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Aug 20th, 2019
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  1. Edited to add that my current girlfriend and I have been together for 10 months.
  3. I dated this girl Jessie for two years in highschool before we broke up to go to different colleges. We stayed on good terms and remained friends on social media. Three years into college (this was 2013) Jessie was killed in a car crash. I went to the funeral and reconnected with Jessie's father and sister. I'm friends with both of them and one of her cousins on social media now and we chat fairly frequently, I've even gone out for a beer with her dad a few times over the years when I've been home visiting.
  5. My current girlfriend (24/F) says that this is crossing a weird boundary and is disrespectful to our relationship. She doesn't understand why I'm "so attached to the memory of a girl I dated in high school." I don't think that's really fair of her, it's not that I'm hung up on Jessie, it's just that I've made friends with her family independently of my relationship with her and I don't see why the big deal. It's not like we sit around talking about Jessie, save for once in a while one of us might bring up a "remember when" from highschool.
  7. Am I being obtuse or is my girlfriend overreacting?
  9. tl;dr: I'm fairly good friends with the sister, father, and cousin of my deceased ex from highschool. My girlfriend thinks this is disrespectful to our relationship, is she right?
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