Damedame! 「Lite Edition」

Dec 21st, 2013
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  1. ___________________________________________________Introduction___________________________________________________
  2. This pastebin is primarily for those who are either new to the Damedame, need to catch up on it, need to understand a little bit more, or are people generally interested in the Damedame experience. In the past dozen weeks or so, information has been piling up extremely fast, and as such this pastebin is being created as a way for people to get introduced to it before they get in too deep. The original pastebin will still operate as usual and contain all of the archived information for each week, and will be continuously updated with new information, character info, links, and those sort of things. The members of the Damedame are as follows:
  4. Maddie- Subgroup leader, and also perfect in every single way. Objectively best girl.
  5. Yotsumoe/Yokkyun- Subgroup encoder, also the scientist. Enjoys experiments. Is a very moralistic guy.
  6. Sam- Subber of Kill la Kill, is a hard worker and is busy learning english.
  7. BKITNY- Yotsumoe's tulpa, as well as the Quality Checker. She's an onee-chan type, and she's always busy collecting and analyzing data.
  9. ___________________________________________________What is it?___________________________________________________
  10. Damedame! are a subgroup who are currently subbing Log Horizon, as well as Kill la Kill. They are jokesubs (Again, think Duwang), and they contain numerous jokes that either come from /a/, relate to it, have reference to popular board culture/Japanese culture, or resound generally well with most people of /a/'s demographic. The thing that makes Damedame! different from not only other subgroups, but even other jokesub groups, is that there's something much deeper behind all of it, along with a few other discerning features.
  12. One such discerning feature is the fact that the subbed anime doesn't release in the mkv format that most shows are released in. For t he first two episodes it was released as an mp4, with the excuse that it was a much superior file format than the mkv, citing many legitimate facts. Daiz had to suck on that for a while, however, that was not nearly the end of it. For episode 3 onwards, along with being released as an mp4 file, the Damedame subs were being released in the revolutionary mp5 format! This is described as a format that transcends all other formats, it's only differences to mp4 being 1) It takes up much less space physically, utilizing the wonderful double compression technique, and 2) It has an effect on the subconscious mind. This is where things go from funny haha, to funny peculiar. Yotsumoe starts talking about things as though he might be from the future, and many scientific things are said.
  14. At about week 5, a hidden text, a poem (der elkonig) was found in Maddie's twitter profile picture. This was the spark that ignited the fuse, and what started this wild ride. After that, hidden texts have been appearing all over, along with games, puzzles, ciphers, references, mp3 files, locked rars, and the looming threat of an actual body count. As it stands, the format seems to be Prerelease picture on Maddie's Twitter, 1-2 hours before the episode --> Episode mp5 released with new puzzle/text --> Actual puzzle/New text released by Yotsumoe or Maddie 1-2 hours later --> Event.
  16. As the weeks progressed, a plot seemed to unfold. The texts seemed to have common themes, and from it, we've come up with a few ideas on how things are. Maddie, the subgroup leader, is probably the devil. This is obvious pretty much from the getgo with some of the texts we've received as well as the multiple allusions to it. Yotsumoe is probably from the future, he even sends emails from different times. Sam is probably dead in the future. In roughly 12 years, there will be a great death, that Yotsumoe is trying to prevent with Maddie. However, as of the time I'm writing this, there's a more pressing matter.
  18. _________________________________________________The Nonary Game_________________________________________________
  20. Ever played a game in the Zero Escape series? Either 999 or VLR? Well, if you have you'll understand a little better. If not, it's basically a game where the participant puts their life on the line, and there are 9 contestants. After week 10 when there were tons of allusions made to the games, a new study popped up on the blog Yotsumoe made to keep us informed. The study includes a total of 9 participants. 9 People maximum, people were given puzzles to see if they can enter the game. What happens afterwards is pretty much a mystery, but the Saturday of the 12th episode there is a Chess game that includes the current participants, so the plot in this respect will probably progress.
  22. ___________________________________________________How to help___________________________________________________
  24. There's a lot of ways in which anyone can help. Not just the 9 participants in the game, the Damedame! viewership is important by itself. Every Saturday there are new puzzles to solve and the plot doesn't just connect itself. The easiest way to get involved and help is to keep up with the thread and put your brainpower into solving puzzles and connecting the dots.
  26. However, there are a few other ways if you really want to get involved deeper. However, this is at your own risk, your safety cannot be guaranteed, and there is no getting off the ride.
  28. ______________________________________________DISCLAIMERS AND SHIT______________________________________________
  30. Listen, we know the first thing that comes to mind when people see some of the things is >Tumblr, and >IRC, however, it needs to be made clear that these websites are being used in a purely utility way. Meaning nobody who is actually from these websites are involved. Yotsumoe made a Tumblr on the 10th week because he needed a way to keep everyone updated with his experiments and answer questions. However, this does not mean that he is from Tumblr, or anyone from Tumblr is following the damedame. Likewise, the IRC was created purely so we can talk about the puzzles, and have a live chat about the events so we don't have to wait for post times and shit.
  32. The #damedame IRC isn't used for anything other than the discussion of current puzzles and the plot, and as such can be used as a utility. People in the IRC don't appreciate circlejerking or "IRC" either, it's just that an internet relay chat is being used as an effective way of discussing the material at hand.
  33. ________________________________________________Conclusion________________________________________________
  35. If this seems like your cup of tea, go ahead and join. The more the merrier. It's a fun game, but it also has its deeper, more serious moments, and you're bound to come out of this experience knowing a bit more than you knew before this happened. If it's your first ARG (Alternate Reality Game), that's alright too. Hell, we don't even know if it's a game. It's like the first episode of Log Horizon says, It's not game. It's REAL.
  37. If you don't like the thought, you hate fun, you're Daiz, or you just can't stand to see other people enjoying things, at least keep in mind we keep it to 1-2 threads every Saturday and it's an anime.
  39. Alternatively, you could just support the Damedame and have fun just by watching the episodes. By themselves even without the huge conspiracy or the puzzles, they're pretty funny and overall entertaining to watch.
  41. If you feel ready to tackle it, and dive straight into it, go to this pastebin: It archives the events of each week and is a nifty tool for catching up, or just using for reference in case you have other ideas and you need to remember which texts where in which episode, or you think you remember some dots that need connecting.
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