Wtf, what is this? (1)

TheStarlette Feb 16th, 2020 87 Never
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  1. We should be recognized for our accomplishments
  2. Not merely what we possess within us
  3. Why should crests help determine people's lives
  4. When all they do is make them harder?
  6. To make my ideals known,
  7. I sadly will have to wage war
  8. Anything in my way, I have to crush
  9. To forge a new world...
  11. A world without crests
  12. A world without predetermined fates
  13. I'll do whatever I can possibly do
  14. To make that a reality
  16. I'm not being a hero for it
  17. All i wish to do is what is for the greater good
  18. Even if I must become the villain in the process
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