Gabbi, Gabbi parents are always busy cause they're both controling they're family business. Gabbi has a half-brother who is also has the same age as Gabbi and they're both really close.  
  42. likes; (minimum of 5)
  43. — Babies
  44. — Coffee(s)
  45. — Books
  46. — Watching in the theaters
  47. dislikes; (minimum of 5)
  48. — Slimey stuffs
  49. — Perverts
  50. — Bugs / Insects
  51. — Arrogant People
  53. hobbies; (minimum of 5)
  54. — Reading
  55. — Watching TV
  56. — Sleeping
  57. — Cooking / Baking
  58. — Shopping (if bored)
  60. trivia; (minimum of 7-10)
  61. ➴ Gabbi's parent's are both buisneswoman/man but her Mother is a former Model in Melbourne, Australia
  62. ➴ Gabbi is allergic to seafoods
  63.  ➴ She’s always overthinking every little thing which she can’t help. she’s really insecure also
  64.   ➴ VERY organized, she can’t stand it when things are messy or out of place. a neat freak, indeed
  65.    ➴ really clumsy, once tripped over air and jammed her finger while walking with her friends
  66.     ➴ Gabbi starts training since she is still 14 years old
  67.      ➴ she has a golden ring which has a red rose on it along with a golden bracelet around her wrist, she received them from her mother when she was little on Christmas.
  68.       ➴ Gabbi is really really good at cooking and baking her grandmother taught her to do it
  69.        ➴ Gabbi is a really likes kids,  She found them really adorable and stubborn
  70.         ➴ Gabbi likes shopping ALOT! whenever she's bored she always go shopping
  71.          ➴ Gabbi often drinks Cappuccino
  73. ♡♡♡
  75. soloist or group; Group
  77. which group; (ignore if choose soloist) GENIES
  79. position;
  80. — Main Dancer
  81. — Lead Vocalist
  83. self-evaluation;
  84. vocals | 8/10
  85. rap | 6/10
  86. dance | 10/10
  88. audition video;
  89. []  
  91. message to the company; "Hello Exquisite Entertainment! I hope that this company will stay strong as a family! and let's keep supporting each other till the end!"
  92. message to the group; "I really hope the group that i chose will be successful and loved by many fans!
  93. message to the author; Keep up the good work! I hope this af will continue as a successful and loved entertainment!
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