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  1. Hello! Imperium (Which was once called Ragnarok), is a server dedicated to building a community of like-minded players in the hopes of creating an authentic and fun gaming experience for all!
  3. Our rules are basic and straight-forward; further details regarding our rules and info on our community can be found on our Discord, found here: https://discord.gg/5DgZJq9
  5. - <b>Team-killing:</b> Team-killing is allowed, however mindless RDMing is forbidden. This includes spawn killing your teammates and throwing grenades in the elevators whilst your teammates are inside. Outside of this however, most team-killing scenarios are fine.
  7. - <b>Banned Words:</b> As commonly practiced on most SCP: SL servers certain obvious racist and homophobic words are banned, as such speaking them in our server will result in a ban.
  9. - <b>RP:</b> This server is RP friendly. Even if you choose not to roleplay, please show respect to those that do.
  11. - <b>Teaming:</b> All roles are allowed to team up, in the interests of RP even MTF & SCP are allowed to team, this teaming is up to the discretion of the players involved.
  13. - <b>Intercom:</b> Whilst the intercom is an integral part of SCL: SL, please refrain from camping the intercom room simply to spam the intercom. Furthermore, using the intercom exclusively to blast untold horrors throughout the facility is discouraged.
  15. - <b>Advertising:</b> In our community we adhere to the basic respect of not advertising our server on any other SCL: SL servers.  That being said, we would appreciate the same courtesy to be extended whilst on our server as well.  You are welcome to advertise your YouTube channel etc. so long as it isn't obnoxiously frequent.
  17. Most importantly, we hope you have fun playing on our server!
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