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  1. Braviary stared upon Swellow’s eyes, baring her eyes with his as he gave a daring look at her. His wings were locked on hers, her eyes became full of worry and arrogance. While Zea and Emilia were busy arguing, Swellow had a problem of herself on her own hands now.
  3. “I’ll say it, and I’ll say it again. Get off me this instant, you peasant!” Swellow scolded at him, squawking furiously. Her wings tried to flap, but his grip was too strong.
  5. “Not until I get commanded so,” Braviary exclaimed.
  7. “Why are you doing this to me?”
  9. “You think I’m going to battle with you? Weren’t you the Pokemon that my lovely Emilia left because you were weak?” He said, smiling. He stared at her wings. “How sad.”
  11. “I-I had undeveloped wings! They’re weak because they were born weak.”
  13. Braviary stared at her with an unamused face. “Isn’t that how everyone is? Born weak? You could’ve gotten yourself stronger.”
  15. Swellow couldn’t say something but letting out a small gap out of her mouth, sighing. He was right, why didn’t she get stronger when she had the chance? Why did she wait until now to do it? It puzzled her mind so, and she wished that he wasn’t telling the truth.
  17. He noticed her long silence, and slowly let go from her wings. “It is not right. Emilia looked at me as weak, but I became stronger. I have helped her win over 6 Gym Badges, and now? We win every battle. We’re unstoppable.”
  19. “Stop your bragging! I don’t care if you do!” Swellow snapped at him.
  21. “I’m not bragging. I am coherently stating about something I achieved that you didn’t.” Braviary pointed out.
  23. “That’s the exact meaning of bragging!” She stated, her anger building up.
  25. “It’s not bragging,” he repeated. “And if I was, I wouldn’t be doing it if you achieved earlier than I did.”
  27. Swellow faced her beak closer to his. “I’d rather follow Darkrai’s footsteps than yours.”
  29. “Whatever you say, but just remember - if you want real training, come to me.”
  31. “I’m not training with Emilia.” She pointed out, folding her wings.
  33. Braviary sighed, his wings moved up to her back. “I meant with just me. You’re decent, but you’re not good.”
  35. His comment only made Swellow go to her limit, slapping his wings off of her back as she let out a furious screech. “You think I’ll let you just… prance to me, brag about your achievements and hurt me on an emotional level and just expect me to instantly say ‘Oh, Braviary! I would just love to take advice from someone like you!’?”
  37. “Your anger issues are quite as incredible as Zea’s.” He said sarcastically, letting out a small snicker.
  39. Swellow’s eyes were burning with anger but also hinted out embarrassment after realizing how much she had led out. She must’ve adapted her intense anger from Zea! They were quite alike, kind and thoughtful with others, but crazy and intense when they’re trying to defend themselves against numbskulls like Braviary.
  41. She took a deep breath, subsiding her anger for a moment. “May you please just return to your trainer, already?”
  43. “I can’t. Zea’s still ‘conversating’ with her.” Braviary said, pointing his wings at the two conversating trainers.
  45. “Dang it - then, what can you do other than pester me?”
  47. “Pester you more?” He asked with a snicker.
  49. “Oh, shut it, you,” Swellow said.
  51. After the rather humiliating talk that Swellow, in her mind, had to experience, she saw Zea walking away from Emilia. She looked calm, but Swellow could still sense the anger in her eyes.
  53. “Come on, Swellow - let’s go. I can’t spend another day with Emilia, not any longer. All she does is talk and brag about how better she is and how I’m weak and so behind!” Zea complained, grabbing Swellow gently as she walked away from both Braviary and Emilia.
  55. Swellow nodded, rolling her eyes. “Oh, I definitely know how that feels.”
  57. Braviary jumped, running to Swellow as they were quickly drifting away from the two. “S-swellow, r-remember - oof - my words! If you ever want to train with me, just tell me!” He said as he kept stumbling onto rocks along the way.
  59. All of what Swellow could respond was with a hasty stare, turning her head away from him. She didn’t want to speak or see him.
  61. As the duo now had left Emilia and Braviary, Braviary had let out a sigh, shaking his head as he flew towards Emilia. He glared at her with a worried face, squawking softly.
  63. “Don’t worry about em’, Braviary. They’re just weak people with weak discipline.” Emilia said in a neutral tone. She pats Braviary, grabbing her Pokeball as she was ready to move on.
  65. “Emilia, my dear everso trainer, do you think they should perhaps get training from someone?” Braviary asked before Emilia returned him.
  67. “What?” Emilia spoke, bewildered. She let out a laugh. “You’re - I’m sorry - you’re joking, right? When do those two deserves training from someone? Especially for me? Hah! Let them learn themselves, and let them see how hard it is to become a great Pokemon trainer instead of complaining about everyone’s better than them.”
  69. Braviary felt sad. Despite in his head, what she said was true, but the other side of his mind said it was wrong. They could get help, and they would achieve that if Braviary helped train one of them, especially Swellow. Regardless of having a bad first time talking with her, he felt something at her that was hard to explain in his hindsight. But, he pushed the thought away, prepping himself as he would do whatever it took to help Swellow get better, whether she liked it or not.
  71. “Well, what if they ask for help instead of making them?” Braviary asked.
  73. “Like they will. Zea doesn’t want to get help from the master!” Emilia responded, laughing half-heartedly.
  75. “But, you can’t call yourself a master -” He quickly spoke until Emilia had gave him a hard glare.
  77. “What did you say!?” She said, grinding her teeth.
  79. Braviary let out a scared squawk. “I meant to say that you can’t call yourself a master yet! You only have six badges, and that you haven’t really competed in competitions yet!”
  81. “Oh, I’ll compete in a competition soon, don’t you worry. And, when I do, I’ll be better than even the oldest masters!” She shouted with intense pride.
  83. “Y-yeah!” Braviary woo’d at her, laughing softly.
  85. “Anyways, we got more training to do before we go take down some other worthless trainer. Got that?” She said.
  87. “Yes, Emilia.” Braviary simply spoke.
  89. “Braviary, return.” Emilia said as she clicked the button, Braviary returning Braviary back into his Pokeball. She stared at the Pokeball for a moment, her eyes then gazed at the sun, everything in her body screamed pride.
  91. “I’ll show Zea.”
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