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  1.     n 11 year old girl sat on my lap for 10 hours. (pic not related)
  2.     I am doing an part-time college internship program at this wholeselling company, and the manager takes me everywhere for meetings and expo shows (mainly to help carry his big boxes of sample products). I got the job because he's the father of a very good friend of mine. Anyway, he has a real cute daughter Jenny, 11 years old, long and silky chestnut/blonde pony tail hair, thin build, has the face of an angel. She is very outgoing and athletic and is just beginning to blossom. Every time I go over to my friend's house I couldn't help myself but sneak a few extra peaks at her.
  4.     Last labour day weekend, my manager and I went to this meeting in another city, and much to my delight he brought Jenny along because there was this huge fair at that city. When we got there we found out the secretary booked the appointment 1 day earlier and that the guy we're supposed to meet won't be back until one day later. So they went to the fair for the day and I just sat in the hotel room browsing 4chan on my laptop. At the end of the day, my boss came to ask me "Ya' know I'm just gonna stay here (in the hotel) until tomorrow instead of going back for a long drive and coming back tomorrow. Can you take Jenny home? She's got school tomorrow" I was like "Sure, but how're we gonna get there? I can't drive your car." And he told me there is a greyhound bus station close by and he'll drop us off there so we can take the greyhound bus to get home. - continued
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  8.     When we arrived at the greyhound station, it was PACKED. Everyone and their uncle is going home after the labour day long weekend. After we got the tickets we went to look for our bus, the place was very crowded so I took a chance and grabbed Jenny's hand while telling her " Don't get lost, come on." Her hands felt soft and creamy and it felt like it's sending electricity through my arm when my skin is touching hers. I let my hand loose so instead of me grabbing her hand, she was holding on to mine, and she didn't let go until we got on the bus. Every last seat was taken.
  10.     So we found our seats and it presented us with a very interesting problem. Grey hound buses have 2 seats side by side on each side, and sitting "besides" her, was this extremely fat nigra, you know, the kind that's so fat, she took 2 seats. She looked at us and gave us the "whadaya gonna do" look. I went to talk to the driver and he looked at Jenny and said " Well I'm sorry you're gonna just have to let your sister sit on your lap or something." He thought Jenny was my sister and he WASN'T about to risk an argument with the fat nigra for possible racial and weight descrimination. I looked at Jenny and she smiled and shrugged " Sorry, I'll just sit on your lap then." -continued
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  14.     So we got to my seat besides the window, she moved in and sat down... on my thighs, with her side facing me. She moved around a few times I think to find a comfortable position, and it immediately gave me a hard on. I tried to make the erection "go away" but as well all know, that's impossible to do. I don't know if she felt the "lump" but my heart was beating out of my chest! So I tried to divert her attention by making small talks about how many people there are and how hot it was. And then it hit me, she went to the fair! So I asked her to tell me everything she saw and did at the fair, and she began talking about interesting things the big fair. I can't remember anything she said because the whole time I was paying attention to her. She wore this white sleeveless tee and really, REALLY short cotton shorts, and green sandals with no socks. Almost all of her smooth thighs are revealed to my eyes and they're as beautiful as anything I have ever laid my eyes on. After about half an hour or so telling me about the fair, she told me she's tired and is gonna catch some sleep, so I told her "Yeah sleep well, don't forget you have school tomorrow."
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  18.     She held my arms with her hands and adjusted her position on my lap again, this time with her back against my chest, and her thighs overlapping onto my thighs almost in parallel, and each of her legs dangling to each side of me because her legs are much shorter. She stopped talking and closed her eyes, leaning her head against my chest, and slowly became asleep. Now I can finally look at her without worrying about her noticing me doing it. The bus (as everyone who took greyhound knows) has very bad air conditioning, EVERYONE was sweating like pigs, and both our shirts were beginning to get wet, sticking to our bodies. Out of the disgusting oders emitted by the rotting fat and old people, her delightful scent was clearly distinguishable. It was like a sweet blueberry wine, in my mind I wished the moment would never go away. Little did I know it only got better and better.
  21.     After the bus got onto the highway, it started to become REALLY SHAKY. My erection did not stop for a single second after she sat on my lap, and now it just grew bigger and bigger. My PENIS, although pushing against my pants, somehow became wedged in right between her legs, and the sensation of her smooth and soft thighs surrounded almost every part of my PENIS. The shaking of the bus catalyzed a rubbing motion of my PENIS between her thighs, and NOTHING has ever felt that good in my life. Every shake and bump gave me an explosion of sensual pleasure. And being able to look at her pretty face and beautiful body, (especially her luscious thighs) only made it 10 times more pleasurable. The pleasure became more intense as the shaking of the bus never stopped, and I tried my best not to ejaculate, but couldnt bear it anymore, I orgasmed. I don't remember ever cumming so hard, my PENIS was shaking up and down violently and I was afraid it would wake her up. I looked at her pretty face and she didn't move an eyebrow, still very much asleep.
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  25.     Usually when I cum it takes at least an hour for me to get hard again, but for some reason I got hard again after just 5 minutes or so. The shaking of the bus never stopped and I could still feel my semen in my underwear. It was an oven in the bus and she is soaked in her own sweat, now her white tee completely stuck to her skin, I can see the pinkish color of her body, her breasts, and her tiny red nipples right through the tee, it was a magnificent sight. Not long after, I came again, this time even harder than the first one. Apparently the bus never got off of the high way for a long time and the shaking never stopped, I came at least 4 or 5 times more before I feel half asleep around 4am in the morning. I tried my best not to fall asleep to enjoy all the pleasures but my eyes could not stay open. Even in that semi-asleep state I came again.
  27.     Before long the sunlight openned my eyes and it was already 6am in the morning. She was already wide awake, looking outside the boss window. She saw me and asked me " Hey! Did you have a nice sleep?" I was still tired and couldn't think of anything to say but " Yeah." And she said "Oh yeah? me too!" And winked at me. I didn't quite know what to make of it at the time, I looked at my watch and we were just 10 minutes away from the station.
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  31.     Her brother picked us up and dropped me off at my house, when I got out he told me" See ya at the party on friday man." I was saying bye and Jenny said to me "Yeah, see you there!" And winked at me again.
  33.     I don't know if she was flirting with me but I sure will find out on friday when I go to her house again. Right now I'm not worried about that because I'm still consumed by the sweet memories from the bus ride, It was the best day of my life.
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