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  1. 1.)  10x Wizards are NOT social.  They will often sneak away from the party to do research.  If it seems like they are talking to people while away from the party, it is likely they are actually just talking to their familiar.
  3. 2.)  Timing for a 10x wizard is highly irregular.  They tend to frequently take 1 hour naps, after which they become highly productive until their next nap.
  5. 3.)  10x Wizards tend to have odd trinkets with them.  Do not be afraid to see a skull or ornate grimoire with them, and expect any of their weapons to have strange decorations.
  7. 4.)  10x Wizards know every spell by memory.  You will never see a 10x Wizard reading out of a spellbook because they have memorized it.
  9. 5.) Most of the 10x Wizards are full-class casters.  For them, magic is magic, they don't care whether it's cleric spells, druid spells, wizard spells, I have rarely seen them casting bard spells.
  10. 6.) 10x Wizard can convert "thought" into "sound" in their minds and transmit it to you in a telepathic fashion.  Given a script, they can transmit maddening statements to your enemy's minds for hours.
  12. 7.) 10x Wizards do not use a wide variety of spells; as they know all spells they know which are the most important.  They tend to rely on their wiggly magic bolt spell the most.
  14. 8.)  10x Wizards are always learning new abilities, which they can often use more than they even use spells.  They're not afraid of any ability E.G. talking to animals, improving their wiggly magic bolt, tentacle arms, infinite invisibility.
  16. 9.)  10x Wizards are poor mentors, as they often spend too much time with their own mentors.  They always think "it takes too long to teach, I'd rather make another contract with my mentor."  They also have poor wisdom.
  18. 10.)  10x Wizards don't waste time casting bad spells.  They cast the 1-2 spells they know are exactly needed at the time, and no more, until their next nap.
  20. 11.) 10x Wizards rarely leave the party.  They leave the party if you try to impose morals or other non-value-added activities.  If you come across them hold on to them.  Donate blood for their magic.
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